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Complaints & Reviews

poor customer service in emergency

To: delta airlines - customer care division

Regarding: # 56 ex narita – japan 4/28/2007 – declared emergency

Passenger – tony w piche

Please find below my issue regarding the flight and most importantly what delta did (or did not do) following that occurance.

# 56 was full, and on take off ahead of a big storm, we had 4 rapid high compressor failures upon takeoff
And the pilot his support crew and the cabin staff were professional and top drawer. a huge hat tip to delta
For that side of it – very professional and making it count when they needed to.
I cant say that for the rest of delta from that point onwards.

We disembarked @ 17.30 and until 20.10 were in line at the airport being attended to by 3 folks 2 delta the rest jal staff to get accommodation sorted (you do the time math per customer), with a promise delta would contact us during the night about what to do tomorrow morning (via a note under the door) however that night or the the next morning :- nothing…. I call delta number that was provided, for 2 hours –no answer.

I eventually call my wife in the usa – (the hilton had said we need to check out the hotel), to see what was going on? she tells me that delta had booked me on a flight for monday afternoon. and I needed to go to the airport to get a delta hotel voucher for sunday night. I ntalk to some others and they have been put on flights korean air, united that day –sunday. to usa.

I go and do my own thing and eventually get a flight out on american air @ 18.00 sunday night arriving at my home on sunday 21.30 in cinci.

So, shame on you – delta.
- not taking full care of me, as a professional company that you claim to be.
- exceptionally poor communication (once we were off the airplane)
- I even live in one of your hubs – and american beats you on your own doorstep.. shame again.
- for no follow-up – how are you, sorry, nothing! (I am obviously a non event, just a nebulous pax)
- add injury to insult you remove that leg of my sky-miles even though we were wheels up!

Rest assured I am not even sure i’ll hear back from you. but all my friends, colleagues will hear from me about you.

Tony piche’
Paul mueller company
Springfield mo.

The flight was a declared emergency (high side compressor failure on r engine - boeing 777) crew were fantastic.

However, that is were it stopped. from there until we found our own way on the 29th on a american airlines flight tothe usa. shocking attitude regarding hotel voucher, and return flight. I called my wife stateside & delta in nairta were non answerable. I could not wait unitl monday 30th, on top of that even though we were airborne and endured a stressful beginning I see that delta has my flights as still "open" and has not granted flight miles even though we officially departed?
Delta's poor attitude to follow through and customer service is perhaps reflective of their actual care to customer care. I would like a response to your poor customer care and how in future delta will take care of me???

  • Do
    Dolores Dyer Dec 09, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I recently placed an ad on craigslist requesting to purchase a buddy pass/voucher. An individual responded and identified himself as a Delta Airine Employee. He sent me his checking account number for Citibank. I literally walked into bank and deposited money. We communicated at least five time and finally I realized I had been taken for fraud.

    SINCE THAT TIME I have reported this information to Federal Trade Commission Citibank; Delta Airm Line (though I seriously believe he is ot employed y Delta).

    What is your advise to me as what I should do next.

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the trip from hell on delta 1st class service!

I would like to lodge a formal complaint in to the way my 1st Class booking on Delta Airways for compensation, as it was a disaster from start to finish. I would like to set up my complaint in paragraphs to explain to you what happened from my booking to arriving back in the USA flying Delta.

A) My company had accumulated around 250,000 Delta air miles, When I checked with Delta I was told I would need 90,000 Air Miles for a 1st Class ticket to Manchester England I booked the ticked, paid the taxes and was scheduled to leave on the 2nd Feb Flight Delta 1584 to Kennedy Airport New York to get my transfer on Flight Delta 154 to Manchester England as I had to be at a very important Trade show in Birmingham at the NEC for Sunday. So I booked a 1st class ticket to make sure I had priority in my seating and baggage, and 1st class service by Delta.
B) My Son David Kassar and his wife Denise Kassar also was trying to fly with me but when he tried to book the same flights Delta told him the flight was fully booked and he had to go on continental via Atlanta which we were not happy about and now I was flying by my self and my family were on a different flight/airline.
C) On arriving at Orlando Airport my son was flying 1 hour before me, so we arrived together. My check in for 1st class was good took around 10-15 minutes in line. But my son was in a line for 1-½ hours as the line was so long. I explained to a Delta agent that I had a 1st class ticket and was trying to be with my family and asked them, as a courtesy if my family could check in at the 1st class counter as there was now no line. They said NO he had to wait 1-½ hours like the rest of them. So I waited in the airport until they checked in. Now it was to late to get together as their flight was boarding in 30 minutes. Got no help from Delta with this situation.
D) This is where the trouble all started. The outgoing flight never arrived on time; I was told you had to change the plane and gate. We were around 45 minutes late in take off so when we landed in New York I only had around 45 minutes for my connection. I was now very worried about my baggage as I had all my work in for the Trade show to I asked a Delta agent if there would be any problems with my connecting flight in regards to getting my baggage on board. They told me they only needed 15 minutes from arrival to get luggage transferred. I thought this was unusual so when we finally arrived late in Kennedy airport I quickly went to 2 other Delta agents to check with them on my baggage. Both of them told me not to worry as they were aware of the late arrival and my baggage will be on the plane. NOT TRUE!
E) When I boarded both the planes the 1st plane to JFK I guess was only half full, and the plane to the UK was about 2/3rds full. So I was very upset why my Son and Daughter in law could not get a ticket on these flights as Delta had told him both flights were fully booked and there were no more seats on both the planes
F) Well guess what! Arrived in Manchester England waited for all the baggage on the carousel and NO BAGGAGE. An agent for Delta came over asked me my name and said “ Sorry your baggage is still in New York” I explained to him how carefully I had contacted Delta agents in New York to make sure my baggage was loaded on to the aircraft and he said “Sorry cant do anything about it” I told him all my work was in my case for a Trade Show on Sunday . He said he does not think I will be able to get my luggage to Sunday afternoon.
G) On Sunday afternoon around 12.30pm my luggage arrived by courier, it was now to late to go to the show in Birmingham. I had over 7 appointments set up that day to see supplies of ours that I could not reach as I did not have phone numbers for them as my cell phone was packed in my baggage. Also my Son who had arrived in the UK with his wife was now not able to go to the Show as all the show details, Passes, etc were in my case that never arrived.
H) On my return I checked in okay at Manchester airport, got to JFK on time, and then the problems started all over again. I was told there was a mechanical problem with the plane from JFK to Orlando so there will be a 2-hour delay. I arrived at JFK at around 1.30 pm . I waited almost 7 hours to get my connection. Then we were told we had to get a bus to the aircraft. I was holding a 1st class ticked. I was put on a bus (Standing Room Only) and then my priority boarding never happened I was just in a line with another 100+ passengers. The plane finally took off at around 7.45 pm.
I) When I arrived at Orlando my baggage being 1st Class should have had priority handling. I was almost the last person to get my baggage. The 1st Class Service you offered never happened.

  • Su
    Superdupervisor Sep 07, 2009

    Petitioner never said how the flight was. The first class service on the plane. There must have been something good. The rest sounds terrible. But they took a plane flight and never mentioned how the actual flight was.

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mechanical problems, poor customer service!

My wife and I were going to Cozumel on a scuba diving trip. We were to fly from Orlando to Atlanta onto Cozumel. The first plane we were to fly on had mechanical problems, the second had mechanical problems and showed up late to Orlando. We missed our connecting flight to Cozumel. They flew us instead to Cancun telling us they would get us to Cozumel. When we landed in Cancun a Delta rep. put us in a taxi and told us he would take us to Playa. From there he would get us on the fairy boat to Cozumel. Instead we were dropped off in Playa no idea where we were with all of our dive gear at 10:00 P.M. We paid the taxi and boat but were told by Delta to bad about the cost out of pocket. Also the lost night at the resort and missed day of diving that was paid for. Customer service was even worse.

delta airlines are liars and they ripped me off!

On 10/15/2006 my Father died. That was near when my wife and I planned a flight.

We were assured that we could reschedule with a copy of a death certificate. That certificate was faxed to My Lynn Duncan at least four times in the last ten weeks.

To date I have emailed, called, faxed so often they must think I am nuts. But nobody calls back even though when we call a voice reassures us THIS time they will.

Our only contact from Delta was from Michael Barzey a manager in "Customer Care" saying they never received my Dads death certificate. I faxed and emailed it again....probably into a black hole.

Delta Airlines are liars and they RIPPED ME OFF!!

the experience was entirely too ridiculous and unprofessional

I have two complaints concerning Delta airlines. Both occurred on the same trip. My first complaint is concerning Delta Airlines was on July 26, 2006. Upon arriving to Seattle on flight 1115, it took 1 hour and 45 minutes to get our luggage. We were repeatedly told over the speaker that the luggage would arrive momentarily and directed to a new baggage claim unit. One person was told by an airport employee that four cars of luggage had just been sitting without anyone unloading. Another delta flight arrived after ours and received their luggage 45 minutes before us.

We traveled as early as we did that day so that we could visit Mt. Rainer while on that end of Seattle. By the time we got our luggage, the time needed to make such a trip was lost. Delta's employee encouraged me to call [protected] as he noted that this incident was “ridiculous and needed to be reported.” When I spoke to your representative via telephone, I was told that such a wait time was “acceptable.” I hope the appropriate people at Delta disagree with her assessment.

My second complaint concerning Delta Airlines was on Aug. 1, 2006 and stretched well into Aug. 2, 2006. Delta actually added a stop to our flight home at the last minute. We were to go directly from Atlanta to Raleigh on flight 1110. At the last moment before boarding, we were informed that we would be making an extra stop in Greensboro, NC to drop off a group of teenagers. We did make such an extra stop. That is not the service I paid for. I paid for a direct flight and that is not what I received.

Since we were traveling with young children, the delays caused by Delta's choice of added stops created great hardship on our children who were not fed properly and were kept up past bed time far exceeding even the Pacific time zone.

Michelle Schrader with customer care returned a polite but completely dismissive letter to me on Aug. 24, 2006. No compensation of any sort was made.

My family has made numerous flights subsequent to the events of late July. WE DID NOT FLY WITH DELTA, AND WILL NOT AGAIN UNTIL COMPENSATION IS MADE. The experience was entirely too ridiculous and unprofessional. I have often wondered why Southwest is making money and Delta is often rumored in bankruptcy. I now know why.

  • Ch
    Chris Nov 21, 2006
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I live in Atlanta and fly Delta quite frequently. On a recent business trip to Hawaii, I returned to Atlanta on a red eye flight only to sit at baggage claim for an hour plus waiting for my bags to come off the flight. I wasn't alone, and when they finally came off, I was probably in the first 10% to get their bags. So I went straight to their baggage complaint area to log one.


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  • Su
    sue Apr 12, 2007

    I just returned from Florida to jfk on Monday evening. Our luggage also took over an hour. I also booked this trip 5 months ahead of time. Delta changed the flight time 3 times and i had booked the front of the plane and we wound up in the back. The final flight change was a nightmare because i received an automated phone call as the car was pulling up in front of my home to take us to the airport, only to find out this newest change was another 2 hour delay. And of course since it was automated i had nobody to speak to!! Never again!!! People were getting bumped going and coming!!! I heard nothing but horror stories from many of the passengers

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  • Jo
    Jody Barbato May 16, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am a travel agent and I would not sell Delta. I sold them once (unknowingly through a code share through Air Jamaica). Clients were booked non-stop from Atlanta to St. Lucia. Delta decided a month beforehand to cancel flight for the day. Left client to travel with a connection (not fun). I'm about service - not hassle. I have heard so many terrible stories through the travel industry - the last one a scam with a voucher that they offered a psgr for bumping (not redeemable online) - only at the airport where they wanted to charge an additional $200. When inquired about the pricing online, psgr was told that this was run by a different company and could not offer price to psgr and also that psgr should not care since they are saving $400.00.

    Delta has had to come out of bankruptcy - they need every nickel they can get their hands on, however they won't see a Nickel from me.

    The point is - if you want a decent airline and a good experience - try to avoid Delta - even if you think it's saving you $10.00, the aggravation you'll receive is really not worth it.

    If you have frequent flyer miles and feel obliged to use them, go ahead - but in the meantime, sign up with another airline loyalty program.

    All in all - just trying to give some good advice. If they won't make themselves accountable, I guess it becomes our job. If we could just see to it that we stay clear of them, maybe it will finally send a message.

    We have enough trouble to deal with in our lives - why look for more.

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  • Ra
    Raz Jun 03, 2009

    Today Delta cancelled my international flight to Kenya last minuite. No one notified me! Then they just said that they "could" rebook me tommorow, but theres a chance the flight would get cancelled! When i asked when I can fly on a confirmed trip, they said they dint know, at which point i asked to speak to the supervisor/manager. In all honesty, i know, and understand that flights can and do get cancelled and thats fine, but the way the airline handeled was very amateur, and had me very upset!
    So i ask to speack to the Super, but it seemed like they were too busy for me. I satayed there WAITING for two hours! No compensation or any confirmed flight! I have to take a cab again tommorow..with chance that ill be returning back-very probable!

    ONCE THE COMPANY HAS RECIEVED YOUR PAYMENT, THEY PUSH THEIR RESPONSIBILITIEs away! THis company focuses only on profit, with the worst customer service i have EVER dealt with. When i asked the flight attendant--who by the way was extremely unhelpful--with whom i could speak to about customer disatisfaction, she told me that no one was available! Great..i guess after i paid for my ticket they were done with me!!

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trip mate insurance company is a liar and delta airlines could care less

I am having SEVERE problems trying to get reimbursement for clothing I had to purchase while in Paris, Bern...

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