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Complaints & Reviews


July 7, 2009

Re: Delta Flight 1483

To Whom It May Concern:

I certainly hope this letter makes it into the right hands, and that it is taken seriously-not tossed aside as “some other unhappy customer”. After the worst traveling experience I have ever had on July 1, 2009 on Delta flight 1483 to Orlando. I arrived to LaGuardia Airport to find that the kiosk machines were not working. They were only printing boarding passes for certain flights. I had to wait in line for over an hour for an attendant to print out my ticket that took less than 2minutes. Thus began the day from hell…….. I walk to the gate to find out that my 7:20am flight is delayed to 10:00am due to mechanical problems with the plane. At 10am I happen to look at the board and the flight is scheduled to depart at 10:15am no announcement was made. At 11:00am they decide to switch gates and tell us we are waiting for an arriving plane to come from some where to use it.

Instead of Delta being smart enough to give another us plane from the beginning you take it upon yourself to have no regard for your customers and have us wait more. The reason I took such an early flight was because I had a job interview scheduled later on that day at 4pm. As you could imagine I did not get the job because of the incompetence of Delta Airline. This is truly devastating for me since this was a great opportunity for me but your airline ruined any chance I had. I understand that there are to be delays occasionally but it should not exceed an hour or two the latest. It is ridiculous to be stranded for 9 hours! Because of your shortsightedness to have planes on standby for instances just like this when a plane is unable to fly, instead you have your loyal customers wait for hours. I find it impossible to believe that you all do not have any kind of relationship with other airlines, that in a case like this, could not find someone to take everyone where they needed to be.

Finally the plane comes and we board and we have to wait an extra 15minutes because there are no beverages on the plane. To then go at a snails pace circling around the tarmac for 20 minutes with no announcement from the crew. The plane comes to a stop on the tarmac next to a parking lot and we are left waiting again with no announcement yet again. Finally the pilot announces that it will be another 20mins for us to take off. After already an hour on the plane, the plane starts to move in a circle motion again and comes to a rest at the same parking spot we were already at. The pilot announces we missed our window to take off. The passengers including my self are irate at this. One of the stewards makes an announcement stating that it is our own fault that we did not take off. I find this highly offensive and disgusting that one of your employees was yelling at us stating that it was our own fault that we did not take off. How dare you say that it is our fault when you are clearly to be blamed for such incompetent maintenance of your planes and your horrendous customer service. I do realize that they have to deal with unhappy customers ALL the time, but if they don’t like their job and can’t handle it, then they need to find work elsewhere…somewhere they don’t have to deal with the public.

After 2 hours of sitting on your plane we finally take off and instead of giving complementary snacks you still dare to charge people you how inconsiderate of you. I have been up from 5am and landed at 5pm without food. I would like to know why it took 9 hours to get to Florida a trip that normally takes 2hours. At the end of the trip all we got was an I am sorry from the pilot and that was it, no food voucher no flying vouchers NOTHING! I have been a loyal Delta flyer for years now, I vow that I will never take another flight with this airline again. I will be blogging and twittering about my horrendous experience with this airline so that no one will fly with Delta after the disgusting experience I had.

If tickets had not already been paid for, I would have never flown back with Delta. So I had a return flight on Delta flight 1486 to New York LaGuardia to yet again be delayed for 4 ½ hours. We were boarded on to the plane to make our 2:05pm take off to just sit and wait on the plane for 40mins because of an oxygen tank issue in the cockpit. Once again being the incompetent Delta airline that you are you did not have a back up for it. We had to get off the plane and wait till a 4:30pm plane to arrive with a tank. Once that happened the crew realized that another piece was missing and we had to wait till a 5:30pm plane to arrive with that piece. A flight in which I was suppose to be in NYC at 5:00pm I did not arrive till 9 pm.

I’m floored at the poor maintenance and upkeep to your planes, that so many could not be used after you had no problem over booking flights. It is completely understandable that planes that make constant trips all day long are going to need routine maintenance….hence the novel idea of having BACK UP planes to take there place while they are being serviced…but NO…let’s just wing it and see if we make it!!! I also suggest customer service training for all your staff. I will never fly Delta again and neither will my family and friends I will be posting my experience any where and every where I can so people will rethink about flying with you. . I have never been SO thoroughly disgusted with an airline as I was that day…and still continue to be… I just hope that what I have told you will be taken seriously and proper attention will be given on all said matters.

Thank you for your time


  • Mi
    missparrow Jan 26, 2010

    Wow, sounds like you had a horrible experience. I fly on Delta all the time and can't remember the last time I had a mechanical problem. The idea of having spare airplanes sitting around is not realistic. Airplanes cost hundreds of millions of dollars each, the airports are crowded and there is no place to park any extras at all of our crowded airports. Also, it is not healthy for airplanes to be sitting idle. 'Stewards' is a term that hasn't been used since the 1960s. I know DAL has one of the best safety records in the industry. This is very important to me since I travel a lot for business.

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skymiles bait and switch

Hey guys -

I realize you probably get a zillion complaint emails about the airlines. I also realize that airline ticket prices change minute-to-minute, etc. However, I think I was just the victim of a legitimate bait and switch and I'd really appreciate it if you'd warn people about this.

Airline mileage programs are notorious for a reason. Because my wife and I have separate Delta Skymiles accounts, we were forced to book tickets (to Jackson, Wyoming, this August), separately. I ran through the system and applied my 20, 000 SkyMiles to get a $200 discount on my ticket, using my special American Express card that Delta requires to "pay with miles" (as opposed to buying a whole flight; the mileage is applied as a 1, 000 miles to $10 discount). I then *immediately* ran back through the whole system with my wife's SkyMiles account.

Importantly, I again was given a $200 discount on her 20, 000 miles. Again I was quoted the exact same flight price, flight time, etc. It was not until AFTER I had entered my credit card information and pushed 'PURCHASE' (which ordinarily completes the transaction) that the Delta system popped up and informed me that her ticket would cost an additional $130.

Damn, I thought, they moved the prices on me. I backed out and started over, looking for a better ticket price for her on a different flight. To my surprise, I saw that the same flight continued to be advertised at the rate I had bought my own ticket on just minutes before. That same price is STILL advertised now, an hour later. Delta straight up pulled a bait-and-switch on us, applying a $130 rate hike at quite literally the last minute without prior warning.

For couples flying on Delta, using separate SkyMiles accounts, this is nasty. You can't book together; they won't let you merge the accounts. The 5 minute time lapse between entering one ticket and entering the other is long enough for Delta to apply this rate hike. Most tellingly, *they do not advertise* that the rates have changed. Although my wife and I have separate SkyMiles accounts, they all belong to the same home address. I strongly suspect Delta's system is engineered to prevent two SkyMiles accounts belonging to the same home address from receiving a discount on the same flight.

In the end, we could have flown Frontier Airlines for the same price we ended up getting after applying 40, 000 miles. It's a racket. Don't fly Delta and don't bother accumulating SkyMiles.

Zach Matthews
Atlanta, Georgia

loss of frequent flyer miles

When Delta announced their merger with Northwest Airlines, they announced they would link the SkyMiles and World Perks accounts. I waited for them to send me the information on how to do this, and received it on May 13. It said that I could link my accounts and delay the expiration of my 47, 810 miles. When I went online to do this, I was informed that my miles had expired on April 30, and that had I linked the accounts sooner, they wouldn't have expired. I wrote to Delta and explained that they had waited until my miles expired to tell me that I could extend expiration by linking my accounts, and that had they informed me earlier, I would have linked the accounts earlier. I got an email back from Honey Daniels at Delta's Medallion Desk telling me that my expiration date would be extended and that I should check my account in the next 7 - 10 days. When the miles weren't restored, I contacted Delta by email again, and was informed that to restore my miles, I would need to pay $50 plus tax. I sent a total of 4 emails to Delta, and each time asked for someone to either restore my miles, or call me to get the matter resolved. I got two emails telling me to pay $50, and a third from Karen Aven at the Online support Desk saying my miles would be restored. Finally, I called Delta and after spending 35 minutes on the phone, was told my only option was to pay the $50.

I understand that merging two airlines and two frequent flyer programs is difficult, but Delta shouldn't hold me responsible for not linking my accounts before they gave me the information on how to do it. They also should stand behind the word of two of their employees who agreed to restore my miles.

  • Ro
    roban engineering services Feb 12, 2010

    I am having trouble getting credit for my nwa world perk transfered to my new dela sky miles account.
    My nwa world perks number is 6055634176, my delta sky miles account is 9001184515, and my amex
    card number is 377277512801001.
    please reply to me at [email protected] thanks jerome roban, chief engineer of ROBAN ENGINEERING

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  • Ro
    roban engineering services Feb 12, 2010

    please reply today if possible.
    jerome roban

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It was supposed to be the best week of the year, our family vacation. On June 5th, we arrived three hour...

unaccompanied minor

This was the first time, and probably the last time, my minor daughter has flown unaccompanied. Being a...

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unauthorized billing

I called delta to book a flight using my accumulated skymiles. From full fare tickets over the years. To find out that there is a 100.00 charge to book this flight, even though I had more then enough miles accumulated. So 149.43 later I booked the ticket, which is suppose to be free. That isn't not the fruadulent part. Do to unforeseen circumstances, I need to cancel my trip. I called delta, indeed cancel my trip. They informed me at that time, me the 100.00 fee is non-refundable. However the taxes of 49.43 would be credited to my debit card. In disbelief, I expressed my anger, wanting my 49.43 credited. I reluctantly gave them the debit card number. Here is the worst part. They credited my 49.43. Then charge my debit card. An additional 100.00! Unbelievable right! I called to bring this mistake to their attention. At that time they told me, that there was an additional 100.00 charge to put the miles back into my account. At this point, I informed them I don't want the miles put back into my account, if there is 100.00. Please keep the miles, there practically worthless anyway. Credit my 100.00 and I learned a lesson on how delta rips people off. They absolutely refused, said it was too late, miles were back in and there is NO way they'll credit the additional 100.00. 200.00 delta took from me, didn't take a flight, didn't get a ticket, didn't get to talk to a manager.

Please someone do something about this company!!! Certainly don't fly them, don't give them your credit cards, they rip you off!

promotion scam

To whom it may concern,
Thanks for taking the time to read my letter.
My delta skymiles account number is [protected] and my wife’s is [protected].
This issue concerns both our accounts equally. Please read carefully because I have been misunderstood a few times already. You had a promotion at the end of last year. The promotion # was [protected] and you pulled it after 3 days and only honored those who had registered before you pulled it. At the beginning of December I called to complain that although both I and my wife had tried to register before the promotion was pulled, we had received an error message on your website. I spoke to a supervisor who advised me that he had heard this had happened to a few people and that he would manually sign me up for the promotion. This is noted on both our accounts at the beginning of December. Based on that information both I and my wife transferred 40000 points each from starwood to delta. However we have not received the 150% bonus we were promised. In subsequent phone calls and investigations I was told that I wasn’t really eligible and the supervisor who had put me on manually had made a mistake. I finally called corporate and after 1 ½ months of not hearing anything I called in to find out that my claim had been rejected without even telling me or calling. My point here is that whether or not the supervisor was right or wrong, he still misled me into transferring my valuable starwood points. I never would’ve transferred them if not for the promotion, and therefore this is a very serious legal issue. I actually loss serious value because of what I was told by a delta supervisor. Either honor the bonus as promised and credit me 65000 in each account or refund my starwood points. Please be in touch with me on my cell phone if necessary at [protected].
Thanks you
Joshua Fromowitz

  • Ge
    GeneralStark Jun 04, 2009

    I do know of at least one law firm that is doing a broad investigation of frequent flier activities. I aggregate class action lawsuits at www.classadvocate.com. Click on Product box then scroll down to the Travel link. You can also just type in "frequent flier" or "airlines". Good luck

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bad customer service

I was going with my family from Washngton to Florida. The flight was good. I got to a window seat. Then the FA asked me what kind of meal I wanted. There was a choice of either vegetable chilie or meat loaf, with fries, none of these appealed to me so the FA said they also had chicken nuggets for children who are fussy. This comment really bothered me so I told her I did not want the damn chicken nuggets. She asked me what I liked. I told her to go and tell the pilot to land the plane to the nearest Mcdonalds and get me a quarter pounder with cheese combo. She refused.

My dad paid good money for this flight. When I ask the plane be landed, I expect them to land the damn plane and give me Mcdonalds.

  • Rr
    R_Rebel_Belle Jun 23, 2009

    Grow up and take this site seriously.

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  • Jo
    Johny Nov 02, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My 16 year old son was traveling on Delta Airlines from Atlanta to Richmond. He was on a 9:40pm flight, and when I called the flight information number around that time to check on the status, I was told that the flight was delayed, and was given a new time approximately an hour and a half later. When I called flight information later, to again check the status, we were told the flight was on time. We drove to the airport, I called again, then was told the flight was delayed and they had no information for me as to a new time. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, I was disconnected. Assuming this was just a mishap, I called again and was told there was a security issue with the flight. I asked to speak to a supervisor again, I was again disconnected. Call number three could not explain the security issue, nor could she give me a new time, and when I explained my son was on that flight, and I wanted a supervisor, the woman told me I was disconnected because of my attitude, and disconnect number three. Call number four gave me a man who told me the flight would leave at 12:55am and land in Richmond at 12:30am. When I explained that was impossible, disconnect number four. I was never able to get a supervisor, I was frantic about my son, so my husband called and gave his airline club number. He reached a woman who was able to confirm the flight was en route and the security issue was a problem with the landing gear. My son landed in Richmond at 2:15am Sunday morning, three hours later than scheduled. Not only did I have customer issues with Delta on the phone, but the woman at the gate in Atlanta told my son "I don't have time for you" when he tried to get some information for us. Who could say that to a 16 year old kid?

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[Resolved] harrassment and cancelling my flight

On April 21st 2009 5 tickets were purchased by my Fiance for a trip to Las Vegas I was to take with my Bridesmaids for my Bachelorette Party. Yesterday, May 10th 2009 an additional friend decided to come on the trip so we booked her a flight. In doing so we noticed that one of the tickets we had booked last month had been canceled. We went ahead and called Delta immediately and spoke to a "supervisor" Roxanne. Roxanne proceeded to call us liars, tell me that "I should go die" and that there was nothing she would do for us. In addition to asking why I was being spoken to this way I did ask "don't all conversations get recorded?" Roxanne said no and also said that they had no conversation of anyone canceling our flight. All night long my Fiance and I have been calling Delta, being yelled at, cursed at, and called Liars. We would have arrives at JFK airport in August without flight tickets had we not caught what just happened. Delta refuses to speak to us now and hangs up on us when we call. We've spoken to people in their corporate Atlanta office, as well as customer service reps and the notes they have written have pretty much "black listed" us. We really could use some help as Delta is Legally harassing us.


This is to be taken down right away as it's slander. I will seek legal action if it is not removed. Delta is still a horrible airline but this site is bogus and being protected by the CDA act, I ask to be removed immediately.

  • Br
    Brett May 29, 2009

    Well perhaps if you speak nicely they won't ignore you.

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no refund

A graduation gift of an airline ticket was purchased for a passenger who was unknowingly afraid to fly. On finding out the dilemma, the credit card owner called Delta to cancel the flight, they were told "tough luck". The ticket cost was $298.59 and the only resolve offered was "the passenger could fly within one year or Delta keeps the money". The passenger either fly or tough luck.
Unless the passenger was in a coma or dead...no refund.

skymiles reinstatement policy

In all of my past flights, I have been a dedicated searcher of Delta flights because of what I considered...

fraudsters and cheaters

I had the displeasure of booking a "free trip" on Delta using accumulated Skymiles for flying with Delta in the past. Free is not free at Delta. When you book a trip it costs you $75 per ticket. If you cancel that booking they charge you $100 to "redeposit" your miles in your account. Thank God they are not a bank...When I go to use those same miles again, it will cost me $75 a second time. Can you imagine I will be paying $250 for a supposed frequent mileage paid trip...

Nothing is free on Delta. They have no understanding of what a loyalty program means? They are clueless on customer service...If you must fly, fly a competitive airlines. And surely, don't think their mileage program is any reason to fly with them, it has no value.

seat changes split families

Don't use Delta Airlines when traveling with your family. My recent vacation travel using Delta with my...

customer service

Had a bad experience with Delta last summer. With no weather excuses at all, they got me in late and I missed my connection flight. I got no help upon arrival such as de-planing first, or rescheduling with another flight so I got to my destination late and missed my ground transportation to my final destination. I finally got in early in the morning, got a couple of hours sleep, and headed off for my business.

My return trip, they lost my baggage, and said I could not get it until the next morning. I did not get it as planned and did not have material for a presentation that day. The phone# I called for tracking the baggage was worthless; they could not track it. They promised it would get routed to my home airport later in the day, and would call me when it arrived, as the first time of arrival they gave me was wrong.

I ended up going down there myself and picked it up. It had been offloaded with another airline service baggage, thus the wrong arrival time earlier. And of course, my suitcase had a rip in the bottom.

Delta's reply for all of this was a $50 voucher for a future flight, take it or leave it... I realize these things (One or the other) happen to travelers daily, but the combination and their lack of response made me decide to avoid Delta in the future.

  • Ma
    mad_at_delta Jul 31, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    July 27, 2008

    Richard Anderson
    Delta Airlines
    1030 Delta Blvd
    Atlanta, GA 30354

    Dear Richard:

    As a rule, I don’t usually take the time to write letters following poor customer service, but I have decided to make an exception after my recent experience with your airline.

    My flight out of LAX was unfortunately cancelled due to “bad weather” in New York (after having already been delayed for three hours). This was not a surprise; the consumer has sadly become immune to the airlines’ ineptitude in regards to responding to the slightest change in the weather. What really irked me was the way I was treated by your customer service agents.

    Once I had learned (through my own initiative, of course) of my cancelled flight, I called Delta’s customer service hotline. The agent informed me that I had been automatically rebooked on an itinerary that would have totaled 16 hours of travel time from Los Angeles to New York City the following day. I asked him to find me a non-stop flight, which was what I had originally paid for. Luckily, he booked me on such a flight. Later that day, when I looked up said flight on Delta.com, the website notified me that there would be one stop. So, I called Delta again, and a second agent assured me that this was incorrect; I was on a non-stop flight. Several hours later, when I decided to check in, the itinerary clearly noted a stop in Cincinnati. I once again called customer service, and the third agent proceeded to tell me that there were in fact two flights, with the same flight number, arriving at LaGuardia at the same time – and I was booked on the nonstop one of the two. This made little sense to me, and so I asked to speak with a supervisor – Susan, in Salt Lake City. Finally, Susan told me the truth. I was not on a nonstop flight at all. I never had been. What really irritated me was Susan’s total disregard for the fact that I had spent much of my day on the phone with Delta, having been lied to on three separate occasions. Not once did she offer to resolve the situation, neither with an upgrade, nor an offer of a refund or some extra miles. Susan blamed it all on the weather. The weather did not lie to me, Richard.

    Spending my day on the phone with Delta agents is not my idea of a good time, especially when I’m treated like an idiot. I have access to the internet – I can fact-check. Not to mention the fact that I was subjected to a rather obnoxious outgoing message before I was even allowed to speak to an agent, explaining the evils of oil speculation. Have your PR people forgotten that airlines have traditionally been the most notorious oil speculators, betting on the price of oil in order to lock in prices a year in advance? It also seems rather silly to blame all of your problems on oil speculation, when the airlines (save for perhaps Southwest and Continental) haven’t figured out how to do business when oil is cheap. It might be smart to discontinue this silly PR stunt.

    I’m quite aware of the fact that one person can never make a difference when dealing with a company such as yours. Thankfully, I work for a large, global company myself. I can assure you that I will never do business with Delta again. With just a little bit of effort on my part, I am hoping to say the same thing about my 15, 000+ colleagues. We’ll stick with Continental.

    Kindest regards,


    CC: Edward Bastian, President; Stephen Gorman, EVP Operations; Lee Macenczak, EVP Sales & Marketing; Beth Johnston, SVP Human Resources; Larry Kellner, CEO Continental Airlines

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  • Ot
    O-towner Mar 31, 2009

    I now refuse to fly Delta. I dealt with a counterperson (not sure what they are called) at O'Hare in Chicago that I really wish I could have spoken to her supervisor. Just unnecessarily rude for whatever reason she wanted to pick and I didn't appreciate it at all. And that's just one of the problems I can remember having with them. I haven't flown in years because of the multitude of problems I've had with airports and airline staff and for the prices we have to pay, it's not worth it to me. But like I said before, if I needed to fly somewhere, you wouldn't EVER catch me on a Delta flight. I'm not surprised at your experience at all. I'm sorry for you but that doesn't mean much coming from me - I can't do anything about it and I don't work for them so... just extending sympathy I guess.

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awful airlines

I've been a frequent flier since I was 14 (for several decades now) and I've never seen such regularly practiced irresponsibly bad communication, and such shocking lack of accountability from any Air Carrier in the U.S. - Please read below:

On my last Delta flight I had to layover in Atlanta. Upon arrival in Atlanta I was instructed to go to a gate at the end of their 'B' terminal for my next flight segment - no problem I had 45 minutes to catch that flight after landing in Atlanta. Well we eventually made it our Gate (B31) with 25 minutes to spare - no problem, right? Wrong - there were no flights at that gate AND there were no gate change warnings at the gate (a gate change notification {at the gate} is common courtesy (and nobody has any reason to believe the information is any better at some {distant} Arrival/Departure monitor somewhere else in any given larger Airport).
We had 25 minutes before our next flight (which was THE LAST FLIGHT of the night) and there were NO GATE CHANGE WARNINGS WHATSOEVER (!!), and EVEN WORSE - there were NO Delta employees anywhere within sight to ask what's going on!
Since we had little time to spare none of us did not dare scrambling to try to find any Arrival/Departure monitor (especially as we had no reason to believe it would be anywhere nearby, or give me any better information than the information monitors at the gate). So we waited -IN GOOD FAITH- for any Delta representative to show up at our gate (B31) (as there was no information displayed on the gate monitors yet) to let us know where our flight is, and if there's any gate change to be concerned about. We waited & waited & waited - TO NO AVAIL (!!!)
At 11 minutes before our flight was supposed to leave from gate B31 we were convinced that there wasn't going to be any flights that night from B31. In a very unhealthy rush several people went scrambling from Gate B31 to find ANY Delta rep. to see what's going on. We finally found a Delta rep. 1/4 mile away and learned that many people before us were also ANGRILY scrambling to find the same flight. So an over-worked Delta gate rep. gave us the bad news: Our flight is leaving from Gate 'A'29(?) in 9 minutes (!!! - A GATE WHICH IS ABOUT 1 MILE AWAY (!!!) It was hopeless - and it was not our fault. WHY DIDN'T DELTA AIRLINES JUST GIVE A STANDARD 'GATE CHANGE NOTICE' AT THE GATE? If they had NONE of this would have happened. We had NO [reasonable] way to know of their gate change (!!). This is highly irresponsible of Delta for carelessly doing this to their passengers (!)
That was the last flight of the night and the Airline would not even put me up for the night at a hotel, or offer a blanket to sleep in the Airport with. I slept in a COLD airport terminal with only a light wind-breaker. I shook all night from the cold & achieved absolutely no rest. I missed my important appointment the next morning in Indianapolis.
I wrote a letter to Delta Airlines about my ordeal(s) and they never (to this day) wrote back to apologize for their grossly irresponsible and avoidable mistakes. SHOCKING !!
Consumers - Beware of Delta Airline's cold/heartless irresponsible business practices.

  • Su
    Sueeee Jul 21, 2009

    Just had the same thing happen to me only in St. Paul and in Detroit. Change of gate, no one around, monitor far away, luckily a pilot of another airline, helped 4 of us find the right gate, with only 10 minutes to spare because of the space between gates...The merger with NW has really made a bad situation, only worse...NO longer will I fly either airline and I am in the Hub of NW. Oh well...

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  • Zi
    Zicel Aug 30, 2009

    On 08/15/09, we flew from Atlanta to Wichita. Our fly was scheduled for 6am, we arrived at 4:50 am. They told that our fly was canceled, but it was not.

    The lady working at the counter was complaining that they should use the kiosks in the morning, she also said to another employee that we were a pain in the @ss, right in front of us.

    Our luggage did not arrived in Wichita until the next day, and my curling iron, and my grandson's sandals were missing. The lady working that morning was rude. She was lost and did not know what to do.

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  • Bi
    Birano Dec 04, 2009

    I was misquoted on an airfare by the delta Agent, and when I tried to get the ticket corrected, I was ignored by the company after writing in a complaint as told to do by Customer Service...To add insult to the experience we were delayed 6 hours out on the flight and then had the flight canceled at 1Am in the morning after waiting 6 hours to depart. The worst part was you could sense all the apathy of the employees. The Airline cares so little about the passengers these days, people should really cut down on the amount of air travel they do, until the airlines start to treat the customers with some level of respect.

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  • 58
    583586 Oct 27, 2010

    so youve been flying for 14 years and you mean to tell me on your way to B31 you missed the whole flight screen across from B29?? i mean YOU WALK RIGHT PAST IT AND IT TAKES UP THE WHOLE WALL!!! you could have EASILY looked and seen your flight had been changed, but people like you are too stupid to take action themselves, people like you need to be TOLD where to go in life. B31 to A29 is a very possible commute in 9 minutes if you put a little fire under your [censor] and stop [censor]ing. i hope you stayed on standby for weeks...

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pricing bait and switch

I am very upset with Delta Airlines. I used their preferred means of booking a ticket via the internet and was provided via their website a fare of 545 euro which converted to $712. I went to purchase and it would not allow the purchase. I made a pdf of the pages and also the weblink. I then called the internet desk for Delta and told them the situation. They got a fare of 712 euro or $890 and said this was the only fare they would allow. I said I had proof from their own website on the pricing and that I could send. They said we don't accept proof only what we can have in our system. I said that is wrong and as I have a price from their site they should honor it and they refused. This is completely unethical business practice and I have over a million miles on skyteam their alliance. I have been facing these problems more and more in the past year and it is UNACCEPTABLE the way they treat their loyal flyers I have been platinum for 15 years so I don't even want to consider how they treat leisure flyers. Delta you are a terrible company and why should we ever feel sorry when you have financial difficulty!

  • Li
    Liezleb Aug 13, 2009

    I had the same problem I purchased tickets and got confirmation just days before we where suppose to fly. Detla sent the reminder. When we got to the airport they said that they had not processed my credit card and I have to now pay the higher fare then the one I got qoute weeks before. I even had seat numbers been in a mood to just get on the plane I then paid it but I have been complaining for a year now and no response. It was an expensive lesson but now I know not to fly delta.

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  • Sm
    SMSCHAM Oct 09, 2013

    I got Bait and Switched by Delta and by Expedia today. Round trip to Cincinnati on the 18th, return the 21st, advertised at about $689. Then, after all the seating and billing info is entered, and you press BUY, the price becomes $808.
    How do they get away with cheating and deceiving customers with this dishonesty??

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delta will not deliver my delayed luggage and is giving me only 5 days to pick-up before sending to

After 36 hours in transit due to inclement weather - I arrived at JFK to find my luggage missing. Now I understand that weather happens and I simply endured that part of the situation. But when I entered the baggage claim office at 10pm on a Monday night, there were about 25 other individuals who also had not received their luggage and this was more than I could bear. The thought of standing in another line for 2 hours plus was discouraging to say the least. I asked the person at the counter for a number so that I could resolve the situation over the phone, allowing me to begin my 2 hour trip to arrive home at midnight.

I called both baggage information and customer service several times only to be told my only option was to pick-up my luggage which had finally arrived at JFK on Tuesday. I had 5 days and then they were sending it to Atlanta. I asked what other options were available because the feasiblity of me being able to get to JFK was impossible. I asked them to deliver it - which was flat out refused. I asked what the charges would be to have it delivered COD and was told I could not do that. When I asked to speak to a manager I was told that customers are not allowed to speak with managers.

I will absolutely never ever travel on Delta airlines again. While I completely understand that luggage delays do happen - I do not understand a business treating its customers this way.

stuck at airport for 3 days

My wife flew from Seoul South Korea into Atlanta Georgia. She arrived in Atlanta on time and once she got off the airplane they told her, her flight was cancelled due to weather. I understand the airlines have no contol over weather, however there customer service was horrible. Delta told her in Atlanta that there were no other flights until Tuesday. Once I found out about it I called Delta up to see if they could possible fly her into another city that would provide service to Indianapolis. They told me they could confirm a flight the next day and that was about it. (Great, I'm in Korea making reservation, while she is at the airport getting no where) What is funny about all that is they told her nothing until Tuesday. I got her a confirmed seat while I was in Korea...funny you say. That's not the only bad thing. She made it to the airpor the next day, however she had a five hour delay. She was suppose to depart Atlanta at 1430 and arrive in Indy by 1700. That never happened, she was on the airplane by 1700 and after sitting there for five hours they finally got onto the flight line. They started the engine, then told them they had "difficulties" with the engine. Back to square one. Stand in line for two hours trying to get out of there and they "confirmed" a flight out for Wednesday. So she arrived in Atlanta on Sunday March 1st around noon...and it is now Tuesday. My sister flew out Southwest from Atlanta to MN and she is there already. She arrived and is at home, and my wife is still stuck at the Airport. They are offering a hotel vocher and thats about it. It is unacceptable, they could redirect her flight and get her home. Other airlines are doing it but Delta has no customer service. DO NOT FLY DELTA. I am considering a legal suite over this matter.

selling companion/buddy passes

Tahlata h. Campbell is currently employed at delta bag room in atlanta ga.She is selling her buddy passes for...

double billing

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