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Complaints & Reviews

miles not credited

I flew on Air Europa in September of 2009 from NYC to Madrid. On Delta's webpage, Air Europa is listed as a partner airline to Delta. Air Europa put my Skymiles number on my ticket. I have called Delta several times, I have faxed my boarding passes and Air Europa tix to Delta three (3) times, I have emailed Delta numerous times, I have gone to the Delta ticket office in NYC and they called AND faxed to Delta but to date, DELTA REFUSES TO CREDIT ME WITH MY MILAGE.

  • Up
    upsettraveler2010 Feb 25, 2010

    I have the exact same problem. Air Europa being on their website is a misleading scam.

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items missing from baggage

I was traveling on-board Northwest flights from Newark-Liberty I'tl to Delhi via Amsterdam last Tuesday, and checked in two duly locked bags at the origin. When I collected my baggage at Delhi, I observed that the locks on one of the bags was missing. Upon checking I found that an Apple iPod Touch and a Sony PlayStation Portable were missing from the bag. Subsequently, I went to the airline's office at the airport and they gave me the email/phone numbers to call. I duly did so but am unable to get justifiable response.

The airline says that I should not keep electronics items in the checked in bags as they are valuable. I am confused by their response as a piece of clothing (from a designer like Chanel etc) could be multiple times more valuable than an electronics item. This is speaking solely in monetary terms. An item that might be deemed worthless monetarily might have immense emotional value to the traveler. Therefore, this whole premise of valuables raised by Northwest Airlines/Delta comes across as illogical to me.

I checked in my baggage with them at Newark and it is their responsibility to ensure the safety of my baggage. After a week of haggling with them, all I have got back from them is that it was my mistake to put valuables in my checked in baggage. This to me is customer service at its worst. They have no idea how much emotional loss this whole episode has caused me as those stolen items were meant to be gifts for my loved ones. I am just hoping to get compensated for my monetary loss. Right now I feel as if Northwest/Delta have robbed me and also charged me hard-earned US $ for the same.

I am seeking everyone's opinion as to what business forums to approach or file a lawsuit so that Northwest/Delta accept their mistake in mishandling my baggage and compensate me appropriately.

  • Da
    Davebodia Nov 29, 2009

    I had a similar experience with Delta customer service. I'm still fighting them. My luggage was left in Newark on my trip to Frankfurt. When I finally received it (I consider myself lucky for that in itself), my TSA locks were gone as was nearly $1000 worth of items. My experience on this trip (which is too long to go through line by line), left a lot to be desired as well as it cost me approx. $5000 overall. Even through all that they put me through (and still are), I accept that companies, people, etc... make mistakes, it's how you handle that mistake. Delta's customer service takes a back seat to none in arrogance, ignorance, lack of professionalism, etc...

    I don't know if this is nationwide but were I am (Alaska), the company that I have to list on my lawsuit against Delta is 'Corporation Service Company'. One very important thing to remember is that according to the Montreal Convention, you have 2 years to file court documents. Wish you good luck against this ridiculously unconcerned and arrogant airline.

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  • Mi
    missparrow Jan 26, 2010

    I know that some of this happens, but TSA employees are the ones who do searches of checked luggage and not airline employees. So how do you know it was an airline employee and not TSA? My daughter just returned from an international flight (2 different airlines) and had an item missing out of her bag. I never check anything I can't live without.

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rudeness and racism

On the 3.11.09, our daughter Emily Thomas-Ndukwu arrived at Terminal 4 Heathrow Airport to fly to Greensboro NC 3 hours before departure. She was requested to submit a outward bound ticket from the States which she had. She presented said ticket and was told the date had expired.

We received a call in Lagos from a Delta representative who was rude, racist, unhelpful and arrogant even though we renewed the date on her ticket whilst talking to him.

Subsequently I had to fly to London to sort out the problem, costing time, money and inconvenience plus a fee of $250.00

lost purse

I traveled from Boise, ID to Washington DC on military travel orders on 14 September 2009. After landing in Washington DC I left the gate and went to the baggage claim area. When I arrived to the baggage claim I realized I'd left my purse on the airplane. I had no ID, no money--nothing saying who I was. I went directly to the baggage claim service desk and told the lady there that my purse was still on the plane located where I was sitting. She called the desk at the gate and then she told me there was a "maintenance issue" so no one could get on the plane. She took my contact information (thank goodness I had my cell phone on me!) and said as soon as they could get on the plane they'd look for my purse.

I never got a call back from Delta letting me know if they found my purse. Finally I called Delta myself and they said they never found anything. I knew this was impossible because I knew exactly where my purse was on the plane! After a few days I got a call from Delta in PORTLAND OREGON saying they had found my purse on the plane EXACTLY WHERE I SAID IT WAS TO BEGIN WITH!!! And what is worse, if I wanted my purse back I had to pay an outside delivery service to do it. I had to pay $66.39 to DJs Delivery and Storage to get my purse returned to me.

If Delta's customer service agents had made the smallest effort to get that purse off that plane before it took off again, I wouldn't be out almost $70 not to mention all the fear and anxiety I suffered while thousands of miles from my home trying to cope with absolutely nothing--no money, no ID, no credit cards!!

I recently sent an email to Delta telling them my story and that I want them to make amends by repaying me the money I spent to get the purse back. I am awaiting a response to that. If I do not receive a response I will take steps to keep the Idaho Army National Guard from using Delta for military travel. This would take a big chunk of their profits in my area.

selling buddy passes

Jamal A. McKinnie has sold a total of six buddy passes since he has been employed with Delta Air Lines. It is my personal opinion that he should be investigated and terminated. I say this because of the integrity that he lacks as an employee with Delta Air Lines. Not only has he sold buddy passes but he also told me that he was called into his supervisor’s office for sexual harassment and he and the supervisor had a good laugh at the expense of the young woman who was reporting it. Delta has been notified of the selling of these buddy passes and obviously aware of the sexual harassment. The question now is “Do Delta Airlines have any integrity as a company?”

Your Responsibilities
“The Buddy Pass program was developed as a way to allow employees and retirees to share their travel privileges with people outside their immediate, pass-eligible family. You are expected to know those to whom you give these privileges, and you are responsible for their behavior when they travel. Unfortunately, Buddy Pass misuse is a reality. On any given day, eBay® and craigslist show Buddy Passes and travel companion authorizations for sale. In some cases, employees have turned their Buddy Passes over to Buddy Pass “brokers” who sell them to unsuspecting travelers or to individuals associated with illegal or suspicious activities. Whether directly or through a broker, profiting from the sale, barter or trading of travel privileges, including Buddy Passes, is a direct violation of our policy and has a significant impact on Delta’s revenue. Those who engage in this activity subject themselves to disciplinary action, including loss of all travel privileges or even termination of employment.”

  • An
    angielove Oct 25, 2009

    To Whom It May Concern,

    I am emailing you once again to let you know that I believe Jamal A. McKinnie, employee number 075350800 sold another buddy pass on October 25, 2009 to Jeniene Hobson, Pass Rider 075350800-72; Record Locator BQFHQR.
    On last Thursday, October 23, 2009 I informed Jamal that I was turning him in each time he sold a buddy pass and he replied by telling me all he had to do was tell the Delta representative that he was gave the passes away. He was coached to say this by another co-worker who he sold the buddy to on the October 15, 2009 for a friend who lives in the same apartment complex as he. When we was out on Thursday of last week he let me know that he was going to call the help desk and speak to them, that’s one of the reasons I stated I believe he sold one on Saturday, October 24, 2009. Jamal is a habitual liar, and because he uses correct English and swears a lot on dead people we as a people tend to believe him.
    Normally when Jamal sells a buddy pass, he pays on his Delta Visa card. I’m not sure if Delta Air Lines have the right to look into his bank history to see the pattern. When they give him the money, it he doesn’t work over time he makes the deposit then, but if he receives the money the next day, he makes the deposit then. More than likely if Delta takes this route he will say that the extra money came from monies that his mother sent him. This is how you can catch him in this propaganda, when his mother sends him money it is usually done via a sister bank in New York.
    Of all the times I have been able to give you detailed information on the when/where/who/amount this time I will not be able to do that because he stopped telling me detailed information. However, I do know that each and every other time I can give you précised information on how things occurred. I may be wrong about this one, but since I know he is short on gas and grocery money, I would believe I’m probably 90% accurate.
    In the last email I took the opportunity to look up information on Delta Net pertaining to selling buddy passes and pasted it to the email. This time I’m just going to ask “Do Delta Air Lines Inc. as a company has any employees who veracity is intact?”

    Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

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  • Mr
    Mr.Calhoun Oct 30, 2009

    get a life man get a life

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delta skymiles redemption

Do not waste your time trying to redeem an awards flight on Delta.com. You can see dates that have the low...

lost luggage

Flying Delta turned my dream vacation into a nightmare. It’s been 29 days since I’ve seen my luggage. Try taking a 12-day Mediterranean cruise with no luggage. It’s awkward, inconvenient, expensive and, without appropriate clothing, you can’t eat in the regular dining rooms. Delta afforded me no relief whatsoever and only responded with form emails. I faxed my formal lost luggage complaint when we returned home 11 days ago and have not heard a word from Delta. I called them four days after I faxed my complaint and, after being on hold for forty minutes, I was told it would take 4-6 weeks to process my complaint. Great way to do business.
I should add that we had 3 changes of itineraries before we even boarded a plane due to mechanical difficulties. One plane sat on the runway all night before they discovered a mechanical issue at 6 am the next morning. We barely made our cruise and had to add two days at the end of our trip so we didn’t go to Italy without seeing Rome,
I apologize to anyone who sees this more than once but I plan to post it anywhere I can until I get some satisfaction from Delta.

Bill Runeari
Oswego, NY

  • Sh
    shaun_mh Jun 17, 2012

    Hi you could try sending an email straight to the ceo [email protected] <[email protected]>;. See how you get on I did he doesnt even care about lost luggage. They lost my luggage which contained medical supplies and there attitude was go to the pharmacy and get replacement which they would reimburse. This wouldve helped it I could do that. But the medication was specially prescribed by a surgeon. THEY DONT CARE ABOUT THERE CUSTOMERS. ALL THEY CARE ABOUT IS HOW RICH THEY CAN MAKE THEMSELVES.

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duplicate flight confirmation numbers

I made a reservation for three people on a Delta flight, and received confirmation emails from Delta. However, I received check-in reminders from Northwest AND Delta, making me think that I accidentally booked the flights twice. I clicked on links in each of the emails and they led me to 2 DIFFERENT flight confirmation numbers, and 2 DIFFERENT flight numbers, one on Delta and one on Northwest. I freaked out a bit more. I know that Delta and Northwest were in the process of a merger so I called them and they sweetly told me that all that info was indeed for EXACTLY the same flight. I tried to convince them that this was very confusing and more than a little anxiety provoking but they didn't see it as a problem. I called a few more phone numbers that they told me to call to formally complain, but alas, each number was the 'wrong' one to do this, so I am just complaining here on complaintsboard.com.

undue charges on credit card

I had decided to book two roundtrip tickets from Atlanta to Tampa. I went on line and tried booking the flight, I had a message come up that it could not use my credit card try another card. My thinking was I had punched in the wrong number, I made several attempts and each time the same message. I called my credit card company and it said the card was fine, no problem. I was frustrated and after a few minutes I tried another airlines and it had a similar message. I called the credit card company back and found out that Delta had pending charges even though the Delta's website said it could not use my card. I know have $1692.00 in charges pending against my credit card and no one at Delta can help. Delta Coporate office has been rude and unprofessional, they tried blaming my bank and credit card company.
Tommy M.

dumb employees at delta check-in

Delta hires ###s. I was at the Austin Airport this morning - my niece was returning to Italy and most likely...

baggage charges

Dear Delta, <br /> <br /> I am writing to request a refund of the $200 "Excess Baggage" fee I wa...


I have flown every airline and nearly flown to every city in the US over the course of my career. Every time I have flown Delta, which has been a lot over the years, I have experienced extensive delays, horrible customer service and multiple charges for the same expense on my credit card. <br />
<br />
Most recently, I was on a flight, which was delayed leaving MO. It was essential that I was in CT that evening due to a family medical emergency. I explained the situation to the agent and asked if there was possibly another flight I could take since the flight I was scheduled on was delayed leaving and I would be at risk missing my connection; thereby, not making it to Connecticut in time. The agent discounted me with an attitude (clearly demonstrating through rolling of the eyes, pounding on the keyboard and sighing heavily that I was putting her out by asking her to check another flight). She said there was nothing they could do. As a result, we landed in Atlanta, GA. I had 5 minutes to catch my connector, which were several gates away. I asked the stewardess what gate I needed to go too and she sighed and told me to check with the agent after we landed. I then asked if they could please call ahead and let them I was coming and was told there was nothing they could do. I asked if they could possibly make an announcement and please ask if the passengers that weren't connecting remain seated for a few minutes. Again, no!! When the plane landed, I got up and went to the front of he plane and was told to sit down. I explained the situation and they again demanded that I sit down. I refused. I needed to catch my flight. They reminded me they could call the authorities and I again told them it was essential that I make my connector for them to do what they needed to do. When I finally got off the plane and ask the agent where the connecting gate was, she informed me they had just left. I asked her to please find me another flight and she said there was nothing she could do that I'd have to wait. I waited in Atlanta for 9 hours. My family member died that night before I could get home.<br />
<br />
Another situation occurred when Delta boarder everyone on the plane, knowing there were mechanical problems and making us sit there for over 6 hours not even offering us a beverage. There were several people who asked to be let off (i.e., nursing mothers, families with children, older passengers, etc.) and was told no. This is ridiculous to hold passengers hostage for six hours with no food or water when we are paying good money for those tickets. When an elderly person, clearly was unable to walk to end of the plane to use the lavatory, walked through first class, she was told she wasn’t “allowed” in first class that she’d have to return to her “area” and use the lavatory in the back of the plane. <br />
<br />
There have been numerous, numerous occasions similar to these in respect to lack of customer service, extensive delay, no accountability or support when they are at fault and consistent double charging on fees. When you call the airline to dispute the overcharge, they direct you to their website, which takes weeks to resolve. Meanwhile, you have to pay the bill to avoid interest charges. <br />
<br />
I rarely submit complaints, but Delta is the worst airline I have ever dealt with, and even after all these years, nothing has changed. I am disappointed to see they took over Northwest. Northwest was a fine airline before they took over. I have flown Northwest for the past few years and never a problem. I was booked on Northwest during the change over and, again, my flight from Detroit was delayed; the connector was delayed; no customer service whatsoever and the end result - it took me 12 hours to get to my destination for a 2 hour flight.

supervisores & managers @ &tf green airport&/ri

The supervisory/managerial staff for Delta Airlines, at this airport is horrible! The utter...

please I need your help to solve this problem to get my money back

Name: Mr. Hamza Elsherbiny
Email Address:

I booked 4 tickets online for myself and my family from Delta.com web site since June 2009. The trip was Cairo – New York, nonstop, Delta airlines with the following details:

Last Name: Elsherbiny
First Name: Hamza
Itinerary Confirmation Code: DLTKJN
Flight # 85, Cairo – New York
Date: July 11th, 2009

Travelers were my self: Hamza Elsherbiny, accompanied by my wife: Nihal Essawy, my son: Ahmed Elsherbiny and my daughter: Marwa Elsherbiny.

We are USA permanent residents, my company is at New Jersey but I work overseas, my son works in an American company at Alexandria - Egypt, so we go and return from and to USA permanently .

My daughter Marwa Elsherbiny recently got plane phobia during one of our trips due to strong plane disturbance since about 4 years, she gets panic just while the take off of the plane and never exceeded five minutes if not less.

Starting our trip on July 11th, 2009, my daughter got her panic. We tried to explain to the crew that this was normal to us and that this always happens to her just for minutes during take off, but, and for the first time since years the captain of the plane insisted that she leaves the plane although they called the airport quarantine doctor and he stated that her case was normal and that she is in a very good condition and she can continue her trip on his own responsibility. A report from Cairo airport quarantine doctor was written and the case was documented. A copy of this report was sent to Delta Cairo Airport office. Her trip was cancelled and we had to leave the plane and back to Alexandria where we live. This case was published at the main newspapers in the Middle East (Al Ahram) and (Al Akhbar).

Note: A copy of the quarantine doctor’s report, a copy from Cairo airport quarantine manager and a copy of Al Ahram newspaper dated July 14th, 2009, are already available with me.

Since we left the plane we were trying to reach another reservation with connection with Delta office at Cairo airport and other offices all around Cairo (Egypt) but non helped and their offers was non reasonable, including 7 hours of transit on leaving and 14 hours of transit on return although our original trip was non stop.
Searching on Delta.com web site we found plenty of options available and contacting the main Delta office in Cairo they offered the following trip:
Delta served by Air France
July 22nd Delta 8623 CAI / CDG transit 2 hrs 15 minutes
July 22nd Delta 8550 CDG / JFK
August 3rd Delta 8557 JFK / CDG transit 2 hours 40 minutes
August 3rd Delta 8622 CDG / CAI
At Delta office they said they booked the trip to us 4 tickets and emailed me the itinerary including the seats assigned.
We reached Cairo airport before our flight by 3 hours as recommended, but when checking in at Air France they stated that our tickets are not on the monitor and we can not take them, and they asked me to call Delta call center (International) to solve the problem with them. I made several international calls for about two hours trying to fix this problem. Finally Delta call center said we have to be charged for the difference in ticket prices due to booking at high season although this was not our mistake to book at high season and my original booking was since June because I can’t pay all this cost for tickets. Time was running and Air France stated that the counter will be closed in minutes so I was forced to pay the difference in cost to be able to get our tickets since I had some business appointments at my company at NJ which I rescheduled due to our delay from my first trip. After 3 hours of trials and negotiations we got the tickets but I was charged extra cost US $ 737.34 per ticket this means a total of US $ 2949.36 for 4 tickets, which exceeded the cost of our original tickets, and this is to be added to the original cost I already paid for my tickets which was US $ 698.48 per ticket with a total of US $ 2793.92 and this means that the final total cost for 4 tickets is US $ 5743.28
This delay made great disturbance in my business schedules, my vacation arrangements, my son’s business and vacation arrangements, hotel reservation, a doctor appointment to my wife, everything had to be rescheduled with great disturbance in our life, and instead of getting apology and compensation here comes the great loss of money which I was forced to be charged to be able to go on with my trip.
As I arrived to New Jersey I called Delta and explained what happened to me and my family at both trips, they asked me to send them a fax complaining for what happened and attaching copies of the quarantine reports and a copy of the publishing at Al Ahram newspaper and I did send them all the required details by fax.

Please I need your guidance on how to solve this problem to get back my money, my rights and a reasonable compensation.

Thanks a lot for your patience,
Waiting your reply via:



  • Co
    COMMON_SENSE Dec 26, 2009

    Even though I understand that this was a difficult situation you also need to understand the concerns of other passengers witnessing your daughter's panic attack(s).

    They don't know all the details and history but they see someone 'acting out'.

    This can be considered a serious safety concern.

    And safety trumps everything.

    I hope Delta's customer service was able to solve the money issue to your satisfaction.

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  • Pa
    papapapa Dec 26, 2009


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damaged luggage

I am totally shocked that in this day and age Delta Airlines gets a free pass from the American Govornment. Not only is this airline somewhat of a monoply in Minnestoa, ( Our Congress allowed them to buy Northwest Airlines), now it is our only major airline from Minnesota. But if they damage your luggage in thier care, you have no rights! As an example, recently I checked a bag from an overseas flight from Stockholm to Atlanta, then on to MN. Of course one must change planes in Atlanta, plus clear customs. So, this means that you must claim your bag from the one plane, and go to customs and then place it on the next flight to Mn. In between customs inspections I saw that my new $200.00 Samsonite wheeled duffle bag was doing it's job, life was good. However, after arriving in Mn. I discovered that my brand new duffel bag was completely destroyed. It looked like someone had used a carpet knive on it and decided that this bag was the ulimate enemy. Gaping slits were everywhere. How this happened I hav'nt a clue. An airport employee loads the bag on a conveyer, which is then routed to a cart where another employee transfers the bag to the airplane, where it is then loaded onto the airplane. With so many bags that have to be handled between plane schedules, and put on connecting flights, I find it very hard to understand how anyone had time to assault my poor duffle bag. Whatever the explanation my duffle bag was ruined. I immediatly took the remains of my sad bag to the baggage department to report that I was an unhappy camper and was told "we can give you a comparible bag and you can be on your way". I was not impressed with the $40 comparible bag and told the agent that I was not satisfied. The agent in charge at a Major airport representing a Major Airline(DELTA) told me " that's all that I can do" there is no other compensation availible. I wished to speak to the agents supervisor, however, being that is was approximatly 8:00 PM, no other supervisor was availible. (how convieniet for Delta)<br /><br />
So as I understand it, if you choose to fly in this world with Delta as your transportation provider in 2010, if you plan on bringing some clothes in a sturdy duffle bag with wheels so you don't break you shoulder hauling it around airports with no carts availible. Do plan on spending no more than $40 for you bag needs because Delta airlines will not recompense you if your bag out of site is assaulted by knive weilding employees in the privacy of thier baggage room. On a side note; does anybody know how to attach roller blade wheels onto an army surplus duffle bag? Does anyone know where an army surplus store that has army duffle bags for sale is in Mpls? Never mind, I think I will try google maybe it can guide me.

  • Ko
    koeder Sep 16, 2009

    i had a damaged guitar case that had fragile stickers on it that was supposed to be a carry on item, but delta changed airplanes at the last minute to a smaller airplane so i let the loaders put it in the cargo bay. i asked them to please be careful and it got split open. we filed a complaint at the airport and were ignored.

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  • Co
    COMMON_SENSE Dec 26, 2009

    As much as I understand your pain, I wouldn't have bought a $200 duffel bag in the first place.
    All airlines, including Delta, make it clear in their fine print that your luggage is there to protect the content in it.
    So everyone should be prepared to see dents and scratches on their shiny new piece of luggage, even after just one flight.

    However, what you are describing here doesn't sound like normal wear and tear.
    That was the ultimate reason a DL representative even bothered offering you any compensation in the first place.
    You can always ask for a supervisor or better the station manager (good luck with that) to call you back the next day.

    My experience is that it all comes down to how much of a 'good' customer you are.

    Esp. if you don't fly that often you want to take as many flights with the SAME airline - not just with the same alliance.

    You increase your chances significantly.

    One thing I can say about MSP: A DL/NWA gate agent once responded to my request to speak to her supervisor with something like 'good luck finding one on a weekend'.

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scam alert

Dont waste your time with Delta Skymiles! They make it seem so simple when it is not. You still have to pay no matter how many miles you have accumulated. First off, I did not have enough Skymiles in my account so my husband gave me some of his. It cost an initial $30 then $10 per 1, 000 miles. I ended up paying $70 total. The I found out that I cannot pay for partial tickets with Skymiles but, through a "special" promotion, I could apply for a American Express card and be able to pay for some of the ticket with my earned Skymiles. The remaining balance would have to be put on the American Express card. Then, I was told that the amount of miles I needed to fly to the same place but maybe on different days could cost me more Skymiles depending on the day. One day it was 25k for a 2hr flight and the next day it was 32k. Also they told me that if I changed my mind about using my Skymiles after I booked, that there would be a "restocking" fee of $100. No matter what you do with your Skymiles, you will end up paying a fee. Skymiles is such a joke!

  • Cu
    curlytop Aug 09, 2009

    I'm beginning to discover the same thing. Very disappointing, and a sure-fire way to drive me to use a different airline. A breach of trust between a company and its customers is not cool.

    0 Votes
  • Jr
    jrm12392 Sep 15, 2010

    Delta skymiles redemption value is 4 to 5 times LESS than what they charge you to buy them. Buying skymiles with cash in order to have enough to book a trip is a total rip-off. That's why you can't pay for a portion of your trip with miles, and the rest with cash. Be very careful. Don't use skymiles unless you have enough to cover your trip. Just buy the itinerary outright with cash and save the miles for that vacation next year! Skymiles is really a marketing scam...

    0 Votes
  • Sa
    SAJ394 Mar 20, 2019

    I had the same experience. I gifted over $27, 000 miles to my husband so he could use his points to buy a combined 3 tickets. It ended up costing us $300 for a $250 ticket. I complained and got it reversed but this is a complete scam. Under what circumstance would this be a good idea for anyone other than Delta??

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Went to check in for my flight and they said it was cancelled due to the plane being too small to fly in the...

damaged laptop

My company booked me on a flight to Norfolk Va through Atlanta GA from Pensacola Florida. I had packed in my luggage my Asus netbook laptop. The netbook was inside its OWN padded case and surrounded by clothes.

After arriving in Norfolk and my luggage was retrieved, I rented my car and drove 3 hours to my destiniation motel to find when I unpacked, that the display was damaged beyond repair. It looked as if it had been slammed onto the floor.

I emailed Delta (ever try calling them?) and received no response. I emailed a second time. After a day, I recieved a reply stating 'tough, we aren't responsible for anything inside luggage'- in not so few words.

On my return trip, I happened to sit over the luggage compartment door and was able to watch how they load.

One guy tosses the bag to a second who promply slams it down onto the conveyor as if he were slam-dunking a basketball. Sometimes he actually catches the bag. Other times it goes sailing past and bounces off the tarmac. I witnessed the next plane unloading. Those bags that you leave on the jetway that are too big for the overhead compartments? This one guy picked each up and tossed them down a chute, the bag travelling more than half way down the shoot in the air before landing.

Right now, I am still fighting them. Granted, it was only a $300 dollar computer, but it was MY $300 dollar computer and not everyone can just replace it.


July 7, 2009

Re: Delta Flight 1483

To Whom It May Concern:

I certainly hope this letter makes it into the right hands, and that it is taken seriously-not tossed aside as “some other unhappy customer”. After the worst traveling experience I have ever had on July 1, 2009 on Delta flight 1483 to Orlando. I arrived to LaGuardia Airport to find that the kiosk machines were not working. They were only printing boarding passes for certain flights. I had to wait in line for over an hour for an attendant to print out my ticket that took less than 2minutes. Thus began the day from hell…….. I walk to the gate to find out that my 7:20am flight is delayed to 10:00am due to mechanical problems with the plane. At 10am I happen to look at the board and the flight is scheduled to depart at 10:15am no announcement was made. At 11:00am they decide to switch gates and tell us we are waiting for an arriving plane to come from some where to use it.

Instead of Delta being smart enough to give another us plane from the beginning you take it upon yourself to have no regard for your customers and have us wait more. The reason I took such an early flight was because I had a job interview scheduled later on that day at 4pm. As you could imagine I did not get the job because of the incompetence of Delta Airline. This is truly devastating for me since this was a great opportunity for me but your airline ruined any chance I had. I understand that there are to be delays occasionally but it should not exceed an hour or two the latest. It is ridiculous to be stranded for 9 hours! Because of your shortsightedness to have planes on standby for instances just like this when a plane is unable to fly, instead you have your loyal customers wait for hours. I find it impossible to believe that you all do not have any kind of relationship with other airlines, that in a case like this, could not find someone to take everyone where they needed to be.

Finally the plane comes and we board and we have to wait an extra 15minutes because there are no beverages on the plane. To then go at a snails pace circling around the tarmac for 20 minutes with no announcement from the crew. The plane comes to a stop on the tarmac next to a parking lot and we are left waiting again with no announcement yet again. Finally the pilot announces that it will be another 20mins for us to take off. After already an hour on the plane, the plane starts to move in a circle motion again and comes to a rest at the same parking spot we were already at. The pilot announces we missed our window to take off. The passengers including my self are irate at this. One of the stewards makes an announcement stating that it is our own fault that we did not take off. I find this highly offensive and disgusting that one of your employees was yelling at us stating that it was our own fault that we did not take off. How dare you say that it is our fault when you are clearly to be blamed for such incompetent maintenance of your planes and your horrendous customer service. I do realize that they have to deal with unhappy customers ALL the time, but if they don’t like their job and can’t handle it, then they need to find work elsewhere…somewhere they don’t have to deal with the public.

After 2 hours of sitting on your plane we finally take off and instead of giving complementary snacks you still dare to charge people you how inconsiderate of you. I have been up from 5am and landed at 5pm without food. I would like to know why it took 9 hours to get to Florida a trip that normally takes 2hours. At the end of the trip all we got was an I am sorry from the pilot and that was it, no food voucher no flying vouchers NOTHING! I have been a loyal Delta flyer for years now, I vow that I will never take another flight with this airline again. I will be blogging and twittering about my horrendous experience with this airline so that no one will fly with Delta after the disgusting experience I had.

If tickets had not already been paid for, I would have never flown back with Delta. So I had a return flight on Delta flight 1486 to New York LaGuardia to yet again be delayed for 4 ½ hours. We were boarded on to the plane to make our 2:05pm take off to just sit and wait on the plane for 40mins because of an oxygen tank issue in the cockpit. Once again being the incompetent Delta airline that you are you did not have a back up for it. We had to get off the plane and wait till a 4:30pm plane to arrive with a tank. Once that happened the crew realized that another piece was missing and we had to wait till a 5:30pm plane to arrive with that piece. A flight in which I was suppose to be in NYC at 5:00pm I did not arrive till 9 pm.

I’m floored at the poor maintenance and upkeep to your planes, that so many could not be used after you had no problem over booking flights. It is completely understandable that planes that make constant trips all day long are going to need routine maintenance….hence the novel idea of having BACK UP planes to take there place while they are being serviced…but NO…let’s just wing it and see if we make it!!! I also suggest customer service training for all your staff. I will never fly Delta again and neither will my family and friends I will be posting my experience any where and every where I can so people will rethink about flying with you. . I have never been SO thoroughly disgusted with an airline as I was that day…and still continue to be… I just hope that what I have told you will be taken seriously and proper attention will be given on all said matters.

Thank you for your time


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    missparrow Jan 26, 2010

    Wow, sounds like you had a horrible experience. I fly on Delta all the time and can't remember the last time I had a mechanical problem. The idea of having spare airplanes sitting around is not realistic. Airplanes cost hundreds of millions of dollars each, the airports are crowded and there is no place to park any extras at all of our crowded airports. Also, it is not healthy for airplanes to be sitting idle. 'Stewards' is a term that hasn't been used since the 1960s. I know DAL has one of the best safety records in the industry. This is very important to me since I travel a lot for business.

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skymiles bait and switch

Hey guys -

I realize you probably get a zillion complaint emails about the airlines. I also realize that airline ticket prices change minute-to-minute, etc. However, I think I was just the victim of a legitimate bait and switch and I'd really appreciate it if you'd warn people about this.

Airline mileage programs are notorious for a reason. Because my wife and I have separate Delta Skymiles accounts, we were forced to book tickets (to Jackson, Wyoming, this August), separately. I ran through the system and applied my 20, 000 SkyMiles to get a $200 discount on my ticket, using my special American Express card that Delta requires to "pay with miles" (as opposed to buying a whole flight; the mileage is applied as a 1, 000 miles to $10 discount). I then *immediately* ran back through the whole system with my wife's SkyMiles account.

Importantly, I again was given a $200 discount on her 20, 000 miles. Again I was quoted the exact same flight price, flight time, etc. It was not until AFTER I had entered my credit card information and pushed 'PURCHASE' (which ordinarily completes the transaction) that the Delta system popped up and informed me that her ticket would cost an additional $130.

Damn, I thought, they moved the prices on me. I backed out and started over, looking for a better ticket price for her on a different flight. To my surprise, I saw that the same flight continued to be advertised at the rate I had bought my own ticket on just minutes before. That same price is STILL advertised now, an hour later. Delta straight up pulled a bait-and-switch on us, applying a $130 rate hike at quite literally the last minute without prior warning.

For couples flying on Delta, using separate SkyMiles accounts, this is nasty. You can't book together; they won't let you merge the accounts. The 5 minute time lapse between entering one ticket and entering the other is long enough for Delta to apply this rate hike. Most tellingly, *they do not advertise* that the rates have changed. Although my wife and I have separate SkyMiles accounts, they all belong to the same home address. I strongly suspect Delta's system is engineered to prevent two SkyMiles accounts belonging to the same home address from receiving a discount on the same flight.

In the end, we could have flown Frontier Airlines for the same price we ended up getting after applying 40, 000 miles. It's a racket. Don't fly Delta and don't bother accumulating SkyMiles.

Zach Matthews
Atlanta, Georgia

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