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Complaints & Reviews

compensation claim for added hours of trip and cancelled flight

Re: I am writing regarding flight 8093 (VP33Q2) on July 7, due to depart from San Luis Potosi, SLP to Chicago at the scheduled departure time of 12:36 PM. This flight was cancelled or over sold and I am seeking compensation.

The passengers in the party were myself, Olivia G Macias, Sergio Macias and my elderly parents Antonio Gonzalez and Maria del Carmen Hernandez de Gonzalez.

My scheduled flight length was 6 hours and 56 minutes and the delay to the destination of the alternative flight offered is now 10 hours and 21 minutes. Not only is this inconvenience for my elderly parents who are 92 & 77; now my mother has to wait in Mexico's airport for 5 hours who suffers from pain and swelling of her knees. The lack of professionalism and accountability in this service by Delta has left a lot to desire since a change was made from SLP to Chicago for July 8h instead of July 7th as paid for and requested; without even thinking of the passenger's requirements they changed out itinerary.

I am therefore seeking compensation just as you would have if we had made any changes to our existing reservation.

I look forward to a full response to this letter. If I do not receive a satisfactory response I intend to pursue my complaint further, which could result in taking it to court.


Olivia G Macias

flight delayed

May 23, 2019 DL 1942 Atlanta to Newark This flight should have arrived 3:26 It actually arrived 8:30pm We...

taxi company/driver

Hi am writing this regarding my dad and m sister the booked a taxi for 10 o clock this to knowsley height...

agent at the gate stole my phone

Date: 04/08/2019
Time: 1800
Location:JFK airport. Terminal 4. Gate B44.
Flight number DL5421; from JFK to Cleveland

While boarding, I gave the ticket to desk agent to be scanned. While doing so, I laid my phone on the desk as i had bags in my hand.
I Boarded the plane and forgot my cellphone on the agent's desk.
As soon as the plane took off, I noticed that i forgot my phone back on the desk.
I informed the flight attendant of whom i dont recall the name. She made a call to the desk and confirmed to me that the phone is there with the agent. She told me to head to delta office at Cleveland airport to get further info on how to proceed.
At Cleveland airport, the agent there also made phone calls and confirmed that the phone is found. She told me to call Delta baggage at [protected] and also to call UPS to set up a prepaid shipping account and send a label for them to deliver the item. After purchasing the label, i called the delta baggage number for them to tell me that they do not have the phone with them. I activated the "find my iphone" and found that the phone is still at jfk airport. Despite that, they told me that they dont have the phone and suggested that i make a claim.
I did make the online claim with no result.
I have no other explanation than my phone was either stolen by the desk agent or the person who was supposed to take it to the delta luggage.
I would appreciate if an investigation would be done.
Thank you

Boulos El Hachem

Phone description: Black iPhone XR. Black case with word "spigen" engraved at the left lower side. Photo of a baby on the screen.

agent at the gate stole my phone

flight from detroit to tampa

I booked a flight from Detroit to Tampa for my family of 3 back on Jan. 19. Today I got a notification that there was a "technical seat duplication error" and my family is split up. I got a bunch of poor excuses for why that happened. We were told our seats were linked together when we booked, so I didn't expect this. No resolution was provided to me, nothing was done, they didn't even try to resolve. how can you have a seat block of 3 one day and not the next.. It's unprofessional and unacceptable. MY sky miles is [protected]

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delayed flight, poor service and communication

Flight 343- LGA to ORD (4.14.19)
3 passengers: Dr. Ryan P. Merkow, Jenifer Waugh & Eva Merkow
Upon arrival to check in for our "on time" flight at 6:15 PM, we received a notice roughly 15 minutes through security that our plane was being delayed 5 hours due to weather. Although Chicago had experienced weather during the day, it was obvious flights were making it in and out of LGA from ORD throughout the evening. Three consecutive flights scheduled after our 6:15 flight made it in from ORD and back out of LGA to Chicago. When questioning Delta associates about the discrepancy, they continued to state it was a weather issue even though they admitted that other flights were making it in and out of the Chicago airport. As travelers continued to press the agents, they finally admitted that it was a crew issue and that it was in fact a delayed crew that ran out of flight hours. We were then informed of a delay until 1:20 AM but assured that irregardless of when the flight landed, it would get out with a new crew and the travel restriction hours would be lifted so we could leave LGA. At approximately, 12:30 AM we were informed that the flight was being rescheduled until 7AM again due to weather. Throughout this process, the service agents were extremely disorganised as well as very rude and lacked all sense of customer service. They refused to assist travelers in any way and did not offer pillows or blankets until multiple customers began to raise their voices. We were asked to leave the terminal and head to baggage claim as TSA could not accommodate the flight group. From 1AM until 5AM, customers were required to sleep on the concrete floor in the hope that the 7AM flight would make it out. This has been an atrocious travel / customer service experience all together. We were in the process of booking 3 international flights with Delta this next month but have reconsidered due to our unfortunate series of events today. It is doubtful we will ever trust our flight plans to Delta again in the future. I certainly hope that the team is held accountable for their actions and changes are made to assist future travelers. We will be proceeding with action at the BBB.

Thank you,
The Merkow Family

customer service and management

My family and I were traveling back to Chicago from New York today on flight DL355. The flight was supposed to leave at 615pm but kept being pushed back several hours. Meanwhile many flights were landing to and from Chicago. The delta customer service was no help and in fact lied about what was actually happening. We were told it was weather but clearly this was not true. The flight finally landed at 130am however they then proceeded to kick us out of the delta terminal and pushed the flight back to 7am. Everyone was forced to go to baggage claim where there were no chairs or benches for anyone. Elderly were forced to stand or sit on the dirty concrete floor. They would not even unlock the wheel chairs for them to use. Despicable behavior. When I asked for names, the all ran away from me. Sad, shameful day for Delta and the TSA.

Delta sky miles

Need to change my name on Skylmiles card from J Dennis Salamanikas to John Dennis Salamanikas to match name on passport and drivers license. Sklymiles will no longer accept name on current card. Please respond to me. My Sky miles card number is [protected]. I have never had any problems with my sky miles card in the past. Why am I having such a problem now.

a recent flight delay

On December 2nd 2018 my family and I was schedule to leave Nassau Bahamas to Boston on Delta flight 6108 at...


My son flew from ATL to Port au Prince, Haiti on Christmas day for a mission trip. He usually keeps his money on him, but on this trip, he decided to split the money up and keep his spending money on him and the money for his room and board for the orphanage they were going down there to help in his checked bag. When they arrived at the orphanage, he discovered the $400 that he put in his checked bag was missing.

supervisor at the check in

We arrived an hour before the flight and when we went to the check in section there was an employee there her name was tamara we asked her for help because our flight is departing in an hour she was putting cream on her hands we tried to rush her because we didn't want to miss the flight she completely ignored us and kept putting more cream on her hands. We told her that we are late she didn't care and started giving us a very disrespectful attitude and even told the supervisor (davian) to not help us they held us back for more than 45 mins and then told us it's too late to get on the flight and if we don't leave the area they will call the police to escort us off the airport. Is that the way delta airlines treats their costumers?!! I am very disappointed because we had a 1 month old babe with us and now we have to wait till we can book another flight and we are stuck here in the airport because we are not from nyc. I am very loyal costumer to delta airlines but after this incident and the way we were treated we thinking about not flying with delta airlines anymore and telling all our friends and family also not to if a serious action is not taken with these unprofessional employees we mentioned which is (tamara & davian) who think they can control who gets on the airplane or no even tho we paid for our tickets a lot of money and arrived an hour before the flight. Flight number is dl 0471 and one of the tickets number is [protected]. It was on terminal 4.

  • Te
    TellMeAboutIt82 Apr 04, 2019

    Trying to rush someone is rude; especially if you're late because of your poor planning. Not bothering to get to the airport in time is your problem, don't make it someone else's.

    0 Votes

lack of cutomer service when plane is cancelled

I careful chose this flight because it: 1) was a delta only flight; 2)me and my spouse would be next to each other in the 2 seats by the window for maximum comfort; 3) dedicated overhead space, and 4) 70lb luggage restriction. My Detroit flight was cancelled and we were rebooked a flight with none of these items from ORD to NRT in a lower level class of seats. And to make matters worse there was no RIC to ORD flight, I was expected to make my own way to ORD.
After calling the next option was to take Philippine airlines which is worst airlines in Asia and again I would be in a lower class seat for a 12 hour flight. So we settled on the last option go the next day. Same class, we would next to each by the window just like the ticket I booked, I confirmed the seating with the agent and the supervisor. Then when I checked online I found I was lied to. The Detroit to Japan trip we have the same class of ticket, but in the middle of the middle aisle and in different rows. The only way to fix it would be for me to ask people on the plane to move. And I would still be stuck in the middle of the middle aisle with strangers on my left and right. So I paid $4, 000 for tickets that are only a little bit better than basic economy. Do I feel cheated absolutely, do I feel like the airline was trying to fix it, ABSOLUTELY NOT. Ironically, this was one of the few times that my plans were flexible enough to change dates and it didn't do me any good. This is the worst experience I have ever had with an airline. And Delta has done nothing to make it right.

couldn't change flight

Today I finished my meeting a little early headed to the airport and was going to try and catch an earlier flight only to be told that the $696 round trip flight (MSP - CVG) was ineligible for an earlier flight. Mind you that the flight I am scheduled to be on is overbooked and has a handful of people on standby - the one I was requesting to get on is about 75% full. I was informed that the only way I can get on the other flight was to purchase a new one way ticket for $450. I used to use Delta almost exclusively (had diamond status) and now I don't - they don't want or feel they need to support their business travelers other than an ATM. When I went to log into my account to submit a complaint through their web page the complaint section was in operable - go figure it wouldn't recognize the flight I was going to be on DL 3404 and didn't recognize any flights I put in their system.


Had a very unpleasant experience today on a Delta flight. The staff were rude to me, both before we boarded and then later during the flight. It may just be that everyone was having a bad day because they were running behind and stressed out, but that's still no excuse. I've worked in customer service, and you need to not let it show when circumstances get to you. Not terribly happy.


To whomever, I return from my vacation from Cancun on Sunday evening, my luggage was ripped so bad that things was hanging out and my Cuban cigars was taken out of case's, they left the empty boxes all the seals we're broken as well as all the silver jewelry was taken.There we're 3 silver necklaces, 3pendants, 4 Bracelets and 4 silver rings in various sizes. I'm truly disappointed. These things belong to me.


changed the flight times

Delta changed my flight times and I could not make that flight. I told priceline to cancel the whole flight...

baggage fee charged to us

My husband and I with another couple went on a cruise and purchased a ticket on Alitalia airlines going to Rome (FCO). We and the other couple were told to pay a baggage fee @$60.00 per person. My husband and I checked in with 1 baggage each. We were told that this is one time fee and will no longer be charged for baggage fee on our trip back to Los Angeles. Our trip back to Los Angeles was Delta Airlines. We checked in on August 10 and quite a surprise that my husband and I had to pay another baggage fee each. Please see attached citibank statement reflecting the baggage fees charged to our credit on July 26 and August 10. What makes it so bizarre the other couple who traveled with us wasn't charged twice. They didn't have to pay. The baggages both my husband and I checked in weigh 40 lbs each.

We travel internationally several time and it questions me why a baggage fee was charged to us on both trips going and coming back. We were never charged on allowable checked in baggages but it wasn't the case this time. It is to my understanding the both Alitalia and Delta are under the same management. Being what it is, I am filing complaints to both Delta Airlines and Alitalia for irregular baggage fees we had to pay.
Attached are the following:
1. Flight information from LA to Rome - Roundtrip
2. Citibank statement reflecting the baggage fee charges on July 26 and August 10
3. baggage fee ticket issued by delta airlines

Thank you for any consideration you may extend in this regard.

Cora Artizada

baggage fee charged to us
baggage fee charged to us
baggage fee charged to us
baggage fee charged to us

travel companion pass fraud


I am reaching out because I am a victim of a companion travel pass fraud, an employee by the name of Emilia Aldridge and Sheron Thompson have both scammed me of $2, 000 promising non-rev travel privileges for the year.

PPR# [protected]
Sheron Thompson
phone: [protected]

Emilia Aldridge
email: [protected]@gmail.com

travel companion pass fraud
travel companion pass fraud
travel companion pass fraud

  • Delta Airlines Customer Support Feb 29, 2020
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    We are very sorry to hear. Unfortunately, these individuals are not employees of ours.

    Delta Airlines Customer Service

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phone call with supervisor

I am not sure how seriously you look at complaints. I would like to share my experience after I had asked to be transferred and was connected to Dena Kessler from Dallas TX and how irritate she was at the beginning of the call and then she hung up on me. It was very bizarre considering I have always had such amazing customer service from anyone I have talked to from Delta. Maybe the calls are recorded and it would be worth listening too. She stated I was irritate, however I was needing some guidance and it went down hill from the start and she wouldn't let me even ask my question. I hope others are not greeted the same way by this employee who represents Delta. There was a huge lack of quality customer service.
In the best interest of future customers. Thank you for your time.

pilot scott w smith

I ran into this piece of work at a hotel close to the airport. He was obnoxious and attempted to grope me numerous times. He continually told me his position and name, I assume in an effort to impress me. When I refused his advances he became irate and downright nasty and began quoting versus from the bible about forgiveness and living a noble life and some other such nonsense. I cant believe that this type of person could be entrusted with the lives of other people on a daily basis. I am sure no one will read this but I had to put it out there just in case.

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