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I ordered a laptop from Dell in June 1999, a few months before starting law school. Immediately, I noticed problems. It would stay on for more than a few minutes, applications weren't operating properly, etc. I called the same day I received it and repeatedly called at least once (up to four times) a day until November to complain. Dells' phone reps would give me incomplete information, refuse to identify themselves, hang up on me all the time and not log my calls. Dell absolutely refused to replace the laptop even though by the time August rolled around, the keys were falling off, the mouse would lock up, the screen would go dead and nearly none of the applications would work properly. I lost all of my first semester notes right before exams! I even got the IT people at the law school involved and reached the VP. I wish I could remember her name because she was unbelievably rude. She accused me of lying and trying to con my way into getting another laptop. I guess she didn't consider the only reason I would want another after only a few hours of ownership was because what they sent me was junk. She advised me on the phone that I was "very lucky" that they were offering to replace my laptop with a refurbished one and that I should be grateful and take it. I didn't spend $2,511 on a used laptop! No thanks! After hundreds of hours wasted trying to resolve the problem directly with Dell, I contacted the Better Business Bureau. Within three days, Dell refunded my money along with a very nasty note from the VP mentioned above. As a bonus, the woman at the BBB who contacted me regarding my complaint said that she was assigned to handle only Dell laptop complaints because there were so many of them and that when she previously worked for FedEx in Texas, they had a dedicated warehouse for all of the Dell laptop returns. I still smile when I hear business reports that hold the promise that Dell will go down the toilet. I can only hope Mr. Dell and his cohorts suffer the same miserable "customer service" when ordering their yahts and sports cars.


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    kolle_hond Sep 27, 2011

    Dell refuses to replace a charger still under warranty. The cable is damaged from using it as per the given instructions for packing it up to be transported. They claim it falls under 'wear and tear', which is conveniently included but not defined in the warranty document. Thus they can refuse to replace any part of your computer because you used it and is thus 'wear and tear'. They should take responsibility for their product that was not properly designed and overlooked by quality control. DO NOT BUY A DELL!! THE WARRANTY IS FAKE!!

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    Daniel and Pam Apr 18, 2011

    My mother in law bought a computer throw dell and been a nightmare since. DELL customer service sucks and lying people they are worst then the mortgage company repossessing people homes and lying about it. She was moving and even called them we know my wife called them for her. Then less then 30 days later they sent it to a ### collection agent unbelievable.But once she got settled the I told her to call dell and make a payment then the collection agent called and flat out lied and said they were dell I know she called from my business and all calls are recorded coming in and going out and she was on a speakerphone for my wife could here. They point blanked asked were they dell are a agent for dell they said they were dell.NEWS FLASH DELL AND UR MESSED UP ### collection agency BY LAW THE LAW states that u HAVE TO TELL THEM U R A COLLECTION AGENT AND GIVE THE NAME AND ADDRESS LAW ###S SO she made a payment then i found out it wasn't really dell BUT IT TOOK ME TEN TIMES TO GET THE TRUTH OUT THE LAWWWWWWWWW at that then they would not give me the address r the real name they didn't realizes they were being recorded they would get sassy and then hang up when questions was being asked every time 10 times.THEN when i told them they being recorded and BY LAW THEY HAD TO TALK TO ME AND ANSWER MY QUISTIONS AT FIRST THEY WOULD HANG UP 6 MORE TIMES all on record conversations DUM people and rude Then finally They tried to tell me but to late i caused then out and was rude to them just like they was rude to me 15 times are more and my mother in law They couldn't get away with there lies any more and they knew it.

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  • An
    anebt Apr 02, 2011

    I sympathize with both of you but buying something that costs a bit more than $50 requires some serious internet search on customers' experiences. I've had HP for 12 years (four computers) and have never had a problem with any hardware whatsoever. However, I did my research and found that HP computers are generally reliable. Sad that people get all caught up in funky web sites and don't do research.

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  • Qu
    quincy627 Mar 23, 2011

    so, I get an ad from Dell computers in the mail yesterday. Good prices so I call to place an order. The digital camera advertised was too good to believe and I guess they thought so to. They would not honor the price they had advertised even though I was ordering within the sale dates. They gave me such a run around over the phone and via their "live chat". This is one crap company. Good luck talking to anyone with and decision making abilities. They don't exist at this company.They have lost my business over 50 lousy bucks.

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  • Li
    Lindsey H. Mar 01, 2011

    My complaint hasn't gone as far as this mans problem.(MY DELL NIGHTMARE) I ordered a touchscreen computer, the new 2305 Inspiron which is a really great computer. I have no complaints about the computer. I love it and my daughter loves it. My complaint is about the charge for the printer and a lousy printer at that. The advertisement on the Dell website states "printer included". Now I realize that I am not the brightest bulb in the lamp, but I do know when I am being cheated. If an advertisement states "printer included" then you should not be charged for it. Am I right? I am dealing with people from India also. I have nothing against people from India. They are trying to make a living just like everyone else. I am just tired of false advertising on the part of Dell. I threatened to file a law suit against them. Everytime I write an email back to Dell Customer Service, I receive an email back stating that they are receiving high email traffic at this time and my concerns would eventually be answered. Well every email I receive back from them is the same. They never read my email complaint and I am tired of being told that the additional charge on the bill is for the printer.

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    Burned by Dell Feb 11, 2011

    If you buy from Dell make sure you are getting a significant discount as you will need to offset the terrible customer experience that comes with purchasing and dealing with any issues. Customer Support requires you to learn to understand individuals with a thick indian accent. Policies are inconsistent and absurd to the point that you could develop a good consulting practice teaching what not to do based on your dell experience. Hope the few dollars you saved was worth it.

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    Markovy Sep 21, 2010
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    Verified customer

    As per my previous correspondence, I would like to make mention that I have voiced my displeasure with the manager of Dell regarding the level of service that I have been offered. I have yet to hear his reponse to the questions that I have posed. One of the most pertinent questions related to the definition of a 'next day on-site warranty.' Ten days after my initial complaint, I have yet to see a technician. The last response on the website quoted that my query had been 'escalated.' Again, what does that mean, if 3 days later I'm forced to call to find out the way to to proceed regarding solving the multitude of problems with my machine. I had to endure another troubleshooting session(when will they ever stop!). The man insists it's a software problem despite every technician who has seen the laptop insisting it's most likely a hardware problem. For the sake of Dell's integrity as a brand leader I hope he's right. I'm convinced that the people at Dell have a distorted perception on customer service. You CANNOT advertise a 'next day on-site warranty' if you don't intend to deliver on that! That is unacceptable and deceptive! To all thos that wish to purchase this brand, be warned!

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  • Wi
    williamkatt81 Aug 17, 2010

    I bought a computer over 3 years ago and had nothing but trouble from the getgo... After my mom threatened to consult a lawyer, they finally gave me a new insperon with windows 7.. I have had this son of a # for 3 weeks and now the damn thing will not start up at all. I have contacted their tech people and my mom paid them over 260 + dollars for other techs to try and "fix" my problems.. Well I think their fixes may have killed my laptop... They should be out of business!! They are not a business... They are a scam as far as I am concerned...

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    Man Jul 29, 2010
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    Verified customer

    After years of buyer Dell desk tops and laptops I have given up on them. The last 2 of 5 laptops I have purchased from them have started having failures within weeks of falling out of warranty. The most recent is a latitude D610 that is less than three years old and now has a short. This just after my less than 5 year old D800's back light has failed, my D630 less than 3 years old has gone through a hard drive, mother board and 4 power cords. Lets hope my new Levono fairs better over time. No more Dell products for me.

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    Titmus Feb 27, 2010

    On 1/11/10 I called Dell support to ask why a flash drive wouldn't work in my 5 yr. old computer and they proceeded to talk me into buying 5 different software products (Webroot Window Washer, PC Tune Up, System Mechanic Professional, Windows 7 Home Premium, and Office Home and Student 2017) and a external hard drive. They said that if I bought these I wouldn't have to worry about anything for 5 years. I am a 65 year old woman with limited knowledge regarding the workings of computers and I trusted them. After 12 calls (each time a different person in India) and many many hours I found out that only the Windows 7 and the Office 2017 sort of work. My USB ports don't support "flash drives" nor the "external hard drive", probably because they weren't invented when my computer was built. That is all they should have told me when I first called. I have spent over $500.00 on the word of Dell support people. All but a couple of the software items, because fortunately I hadn't opened, can be returned. I can also return the external hard drive Dell said. I feel they should have suggested buying a new computer, even one of theirs; I probably would have been stupid enough to buy a Dell.

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  • St
    stressed aussie Feb 11, 2010

    Go to consumer affairs and the media, I have had a similiar experince and I know how you feel, please contact your A Current Affairs TV show and also report to a government body, do yourself and everyone else a favour and stay on this they are the most disgusting company ever and I also agree that it is hard to get anyone to sppeak to that speaks good english, they pass you from one fiasco to another, I am worried I will never get my purchases and if I do they will be shoddy!! I have toyed with canceling but have been through so very much stress trying to get my order for weks and weeks that it would all be ok for them as I would just go away and they would continue to do the same to others out there, also will I get my refund?????without a drama????
    If I get my order and it is shoddy..., ..I really will go beserk!!

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    stressed aussie Feb 11, 2010

    I am having the same minute all my order is here in Ausyralia then they are saying they can't deliver because the printer is out of stock...they give ma another delivery date...then when that doesn't happen and I call they say we can't deliver because there is no monitors at I say please send the lap top so I can at least conduct my business while away on a trip(why I bought the lap top in the first place!!) they say " we can't deliver seperate unless we get permission...I speak to people in asia they say they will email permission...the warehouse hear has heard nothing in 3 weeks from them!

    My Lap top is sitting in the warehouse and I can't get it, they keep telling me one lie after another and I too have been hung up on and spent countless hour on the phone and in tears, there has to be someone out there that can deal with this [censored]ful scamming company...seriously, everyone should band together and take them on, how dare they do this to us!!!
    I have spoken to the media about this and they say to also get on to consumer affairs, that this company has to be dealt with in public and there are many unhappy customers world can they keep operating???

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    Brad Metzger Feb 08, 2010

    Dell sold a computer for a price, then claim they are "out of stock" or over sold after receiving sales confirmation and phone calls stating otherwise. They called to let us know that the model ordered was not available with Widows Vista, but they would send the same, but with Windows 7 instead. Good customer service I thought, only to get a "cancellation of order" 10 hours after the phone call. Then no one will take responsibility for their inability to keep track their products. How this company is still in business is beyond me, but I will do my part to share my horrible customer service experience.

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  • Sk
    sklemoine Jan 23, 2010

    Let me tell you my nightmare with Dell Computers! I went on on 11-22-09 to purchase a compuetr for my wife for Christmas 2017. I was impressed by their website and the option to create a computer from a list of components they had to offer. I used their step by step process where you could choose the mother board, drives, sound cards, monitors, printer so you could boost the performace of the computer from their standard store models...well you get the idea. I read up on all the info on all the parts "that took a couple of days" and went about creating the computer I wanted within the budget I had. About $1700.00. After I had placed the order they sent back a reply with an December 11 ship date.
    About a week later I recieved the printer seperatly so I put that aside and waited for the computer. Now remember this...I put it aside for now. Still boxed.
    About 2 days before the supposed ship date the computer was delayed to the 18 of December. No problem it was still before christmas I could wait. Their site said "in the fine print" That this could happen. So I waited.
    Two days before the expected due date I got another delay sent for the 23 of December. I got nervous so I called the order support line. I talked to someone from "INDIA" and they said I should not worry that he checked the order and they had all the parts for the computer and nothing was back ordered and that it would be on it's way. I told him it was a Christmas gift and he said that he saw no problems with the order And what I ordered was a very popular item! I tell him NO IT IS NOT that it was a specialized order! He just ignores me. I waited again.
    3 days before the due date I got another delay E-mail for December 29. Now everytime I got a delay E-mail I had to E-mail or call to comfirm I still wanted the order. I got back on the phone and explained what had happened so far. Another represenative from "INDIA" checked the order and said that it shouldn't be taking this long for it to ship and that it would be going out on the 29th. "Do you still want to continue with the order sir?" he asked. By this time I was pissed! I said yes because I already had the printer and told him I felt like they had me over a barrel. So now I had to tell my wife what was going on and that her gift would be late. No big gift for Christmas. We waited.
    You guessed it another delay! back on the phone I went, same song and dance again.
    On the last delay somewhere near the end of january when the E-mail came saying I had 24 hours to recomfirm my order or it would be cancelled. I said SCREW THEM and went out and bought a store ready computer from BEST BUY and never called them or returned their E-mail!
    My wife said shouldn't you call and let them know we are canceling the order? I said I'm not wasting my time with them anymore and besides if I don't reply they'll cancel it anyway. I'll just keep the printer which had already been charged to my Visa.
    I hook up my new computer "I'm really no dummy with computers. I've changed hard drives and graphic cards many times with my old ALIENWARE computer. Great computer...had over 10 years!" Well...I hook up the printer install the software and run a test print...NO BLACK INK will appear! The cartridge is brand new! the color works but no black! I've had about 20 printers in my life...I know how they work and always got them to work. I go through all the manual steps to correct the problem...still no Black. I go on the Dell web site and try all the suggestions they offer...Nothing works.
    I call support...The man from "INDIA" wants to go through all the steps with on the phone. Evertime you call them be ready to be on the phone for close to an hour or more and the first 20 minutes or 40 mins your waiting just to talk to some one. All suggestions don't work and he says I've installed the software wrong! I've installed and uninstalled stoftware thousands of times and never had aproblem I couldn't work out. He suggest he install the software online from his computer I give him access. I know this is not the problem but I let him do it anyway. After he's done he tells me to print a test page... Guess what! It doesn't work. Now he says It's because the black ink cartridge is empty. I laugh and tell him the ink is brand new right out of the box and that there is something wrong with the black print head on the printer. He says he will send me a new ink cartridge for free! I shake my head...I'm dealing with ###s. I ask what if it doesn't work? He says that they will replace the printer, I said fine and slammed the phone down. I wait for the ink I know will not work now!
    The ink arrives, I try it... It doesn't work. I knew it wouldn't. Back on the phone again. 45 minutes later they tell they will send another printer after I tell the man from "INDIA" the whole storey of what I've been through "I have to do this evertime I call because they don't know whats going on!" You think they would have all my info by now? Nope! So I pack up the printer with everthing it came with "Discs, Cords and Manuals" and wait for the new one to come in. It takes 2 days they ship overnight. I give the Fed Ex guy the old one and he returns it.
    2 hours after it's delivered I open the printer...No Discs!...No Manuel!...No Power cord! ...Just the printer.
    WTF! The guy from "INDIA" never said I should keep all the accessories. My rage knows no bounds! I say screw it and run to best buy to get a cord at least. They don't sell cords that will work with dell printers the the kid tells me "You have to get them from Dell directly! I swear out loud! and appologize to the kid and go home to call my friends at Dell!
    Back on the phone...20 min later I'm telling my story again! The man from "INDIA" I can understand what this guy saying at least" tells me to hold. He comes back on and says they can't just send a replacement and they had to charge me for a $45.00 cord! I'm ripping now and tell him without the cord the printer is useless! and he then talks to his supervisor and says he can sell me it for his employee discount for $10.00 dollors! My mind is GOO at this point and I agree with this highway robbery!
    My wife comes up later asked what happened? I tell her...She freaks out and says "GIVE ME THE PHONE!" She gets on and rips everyone she talks to "A NEW ONE!" It wasn't pretty! They finally agree to send another cord for free!
    Now I've got 2 cords coming one I have to send back when it arrives. That's where it stands as of right now, don't even know if this new printer will work yet. What do you think?
    Now I've got

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  • De
    Debra Bassler Dec 23, 2009

    dell comes up with this free dell laptop, well if it is to free, then way do we have go through all the hassle.i do it for free.cause i can't afford to pick any think.i think when comes to free dell laptops you guys are a rip off.

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  • Ro
    RockStar77 Dec 22, 2009

    I agree that DELL's customer service is HORRIBLE. I just bought a brand new computer from Best Buy which was a DELL. After 4 months of working it died? Power is going to the computer and nothing is working on it. I took it to Best Buy because I bought a service plan (always buy a service plan) and they said that the problem is "most likely it the motherboard." What kind of answer is that? I spent $1, 700 on this BRAND NEW computer 2 months ago and it Dies like this?...Make absolutly no sense. When trying to get a hold of someone at DELL they direct your call to 10 different people. There customer service department is horrible. They don't help, and they DO NOT provide customer service. NEVER going to buy a DELL again. Only HP.

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  • Ch
    chrisjames Dec 13, 2009

    I am another Dell customer who has been distressed over Dell's unprofessional service. First they are still keeping a hold on my Bank Account until February on an order for a 1.5TB drive that they screwed up and lost all record of. I have the Dell Purchase ID which is all they gave to me is all. I spoke to customer service and was transferred ~9 times and no one could help me with this. Now I need to close the bank account and I cannot because Dell is keeping this hold on my account even though I requested it to be canceled. They leave me no way to contact them online about this because they never gave me an Order Number which is needed to submitted anything online. The people who answer their phones at customer service are clueless. Now I have been a Dell customer for over 10 yrs. and have at least 10 Dell computers at my Small Business among other Dell products and never have I been so inconvenienced and alienated by a company.

    I will go out of my way not to purchase from Dell now even when they are having their deals because of the chance they might screw it up again. So I went to a big competitor of theirs and I found the same hard drive for less and it came in 2 days to my doorstep with no hassles. The order processing and shipping at said competitor was flawless. Dell has lost another lifetime customer and I will be recommending to all of my business contacts and family to steer clear of such an unprofessional company.

    Former Dell Customer

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  • Mj
    MJP357 Dec 11, 2009

    Already been waiting for a month for my order - after chasing was informed it will not be delivered for another 2 months at least. Bye bye Xmas gift! Oh, and to boot, their customer services dept cut me off at 6pm sharp when they went home. What fantastic customer service? I will be cencelling the order on Monday and will never use them again.

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  • Te
    TexasGal Dec 06, 2009

    I purchased a Dell Studio 8000 by phone. It arrived via UPS and the "install team" (and I use that term loosely) arrived shortly thereafter to install the equipment. I have been through multiple new computers in my lifetime, and always pay for the data transfer and install - I'm not a "computer person."

    The installer had no clue as to how to set up the wireless printer...he advised me to tell Dell that they had sent me a "defective" machine and to demand a new one. A simple call to tech support solved the problem, the installer was just grossly under-educated in his supposed field of expertise.

    While at my home, the installer smoked, and did NOT transfer my data, and left me with an absolute birds nest of wires on my desktop - he even left the power strip on the desktop - what a mess!! He also complained that I did not have the "right" modem/router to connect my 2 computers, which necessitated another visit and another charge. Mind you, I did have a wireless DSL modem, just not one that he was familiar with. Nevertheless, I did go out and buy his choice of modems and they returned.

    After all was set up (or so I thought) I kept getting pop up windows asking for the Office 2017 product key. I asked the installer about this, he replied that this was just a "software glitch" and to just keep closing the window. Come to find out, you have exactly 25 "free" logins before you MUST enter the product key to use the product.

    There was no disc, the software was pre-installed on the computer. I looked through every box, every disc, every single packing peice that came from Dell - no product key. After spending HOURS on hold with multiple departments, I finally got a supervisor who told me Dell would issue me a refund for the software, and that I could go purchase a new MS Office package from a retailer, which I did.

    After the purchase, I contacted Dell again to see who I should send the scanned receipt to, etc. I was told that "we don't issue refunds for software." I explained the entire chain of events, including the name of the supervisor who promised the refund. "Sorry, that is not possible" was the response I recieved. When I pressed to speak to THAT person's supervisor, I was told that the Customer Service dept was "getting ready to close" and that I would have to call back tomorrow. This is after spending a total of 3 hours on hold all together, in the course of the last few days.

    I will be complaining to the BBB, the AG, and anyone else who will listen about this until I get my refund. I am not about to pay for a $500 peice of software twice. I will never ever again buy another Dell product. I'm done.

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  • Ma
    Martie357 Dec 03, 2009

    Lately I have been disappointed in the way customer service has deteriorated across the country, but I've never been so disgusted by a company that I had to write about it. That is until my Dell computer ceased to work properly one day. First off i called Dell and stayed on hold for over an hour, I spoke to someone who informed me that I would be charged $69 for the help and then proceeded to fix the problem. I was told I needed to update my security software and so I did that as well. He said he would ship it to me and then call me to install it. I needed security at that time, but he told me he couldnt install the free trial version until 12 hrs had passed and that he would call the next day at noon. Next day, no call. I call again ( on hold for an hour and 23 min ) get to someone and explain that I wanted the trial version on because I wasn't protected until my software arrived. He put it on and I realized my printer did not work. i told him I had been waiting for over an hour and a half and he said nothing. I told him about the printer and we got disconnected. He never called back even though I gave him my number in case that happened. Two days later the same man calls and I ask him why he never called me back. He ignored the question and asked how my computer was working. I said the printer still doesn't work and again asked why he didnt call me back. He paused and then said he tried to call back which was an obvious lie. Could tell by the tone and no one called. Now he says I need a cable for the printer even though it worked before without it. Ok now my software arrives and I get the bill. I am charged $137 for the service instead of the agreed upon $69. I call again, on hold for an hour...5 transfers to people who know nothing about it. Three hours later, speak to a manager and he agrees to credit it back in 1-3 days. I go to install my software and it doesn't work. I call again, on hold for 2 hrs and am told I was recommended the wrong software and needed a different version. She tells me I need to send this one back. I purchase the new version and then ask her how to send the other back. Oh, that wasn't her dept so she transfers me ( on hold 48 min ). I get to the return dept and am told that i cannot return it because I opened it. What?? I told the woman I tried to install it and she knew I opened the package. Four transfers later I get to a manager and am told I will be credited for the wrong software. I ask about my other return regarding the wrong charge for the service call and they say there is no info on it. ( It has been a week now ) Ok...on hold for 4 HOURS with 11 transfers just to be told the info was in the notes all along. No one at Dell customer service has a clue and they purposely lie to get you to buy something or to get you off their back. Dell is by far, the WORST company I have ever dealt with in my life and will NEVER purchase a product from them again. I will tell everyone I know not to by Dell unless they have no life and enjoy hours of lies and frustration every time they need service. Please think twice before purchasing a product from them. By the way, I still haven't received my money back and my printer still does not work.

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  • Cm
    cmoney4u Aug 21, 2009

    I would be concerned. I purchased a Studio about nine months ago and have had nothing but problems. I have had to send it in 3 times to the repair depot and have had a Tech. come to my home once. I had the laptop a little over 60 days before the problems I had began and continued to this day. I have been consistantly met with poor customer service. I would recommend everyone go else where for a computer. Dell doesnt stand by the claim of customer satisfaction or stand by their product. Dealing with tech. support and customer service is the bigggest headache in the world.

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  • So
    Southern Girl Aug 21, 2009

    We recently purchased a Dell Mini 9 Laptop. We received in an appropriate amount of time. Within four days the system crashed, and we had not even loaded any new programs, just general use. We soon found out that Dell provides very poor customer service. First, I asked numerous times to return it for a new one (we only had it four days!) to no avail. Technical support proceeded to have me stay on the phone for 2 hours problem solving. When it was not successful, they asked me to run a program clean-up (apologize for my lack of technical knowledge), and the manager promised to call back within 1 hour when the program clean-up was likely to be complete. He did NOT call back. I called again, and after another 30 minutes on the phone they agreed to overnight a new hard drive. It took 3 days (not overnight) to receive it. The box included only the hard drive casing, NO actual hard drive. I had to call Dell AGAIN. They still would not grant me a new computer and agreed to send a hard drive within 5 days. At this point, it has been approximately 2 weeks since my new computer arrived, and I am stuck with a broken laptop. Not to mention, I have spent at least 5 hours dealing with customer service. I am appauled at their poor customer service. It makes me concerned about potential problems with the computer in the future and the need to deal with customer service.

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  • I ordered a Laptop computer from the Dell Site on the internet. This was to be for my son's birthday, he had saved up most of the money for it himself. When ordering it the site stated that it would take 5-7 working days to be delivered. On the 7th day I phoned Dell to find out how far away the computer would be to being delivered, as my sons birthday was approaching quickly. The first person I spoke to I couldn't even understand, the second person was a little better. When she told me that the computer would not be delivered for at least another two weeks I was a little cross. My 10 year old son, who had saved for a long time wasn't going to have anything for his birthday! So then I asked if they could give me my money back. On ordering the computer the money was out of my bank within 24hours! But when asking for it back (so that I could purchase a computer for my son somewhere else) it was going to take 7-10 days to be back into my account, by time it went thru their finanace company, and then to the bank! Are you friggin kidding me!!! I explained my situation, and could she please just check with the factory as we had made no alterations to the computer, it was just standard, but she stated it wouldn't matter. So then I asked to speak to someone higher - which she stated she was, if I made a complaint she would be the one to recieve it, she said! So I am stuffed - how do I tell a 10 year old kid that he has nothing to open for his birthday? Good on ya Dell - I will be telling everyone what I think about your company - and don't worry, I haven't given up on complaining to the powers that be in Dell - just have to find out where to direct it!

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  • JGraceyStinson Jun 30, 2009

    Go HERE:

    They will be able to help you uninstall the McAffey product (which quite frankly, sucks) and clear out any remaining files that cause the pop-ups AND they'll be able to point you in the direction of some really decent FREE antivirus and internet security products. (Yes, free - open source)

    Good Luck.

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  • Dr
    Dr. Albert Perhach Jun 30, 2009

    1. Dell advertized a very low interest rate, charged me over 30%.
    2. The Dell installed continuous pop ups are intolerable, and you can't simply close them. (McAffee Security) Pop up every hour or so - options are "buy now" or "remind me later". If McAffee was the only security available I would go unprotected based on this rude sales technique.
    3. My Dell E1405 is unreliable.
    The bottom line is: I would never buy another Dell product, nor would I recommend them based on equipment and the company in general. The computer is more like a little TV station with all the Dell advertising showing up while you are trying to work. I am now buying new computers for my company, and Dell will not be considered.

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  • Dy
    dynasty Apr 28, 2009

    Typical Dell attitude. I purchased a Dell computer from QVC to get the 3 yr. warranty. I called when I had a problem and they said it was a software issue and not a hardware issue and would have to pay. Well my son has a friend who heads up the network department at a large cable co. He took my computer and did complete test and found it was the hard drive that was bad. At his company, they deal with Dell all day and when Dell refused to send me another hard to replace the one he put in, I had to get him involved and of course because they use Dell at his large co., they ended up sending me another hard drive. God only knows what would have happened if I told them originally to fix the software problem that never existed. I probably would have had to pay a big bill for a problem that never existed.

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  • Da
    Daryl 600 Apr 19, 2009

    The Same thing happened to me! I was given a $100 coupon when I purchased my new Dell which I tried to use to purchase printer cartridges. The order was $106 but because I bought the 4 pack they gave me a discount which brought the balance to $98 or so. I figured I would just eat the $2. After 3 weeks I still hadn't received my order so I called and found that the order was cancelled. At first they tried to tell me that I cancelled it. But after hours of interigation of their crack service staff they admitted they cancelled the order because the order was for less than the coupon amount. I said fine Ill just add to the order. They said I couldn't do that because the coupon had been used. I said fine send me another which I thought would be fine because they hadn't delivered my order. They said they couldn't do that either!! They also said they couldn't send me my order. I would have to reorder and pay for it myself!! After weeks of phone calls and email messages I finally gave up (which I believe is the plan). I will never buy anything from DELL ever!!!

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  • To
    tomcork Mar 23, 2009

    I've also had countless Dell battery problems. I've researched and found many tech experts who think this is the root cause of this common frustrating, time consuming expensive Dell problem.

    There are many once loyal Dell customers online currently dealing with this "AC adaptor/battery not charging" 'design flaw' in Dell laptops. There is a movement of consumer advocacy against Dell at the site

    As to your battery issues, most think the cause is a faulty adapter 'design flaw' Dell should take responsibility for LONG AGO.

    When Dell knew of the problem they should have notified all customers and offered a recall or at least a permanent solution. But it seems to me instead, Dell just sits on a large stock of those faulty adapters and is handing them out to anyone within warranty. When your laptop warranty runs out you're forced to by the correct (90W or higher) sold by 'Dell'. And that's only if you catch the problem before it fries your motherboard.

    Here's why the AC Adapters / Motherboards for a range of DELL Laptops keep dying on so many good customers:

    The design of the hardware circuitry for identification of the DELL AC Adapter is seriously flawed. The root cause is the use of an UNSHIELDED cable between the controller chip on the Mother board and the ID chip pin in the AC adapter.

    This unshielded lead acts as an ANTENNA and easily picks up electromagnetic pollution going straight to the chip circuitry. The hardware circuitry is not hardened to deal with electromagnetic fields.

    Consequently this energy is dissipated in the chips on each end of the lead ruining either one chip or both chips if the electromagnetic spike was powerful enough.

    So use warranty to the max, this is a serious design fault. If outside warranty consider using a shielded lead or try to stay away from strong electromagnetic fields / switching.

    I honestly believe Dell was fully aware of the problem when they sent me a faulty adapter for the $998.00 laptop I purchased. But Dell will lose in the end as my family will no longer buy from them.

    Here's the full story of the Dell Antenna that many customers are slowly becoming aware of:

    Spread the word, Dell is dishonest, they have no concept of customer service and should be avoided at all costs. In this economy they SHOULD NOT be allowed to fleece customers.

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  • To
    tomcork Mar 23, 2009

    I had a recurring problem with my new Dell laptop. The ac adapter they sent me had a serious design flaw dell knew about. It caused continual problems with my battery and it eventually ruined the ID chip and motherboard. Since they knew of the design flaw, it was profitable for Dell to string me along, never really fixing the problem so that when my warranty ran out, I had to purchase new components and eventually had to buy an new laptop.

    I'm very sorry for your problems with Dell. I can't tell you of any recourse or I'd have tried it myself. I've researched many tech forums and found the frustrating and expensive problem I had is EXTREEMELY common. As a consumer advocate I've now taken to warning others about Dell. I post and warn anyone who will listen because Dell has no intention of doing a recall.

    If you go to there is a movement of many angry with the sleazy profit tactics used by Dell. Good luck.

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  • Vi
    Victor Mar 12, 2009

    I have 50 hours logged on the phone with this issue, over 6 months I believe at this point.

    I ordered a battery to replace the one that died two weeks after my warranty was up (hmm?)

    I was sent the wrong battery. I told them this on the phone. They told me that I was wrong. My drivers were deleted. I reinstalled all my drivers and called them back. They said sorry too bad.

    I called again and again. Then I was told that if I gave them $50 they would help me "fix" my computer. After paying they found out that I was indeed not the ### they accused me of being. They sent me the wrong battery.

    They sent the replacement battery to my parents house???? Who knows how they got that??? Kinda creepy!!
    Though my parents never got the package.

    They sent a third battery to me. So I got my battery 3 months after ordering it, and having no computer for the entire summer ( a bummer for a teacher)

    I was told 5 months ago that I would be refunded the money for the battery (as an apology fir calling me a ###?) Though i never got it!

    I have spoken to them probably 50 times. I have been "personally guaranteed" from 10 supervisors that I would get the deposit in 8-10 days. I guess they are playing the time card. I can no longer refuse the charges through my bank. (works well for them!)

    I will never, ever, ever, purchase another Dell product. This has been the bane of my existence for six months now.

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  • Pa
    Patrick Jan 06, 2009

    I purchased a Dell XPS M1530 July 11, 2017. On the day it arrived July 15, 2017 I had a problem with the computer and called Dell. A representative connected directly to my computer to update software and to correct the problem. He then talked to me regarding accessories for this computer telling me that Dell had on sale a digital TV tuner that would turn my notebook into a television on sale for $65.99 would I be interested. I said yes.

    When the TV tuner arrived I was not able to install the tuner and called Dell, they told me I did not purchase Tech support and would have to pay additionally for someone to install this TV tuner. I asked for a manager to return my call and was told someone would return my call. Several weeks later still no call, I called Again in September and was basically told the same thing. Again no call. I put the tuner to the side and in when I had a computer tech person at my home asked if he would try to install this 'Digital Tuner' He looked at it and told me it was not compatible with my XPS M1530 and it WAS NOT A DIGITAL TUNER it was analog! It would not work after February even if it work with my new Dell notebook computer.

    My issue with Dell is that they suggested and sold to me a TV tuner for my notebook computer (A DELL) that was supposed to be both compatible to my computer and Digital. Why would Dell sales and technical people who you should be able to trust for product knowledge sell something that they fully know will not be usable after 2/2017 (less than 6 months) to customers saying they are Digital Tuners?

    I had just spent over $1000 on a top of the line computer why would they market obsolete product to consumer like me that trust they are being told the truth and depend on Dell for technical advise, product compatibility and honestly? They misrepresented this TV tuner as Digital and neglected to tell me it would be unusable after Feb 2017.

    Although I am upset over this misrepresentation I am even more upset over the chain of events that follow the sale of this TV tuner. The facts are as follows.

    Dell Computers sold me a product that was not compatible with my computer (this model was recommended from Dell and was sold to me as a compatible Digital TV tuner specifically for my XPS M 1530.

    I called within the 21 day period and was told by Dell that I purchased the product and not tech support and that if I would have to install or pay to have someone to install this product. I requested and was told by Dell that someone would be returning my call. I was not given a case number nor did I realize I needed on the 1st call. I do however have names, dates time of call and phone records to substantiate my calls.

    The main issue I have is the treatment I received (Customer service today) when I finally realized they sold me the wrong product and an obsolete product after I paid a computer technician to install the tuner.

    I called Dell, I spoke to a total of 14 people in a 3 hour period being scuffled between sales and customer support. I was told there were no supervisors to speak to and I was disconnect 4 times (I believe on purpose) and had to call back a total of 6 times, I have the names of most of the representatives I spoke to, the time of the calls and phone records to show each time they terminated my call and I called back.

    I have exhausted ever opportunity to resolve this issue with Dell and after 4 months of trying with no success have lost all faith in Dell and they have lost all future business they would have received from me and my family. I was told there are no supervisors to speak to, there was a language barrier as I believe this call center is in India and they have no desire to resolve any issue with American citizens.

    They refused to give me a name, phone number, email address or physical address to communicate to any other department manager or executive from Dell. In plain English, which they apparently lack the ability to understand Dell sales person Emmanuel I Balmes was either not knowledgeable enough to recommend and sell products compatible with Dell Notebook XPS M1530 or Dell purposely sold me a product they apparently had abundant stock of and wanted to dump on unsuspecting customers knowing that it would be obsolete in Feb 2017 and misrepresent it to be a digital TV tuner that 'would make my XPS M1530 able to be a digital TV.

    I welcome anyone from Dell that has the ability to resolve this issue, verify my claim, phone records and explain to me why customer service can hang up 4 times on a customer (if I was not disconnected on purpose 4 times then they must have serious issues with customer service phone line), transfer 13 times and lie to customers treating with great disrespect. In my opinion if the call center was manned with Americans or in this country we would have not come to this extent of disrespect.

    It is clear to me that another country (India) cares nothing about American consumer issues or cares to resolve them and has no problem lying about or misrepresenting a product just to sell obsolete stock to unsuspecting American consumers.

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  • En
    enorman2222 Dec 22, 2008

    We bought a laptop computer from Dell. We got a $75.00 coupon as an incentive. We used the coupon to order some games. Dell canceled this order without notifying us. We found the order had been canceled and reordered. Again Dell canceled the order without notifying us. When we found the order had been canceled this time Dell told us that the coupon could not be used again because they had canceled the order. The coupon says it cannot be used again if we cancel but we did not, Dell did the canceling. Dell says the coupon can only be used once but in fact they accepted it twice before refusing to honor it. I spoke with one representative in customer care and when i asked for a manager they told me to call back later and ask for a specific person. when i called back the next rep said they never heard of the person i was asking for and refused to let me speak to a manager. this was the worst service and most uncaring company i have ever dealt with.

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  • Ni
    Nicole Dec 16, 2008

    I've heard about Dells poor quality and extremely terrible communation. I tried to have an item shipped to my current address and was told that there is no way the could accommodate me with my order. I contacted the currier and was told that Dell would be able to intercept the order. No one was willing to intercept the order. So at this point the individuals living at the old address will receive a XBOX 360 for christmas. I was told that after receipt of the product they could then send me another one at my current address. Well needless to say I will not be accepting this product and will be cutting off business with dell. One other thing I understand people need jobs, but if a person does not speak clearly/understandible language they should not be answering customers calls. Dell needs to offer them a desk job so they can try and figure out what the heck they are trying to say.

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  • Ta
    tammy Nov 30, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Purchased a del laptop in february 2017 and have had many problems with it. It has been sent back for repairs which took seven days and when it came back again it still hasn't worked properly. Was in touch with Dell again and they told me if I took out extra insurance I could get an engineer out to look at it properly until it's fixed. To get this level of cover I have to pay out 169 euro. The laptop is still under the first year warranty but this doesn't seem to mater to Dell. They keep talking me through the problems over the phone and the laptop works for around ten minutes then the problems start again.
    I feel that the laptop has been sent away once and the problem is still there. I rely on my laptop for my work as I work from home but now I am having to drive into town which is ten miles away and pay to use the computers in the internet cafe.

    I feel really let down by Dell. The only thing they seem to be interested in is getting extra money from me. The laptop cost me nearly 700 euro.

    I feel that they never fixed the problem properly just so I would eventually take up the offer of the warranty. They also told me the price will hold for 7 days then it will cost me more.

    please advise as I am getting nowhere with Dell's customer service.

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  • Valerie Aug 15, 2008

    I have the credit protection plan on my dell prefered account. The company I worked for closed our office down in May of 2017. I had activated the credit protection plan and provided them all the requested papers and forms. The credit protection plan paid 3 of my monthly bills then the credit protection plan was canceled by dell financial. My dell account is now in collections and I am still laid off. I had spent over 3 hours on the phone being transfered from one person to another with no resolve. I had paid this so called credit protection plan for over 1 year and when I go to use it they cancel it on me. The only reason I was given was that I had a late payment. How could I have a late payment when the credit protection plan is the one making my payments??? Now I receive at least 4 to 8 phone calls per day from dell and their collections people wanting some money. I think it would be in Dells interest to pay my account in full and make sure there is no negative marks on my credit report before I turn all of this over to my lawyer.

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  • Valerie May 15, 2008

    I have called three times now because I never received my printer or plasma and the answer I get is, "I'll submit a claim" How many claims need to be submitted before I get all my things? The warranty on the computer already expired and I still haven’t gotten a printer. There's no one I can speak to but customer service. Who runs this business and what are they hiding from? I don't think it's fair that they lie. Close your business, period. Lucky for me my lawyers are already looking into the whole scam. Thanks.

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  • Hi
    Hilary Guthrie Apr 07, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I ordered a promotional deal from Dell. It was a combo of a 46 inch sharp TV & blue ray together. They were shipped from 2 different shippers. I received the TV but not the blue ray. DHL shipped the blue ray. According to the tracking information the blue ray got to their warehouse & never left. DHL looked for it for a few days then said that I had to contact Dell & get another one shipped & Dell can file a claim & DHL will pay since they lost it. I have been fighting with Dell since February on this. The customer service people said they would order a new package & we would return the TV we have. They did this twice. When I called for status I was told that it was cancelled because the promotion was over & they don’t have blue rays in stock for Sharp. I asked for them to contact sharp & have sharp send me one & file the claim with DHL. They refuse to do this. I even said if they would just give me a credit for the blue ray & let me order another one, they refused this also. Sales told me that a Sony would be compatible with Sharp TV. Customer service would not send me a Sony either. I was told no credit, no blue ray & tough I have to pay the same amount just for the TV as I paid for the promotional deal. I sent a certified letter to Dell Inc. as an escalated issue. I received a call from a Tina & an email, after playing phone tag with her she offered me a $100.00 voucher toward another blue ray. Blue rays cost between $400.00-$500.00 dollars. I told her this was unacceptable & that they are ripping me off making me pay the same amount for the TV as I would pay for the TV & blue ray. I asked for someone above her & she said there is no one. I asked her if she was general manger, CEO or president of Dell & she didn’t answer. I told her that I was not going to let this go. She finally said she would talk to colleagues & see what they could do and would call me back the next day. I have heard this before so I asked is she promised she would call back & she said she would. This was Wednesday April 2nd. I have not heard from her. I have left her messages & sent emails & I cannot get a response. All I want is my order completed & a blue ray sent to me.
    I have to pay on the bill or I will be sent to collections. I am paying for an incomplete order.

    I contacted DHL & they told me that a claim had been filed but would not tell me any more information since I am not the one who filed the claim; they said Dell would have to contact them. I told Tina that they had filed a claim with DHL, and DHL said for her to contact them. She would not do this, I told her that they are going to get paid from me & DHL and I have no product.

    The order # is [protected]
    Tina’s number is [protected] her extension is 5378864
    I can fax you copies of my letter and DHL tracking information if you need it.
    Can you please help me with this situation?

    Hilary Guthrie
    [protected] home phone.

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  • Ge
    gerald briggs Aug 23, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have problem with dell to. I try to get my laptop computer fixs and the help desk or tech help does nothing to help me. I want to know where I can get my laptop fix. I will not buy a another dell product again. JUst because it is so hard to get anything fix on them. I have been over a year trying to get my dell computer fix. Iam about ready to smash it up into bits of junk. I will not tell anyone to buy a dell computer.

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