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Complaints & Reviews

Resolved will not cancel order

On April 1 2009 I placed an order for a laptop computer online. The next day I received a order confirmation stating the computer will not be shipped until the 28 April. I immediately e-mailed Dell asking to cancel the order as I didn't care to wait for a month. I received a reply saying the order was on hold and to confirm that I wanted to cancel. I replied to the e-mail confirming the cancellation. This all took place in the first 24 hours, my next e-mail from them stated that they couldn't cancel because the order was in production, however, I could return the computer within 30 days and get a refund. After fruitless e-mails with the same reply I tried calling Dell's help line... After being routed through several people who just kept passing me to the next person they hung up.
So it looks like I'm stuck waiting for a month for a computer I need now. So remember this, if you place an order you will get stuck with it. If this posting saves one person from visiting Dell Hell it was worth the effort

  • Jo
    Johntkr May 24, 2009

    I had a similar problem. I tried to cancel my XPS Desktop order within 24 hrs. and Dell refused to cancel my order. I complained to the Better Business Bureau. If every person who has been wronged by Dell complains to the Better Business Bureau, more is likely to be done about it. Here is the link to file a complain about Dell:

    Dell may charge a 15% restocking fee plus shipping for orders you try to cancel.

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  • Eu
    Eugene722 Sep 08, 2009

    DEll Changed its "policies" April 2009, but there is a question that their policy may VIOLATE Federal Trade Commission Law.

    FTC law specifies that all customers have the right to cancel ANY transaction whether on the internet or not withing 72 hours of making the transaction, this excludes Sundays a Holidays as business days.

    If your Ordered item on the Internet, you may have difficulty re contacting DELL because their Customer Care Group is in India now. Word is that these Indian people are trained to say that item is "in production" and can not be cancelled. However they operate on a recorded line so you should too. Record them just as they record you, make sure you say the date and what you are attempting to cancel and make sure it is within the 72 hour time period. Also make sure you purchased the item using a Major CC .

    You should also send the Customer Service group and email on the same day you speak with them to CANCEL your order.

    Dell tries to make all your online purchases subject to Texas law and you agree to arbitration before buying ANYTHING from DELL online. See what you give up to get a good bargain? Make sure that if all else fails that you can live with paying the 15% restocking fees they may charge you if you don't Cancel the order in 72 Hours. Those fees are how they pay for those people in India..

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  • Eu
    Eugene722 Sep 08, 2009

    I agree with comment, DELL Needs to be challenged legally by the Dept of Justice on its policies that violate FTC law

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Resolved credit line application and tech service

I bought a computer, printer, the works for my sister more than a year ago. Last weekend, "sister" called Dell to get service on her computer... paid $50.00 to have it fixed thru internet access. She tried it out, still not fixed. call tech support back, they wanted $50.00 more. She didn't have it..they offered her a line of credit for $4, 000.00 using HER SS# and Name.. she applied for it. Tues morning I received a call (not my sister) to verify that I(not my sister) was trying to open a line of credit, I told them no.. they said that they will report it as fraud and deny the request. I said I wanted the contact information of the person who is trying to get credit under my name including their phone #. e-mail etc. so that I could report it through the police department. They REFUSED to give me that info saying that I would have to get a court order for them to release that information... I spent the next 5 hours calling credit reporting agencies. called Dell back... told them I had a right to know who was attempting to get credit under my name etc.. was transfered from one dept. to the next... having to explain over and over again... continuously told that "this" dept doesn't handle it or that I was not entitled to that information.. Then last night, my sister called and said she was having trouble with her computer and told me she was waiting to hear from Dell about HER new line of credit??? I told her what I just went through, she then forwarded to me the two e-mails sent to her from Dell that clearly show HER NAME, HER ADDRESS etc... however, my name was populated (old address, old phone #, old information from when I bought the computer for her, no longer valid) in certain areas too. Clearly, the technician used the purchase information to populate some of the fields and used her information to populate some of the OTHER fields.. my SS# was NO WHERE TO BE FOUND... needless to say, this was a huge mistake on the part of Dell... I called them today... another 3 plus hours... I complained about my entire day being wasted due to their mistake which could have easily been taken care of by Dell telling me who else was involved in the transaction... All of it was plain as day.. STILL now 2:40 PM Wed.. my sisters computer is still not fixed., HER request for a line of credit to get her computer fixed has been marked as fraud which it shouldn't be.. since she gave her info to obtain credit... we don't know what to do to get service. Thus far, I have spoken in the order I have spoken to them; Anny, Anise Rose, Amanda, Anise again, Aradia, Rakesh, Cathy, Jake, Alex - supervisor, Roz, Jack, Richard, Amanda again. May, Joel, Harry in Tech support who was trying to get me through to his supervisor and did, .. put me through to Greg who was clearly eating and talking at the same time... I told Greg, I can't understand you.. mumbling.. speak clearly.. which made him mad so he transfered me into the automated system without saying anything.. just chewing on his food... then Lageshwari.. who couldn't help me at all she said and proceeded to transfer me again... 8 plus hours in two days.. transfered more times than is imaginable, I'm so upset that I began swearing which didn't help.. what do we do?? I even threatened to contact the Better Bus B., to no avail.. I'm so stressed out right now... it is actually good medicine to sit here quiet and type out this complaint... Dell, your customer service it absolutely terrible.. I have bought two complete desk top computer systems from your company, printers, scanners, etc... NEVER AGAIN.. my sister still awaits help with the computer I bought her.. There is no excuse for treating me the way I have been treated. I am actually tired and plumb out of steam from trying to straighten out this situation. The only thing now to do is file complaints about Dell Financial and Dell.com to everyone imaginable.. I warned you and you just kept transering me.. HOW RIDICULOUS!!

Resolved adapter scam-dell

I bought an Inspiron 1520 14 months ago. Early on I noted that the adapter dell sent would sometimes slip out if the laptop was touched. Then at 6 moths I started getting a message on power up -"AC adapter wattage & type cannot be determined". Two weeks later the battery was drained and the system wouldn't recharge it.

I called Dell and asked for a new adapter as I felt that slipping out and "adapter type be determined" message I got on power up meant the adapter was faulty. Dell absolutely refused to replace the adapter even though it (as turns out) Dell KNEW it's adapters were causing MAJOR pc damage. The pc damage caused by Dells faulty adapters is HUGELY profitable as Dell has been using it to sell extended warranties, new batteries, new adapters, and new motherboards to customers. Thousands have been affected by this scam. There are class action suits yet Dell has made no official recall or admission.

These faulty Dell adapters that can't be recognized by your new laptop will eventually cause your battery to be unrecognized by the pc. And the battery will most likely need to be replaced in a matter of months. My 14 month old laptop is on its 3rd adapter, 2nd battery and 2nd motherboard. All because Dell was sitting on a truckload of adapters they knew had serious design flaws and shipping them out with new computers purchased Dell KNOWINGLY sent these adapters to new buyers and as replacements to anyone under warranty.




Resolved billing dispute

I have been receiving a phone calls from annoying indian voice 7 time a day. I have told them that I do not owed from Dell I have paid off my remaining account balance last August of 2008. I have told them that the amount they are trying to collect was a refund check that I mailed it back last November 2008. I made a payment for my husband Dell account for $70 last Oct. 2008 I dont have the billing so I just reference his SS# on the check memo, however the Dell applied the payment on my dell account which has zero balance, then I received a $70 refund check from Dell. I contact the Dell to apply the payment to my husband account because thats what the payment for, They finally applied the payment to my husband account, so I mailed the refund check back saying that I'm returning the attached dell check refund $70 along with my billing please write off the $70 balance on my account. I thought that was the end of it...but they never write off the balance on my account. I have send 4 follow up letter to resolve the issues but never gotten a reply, I been fighting with them since December to present. I'm so frostrated I was being harrass on the phone by the dell collection for something that I did not owed. Now it's ruined my credit I'm thinking of filing a complaint to state attorney or file a a law suit for distorying my credit, now I can't get a mortgageloan due to this. I don't know what else to do, is any one there has a suggestion on my problem.

  • Bu
    Burned Customer Jun 17, 2009

    I am having a similar problem with a fraud complaint (somebody got credit using my info) I contacted them, I sent affidavits; I even did a small investigation and gave them the address where the purchased products were delivered. Seven months later, I received a bill from a collection agency trying to collect the loan which was obtained in fraud. I got fed up and contacted the Better Business Bureau with my complaint (http://www.bbb.org/online/) Eight days later I received a reply from the BBB with a letter attached from Dell Financial where they have retrieved the account from collections and reopened the investigation their incompetent team of investigators did not finish before. My suggestions is to contact the BBB and submit a complaint. I hope this helps

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Resolved cancellation

I hate those people from the protection plan. They don't understand how to cancel the fee. Don't they understand the meaning "cancel"...geeeezzzzzzzzzzz...you people are giving too much headache...

  • Je
    Jennyh65 May 05, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I applied for the Credit Protection Program from Dell and found out that they do not render the services that they give you the full scripted speech on. I am so disappointed in Dell, thought they were different from all of the other companies that are always seeking how they can take the customer's money. Well, you know what I will add Dell to the list. Recently, I was laid off from my job and applied for the Credit Protection only to be denied. Too All, under no circumstances believe the representattive that is attempting to sell you the credit protection. Dell will not live up to their agreement, take it from someone who has paid into the program only to be denied.

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  • Wa
    Wanda Hilliard Nov 15, 2012

    Dell Credit Protection Program is not a credible service. I have the Credit Protection Program and my home was burglarized. Dell Credit Protection Plan refuses to accept the police report saying it was an unlawful entry, with the computer listed on the police report. I also did a conference call with the Police Department and a rep. from Dell Credit program, and they said they don't believe it was the police. I plan to file a complaint with the Consumer Bureau/ Attorney General/Better Business Bureau office in that area. Something is wrong with the service. They go above and beyond not to pay any on the claim. Dell Representative with the Credit Protection Program says unlawful entry does not tell them how they entered. Then after several (6)?? call to the Credit Plan a representative answered and told me something new about processing the claim. This individual says now I need the police to write on their letter head saying the report filed is all they provided based upon their policy for the County and State I live in.
    My home was burglarized in August, and we are still fighting over the claim. They are TERRIBLE...Wanda Hilliard

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Resolved doesn't care about their customers

Please read below!

This is my reply to their uncaring response.

This is the response I get from Dell after explaining my problem. Surely you can reference my dell account number that I filled in or my name and address but since you can't my customer number is xxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxxxx equipment sales.

wouldn't a call have been more appropiate? This is the lack of customer concern I am complaining about.

Dear John D Moore,

Thank you for contacting Dell Online Customer Care.

To protect your data privacy, we require a Dell identification number. This can be

found on any communication you have received regarding this order.

A Dell identification number can be an order number, customer number, service tag

number, express service code number, case number, or DPS number. I would request you

to provide the name on the account as it appears on the original order documents.

Please get back in touch with us once you have located this information and we will

be glad to assist you.


xxxxxx xxxxxxxx

Rep ID xxxxxxx

Dell Online Customer Care


When corresponding with Dell, please include your order or customer reference number.

Original Message Follows:



*** This is a feedback Message from the Dell Online Communications Center. ***


Customer Information:


Requesting Organization(Empty for DHS) =

Name = xxxxx

Customer Number = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Requestor E-Mail =xxxxxxxxx

Contact Phone =731-xxx-xxxx

Service Tag =

Case Number =

Order Number =

Issue Category = Other Question not listed

Year Of Birth = NA


Ship To Address:, -

Bill To Address : xxxxx blvd

jackson, TN 38301-


Problem Description:

20th January 2009 Letter to Dell computers concerning a very unfruitful and

disappointing Christmas for my daughter Rebecca.

To whom it may concern:

I ordered my daughter Rebecca a laptop for Christmas with a protective sleeve. I

received the sleave within a few days. Her laptop, is however, a different story.

Dell sends me a delay notice, and I assume it's just the holidays and I prefer dell

computers, so no big deal, I'm in business and delays happen. I tell my daughter

it's on its way and not to worry. Today is the 20th of January and when I call, I

find out my order is canceled due to a credit hold according to customer service,

who refers me to the credit department. The credit department doesn't know what I'm

talking about and that my account is fine with a balance of $21.84 and an available

balance of $4, 333.82(out of $5, 000.00) and is very willing to transfer me back to

sales so I can reorder the laptop that I DID NOT CANCEL. This is rediculous! I

have had to cover for your company(DELL) to my daughter for a month telling her

everybody is busy and delays happen, but the lack of concern is unbelievable. I

received the bill for the sleave but did anyone wonder what was suppose to go in the

protective sleave? No! You deducted the amount of the laptop from my available

credit and You canceled my order for no reason and no reason was sent or stated

anywhere on the email(it did say it was reordered but I had to search for that by

checking the additional orders link, but customer service said it was on hold??? and

the credit department said it was canceled???). If I had not called then I would

still be making excuses for Dell to my daughter, who wonders why she was left out at

christmas. This may not be important to Dell but as a father it is very heart

breaking to know that your company is aware that these could be christmas gifts and

you would figure that somebody would take a little special care at this time of the

year. Times are tough and this was her only gift and now that I just told her the

truth, well you can only imagine how I and especially she feels, oh wait, you

propably can't because if you did I would have gotten a notice of regrets and not a

cancelation of order on a delayed notice. Delayed means; on it's way, NOT

CANCELLED. I just thought I would outline this fact for the person who sent the

email. I thought I was a valued customer, but I'm sure now that other people live

by this same illusion.

I have not used any other brand since my first Dell that I purchased. I have

never had many technical issues and love the product. I have 7 Dell computers at my office and I know of at least 10 at our other associated offices. I have defended your product against recommendations of HP, gateway, toshiba and others and have always remained faithful. I find the above facts an outrage considering the current facts at hand. The economy is

rough enough for small businesses and families without large companies deciding to be inconsiderate at christmas. I assume this was an over sight, but really, you remembered my bill.

I have not decided whether I will continue to use the Dell product, I like it but feel that it has lost the respect for it's customers who support it so well.

  • Lo
    LoriT Jun 19, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I will NEVER buy another Del computer. Their customer service STINKS!
    I replaced both my Dels with HP and I'm thrilled with them. I even got a letter from HP to be sure everything was Ok with the purchase. I couldn't even get Del to respond to any of my E-mail requests for help. I didn't even get acknowledgement that they had received them.
    My son starts college in September and I'll get him a laptop...an HP laptop. I'm nobody important, just a widow with kids, but I did purchase 3 laptops and a desktop with printer and was successful in talking my married son out of buying a Del desktop.
    I hope that enough people will read all these complaints and opt to purchase non-Del products.
    Thanks for nothing Del!!!

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Resolved 21 day return policy

Dell has the most ridiculous 21 day return policy ever.
First of all, the 21 days start from the "ship date", so if your package is traveling to you for 5 days, you now have 16 days to try it. Add to that a couple of deliver attempts (my case), and you lost 10 days already, BEFORE you could try the damn computer. Now if you were silly enough to buy it as a gift for someone else and they use it for a bit over a week, you are OVER the 21 days. Now you are on your own because Dell keeps referring to the "policy" and there is nothing they can do.
Moral of the story, DON'T BUY FROM DELL.

Resolved scam

Don't trust such emails!

Ref: dph600014481
Batch number: bn146-7

Dear winner,

As reflected in our first e-mail to you, this promotional program was
Putted on-line to award prizes to winners all over the world, this program
Is sponsored by dell promotion in conjunction with the middle east asia
Program to give out grants to winners worldwide.

A lot of people have benefited from this online program, with winnings
Ranging from $50, 000 and more. this year's program has been designed to
Give out lump sums to fewer individuals and corporate winners. you have
Won the lump sum jackpot of $720, 000. 00 (seven hundred and twenty
Thousand united states dollars).

You are to provide the follow for your winning to be filed out:

1. your full names...

2. your full home / office address...

3. country...

4. direct telephone/fax numbers and email...

5. age...

6. sex...

7. marital status...

The above detailed information will be absolutely necessary for the
Processing of your payment cheques, drafts or wire transfers through our
Clearing house here in dubai

Note: that this winning is valid for 2 weeks and failure to issue claims
After this period will automatically void your payment. remember to quote
Your ref & batch numbers in your future correspondence.

Congratulations and we look forward to hearing from you soon

We once again say, accept our hearty congratulations,

Mrs. ruth anderson
Online co-ordinator

  • Ga
    gaby Mar 08, 2009

    yo recibi un correo de que era ganadora de la empresa dell

    We are pleased to inform you today 7th March, 2009, the result of the
    March, 2009.Your email address have beeen approved for a lump sum pay out of
    $1, 000, 000.Please contact our Head Office with your winning
    informations for more details; [email protected]


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  • Zo
    Zoli HUN Mar 09, 2009

    Ref: DPH600014481
    Batch Number: BN146-7


    As reflected in our first e-mail to you, this Promotional program was putted On-line to award prizes to winners all over the world, This program is sponsored by DELL PROMOTION in conjunction with the MIDDLE EAST ASIA PROGRAM to give out grants to winners worldwide.

    A lot of people have benefited from this online program, with winnings ranging from $50, 000 and more. This year's program has been designed to give out lump sums to fewer individuals and corporate winners. You have won the lump sum jackpot of $720, 000. 00 (Seven Hundred And Twenty Thousand United States Dollars).

    You are to provide the follow for your winning to be filed out:

    1. Your full names...

    2. Your full home / Office address...

    3. Country...

    4. Direct telephone/fax numbers and email...

    5. Age...

    6. Sex...

    7. Marital Status...

    The above detailed information will be absolutely necessary for the Processing of your payment Cheques, drafts or wire transfers through our Clearing House here in Dubai

    Note: that this winning is valid for 2 weeks and failure to issue claims after this period will automatically void your payment. Remember to quote your Ref & Batch numbers in your future correspondence.

    Congratulations and we look forward to hearing from you soon

    We once again say, accept our hearty congratulations,

    Mrs. Ruth Anderson
    Online Co-ordinator

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Resolved ridiculous billing practice

When I get old enough to know when I'm doing the right thing or not I'll let everyone know, "Buying through Dell" was not the right thing to do. I was surprised by the ease in which Dell made me a preferred account holder. In less than 30 seconds my 640 credit score was all they needed. They spoke of the "expierience" in ordering was very worthwhile and I must say it was ! For only 32 dollars more I was into more of this or that and before long my 600 dollar computer was near 1590 dollars. This was all for only 36 dollars per month and no interest for 18 months...Well that was fine for 18 months then I was reawakened by the Dell "gotcha scheme" .In that it was for 18 months I paid no interest but only had 18months . In the 18 months the computer was gathering interes at 25+/_ %. I was to have paid this baby off ..but heck for 36 dollars i'll just let it ride...Wrong century to make that fine judgement call. It was a deal from the Devil himself. For at the end of that time I now owed on top of the original cost an additional arm and leg. All with 26.7% interest . Now my payments are set at 50 per month or so they have been for the last year. My statment today after nearly 36 months of ownership has announced that I own a computer that is inoperable but has an acount that is about 10 dollars more than the date I bought it ...How you ask..Wait theres more..in the past i sent a payment in early via the computer ..my reward was a charge of $9.95 for my efforts. I called the next month that was 13.00 the bank draft system i set up 5 times has not worked yet. I get the feeling that Dell has a alpha numerical mix match in their name .Instead of the fourth consant for a first letter they really should use the 8th..an explination is not required. With this last gesture of arrogance I speak to all of you who think to use Dell as a computer and say..."MAN---GET---AHOLD----OF-----YOURSELF"
It's not to late to do something about that irrisponsible act your going to commit. " Please Dell let my people go..."...It is with remorse I post this a dying, withering, yes sucked to death buyer of a Dell..

  • Valerie Apr 17, 2008

    Dell has charged back over $780.00 in deferred finance charges after the promotional period runs out when you still have a balance. Which you cannot pay-off through the normal payment options. They put most of your payment toward other purchases then the promotional plan balance get the smaller of the payment split.

    Isn't this illegal? Now I owe finance charges on finance charges. You should only pay finance charges on the remaining balance.

    When I called to complain with Dell, they only offered $75.00 to keep me quiet when I said I will start/join a class-action lawsuit about this deceptive practice.

    Clearly a bait and switch tactic.

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  • Mo
    momamberG79 Oct 18, 2009

    I know exactly how this feels. Started out with a $1000 laptop and was so happy I was getting one as I was on bedrest for preterm labor and the laptop made time go by faster. Shouldn't have been so happy though because one month later I discovered the truth of Dell and have regretted my decision ever since. A $1, 000 charge is now over $2, 000 after 5 years. Even paying $100/month didn't really make a dent and after a couple of missed payments due to medical reasons and no job (with this economy) they turned it over to Pentagroup so now I have Dell and Pentagroup both bugging me all hours of the day and night and the interest just keeps going up, up and away. It is like making a deal with the devil getting a laptop from them. Sad thing is it is in my grandmas name as she was nice enough to let me finance it through her name and now I can't pay it off like I was planning all because of finance charges and hidden fees.

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Resolved bad service

I have had Dells for over 10 years, and have bought one an average of one a year. I decided to buy the Dell Studio 1535 laptop which was the new stylish line, I didn't want the XPS laptops because they hadn't updated for a while. That's when my problems started. I received the laptop only to notice there is a design flaw with the USB Ports. The left side of the laptop is not identical; one of the ports middle pieces is shorter so you have to force the usb drive in. The computer wouldn't correctly start up when put to sleep. So I called Dell Tech support and he said you can fix it or return it since it's so new. I said I'll return it and wait a little bit till they worked out the bugs, and he transferred me over. The Dell return specialist said oh no why don't return it we can fix it will be fine. So they changed the motherboard, a couple weeks later I would have hissing sounds from the speakers. I had to learn to play with a lower sound level due to the speaks not being able to play loud enough sounds. A keyboard was replaced due to a button falling off and not able to put it back on. The mouse occasionally stops working, so you can't move the pointer correctly. You have to wait a little bit for it works. Occasionally the computer goes into sleep mode, and when you press the power button it doesn't turn on, just you hear noises, and the only way to get it to work is pull the battery. My final problem has been for some reason, when you turn of the computer the clock stops working, both on the os and bios. If I leave the laptop off for a day it turns off for a day. The cmos battery was replaced and still occurs. Dell tech specialists have done a 10-15 software repairs no luck. And if I lose connection with one, the new tech wants to repeat all the steps. I mean how many times can you install the same bios? To make sure it's not a software issue dell had me wipe the computer and no luck. So now I am sending a laptop to the dell tech depot to be looked at? Oh yea somewhere with all these changes the control buttons for the sound and other dell buttons have stopped working and do not light up. Also now my computer squeaks when you adjust the screen position, due to the multiple things that have been changed. I remind a dell tech support that I had a choice to return it, and was talked out of it. They remind me I'm past my return date, and if there are continuous problems, not to worry dell will keep fixing it for 3 more years. If you keep repair a computer, eventually you risk causing other things to break. I have never had to call dell about a computer more than once a year, Dell's quality of products has greatly diminished, and I am hesitant to ever get a product from them again. Tell me if you were in my place what would you do? Oh yeah I called dell to remind them of the return specialist who talked me out of returning the computer when it first failed, the tech coming from India didn't get what i was saying, put me on hold then hanged up on me.

Resolved misrepresentation of hardware required

I contacted Dell in Septmember to purchase more memory for my Dimension 8200 desktop computer. They told me that I needed to buy either ONE 258MB or 512MB Axiom Memory Card. I had to think about it for a few days since this was a lot of money and a few days later ordered it on line. I followed the online route to determine that I needed to purchase either the 258MB or 512MB card. I decided to purchase the 512MB card and the total cost came to $350. At the time I didn't notice embedded in the fine print is a 21 day return policy. Long story short, it's now February and I decided to finally install it (I'm not a computer expert) but opened my manual and was surprised to see that it states memory cards must be installed in pairs. I immediately called Dell and tech support told me that I can install just one. After 3 hours of being on the phone with multiple Dell tech reps finally the last one told me that I needed to install the memory in pairs and would I like to buy another card. I said "no" Dell made the sale stating that only one would be required. He said that he would transfer me to customer service for a refund. When I got to customer service they told me, sorry the 21 days is up. I explained to them that there was total misrepresentation of the product that was sold and all that they kept repeating to me is that is why they have a 21 day return policy. Unbelievable! They acknowledged that the product that was sold to me cannot be used unless I buy two of them (neither the sales rep in September or their website indicates this...both the sales rep said I needed one of them and even the website states 1x) but it doesn't matter...that's what the 21 days are for. This company is misrepresenting to customers.

  • De
    Deli Jimenez Feb 17, 2009

    I understand exactely what you went through. We had the same problem, they are hired Indian liars (customer service is in India) and can't get anything out of them. We still have the wrong computer part they sent us and they will not even refund our money.

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Resolved horrible worthless customer service

As always I am left pondering these questions "What is the meaning of Customer Service"?? and "Have the job descriptions changed"? or "Is it a language barrier"? OR "Do they not give 2 ***** about the customer"?...I have opted for last thought...just not caring in any way what so ever about the customer. Those days of "Hello this is Dell Customer Service" are long gone...the days when I could have my call answered in English...in 2 mins or less...and with the same enthusiasm that I used to have on the best date I ever had...but NO...that is much too much to ask...not from DELL...oh NO...Somehere in between my 12th person that I talked to today who kept passing me around like the only woman on an island of Men...I realized...in stark reality, that my computer problem was never going to be fixed by Dell...I realized that the commercials were worthless garbage...I realized that other than the Awards that they were giving out for exemptional Customer Serive in India today (as I was told by the 10th representative because of the noise in the background) that I was getting nothing from DELL...that no matter WHO I talked to...short of the CEO which is getting a letter that won't be answered I am sure... is next...that Customer Service at DELL is without a doubt in the same sad category of all the other companies that decided to leave people standing in the unemployment line in America for the sake of saving a dollar...and in the meantime...the customer gets abused by non-caring people that don't even live in the same country. I realized that DELL is no better than the people at the bottom of the mountain when Moses came down with the 10 commandments...but what do I know? I only spent days on the phone with them...all laughing in the background like I said, while I pleaded with them...like a fool to listen to what is wrong with my computer...Dell...there is nothing you can do to fix this major problem that you have...no re-structuring...no corporate jet trips to motivate your people...nothing..because the "Coor" of business is lost in the shuffle between what is RIGHT...and who doesnt care at all...and you DELL have taken the later...you can sugarcoat it with hiring foreign companies...you can offer "perks" and the bottom line is this...the "Art of Customer Service at Dell" is over...because it is not in the "soul" of Management to help the customer any longer...

  • Te
    tegmayfield Apr 29, 2009

    Purchased XPS m1530 and out of the box the obtical drive failed. The replacement optical drive they sent also failed. Customer Service was absolutely worthless. For a computer company Quality Control is every thing.

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  • Go
    godzillajones Jul 24, 2009

    Dell is among the worst when it comes to customer service and trying to purchase things. Recently I tried to order a few parts and was continually put on hold. The person with whom I was speaking did not speak the same English I did. I had to ask them to repeat themselves several times. The final time I was put on hold I, it lasted about 10 minutes. I hung-up. I called their so-called Customer Service to see if I could find out if my order was processed. I was told it was not. I asked if my MasterCard number was on their computer and did not get a satisfactory answer. I was then told to call some other loser so I just hung up and semnt an email to their Customer Service center and told them what to do with their company. Of course I never received a reply nor did I think I would. Once my Dell dies I will search high and low for an American manufacturer with service facilities in the US. Till then I will tell my story to warn anyone wanting to purchase Dell junk!

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  • Ma
    mark8318 Dec 08, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The same thing happened to me just yesterday. Was on their sit to place an order, it was glitching and processed my order without my reviewing it. I immediately called the cancel they said it was processed and shipped...lol They processed and shipped an order in 3 minutes?? I told the Indian rep he was lying that I havent even received an email confirmation for the order and there was no way they could of packed, shipped and processed an order that fast. He put me on hold several times, I asked to speak to a supervisor who wouln not speak to me.because his english was apparently worse than the rep I was speaking with. They told me there was nothing they could do despite the disclaimer on Dells website says that they can cancel an order before its shipped. I very angrily asked for a number where I could speak to an american rep. I was put on hold again an the rep came back and told me my order was cancelled!!?? WTF? I was even hotter after that! I asked them wahy they were giving me the run around and they hung up on me! I was lied to twice and was hung up on! Really? Is that how Dell takes care of its customers? I immediately called back and was routed to the Phillipines this time. I asked for a number for Dell Corporate or a number for an american call center and I was hung up on yet again.WTF is going on here?

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  • Go
    goobie2012 Jan 01, 2015

    I have up to now had 2 run ins with Dell, I vow never to buy Dell again. I am in Australia, original run in was a XPS M1530 laptop puchased 10/2008 for over $3000. Within the 1 yr oem warranty it was getting hot, extremely hot after only 20 to 30 mins use and would every now and them flick to a BSOD and then shutdown. After getting a huge runaround and days of calls and emails and online chats, they finally during a call I made ( call 26 ) to reflash my bios to a previous version, this would keep my fan running constantly, that it was a known issue and that was the only workaround till they could workout the cause, they would contact me when a cure was found. They never called back, the workaround worked for about 8 months and then the laptop refused to startup, after another round of numerous calls, transfers, hangups and arguements, a technician got me to run a test on the laptop ( this was in 2011 ) the laptop test showed a gpu fault, tech advised was known issue, court action against Nvidia, poor soldering on GPU, Dell had extended warranty additional 1 year, but that to had expired, dell wont look at any option short of me paying for repair, laptop was 2.5yrs old. This time round Dell AIO2310, after only 2.8yrs just over it wont start up, Purchased 08/2011, tech had me test it while on phone, said it was the power connector in the back, quote sent for $680 to fix which is about 1/3 the original cost, I argue that this desktop at most was used 3 days a week, usually for 4 or so hrs but sometimes as much as 8 hours and would typically equate to 1 1/2 years usage but he was not considering offering anything such as discount or anything although I have been a loyal customer and it was obvious that I did not get the value I paid for out of the desktop, This time I am taking them to ACCC and fair trade, it will cost me $47 to lodge the complaint but its the principle, both times they almost dared me to take them to court with confidence in thier voices.

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Resolved defective product - horrible service

Please see below. I sent this letter to Dell head office several weeks ago and finally heard back from...

Resolved poor service

I rec'd a Dell laptop as a gift, it would not stay connnected to the net. I tried to fix it myself to no avail. I called DELL, was transferred 2 times adn then told their systems were down somoen would call me back in 1-2 hrs... no one ever called me back.
I called the enxt day, after going through all of the automated ptrmpts that are frustrating in itself, I was then transfreed 5 times and each time expected to repeat my story. No one tried to fix the issue on this brand new 4 days old laptop, I was told it was a software issue and software it not covered by the tech support I had to pay a fee. I said no, there is horrible servie i do not want the laptop give me a retrun authorization. Then I was told someone would call me back in 1 1/2-2hrs...I did get a call back from Customer Service tech support and he told me there is a 21 days suuport for a new computers..so is DELL running a scam trying to see who they can get to pay for extra tech support? The customer service is HORRIBLE...

  • Br
    Brian Feb 09, 2009

    No it isnt a scam. Please review the service contract. Dell is only responsible for software that came on the system. If the software is corrupt then sometimes a OSRI is required. Please do your self a favor READ THE CONTRACT then ###.

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  • Ki
    Kimberly Rivers Feb 17, 2009

    I just got off the phone and in which the call took forever, any way for the very same reason,
    my pc will not stay connected to the internet and the internet company told me that I would have to call Dell and all they want me to do is purchase more and more, every time that I call. I feel that Dell sells junk and when you call for support they sell you more junk that does not work just to sell you more junk.
    I feel like Dell computers are a rip off and the public needs to be aware of their scams.

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  • Dy
    dynasty Apr 28, 2009

    Typical Dell attitude. I purchased a Dell computer from QVC to get the 3 yr. warranty. I called when I had a problem and they said it was a software issue and not a hardware issue and would have to pay. Well my son has a friend who heads up the network department at a large cable co. He took my computer and did complete test and found it was the hard drive that was bad. At his company, they deal with Dell all day and when Dell refused to send me another hard to replace the one he put in, I had to get him involved and of course because they use Dell at his large co., they ended up sending me another hard drive. God only knows what would have happened if I told them originally to fix the software problem that never existed. I probably would have had to pay a big bill for a problem that never existed.

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  • Be
    beyette Jan 18, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dell has the worst customer service I have ever experienced. Everyone is stupid. Keep taking you in loops. Can't answer any questions. Keep asking the same questions because they can't comprehend their own equipment and processes. This is the last Dell I'll buy.

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Resolved awful company

I purchased my Dell Desktop in June 2008. After making my first payment online it has been down hill ever since. I made an attempt to make the second payment via the internet again, but the payment section of the website was not working or was down at the time. Because the payment was going to be early I mailed it to the P.O. Box at Carol Stream, IL. The payment came back 2 weeks after the due date. I made an attempt to make a payment online. Payment service online was not working again. I called the customer service center. After being on hold for more then 10min. I was transferred to person after person who did not speak english and who would read from a script. I am so mad with dell. After being on the phone with different non-speaking people for over 2hrs. Nothing was accomplished except the last person I spoke with did say that my account was reported to the credit bureau and had a late fee with finance charges added. I was so mad I was spitting fire. I hung up the phone and called the Canada customer service number in hopes of speaking to someone in english. First person to answer the phone spoke english but, READ FROM A SCRIPT. Are you kidding me? I told him the whole problem and I was clear that I wanted the finance charges and the late fees taken off my account because I did send out the payment prior to the 15day late fee and 10days before the 3oday pass due date. He put me on hold the next person to pick up the phone did not speak English and kept asking me for my name and address. I hung up. This same situation happened 4 more times. I am still trying to get someone to help me. The website is useless with making a payment. Even more useless are all those who pretend to know what we are talking about but have no clue and only read from a script. Dell needs to be held accountable for there mishandling of consumer complaints. I have sent complaints. NO ANSWER!! Hopefully this does not happen to someone else. Beware that if you do have an account pay that your payment gets posted and that you do not have to talk to a brick wall. Outsourcing not such a good idea if people want to pay their accounts on time.

  • My
    MyBizBUZZ Jul 13, 2009

    This is typical for Dell. In fact, I would say your experience pales in comparison to most of my experiences, but further details would only serve to add stress to my day. And, DFS is getting worse with today's econoomy. I was not surprised when DFS lowered my Dell Business Credit limit from $20, 000 to $10, 000 (I owe $4K and use this account for business supplies like ink cartridges for my Dell laser multi-function printer at $200. per color, ttl $500. every 6 mos). However, my payment in June was a day late, and they yanked my line of credit completely. I had one legitimate late in Feb. (about 5 days) and another one-day late in June 2008. I pay online. I am convinced they are now LOOKING for ANY opportunity to pull credit lines. I am contacting an attorney.

    Oh, wait until you return your lease equipment or if you buy new equipment and need to return the new equipment because of problems, to get something else. It has been 8 months now, and the returned items have still not been credited, even though I have been told by customer service that it has been handled and "closed" three times in the last 8 mos. I am hoping the credits that I've been told this morning will indeed FINALLY be credited to close out the lease that no longer should exist. AND, DFS continues to add finance fees each month for past-due payments that ARE NOT VALID because I returned everything last December 2008.

    I'm sorry to say I've gone through this before, so be prepared. I've spent DAYS, NOT just HOURS on the phone trying to get things like this resolved. I can empathize with the incorrect transfers, dropped calls (after waiting up to an hour), and inability to communicate. All this is time lost from my sales business. THIS WILL BE THE LAST COMPUTER OR ANYTHING I BUY FROM DELL.

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Resolved rebate scam

Dell cheated me from a promised rebate and gift certificate.

A dear friend recommended I purchase a dell computer. In December I purchased an inspiron 1721 laptop. I only had dial up service available so a laptop would let me do large downloads with wi fi. There were the usual start up problems with service packs destroying the operating system but the tech support got me through this (and the problem was with Word Perfect and Vista) and it works moderately well. But a perfect storm was brewing.

Fiber optics were finally coming to our road. My phone co chose to discontinue our local phone service unless we purchased a very expensive service. We shopped alternatives and contracted for local service and a high speed connection. These work well but we were under a deadline for changing our local service. No longer is it a flipping of a switch for fiber optics had to be installed. Could they hurry and complete the fiber work before the other company pulled the switch? Fortunately they could, and did with a crew that came from 400 miles away. Dummy here dropped my dial up ISP before they sent me my rebate and gift certificate�this also changed my email address under which I purchased and registered the computer.

I had purchased the laptop with a promised rebate and a gift certificate for registering and when they did not come I called (probably in early February) and was told it was too late to find out about the rebate and gift certificate. My request simply hit a dead end in customer care and I could not speak with a supervisor.

In July 2008 I heard about this web site and wrote to dell that they cheated me and before I make my complaint I felt they should have an opportunity to reply, they did. Same answer, �we can do nothing�.

I am free at last as the computer is paid for and dell financial cannot play �gotcha� with a �deferred finance charge� so I will freely tell one and all that If Dell wants to give you a rebate simply tell them �no thanks, just drop the sales price by that much. They cheated me and I will never buy from them again.

  • La
    Larry Waybright Apr 15, 2009

    I bought a Dell Laptop, wireless router and printer package.
    The rebate required I print out and submit my rebate form.
    The printer arrived a week after the window for submitting the rebate expired.
    My $150 rebate was denied.
    I bought a package deal.
    Seems to me like the period for the rebate should have begun upon receipt of the entire purchase.

    I find that rebates are largely scams and the honest way of doing business is to apply the discount, then pay the bottom line price. I paid cash up front for the entire package before receiving any of the merchandise.

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Resolved scam and cheating

I have tried time after time to get my dell computer as well as my dell 720 printer ownership transfered to myself only to have these request go unanswered by Dell because I don't know who the previous owner is or was.

I feel that this is not fair to myself or anyone else who buys a dell computer second hand as I did. Now let me ask you this? Is it normal for everyone to know who owned a computer when you buy said computer from a shop or store where it was donated in the first place. Well this is what has happened to myself and now Dell does not want to do a thing to help myself get my printer up and running. Oh by the way it did take me over a year to finally get my computer ownership transfered.

  • Mi
    Michael Mar 10, 2009

    I have tried time after time to get my dell computer as well as my dell 720 printer ownership transfered to myself only to have these request go unanswered by Dell because I don't know who the previous owner is or was.

    I feel that this is not fair to myself or anyone else who buys a dell computer second hand as I did. Now let me ask you this? Is it normal for everyone to know who owned a computer when you buy said computer from a shop or store where it was donated in the first place. Well this is what has happened to myself and now Dell does not want to do a thing to help myself get my printer up and running. Oh by the way it did take me over a year to finally get my computer ownership transfered.

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  • Nd
    NDHSAJH Dec 03, 2010

    We will never deal with Dell again. We have had so many problems with the computers with chips and batteries etc.. and when you call them you get someone from a foreign nation to speak to, if you chose to speak to an American you have to pay for the priviledge it costs I believe about 89.00 or 98.00 a year. Finally I took my computer to a local reputable repair shop and the owner informed that the Dell computers were of the least quality computers and not a good choice for purchase.

    I didnt listen, and again I ordered from Dell and guess what ? Your right all the problems all over again on top of a new one.
    We are a military famiy so of course we do move. They shipped the new order (two lap tops for the grandbabies home schooling) but they were sending our statements to our old address clear across the united states. We called Dell and tried to explain there was no payments because we never received a statement with an account number so that we could make payments. They keep calling about four to six times a day and insist we pay all back late fee charges even though they admitted it was their fault ! I feel the late charges should have been dropped and all negative reporting should have been corrected.

    Please for peace of mind, for the simple fact that you can gain better quality products with a company that stands behind their warranty.. DO NOT DEAL WITH DELL !!!

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Resolved frequent breakdown, fail to repair, keeps delaying and bad services

Our Dell laptop is under warranty. It has been keeping breaking down in the past one and a half years. In the last two mouths, our Dell machine has been unable to start up. Dell engineers have tried several times and failed to repair it. We have spent money to phone Dell technical support for many, many times. But they always find reasons or excuse to delay and postphone. Dell's technical support telephone line is always unclear. Furthermore, the line is sometimes cut off when you are talking and complaining to Dell staff. Poor quality of Dell products! Bad services of Dell!! Terrible technical support!!!

Resolved dell sent me the wrong laptop and I just want my money back!

Four years ago I ordered an XPS from Dell Canada and was happy as a bear in a honey farm. The system ran great, the customer service was fantastic and the technical support was very knowledgeable.

Last October of 2008 I ordered another high-end laptop from Dell and received something less than what I paid for. I called Dell and they said they would send the proper system and to hold on to the one I had till the new computer had arrived. After a couple of weeks the order status did not change so I contacted Dell and was told that the model I ordered was no longer available. They offered me an alternative system and I reluctantly accepted. After several weeks of calling and checking online at what the status of the order was (almost all of the month of November) I was told that it would arrive on or before December 2nd, 2008.

On December 1st I called and was told that they had canceled the order. They also had the nerve to tell me that I had violated the thirty day return policy and could not return the computer that I did not order! Nevertheless, I kept records and recorded my phone calls with the very poor English speaking customer service people (who get very upset when WE don't understand them) and they withdrew their threat.

At this point I insisted on returning the laptop computer that I DID NOT order and insisted also on getting my money back. On Boxing Day morning I was awakened at a very early hour and asked if I had received my package yet!? Apparently they sent something to the courier terminal with my name on it...

FOOL ME ONCE, SHAME ON YOU, FOOL ME TWICE, SHAME ON ME! I said that I wanted my money back and never again will I deal with Dell. Dell has a 15 to 20 day refund policy and it has been 25 days since they received the computer I returned to them (the one that I did not order). Every time I call customer service and give them the reference number I am told that they will put me through to the proper department and nobody answers. I figure that twenty minutes is plenty patience (!?)

In addition to being treated poorly I am paying interest for nothing and my cell phone bill is much more than nominal because of all the minutes I am put on hold. Many times I am put on hold because the representative is asking someone else what to say or what to do since they are unable to answer the query or take action! Why didn't he or she just hand over the phone?

Dell made a bad decision moving the customer service to India. Customer service isn't even a word in that country and if it is then it doesn't have any value. It seems like everyone for them selves or something. Bad business decision. I am still content with my present Dell but I won't buy another. And yesterday I was told that I will be responsible for furnishing and equipping, of all things, a cybercafe! Dell and its subsidiaries, (Alienware) are not on the list.

  • Sa
    Sam245 Jul 16, 2009

    dumb###...atleast we know how to setup a pc and take care of stuffs without calling customer service every ###ing time...

    get a life luzr..

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  • St
    studmuffin589 Dec 03, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yeah, I totally agree to what all of you have been saying regarding Dell Canada's poor customer service and technical support. I solidly recommend that everyone avoid this company like the plague and take their business elsewhere!

    I placed my order over a month ago and it still hasn't arrived. They never responded at all to two separate emails that I sent. And when I phoned last week, they couldn't tell me at all when the item was actually going to ship. This company has no idea at all how to properly treat customers, and they have gone steadily downhill over the past year. Well, the good news is that today I finally cancelled my order. Never again Dell, never again. You have lost my business for good.

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Resolved illegal charges to credit card

Dell sales representative Daniel Parker promised me that my shipment would go out FEDEX next day air. He was advised that he did not have authorization to charge my account and place the order unless it would arrive in two days. He sent the order UPS ground and did not have authorization to place the order. He did this fraudulently. After spending 10 hours on the phone with Dell Financial and Dell customer care they would not take any action on this. Several times I was hung up on, was on very extended hold times and Dell Financial refused to file fraud charges against Daniel Parker who illegally charged my account. I asked to speak with the executives at Dell and was refused. A Dell Financial Manager Jose at the Texas office refused to speak with me and advised his representative not to file fraud charges. They would not expedite shipping of my order, cancel it, and would not refund my money. It is illegal for any person to place charges on my credit card without my authorization. Dell also, committed fraud by not notifying me via email that an order had been placed, would be shipped UPS ground without my authorization to hide the fact that an illegal order and charges to my credit card had been placed. I will not get these items in time for Christmas and had clearly not authorized this order. My billable rate with IBM as a software engineer would be $200.00 per hour if I had not become disabled and on IBM disability. They also, committed fraud against a disabled person and violated federal disability laws, have caused me additional medical problems and have mistreated me.

  • Tc
    tcic10-99 Dec 24, 2008

    Don't get so mad... Yes, it was a bad situation to do to you, but can be simply remedied.

    Just cancel your order, Dell doesn't charge your account or your credit card until the order actually ships, so you can cancel any time while the order is in production and you won't be charged.

    You can cancel the order on the phone or online.

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