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Complaints & Reviews

Resolved harmful service

I opened a Dell Financial Preferred Account in 2006 to pay for a

camera. While I could not afford to pay them off, I made regular

monthly installments of $100. Oh yes, they have made a LOT of money

out of me. Does that make me a preferred customer worthy of excellent

service? Does it hell.

Recently, I paid off the balance on my credit loan from DFS and

wanted to close my account, and indeed to stop those monthly payments

- something they won't do for you, incidentally, unless you take

action. When I tried to close my account on-line, I was informed that

my account was blocked and that I would have to call the company.

Perceiving this merely as a ruse to give them the opportunity to try

to keep me as a customer, I nevertheless called them. In fact, I

received a letter from DFS instructing me to do precisely this,

complete with an 800 number. I called the 800 number five times and

spoke to five different people, none of whom had the authority to

stop my monthly payments (even though I owe them nothing) or to close

my account. Moreover, no one spoke clear English, and I suspect none

of them were even on the North American continent.

Each person I spoke to knew nothing (naturally) and routed me to

another department, or simply cut me off, and one even sent me back

to the main menu to start all over again. By the way, their phone

menu is in itself completely useless since it does not offer any

helpful options at all. I wasted a morning trying to get through to

these inept bozos, and eventually had to give it up before I smashed

my own telephone in frustration.

I have now written a stiff letter to NFS, and taken the precaution of

emptying my bank account, as well as asking my bank to stop all

payments to DFS, because I just know they are going to keep taking

the payments if I let them, and that this will almost certainly turn

into a major drama culminating in some damaging credit reports filed

by DFS against me, all because of their own blind incompetence.

My suggestion to anyone who is considering opening an account with

DFS is DON'T. It's like willingly attaching a leach to your

genitalia, and removing it will be a painful and protracted

process. If you think you need their credit, trust me, you don't.

Save yourself from a great deal of wasted time and frustration.

I will never purchase anything from Dell again. The company and its

financial step-child are both a disaster with completely indifferent

management. The only way to deal with such outrageously poor service

is to boycott companies that practice it.

  • Bo
    Bob B Jun 01, 2009

    Same EXACT problem. In fact I have a $400 credit balance they won't give back to me.

    The folks in India don't think. They read from scripts and are completey incapable of listening and making decisions. Dell USA just keeps referring me over to DFS. DFS puts me in a loop that can't be broken.

    A lawsuit is probably the only way to get their attention.

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Resolved bad service

Dell ran a Black Friday special for their Inspiron Mini laptops. I ordered 2 of them on the same day (black friday). I got a ship date of 2 weeks out, only for them to make up some "BS" excuse and not ship the laptop.

On one order, they csent me an email stating that the order was cancelled because "there was a problem with the credit card processing". What problem. They debited my card at time of purchase, then issued a credit on the ship date. I guess that was the "problem".

It's the 15th, I'm still waiting for both my laptops and Dell is still bs'ing people.

Resolved cancelled order

I placed an order for the laptop on Nov 17. It was intended as a Xmas present for my daughter but was also intended as a test of the Dell system. I will be opening a family practice/anti aging/cosmetic clinic in the next 12 months and my intention is to make it completely computer driven requiring 10-12 computers. Suffice it to say that after this experience I have no intention of ever dealing with Dell again.
The projected ship date was Dec 5. On Dec 16 after having still not received the laptop I called Dell and was informed that the order had been cancelled. According to your rep this could have been for "any one of a hundred reasons". He could give me no reason why it was cancelled.
I have now spent over three hours on hold speaking with various incompetents who keep on insisting they cannot put me through to anyone in charge, leaving voice mails that aren't returned and transferring me around multiple times including hanging up on me twice.
Now I am told that the order was cancelled for the wrong sku number whatever that means.
No one in the India Customer Care Centre (customer care - what a joke), and I spoke with nine of them could offer any kind of explanation and none of them could give me a contact number for the company in Canada. I spoke with Dell Financial to make sure I wasn't being charged for it - thankfully I'm not - and they inform me that they have no way of contacting the company in Canada.
Never again will I deal with Dell and everyone else who wishes to should be prepared for what happens if they do.
Moral: Buy locally, at least you have someone to complain to

  • Ev
    EvansburgGirl Nov 11, 2009

    I am actually dealing with that right now. Mine has been cancelled not once..but twice. The first time they did give me a 30 dollar credit (woohoo eh that's big time) And now this time I got nothing. The rep said I should see it early next week but my confirmation said Dec 16. That is almost two months since I've origionally ordered it. Trying to get a hold of a complain dept. is impossible. Speaking to an english person is almost impossible. So very aggrivating I feel your pain!

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  • St
    studmuffin589 Dec 03, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yeah, I totally agree to what all of you have been saying regarding Dell Canada's poor customer service and technical support. I solidly recommend that everyone avoid this company like the plague and take their business elsewhere!

    I placed my order over a month ago and it still hasn't arrived. They never responded at all to two separate emails that I sent. And when I phoned last week, they couldn't tell me at all when the item was actually going to ship. This company has no idea at all how to properly treat customers, and they have gone steadily downhill over the past year. They also have a tendency to bounce you around from one person to the next while you wait for a long time on the other end of the phone. Well, the good news is that today I finally cancelled my order. Never again Dell, never again. You have lost my business for good.

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  • Ez
    ezz Dec 07, 2009

    Dec. 7, 2009, I cancelled my order with dell that I placed on November/09. The computer was to be delivered on Dec 4th, it never came, I lost a day of work waiting on the delivery. I called Dell at 10:00am this morning, I spoke to about five different people who kept transferring me to the same department with each having a wait time about 15-20mins; most of the reps had an Indian accent. By now I am mad because I work last night and I have not slept and no one at Dell can give me a straight answer as to when my order will be shipped out; one rep said the order is still sitting in the customer care dept. This is the Canadian dell. However, the US Dell delivers at a faster rate. I got so mad I cancel my order they could not provide a confirmation number for the cancellation but the rep said to me after four hours check the status on line and it will show that it's cancelled. How can Dell company allow their customer service department to play with customers time as if our time is nothing...I am so so mad I would like to get some infor to contact the President of Dell Canada.

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  • Ez
    ezz Dec 07, 2009

    I forget to mention I came off the phone about 11:30am this in regards to the above comment.

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Resolved poor customer service & technical support

It is surprising & reassuring to know the number of customers who have gone through Dell Hell! I am one of these disgruntled customers. My Dell computer system (i.e., desktop (Dimension E520), monitor & peripherals) all came in a package deal with my internet service provider, Bell Sympatico. Several months back, I contacted their technical support to ask for assistance on how to format my computer. Their normal procedure was to ask for your name, address, telephone number and the service tag number of my PC. Lo & behold, when I gave them my information, the computer, was not registered in my name, therefore they could not provide me technical support. They then transferred me to customer service. When I discussed the issue at hand, I requested that the computer system service tag number be registered under my name. I provided them the necessary information and they told me that they would proceed with the registration of the computer service tag under my name which would take from a couple of weeks to over a month.

Today, December 15, 2008, I once again contacted technical support for assistance on a monitor issue. Once again, they followed the same old procedure about my personal information and the service tag number. Guess what? The service tag number was still not registered under my name. To top it all, my 1-year warranty had expired, therefore, I had to pay C$50+ in order to avail of the technical support. Then, they again transferred me to customer service. They told me the same thing plus even mentioned that I should look it up in the Dell website if I wanted to know about the service terms & conditions. From the time that technical support mentioned that they could not provide me the service I asked for up to the time I was transferred to customer service, I was giving them a piece of my mind.

Having said all of the above, it is wishful thinking that this would move others to patronize other better computer brands such as Hewlett Packard, Acer or iMac. Better yet, a nice suggestion would be to do your homework & research (e.g., on the internet, from other users, etc.) on what brands have good reviews, customer service, customer support, etc. Perhaps, even assembling your own PC will be appropriate if you have the time, skill, knowledge & resources. Hopefully, this account will spare others from going through the Dell Hell ordeal!

Best regards & have a truly great day ahead of you!

  • Bj
    BJOHNSON Feb 02, 2009

    How I wish I'd read the posted comments before obtaining a Dell product. In my experience, he poor agents in India or elsewhere assured me that the problem would be addressed, but there the service ends. My laptop was held in a Toronto tech co. for 10 days. It was returned unrepaired, although I did receive almost daily calls soliciting an extended warranty. Despite the product being under warranty, the "hidden" crack on the LCD was not covered. It was working before boarding a plane, handled carefully enroute and magically was not fully operational afterwards. The e-mails, phone calls, lack of communication between departments, staff...I've a voice mails, e-mails from Dell repesentatives, but responses in either form were not returned. Suggestion:buy another brand!

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  • Ha
    habs Dec 03, 2009

    After two weeks of running around trying to get some answers from Dell concerning the status of my order today after waiting over 15 minites on hold I was told order is backorder and won't be shipped for 6 weeks. The good news about this is that I got to cancell my order and will not have to deal with this company that have no clue how to treat their customers.

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  • St
    studmuffin589 Dec 03, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yeah, I totally agree to what all of you have been saying regarding Dell Canada's poor customer service and technical support. I solidly recommend that everyone avoid this company like the plague and take their business elsewhere!

    I placed my order over a month ago and it still hasn't arrived. They never responded at all to two separate emails that I sent. And when I phoned last week, they couldn't tell me at all when the item was actually going to ship. This company has no idea at all how to properly treat customers, and they have gone steadily downhill over the past year. Well, the good news is that today I finally cancelled my order. Never again Dell, never again. You have lost my business for good.

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  • Ad
    Admin2011 Jan 07, 2011

    Yes, I agree, their costumer service stinks! Even the paid services are badly rendered. Before you start on the phone, they say that at the end they will send you a servey formula and were asking me to gine them a "good word". But if the communication turns sour they never send you the servey formula. Since their remote customer services have gone to Tunisia, it's hell. It was better from the Philippines.
    I agree 100%. Just today, I called them in Tunisia for a simple problem, and nobody could fix it, even after taking charge of my PC.

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Resolved rebate scam

A dear friend recommended I purchase a dell computer. In December I purchased an inspiron 1721 laptop. I only had dial up service available so a laptop would let me do large downloads with wi fi. There were the usual start up problems with service packs destroying the operating system but the tech support got me through this (and the problem was with Word Perfect and Vista) and it works moderately well. But a perfect storm was brewing.

Fiber optics were finally coming to our road. My phone co chose to discontinue our local phone service unless we purchased a very expensive service. We shopped alternatives and contracted for local service and a high speed connection. These work well but we were under a deadline for changing our local service. No longer is it a flipping of a switch for fiber optics had to be installed. Could they hurry and complete the fiber work before the other company pulled the switch? Fortunately they could, and did with a crew that came from 400 miles away. Dummy here dropped my dial up ISP before they sent me my rebate and gift certificate�this also changed my email address under which I purchased and registered the computer.

I had purchased the laptop with a promised rebate and a gift certificate for registering and when they did not come I called (probably in early February) and was told it was too late to find out about the rebate and gift certificate. My request simply hit a dead end in customer care and I could not speak with a supervisor.

In July 2008 I heard about this web site and wrote to dell that they cheated me and before I make my complaint I felt they should have an opportunity to reply, they did. Same answer, �we can do nothing�.

I am free at last as the computer is paid for and dell financial cannot play �gotcha� with a �deferred finance charge� so I will freely tell one and all that If Dell wants to give you a rebate simply tell them �no thanks, just drop the sales price by that much. They cheated me and I will never buy from them again.

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Resolved bad laptop

I purchased an Inspiron 1501 laptop from Dell in June 2007. When I was on dell.com website I upgraded the...

Resolved battery replacement policy and cost

I previously posted a complaint with respect to Dell's limited 1 year warranty on its battery. I took...

Resolved late fees charges while auto debting my checking accout - 39.50 a month

I set up auto debit using the default options on DFS website. Big mistake! They use a third party to "collect" the money which insures the payment to arrive two or three days later. So if you set up your payment on the Due date that is the default, hang on for a ride with Jesse James! At least Jesse was honest about, he wore a mask and you knew what was coming. DFS while auto debiting my checking account every month for a $100.00 payment was at the same time charging me a late fee of 39.50 each and every month. Once I saw what was going on, I finally got DFS to reveal the principal owed on the loan (28% interest- the godfather would charge less!) and I paid that off, so technically they never got the money they took upon themselves to add to my account. These people have no morals. Dell makes more profit from selling cheap pc's then robbing them on the loans. DFS lost a $17 million class action lawsuit and they still keep on patting you on the back while sticknig a bowie knife in your gut. I hate Dell, I hate Dell Financial Services! I went and bought an HP desktop and a Gateway laptop. Dell can go jump in a lake!

  • dell is blood sucking from hell. i brougth a laptop from dell $1020.00
    3 yrs. ago. now i own dell $1460.00 how can that be?
    i 've been charged for late fee on almost every payment.
    my due date is on 26 each mont and i sent payment on 23.
    i do not known how can it be late . can anyone explain that to me?
    no more dell

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  • Ga
    gametaker101 Mar 26, 2010

    i just got charged 300.81 that was taken from my account..no acknowledgment on the payment and i still have to pay rent.. how can i stop this from happening...my payments are at the 1st of the month not the 26th of the month...this has happened many times to me in the last 6 months since i got my computer...what the hell.

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  • Mi
    Mike Hoyman May 02, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just found out that I have been charged late payments for 2 years of 35.00 dollars because I never looked at the bill with electronic payments! They never sent a letter that i was late. But it gets better. I signed up for automatic payments to pay on my due date. They took the payment and still changed me a late payment. How is this legal?

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Resolved dell refuses to service new peripherals

Dell sold me a 2GB memory upgrade for 20 month old laptop. My laptop warranty ended after 12 months, but the salesperson at Dell assured me they would help me with the memory if there was a problem.

The system only recognized half the memory and when I contacted Dell, they refused to provide service or technical information unless I purchased a new service contract for my laptop.

I went through six different calls, each time I called, the sales person or the customer service person said the technical people would help with newly purchased memory, then they would transfer me to technical support. Then the support person said they would not help unless I purchased a new service contract.

Dell says they will not provide any service for any new peripheral bought if it is used for an out of warranty computer.

poor service incompetent techs

What a crock! First a customer service person sells me a new printer, when I really wanted ink. Then when the printer arrives it doesn't have the necessary features. I return that printer and suffer more than ten hours of technical help time trying to make the old printer work properly again.

Techs drop my call, they don't call back as promised. I forced to pay for help like its a black mail racket. I feel that the company is incompetent to handle the service issues customers present.

I hope that manufacturers of computers become more responsible for hiring enough people to solve problems without hours of wait time.

  • V
    v Nov 28, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    this whole system of computer scams suck

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Resolved bad customer service

Upon my return from the Middle East, I bought a new Dell Computer and printer. Later, I ordered four computer ink cartridges from Dell and paid almost $100 for them. Several months later when I needed to replace an empty cartridge, I discovered that two of the ink cartridges contained no ink whatsoever.

October 31, 2008: I called Dell to have the defective cartridges replaced and was told I had to buy two new ink cartridges and was told that Customer Service would credit my charge card for the defective / empty ones.

When my call was finally transferred to Customer Service, I was told, Sorry, our replacement policy for product defects is good for only 21 days after the original purchase.

I asked to speak to a Manager and was placed on hold in excess of one hour. I finally gave up.

Dells quality control and Customer Service is extremely ineffective and very, very poor. I expected better of Dell.

  • Pe
    Peter Nov 20, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    In reply to your aticle, on the 5th November 2008, I ordered a Dell Studio 17 laptop and case total price 650GBP. On Monday the 10th November I received a call from the account manager (lets call him Mohammed) who dealt with my sale telling me that the laptop was on it's way and the couier would be in touch, when I checked my order status on the Dell website it said my estimated delivery date was the 24th November.

    I called Mohammed on th 17th of November only to get through to his voice mail, I left a message for him to call me regarding my order, I did not get a call back. So I emailed him, still no reply.

    Today (20th November) I get an automated email from Dell telling me my order has been put back until the 2nd December due to a shortage of parts.

    So, this morning, I spent almost two hours trying to speak to someone in an Indian call centre to ask why my order had been put back, I was passed from reception to reception I spoke to six different people who did not seem interested in my call and just kept quoting my extended delivery date.

    I even left Mohammed three voice mails, I was told he will take between four and six hours to reply, thirteen hours later still no reply.

    When I asked if I can cancel my order the person I spoke to said I would have to speak to the person that took my order (Mohammed), guess what, they put me through to his voice mail.
    By this time I was so angry, I asked to be put through to a manager in the UK, I was told this is not possible, I asked to speak to a manager in the call centre, I was told none were available.

    So Dell have had my 650GBP since the 5th November and I have no laptop.

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  • Jo
    Johntkr May 24, 2009

    I tried to cancel my XPS Desktop order within 24 hrs. and Dell refused to cancel my order. I complained to the Better Business Bureau. If every person who has been wronged by Dell complains to the Better Business Bureau, more is likely to be done about it. Here is the link to file a complain about Dell:

    Dell may charge a 15% restocking fee plus shipping for orders you try to cancel.

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Resolved useless warranty

Warranty has been useless for me... Beware that battery warranty is only 1 year, despite purchasing 3 yr warranty. Customer service waits for warranty to elapse before they return complaint calls. Computer keys failed within 2 months, battery within 4 months, they have not yet replaced item stating that machines are only replaced within the first month. 3 xps dell computers in my family, all three developed problems in the first few months. I do not recommend to buy Dell Laptops.

  • Kc
    kcpd2050 Mar 09, 2010

    I have a dell xps 1640 laptop. Just over a year old. The battery will not charge and the computer gives an "ac adapter not recognized" . I purchased a brand new Dell adapter for my laptop only to get the same message. So I basically have a laptop that is not portable. It will work when plugged into the wall. This is all over the internet. 1000 of customers have the same problem. My laptop is on a 3 year warranty so I sent an email to Dell. I got an automated response that they are working on the problem however they have never got back to me. I'm not looking forward to calling Dell because I'm anticipating a lot of useless questions from a tech that knows less about computers than me. Dell knows they are putting out a defective item but continue to do it which I feel is criminal.

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Resolved customer service sucks

I purchased a Dell Inspiron desktop. I couldn't get a monitor to work with it and chatted to support people online who informed me that they could "definitely" help, then after half an hour or so said it was outside their "service domain." They gave me an 800 number, which I called, waited for a rep, was disconnected. Spoke to a rep, who took down my details and put me on hold, when I was once again disconnected. As the rep didn't call me back, I tried to call him back, but none of the other reps could connect me to him. A new rep took down my details from scratch (after being rather rude). Then he informed me that I had the wrong number and gave me another number. I called another 800 number that this rep gave me. Then I spend 1.5 hours on the phone with another rep who was unable to solve my problems. The rep told me on several occasions to go online so he could remotely connect to my computer. This was dumb advice as my monitor would not even work, so how was I meant to connect to the web-site he gave me. I explained this to him. After several more minutes of him figuring out how to solve the problem, he gave me the same advice! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh. Dell may have nice advertising, but their customer support sucks. I will never purchase a Dell again.

dell returns policies and people

I have bought 5 or 6 computers from Dell over the past 15 years or so. Generally thought they were competent people and that the products were a good value. Until now.

My 3 and a half year old Dell Dimension 8400 had the hard drive fail. Called Dell. They figured out what I needed and sent it - but it was the wrong kind of drive. I had to order another one and wait for delivery. I was unable to use my computer for nearly a month before getting it up and running again. (There were also major problems with their supplied 'recovery' disks.)

In the meantime - their process for returning the hard drive that THEY sent that was wrong was needlessly complicated. They failed to do what they said they would do and now won't refund the cost to me nor accept the return at all. Their policies won't allow them - said the 'customer service' person.

I will NEVER buy another product from them. I will NEVER recommend them to family or friends.

  • Mi
    Mindee Jan 29, 2009

    Dell is by far the WORST Company to work with or deal with. Their customer service (if that is what you could call it) is HORRIBLE!! If you aren’t on hold then you are being transferred from person to person none of which you could understand. No one seems competent enough to answer even the simplest of questions. When initially ordering the system the lady spoke so fast that when it arrived we some how had much more installed on the computer and more upgrades than we had wanted or than we had ordered. This in turn turned our bill from a little over seven hundred dollars to double that. When trying to rectify this situation we were told that it was too late to change it as we had already received it. Since then this company has been nothing but a hassle. We have paid this system off almost two times due to their interest and other fees and adjustments. Not to mention the fact that these computers are slow pieces of junk!! If you are someone who is looking to buy a computer and are reading this save yourself the time and hassle and go to a local store where you can see and trust what you are purchasing!! I guarantee that the system will be much better and you wont be paying out of your a** for a piece of junk!! Not to mention you will save yourself a lot of headache and hassle without having to deal with their incompetent workers such as a Mr. Brian Tyler, who seems to be so dissatisfied with life that he unfortunately takes it out on customers. Not to mention calling you at your place of employment daily and harassing you!! To make this already long story short Dell is by far the worst company, with the worst products, worst 'customer service', and I hope that by writing this that we have saved someone like us a lot of hassle!!! DONT BUY FROM DELL!!!

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bad business

I ordered a Dell Laptop and a wireless mouse. Dell sent out the wireless mouse right away. I got my laptop about 6 weeks later. The laptop didn't do what it was suppose to do. I sent the laptop and the mouse back. They gave me credit for the laptop but would not give me credit for the mouse. Now without the laptop I didn;t need a wireless mouse. Dell said I ordered it I had to pay for it, because I had the mouse to long. Well my thoughts are i didn't need them to drop ship the mouse with out the laptop, but they did. So I have refused to pay for the mouse or to do business with Dell every again. I have a Dell desk top and have enjoyed it. But I refuse to do business with a company to practise bad business practices. Dell is a big Company I can't believe I got treated this way.

  • Wi
    william dewalt May 27, 2009

    Dell, Inc and the world class customer service they still fail to deliver to you the consumer

    This weekend, May 23, 2009, I went to www.dell.com and purchased my wife a new Studio 15” laptop. The total after all of the specials for the holiday came to 1948.00 less shipping and handling which I charged to my Dell Preferred account. By the time my wife finally decided on all of the specifications of the computer I felt good that she purchased a robust machine to fit her needs.

    Memorial Day, May 25, 2009, I receive a phone call from Dell Customer Support (ironic name for what they actually do) and was informed that my original order had been cancelled in full because I failed to call Dell Financial and approve the amount being charged to my account. This phone call was due to a newly implemented security measure to protect my Dell Preferred account from fraudulent charges, which tells me recently Dell has received a large number of charge backs. To correct this, the analyst who called me offered to re-submit my order and would transfer me to Dell Financial services, and would also reduce the overall charge on the unit to 1780.00 less shipping and taxes. So I agreed to this and spoke with Dell Financial to approve the amount of 1780.00 less shipping and taxes.

    Today due to my misplaced trust in large organizations I checked to make sure I was being charged the appropriate amount I agreed to. When I went to my account page I found that I was not being charged the amount I had agreed to, but instead the amount of the first order which I was told had been cancelled entirely. While at work I began my ordeal of talking to outsourced customer service and Dell financial representatives who keep telling me that in less than 24 hours on a holiday weekend my unit had already been put into production and could not be cancelled. This was of course after talking for nearly 7 hours to 27 different people 5 of which were managers. The story changed from one person to the next from the first order was what I would be charged to all my orders were cancelled and no money was charged to me. The only way I could get to resolve this was to reject the shipment and wait 31 days for the amount to be refunded in which time of course I would have one payment due, or they could ship me in the next 7-10 days the form to open a fraud investigation into their own company. The latter seemed ridiculous since the unit would arrive and have to be rejected in this time also.
    I just found it a hard pill to swallow that in a company the size of Dell I couldn’t find one person that could fix the price I was being charged in error to satisfy a customer who has spent a lot of money for a home user and upcoming IT professional. I did take it upon myself to find the company directory, so for everyone looking for it try www.jigsaw.com and do a search of Dell. I called myself and left messages for Peter Botelho, Vice President of Credit (512-728-5561) and I think his assistant along with Eric Sommer, Director of Finance Dell Relationship Services (512-723-9981). If need be I will start calling all of Dells Vice Presidents and move to their C level executives until someone fixes the charge on my account or cancels it so I can finally move to Apple, who would have fixed this issue in one phone call.

    I also filed my complaints with the Better Business Bureau and the Texas State Attorney’s office over the fact that Dell can protect me from fraudulent charges while in turn making fraudulent charges to my account. Looking at it why would I worry about someone unknown person charging items on my account when the company itself will make sure I pay for items I had not purchased or approved. I also wonder being an IT professional how secure my information with Dell REALLY is if they can make such a large mistake and not take ownership to correct it. I would be willing to bet that any novice hacker out there could within a week email me with my own information they got from Dell with little to no problem at all. My decision to go Mac has now been solidified and may as an individual pose no problem to Dell, but looking through the web I have found thousands and hundreds of posts from people just like me who no longer want to be a customer of a company with such horrendous business practices and tactics.
    Just for you to enjoy check some of these links out:

    www.jigsaw.com (don’t listen to support call the people who can fix your stuff)



    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szeNXCHrwTg (interesting video wouldn’t need these folks if you truly delivered a great product)



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soldused computer for new

I purchased a New Dell Inspiron 1721 from Aarons (appox 236.00 mo. for 12 months) in Febuary 2008. I got the computer home, wrong charger and files on the computer from Oct 1977. A movie was in the drive. I went back to the store and the manager refused to refund my money (he has since been fired), refused to give credit for used and refused to give me a new computer in the box).
I have honored the contract with promises monthly for them to either give me some kind of credit or replace the computer.Now I have 2 1/2 payments at 230.00 before it is paid off. I have had problems with it from day one and I am very unhappy that a Company would cheat the public like this. I have honored my agreement and everymonth, I take them at their word that they will fix this problem, but they never do. I will never reccomend this company, nor will I purchase another thing from them. If there is a class action for this deceptive trade, I want to show my computer and records as evidence.

Resolved do not buy dell computers

I bought a Dell computer in April of 2008. Shortly there after I encountered many problems with the machine. The fan was making an awful noise. I called Dell and they promptly came out to my place of business and replaced the fan.

Two weeks later this new fan started making the same noise. They came out and replced the fan AND the motherboard. A week later the new fan started making noise. Noises that sounded like a drill from the dentist - loud! I had to lock the laptop in the bathroom while I met with customers!

In the midst of all of this, my computer stopped hybernating and the only way it would shut down is to hold the power button down. I called again and at this point (they tried to resolve the hybernating problem and was told they couldn't fix it), to my insistance, said that they would replace the lemon computer that I have. This was at the end of AUGUST.

I was promised many times that this new computer would be received the first few days in September. Then I was told the 8th of September, then 2-3 Business days more times then I can count. I have been given a 'special' number to call but no one has ever given me a call back when I have called.

I got a call sometimes, and then, nothing for over a week's time. I was given an order # and then was told it was canceled because of how long it has been. I got a new order number [protected] and when I called their automated number said it was already delivered... December of 2004!!!

This special extension I was given, I was told if you call that number that someone calls you back within "1-2 hours" but like I said previously, to date, I have never received a call back.

I run a business and also take classes at a local University. And this doesn't account for any personal time that I use my laptop for. All I have ever asked from Dell is a computer that works. I have repeatedly been promised this replacement computer and constantly been lied to. They already have my money so I have no recourse in which to get what was promised to me and what was covered under warantee.

I called Dell on 10/1 to find out the status since my promised call of 9/30 never happened. I was on the phone for 2 hours, transfered 5 times and, after talking with a supervisor was HUNG UP ON. (This is not a new phenomenon, I have been hung up on 4 or 5 times now since this process started...I just now started to keep record of it.)

After a complaint to the BBB, the next night I had an email and voice mail on my home phone from an "Arun" at a new extension. I left a voice mail.

I received a call back 10/3 at my business where Arun proceeded to tell me that I would get my computer whenever it shipped. That is EXACTLY what I have been told since this process started!!! I was first promised a new computer at the end of AUGUST and it is now October!! He was rude and told me that I could not speak to anyone else, not a supervisor.

I was told that it was scheduled to ship on September 29th. The parts are backordered and he doesn't know when they will come in!!! And this is their resolution center??? I have NEVER in my life had such a horrible customer service experience.

The hours (I roughly counted them up, well over 30 hours worth) I have spent on trying to get a working computer could have easily paid for a replacement computer. Dell's employee Arun, who is supposedly a "Executive Support Resolver" told me nothing more then the lies I have been told up until this point by other Dell agents.

It is now October 14th, I have NO working computer and no one has contacted me since from Dell. They have my money and I have a computer that is nothing more then a paperweight at this point.

Please, do yourself a HUGE favor and countless hours of agony... buy a Toshiba, buy a HP, buy a Gateway... whatever, just don't buy a Dell.

  • To
    tomcork Mar 23, 2009

    Dell is dishonest and considering the economy they should not be able to fleece us this way! I've found a movement against Dell on several sites. The best site is getsatisfaction.com because I think so many are outrage about a design flaw in a Dell laptop component that there may be some type of class action.

    When enough people learn that they spent $$$ and bought new Dell products to replace components Dell KNEW had 'serious design flaws'... Dell will be required to notify affected customers and do a recall. I'm sure it will make significant news as the number of systems Dell has implemented this dirty trick on is very large!

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Resolved fraud and scam

What a disappointment. My dell battery now needs to be completely replaced after a mere 13 months of service. Even worse, the battery stopped providing reliable power without being plugged in only a couple months in to owning my computer. It'll now cost me about $150 to replace this piece of crap with another one just like it. If actually want a halfway DECENT batter, it's going to run me $300.

To anyone thinking about purchasing a middle-of-the-road model Dell laptop, I'd advise you to do your research on what batter you're getting and insist it come with a proven performer that won't crap out after a year like mine did.

  • Ef
    effue Feb 01, 2009

    I have two dells and the same thing happened to both computers. 13 months and both batteries went dead and then a funny thing happened all of a sudden one of the laptop batteries started working normal fro 2 months ... perfectly normal. Batteries don't fix themselves when they go bad they go bad and that's it. The only thing I had done to the computer was run a registry repair wizard due to I was having some problems with the computer and all was good. that is until restored my hard drive last night and now all of a sudden after the battery working normal again the battery is amazingly bad ... this is ### !! Dell is running a scam and should be sued for fraud!!!

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  • Ti
    tiredofdellbs Feb 12, 2009

    I have an Inspiron and the same occured with me (within 3 months after purchase, the battery wouldn't hold a charge). I could have called but I've had enough experience with Dell customer service to know what a nightmare it would be so I just plug it into the wall every time I use it. What a shame. I once swore by Dell but their customer service has really gone to the dogs. I'll never purchase anything from them again.

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  • Vi
    VickiC May 19, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I recently bought a Dell Mini 1012 and now I'm worried that I bought a piece of garbage! Just waiting for the battery to die!

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  • Br
    Brad-the-hungerer Dec 22, 2010

    I've had my laptop for just over 4 months and my battery suddenly went to the gutter. It had been working just fine managing to power my laptop for about 2 hours and then one day a message popped up saying I needed to buy a new battery from Dell. The life of the battery instantly dropped to about 15 minutes and now will not charge over 23%. My mom has had her Dell laptop for 4 to 5 years and it has never had a problem like this, perhaps she bought her laptop early enough she missed the scam.

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  • Ve
    vegan4life Apr 16, 2011
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    Verified customer

    Dell is running a battery scam and it's too bad. My Dell was an awesome computer until the msg popped up telling me to go to dell and buy a new battery. Now it doesn't hold a charge, and I'm looking to buy a new laptop. I tried buying a new battery but it only lasted 2 weeks and the same thing happened. Never again a Dell. |They got greedy and tried to get an extra 100$ out of all their clients. Now they're losing out on the 1000$ I'm about to spend.

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  • Si
    Sidney van kerckhove Mar 30, 2016
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    Verified customer

    Dell inspiron 1750, same thing, broken only months after warranty! I 'm shure it's a scam

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Resolved terrible experience

Dell has ruined my twin granddaughters 10th birthday. Ordered 2 computers on 8/24 with anticipated 9/8 delivery date. One computer arrived on 9/6 and the second is on terminal backorder. Meanwhile they have collected the monies for both!

My daughter's entire household are MACs and now I know why. It would be nice if customer care/service understood why they are called that. Perhaps they should rename themselves to Dell Care!

Do Not Purchase Dell Computers.

  • Ga
    Gary Oct 20, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Dell was found guilty on May 27, 2008 of fraud, false advertising, deceptive business practices and abusive debt collection practices in a case brought by the New York attorney general.
    The Albany County Supreme Court found that Dell deprived customers of technical support that they bought or were eligible for under warranty in several ways, including by requiring people to wait for very long times on the phone, repeatedly transferring their calls and frequently disconnecting their calls.

    Dell also often failed to provide onsite repairs for customers who bought contracts for such support and often blamed software when hardware was actually the problem, the court found. The company also sometimes refused to offer support when a support contract ended, even though the user had first complained about a problem before the end of the contract. Subscribers to a "next-day" repair service sometimes waited as long as a year for support, the court found.

    Dell and affiliate Dell Financial Services also advertised special no-interest financing, but denied almost everyone those terms. It often sold customers products without informing them that they didn't qualify for the special financing terms and then charged them interest rates as high as 30 percent, the court said.

    Dell and DFS also often incorrectly billed people for cancelled orders and for accounts they didn't authorize. The companies then harassed the people for payment, using illegal billing and collection practices, the court said.

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Resolved bad service

I purchased a laptop computer and financed it through a business account with Dell Financial Services. In...