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To whom It May Concern,

I have family coming into town for a reunion and I put them up at the Days Inn in Fayetteville

Arkansas. I went to the property to pay for the room. Upon looking at the property I noticed a lot of junk on the ground. Trailers, old Days Inn sign all of which was near pool. There was a lot of pot holes in the parking lot and not well maintained. I noticed the lobby had constructions mats all over the place and it was not tidy. The counter person who waited on me was disgusting. His pants were so tight he kept grabbing himself to, I guess to adjust. I was very dissatisfied with the hotel, but all other hotels in area were booked and had to stay within my budget. I work for a reputable company and I would never put a guest at that hotel until it is cleaned up. I'm so angry that my mother who is 81 and my brother have to stay there. I would request a refund!


Lisa Cerreta

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May 15, 2019
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  • Ti
      15th of May, 2019

    If you cannot afford to stay in the hotel then don't. Maybe you could have stayed with family. That is if they are willing to put up with you. OR you could tell your family that you cannot make it to the reunion. I am sure that would delight them as they do not have to put up with you. You had no isu staying at the hotel you should have no issue paying for the stay. IF you cannot afford a hotel room you can sleep in a cardboard box or bus shelter. IF you cannot afford to pay for a hotel room for your mother and brother they could stay with you. This is a hotel room, not a bus shelter. You want to spend the night there you pay for it. Do not go around making up lies to get a refund because you cannot afford to stay there.

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  • 4t
      15th of May, 2019

    @timpar People always come up with BS excuses to get freebies. Scammers.

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