Days Innunauthorized card charges


I was charged for 152.00 on my master Card without being called about it. In July I stayed at the hotel and apparently a reservation was made. I no longer travel to BC for health reasons and did not realize that there was a room booked for september. I think proper customer service from that Hotel would of been a call to remind me of the reservation. I appears the manager of that hotel long with corporate office is more concerned about money and not customer satisfaction. I have stayed at super 8 hotels for most of my 14 yrs of work and have always been reminded of my reservations. I will NEVER stay with this chain again.
never did they ever say that there would be a charge if i did not show up. Very poor service. If ran my business like that i wouldn't be around for very long.
I am hoping that I see some sort of refund on my card

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