Days Innstay at days inn and workers

I Sep 16, 2018

We stayed two nights at the Days Inn In Nashville Tn...2460 Music Valley Drive.
When we arrived at the motel..we stood at the counter, no other people in the office, for awhile then a guy walked out with head set on his head talking on his was not a business call, he was talking in his language, which we could not understand, was not English, and we had eye contact two times and he continued to talk. Then he walked up to the counter asking if we needed help. We said we are wondering cost of a room for two nights again, we had to wait for his reply due to he started talking on his head set again. Never excused himself nor said one moment please. We stayed one night, following morning we were going downstairs for breakfast and three employees, one female and two males were standing three doors down in the hallway and the gal asked if we wanted the room husband said yes but we are going for breakfast and we will be back then u can clean our room. She said ok. We were gone the entire day, returned in the evening to find out our room was NOT cleaned for freshened up...sigh. I went to the counter and a very nice young guy was there. I explained to him what happened and he said that is normal. I asked if I could have a pc of paper to write down for manager, he was kind and sad, it will do no good to complain because he will do nothing about it. He talks to the help and three days later the same problems. I said well if a customer wrote it I am sur he will do something...the guy said no he wont, it has happened too many times. This is so sad. Then when we pulled back the comforter.. between it and the top sheet was a candy bar wrapper...…..
I also noticed the table in the eating area was so flirty and dusty we decided not to eat there. I did email Vince Patal general manager once we got home and guess what..he does NOT care we never heard a word from him. I did email you and the last email we heard nothing. What is going on?
Hope someone will get with us

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    days inn has not replied they care???

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