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I found a great dress for my wedding coming up this August. I bought the dress in March. The dress came in quite quickly and I recieved an email that it was in the store and I should come pick it up. I had the impression from everyone else that had went to David's Bridal that they hold your dress until you're ready for the wedding, that they would hold it until alterations, etc.. I called 3 times confirming that and they told me each time that yes they hold the dress, I do not take it home until the wedding. So yesterday I get a call from David's Bridal saying I better come pick up my dress within the week or they will be voiding the sale and sending my dress back. They apparently have no room to hold my dress anymore and acted like I shouldn't have left it there so long as it had been there since March. Fine if they don't have room, it's inconvienent and I don't want to have to haul the dress home and hope my fiance doesn't see it but I will. What I couldn't believe is that they threatened to send this dress back and void the sale. I paid for the dress in full back in March. How can they just go and send it back? What if I was on vacation or out of town and I get back and find this message that my dress has been returned? what? makes no sense to me. They also hung up on my fiance when he called them inquiring about it as I was too upset to talk to them. I decided not to get my alterations done by them. When I went to cancel my appointment they didn't even have record of it. Don't go to this store location.. they can't be trusted, their management doesn't call you back, they hang up on you, and they all tell you different things each time you call them.


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    Shakira Jul 05, 2008
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    Every single person (including managers) my bridesmaids and I dealt with at different David's Bridals treated us rudely. Throughout every disaster the staff created for us, we tried to be as understanding as possible, but even though we dealt with over 10 issues along the way, never once did any staff member apologize for anything. At every chance they had, they would immediately imply we were to blame for anything that went wrong and that we shouldn't be upset at them anyway, since things eventually would get fixed. Of course, not everything was fizzed. My sisters lost a lot of money leaving work early several days in order to take the train from New York City all the way to Long Island for final fittings they continued to schedule but not be able to do because they hadn't even touched their dresses. Then the staff implied they were lying about getting off from their jobs early by saying "that's a strange job you must have if you had to get off from work early when it's 7PM now" (they actually do work until 7PM every day). One of my bridesmaids who's in another state received a sash a different color than what she had ordered and was told (two weeks before the wedding) that it would take another month for them to be able to get her the one that was the right color. I went to pick up my wedding dress (which only needed to be steamed and pressed) and, of course, it wasn't ready on time and had to come the next day for it. While I was there waiting, there was another bride who was really upset because she had a destination wedding in two days and her dress was not ready yet, even though they had promised her it would be. The stories just go on. I could write a book just on all the different things that happened. TRUST ME, NOW MATTER HOW CONVENIENT IT MAY SEEM, DAVID'S BRIDAL IS NOT WORTH GOING TO. Everyone mistreats you and you don't really get your money's worth.

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    jessica Apr 17, 2009

    I will NEVER refer anyone to david's bridal after everything that my mother is currently going through.

    my brother is getting married next month and my mother purchased a dress about 3-4 weeks ago. We were given a date of when the dress would be in, and decided to call a week ahead to see if maybe the dress came in early. That was when i found out that there was no dress under my mom's name or phone number. but that there was a dress under the name of the bride's mother. we come to find out my mother's dress was under someone elses name. No big deal right?

    Well, then my mom receives the dress, only to find out its in two different sizes. the jacket is her size, the dress is 2 sizes too big. the store claims they will have the "right dress" in time for the wedding, but at this point my mom is already searching for a back up. I called and left a lengthy message to the david's bridal customer service line, and once the new "correct" dress comes in I will be speaking with the manager of the store.

    Orders under the wrong name. Not bothering to inform anyone (even the bride's mother, since the dress was in her name) that the dress had arrived. and two different dress portions.

    I will not be giving david's bridal anymore of my time or money. I suggest if you do business with them that you watch out and pay close attention to what you are ordering and what you are getting.

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    Anonymous May 20, 2009

    They put it under the bride's name because your mother is technically in the wedding party. they do that so they can keep track of all of the brides' business. It really makes no difference whether it's ordered through your mom or through the bride.

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    Anonymous May 21, 2009

    Why the hell would they hold your dress in their store until your wedding? No, you shouldn't have left it there. Anyone with an ounce of common sense would have picked up their gown the moment it came in.

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