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I'm getting married in May of 2009. Saturday July 19, 2009 I went with two of my bridesmaids to try on...


I went to pick up my dress today, 7 days before the wedding and it was a disaster. There were dirt marks, the alterations looked like anybody could have done them... and they were horribly rude to me when I asked about the alterations. I was treated like I had no idea what I was speaking about, when I, myself, am a seamstress. The alterations were sloppy, amateurish and rushed. I would recommend this store to purchase your dress, but DO NOT have your dress altered by David's Bridal.

  • Ho
    Holly Yorrie May 09, 2009

    I had my wedding dress and the 3 bridemaid dresses done at David's and it was a nightmare, We bought the dresses in Sept.The fitting was January 12. They said the dresses would all be ready March 10. On March 10th we went for our fitting and none of the alterations were done. They said they apologize and to come back the following Friday. Yet again that none were completed.Then I was told to come back in 3 weeks. Finally or so I thought the dresses were done. The wedding dress was done but not cleaaned. However none of the bridesmaid dresses were touched. Now it is 2weeks before my wedding and just last night another problem with the alterations happened. The dress with the simplest alteration needs was a disaster. The dress fit her perfect. The only thing that needed to be done was a take in by the breast line. They did not do the take at all and the slip part of the dress was sew to the zipper and they took in the bottom of the dress by 2 sizes. This has resulting in getting whole different dress and still getting alterations. My bridesmaid is so unhappy with dress and at this point there really nothing to do. As it stands only 1 of my 3 girls have a dress. David's still has to do 2. They have had these dresses for 4 months and done next to nothing. Do not let them do alteration!!

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Crappy customer service

It's not just this David's Bridal that's terrible--it's all of them! First, I ordered a dress initially without my measurements being taken. Now the thing doesn't fit. Went to exchange it and got measured... one girl greeted me when I walked in and then asked someone else to measure me and walked away. The girl she asked to measure me replied upon being asked "yeah... I guess so." Completely unenthusiastic. Slammed a pen and paper down to write the measurements. Then went to find me the size which they didn't have so she gave me a different dress to try on. Tried it, told her it fit and she just said "that's good". I said "can't you look to see if there are any in my size somewhere else in the state?" So she did and GAVE ME THE NUMBER TO CALL THE OTHER STORE!!! She didn't even call for me. I had to use my own airtime cell phone minutes!!! I asked if the dress could be shipped to the Danbury store from Manchester to save me the gas money and she said no. Then I called the Orange store to see if it could be shipped there instead and they said that David's Bridal does not ship from store to store. WHAT?! So now I have to drive 45 minutes there and 45 minutes back because the idiot that initially helped me in Danvers, Massachusetts didn't take my measurements? And the worst part about it is that David's Bridal doesn't even have a main contact line/email address to field complaints/handle customer service. BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD Business! If it comes down to me having to buy dresses from David's Bridal for my wedding I'd much rather have everyone go NUDE!

  • J
    J Sep 27, 2008

    "First, I ordered a dress initially without my measurements being taken. Now the thing doesn't fit."

    What a surprise.. you buy a dress without taking your measurements and it doesn't fit. That's -kind of- the first thing you think about when buying a dress. These dresses are not tailor made to fit each bride. Everyone's body is different. Common protocol is to make an appointment, try on the dress, make notes on where it needs to be altered, and wait for it to come in the mail if it has to be ordered. Then you take it into the store, have alterations fix it, send it off, get it back fixed. The end. It seems that you did things harder than they had to be, and you don't quite understand how to order a dress.

    I haven't had any problems with davids bridal.. and I've had 4 bridesmaids successfully get their dresses back in perfect condition. My wedding gown was also received in perfect condition after alterations. So I don't know what you're talking about.

    I can kind of understand your frustration, but you can't just make a generalization about ALL Davids Bridal boutiques. It's unfair.. because there are some that really do their job well.

    About the unenthusiastic customer service thing... deal with a bunch of b****ing brides all day long and see how enthusiastic you are.

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  • Ma
    Mary Nov 19, 2008

    ANYONE who wears clothes know's that every designer will have their own sizes you maybe 1 size in 1 designer and a totally different size in another!!! it is up to you to make sure the dress fits!!! which you did not do in the store that the dress was ordered the first time and who knows how long you waited to get the right size any store would have a very hard time getting the right size if the time frame is to near the wedding date.. the danbury store did what they could do for you.

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  • An
    Anonymous Apr 08, 2009

    Rarely do businesses ship from store to store. I've worked several retail stores, and only one shipped from store to store, and that's because it was only in Southern California.

    First of all, it *was* your fault that your dress didn't fit because you didn't get measured. Secondly, only alterations people can do measurements, that's their job. I just think it's a little unrealistic to expect sales associates to put on a happy face 24/7. You have no idea what these people go through, people getting mad at them for their own mistakes.

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  • An
    Anonymous Jul 21, 2009

    You're stupid for ordering a dress when you didn't get your measurements taken first. I can't believe how dumb you were to do that. Like, I'm appalled.

    Why would they ship from store to store when they can just ship to your house? And no, you didn't have to drive 45 minutes to the other store, you could have ordered it over the phone and had it shipped to your house, but I take it you probably didn't listen to them during that part.

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  • Ky
    kyy Aug 17, 2009

    Davids Bridal is absolutely the most PATHETIC store I have ever been to. I will NEVER go therer for my wedding. It is run by A BUNCH OF LOW-LIFE DISORGANIZED ### THAT ARE HALF ###ED. I HOPE THE STORE IN SUNRISE FLORIDA BURNS TO THE GROUND. =)

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  • St
    Stop Calling Me Aug 27, 2009

    The service at David's Bridal was pretty good. HOWEVER...I had no idea that they would give out my personal cell phone number and email address to all of their vendors. I have been solicited constantly for makeup, teeth name it. If there was something more I could do about it, I would. Getting married = scams, all across the board.

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  • An
    Anonymous Aug 30, 2009

    Just call them and say that you want to be taken off if their contact list.

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  • Sa
    Sandra Feitosa May 24, 2010

    We ordered a dress and never got it in time .So far they are still looking for the dress that was suposed to be at the store on May 10, 2010.

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  • Ic
    icweddingpro Sep 02, 2010


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  • Th
    ThePinkDrinkRocks Feb 05, 2015

    I went into the Davids Bridal in West Melbourne, FL and had a "consultant" measure me. They did not have my dress in the store in my size, so they offered to order it and promised enough time for alterations. Even the assistant manager told me there would be plenty of time, when the dress came in(which I never received a phone call, saw the email in my SPAM folder) I was then told a different story and that they wouldnt be able to alter the dress they sold me for $1000-SO I had to find a seamstress (through research since this is my wedding dress) Brought my dress and under garments to the seamstress only to be told the dress is a good 2 sizes too small.. Which baffles me seeing their consultant measured me and ordered the correct dress (So I thought)-I have had to fight with store managers and District Manager to find a resolution and are still waiting-I have also made 2 calls to the GM and have not received a return phone call. Bad customer service, consultants that do not know how to measure and employees that lie just to get the sale! I will never recommmend or refer anyone to Davids Bridal!

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Extremely poor customer service

I have bee in the local David's Bridal Store exactly three times and I have to say I will never again...

Horrible service

This was awful!! At first, I thought, "Hmm... David's Bridal has these nice fliers with nice pictures!" Once at the store, NO ONE HELPED ME, and the dressing rooms, for some reason, looked and smelled like a filthy Texaco latrine! Any way, I am five feet, six inches tall, and my friend, who was with me, stands at a mere five feet. After the woman who was supposed to "help" me disappeared to talk on her cell phone, my short little friend had to help me into these billowing wedding dresses! AND THESE DRESSES ARE CRAP! Made of - I can't even explain. So cheaply made, the details are horrendous. It looked and felt like a the kids at the local high school made these dresses in their home economics class. And I am NOT exaggerating. How can they charge $500 - $1800 for such poorly-crafted crap? After trying on about three dresses and feeling completely disgusted, my friend and I high-tailed it out of there, with some of the employees looking completely baffled as to why we were making such a dramatic exit. The next day, I called the store and complained about the ### service. They asked me if I wanted to reschedule or if I wanted a "coupon" and I said no way. Why hasn't this store gone out of business yet?

I finally got my dress at Brides by Demetrios, and my brides-maids' dresses are all from Bill Levkoff. IF you're looking for excellent quality and gorgeous dresses, check out these vendors, and you won't be disappointed.

  • Re
    Rebecca Aug 28, 2008

    I originally went to Davids Bridal for a fitting, because I was ordering on of their online dresses. I noticed that the girl who was doing my measurements did them completely the wrong way. I went elsewhere, and got the correct measurements. If I had followed the sizes she had given me I would have ended up with a dress 2 sizes too big!!!
    I recieved the dress, and the dress was wonderful, I love it, however it was too large around the bust. It is a strapless dress, style BR1000.
    I went in for my alterations appointment, I figured as long as I didn't get the same girl that measured me it couldn't be that bad, right?
    Reyna, the alterations manager, was the person who was supposed to do alterations on my dress. I put it on, and explained that the bust was too big and needed to be taken in, and she repeatedly argued with me that I didn't want it taken in, what I wanted was a bra with more lift.
    She said "I see you, you keep pulling the dress up there." to which I explained "Yes, because it is too big and keep falling down!"
    She had me try on another bra, and still said that what I wanted was lift, and told me she would take the dress in because it wouldn't give me the lift I wanted!!!
    I left, and took my dress to Bridals by Carol in Northampton - and the wonderful lady there had me try it on, and right away knew what I was tlaking about. She walked in and said "Oh, all you need is for the bust to be taken in 2 inches." AND she was by far cheaper than Davids Bridal!
    Skip Davids Bridal, they are just too much of a headache!

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  • Ov
    OverlyDisgusted Aug 12, 2010

    Absolutely horrible service. The David's Bridal [censor]es are nothing but jealoous employees who with they were buying a wedding gown.

    They were rude the first time, gave them another chance, but the rudeness continued. This is the Blasdell, NY store--unbelievable!

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clothing shoes & acc

It is a shame to have to buy a Prom dress without having to purchase shoes or their fake jewelry.

David's bridal is nothing but a scam - I thought it would be my number 1 pick for my wedding dress but I guess the fact that my little girl trying on just "Prom" dresses and the lady next door to us was trying on her wedding dress while her kids were eating mcdonalds in the same dressing room will not be my #1 choice of Bridal stores.

Nothing nothing but a rip off - customer service lacks in every department - this store is located in New York, central Ave, White Plains -

  • An
    Anonymous Apr 08, 2009

    What's your complaint? I don't understand what you're complaint is.

    Of course they have fake jewelry, they're not a jeweler. They don't carry gems, you have to go to a jewelry store to get real jewelry.

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  • Co
    complainerguy Jan 17, 2011

    Consider the add currently running on some TV stations. We have a happy bride posing next to a Rolls Royce then enjoying a reception on the lush, green lawns of a huge mansion. Are we expected to believe that a woman in a $99.00 wedding gown would be allowed even close to a scene like this? I think not. Remember, "The media is the message." You should also note that their website has NO contact information on any page. Don't ever do business with anyone who will not divulge phone numbers, web or email addresses. If the business is legitimate, then they WANT you to get in touch with them. It it's a web-based store, try looking it up at It's a fairly reliable source.
    Caveat Emptor.

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  • An
    Anonymous Feb 06, 2011

    Actually, David's Bridal has several wedding gowns for $99. They're not manufactured at that price, but rather marked down to that price. Each store has different inventory of $99 gowns and sometimes, the warehouse will periodically send stores more $99 gowns they have left in the store. I used to work there, we had all sorts of brides choosing $99 gowns. For some, it's not the price, it's the gown itself. Of course, for others, it's the price and the gown is secondary.

    And if David's Bridal had corporate information on their website, then they'd have hoards of people contacting them without going through their local store first. They want issues to be resolved at the store level first, instead of going to corporate immediately. Rarely are issues unsolvable at the store level; usually, the stores are able to handle and take care of customer service issues.

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I totally agree with the customer service at Davids Bridal. I got my bridal, flowergirl, and bridesmaid dresses from there, which I would never recommend to anyone. I called davids bridal because the color of the bridesmaid desses did not match with the color of the tuxedo vests. They were suppose to be a beige color and ended up being more gold. Although the color of the dresses were suppose to be a beige color. My mom and sister went to go pick up the dresses up and brought them to me. The color was nothing like what they showed me. Now they will not let me exchange them for another dress. They told me there sales are final and couldnt exchange the dress when it was there fault in the first place!!!

  • Ki
    Kim Taylor May 21, 2008

    I agree on the horrible service of David's Bridal. I went to the one in Abilene Tx. I was by myself because my family is serveal hours away, they gave me choices on the gowns but when it came to every thing else they just said this is what goes with the gown. They had to order the gown no problem they said it should come in no later than June 12th no problem, they called me 2 weeks later and said it was in (awesome). When I went to pick it up I had to ask to try it on, glade I did because the gown was to small. They said they were going to reorder the gown in a bigger size, I asked if it would be here in time to heme it and they said if we didn't think so we wouldn't order it. They also said it should only take as long as the first on did but no later than June 23rd. I told them I didn't have untill then I'm getting married begining of July, they said it should be fine. About a month and a half later the gown still isn't even on it's way, so went to return the gown and every thing else but they said all sales are final even though it was THEIR FAULT they ordered the wrong size in the first place. I did get the gown returned finaly cause it was still on order but wouldn't let me return any of the other stuff. I will never shop there again and will not get my brids maid dresses from there either.

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  • Ch
    Charlotte Jun 16, 2008

    I went to Davids Bridal to get a mother of the groom dress. The lady was very helpful but she took a cig. break and had another person help me. When we got to the register and she took my payment it was the wrong price. I told her the dress had a tag that said it was fifty percent off. She looked at the tag and took it off and charged the price she told me the first time. I was desperate for the dress because the first one I bought from someone else I had altered and they screwed it up. I had one week to get a dress and had been to every store trying to find one in time. Will not buy anything else from them ever!!!

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  • Da
    DavidsHater Sep 09, 2008

    I completely agree that David's Bridal is awful. My sister lives in Nebraska, I live in coordinating is not very easy. I had no problem when I picked out my bridesmaid dress. A couple months later (about a month ago from today), I decided that I didn't really like the dress I had purchased and wanted to buy another one. Since the wedding was only one month away, I had to call all of the stores in New England to see if they had a certain style number/color/size in stock. This is when I started having problems. First of all...don't call them because apparently they are doing YOU a favor by looking in their computer system to see if they have the dress. I finally found a store, about an hour away, that had one in stock. I went to purchase it that night. All was good until this past weekend. I went to a local seamstress to have a seam fixed and the zipper broke. The seamstress told me that the dress was cheaply made, and started pointing out all of the crappy craftsmanship. At this point, the wedding is in a week and a half, and since it's in a different state I am shipping the dress to my sister to ensure that it doesn't get lost should the airline decide to lose my luggage. The day the zipper broke, I had to go to david's in Natick, MA to buy a new dress right off the rack. Nobody had that same dress in stock, and it would not be ordered in time for the I needed to purchase a dress right off the rack, that day. When I arrived, the woman at the desk asked if she could help (her name was Molly, by the way). I told her my situation, and that I needed a dress TODAY because the wedding is in less than a week and I need to ship the dress out to Nebraska ASAP. She proceeded to tell me that I could look at the dresses, but because I didn't have an appointment I couldn't try them on. ARE YOU KIDDING ME????? There is NOTHING on their website or in their store that says 'APPOINTMENT REQUIRED'. I told her I would look around and walked away...knowing that I was trying a dress on if she liked it or not. I ended up bringing a bunch of dresses to the fitting rooms and I spoke with another employee, who was slightly more understanding. She let me try them on. I ended up not purchasing a new gown because nothing fit right without alterations, and there just isn't time for that at this point. So now I have to wear the first dress that I purchased. I am not happy at all---they sold me a cheap dress that broke before the wedding, and they were rude. Go figure, my sister called me tonight and said her David's messed up her dress TWICE already. she was supposed to pick it up tonight...and of course it was not altered correctly again. She has to go back on Sunday, and hopefully it's right because the wedding is that following Saturday. And they had the nerve to charge her for the correction!!! She is going to dispute the credit card charge for the correction once she has the dress and it's right.

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  • Gi
    Gimme999 Feb 10, 2009

    Of coarse ALL SALES ARE FINAL! David's is an OFF THE RACK you want to buy a wedding gown that someone has RETURNED! NO...most picky brides don't even want to buy off the rack, let alone buy something that someone RETURNS! I agree 100%...formal wear is ALL SALES ARE FINAL! I would not want to wear something that someone has worn! I dont care who says "I didnt wear it" Blah Blah...people LIE!

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  • Gi
    Gimme999 Feb 10, 2009

    and about the appointments...I agree with that too! How do you expect the store to staff enough people for you to WALK IN whenever the hell you feel like it to try on dresses! If you did not make an appointment, then you have to WAIT! People who make appointments get taken's common sense. Do you just walk in to your doctor's office and expect to be sen in front of those who made appointments???? NO! There staff has to handle those can not go in, rip them off the rack and try them on yourself? What other bridal shop would let you do that??? NONE!!! Being that they are sold off the rack, you are basically tryig on someone's wedding dress. People complain too much!

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Color hassle and rude service

I went with my two bridesmaids to get their dresses at David’s Bridal. They advertise that they can get...

Lady's.. take it for what it's worth

Lady's.. take it for what it's worth. David's Bridal sells cheap wedding dresses. Therefore...

Poor Customer Services

On Thursday 4/10/08 I called to find out if my dress had arrived that was ordered back in 1/08. When I spoke...

terrible customer service

I had my bridesmaids order their dresses from davids bridal because they live all over the country. The first...

Terrible customer service!

My friend and I stopped into our local David's bridal store today to look at weeding dresses for her upcoming wedding. The customer service was absolutely horrible. We are both full figure women, but that doesn't mean that we don't have feeling and a right to look beautiful on her most important day. I will not recommend that store/company to anyone who asks.

  • Me
    Megan Johnston Nov 19, 2007

    Well naturally I am engaged and so excited about planning my wedding and trying gowns on. So the first place I go was David's Bridal because they always have some type of sale going on. I actually did find my dress there so my mother and I ordered it and we were told that when the dress came in in 2 or 3 months that they would contact us. So as weeks passed I became very anxious about getting it in until I could not stand it any longer and called my local store. To my surprise they said the dress had been here in the store for a while. When I asked why I had not been contacted they said they had tried and with today technology I can clearly say they did not call at all. So I just brushed it off and when to get my dress. I was in the store waiting as they searched in the back for my dress. The sales ladies were whispering and pulled another dress off the rack walked to the front of the store after 45 min and said we have a problem. The first time they said my dress was sent but without the extra length I had ordered and just seconds later they said that the wrong dress was sent. They offered the one that they pulled off the rack for me to take as my own which I quickly said "NO" to. Why would I want or pay for a dress that has been on the rack for everyone to try on. The sales ladies contacted their head office and told me it would take another 6 weeks for a dress to come in. Now no way was that going to work I had bridal portraits in 2 weeks which we paid money for a spot and travel arrangements. I left the store furious and trying to contact the person in charge and as usual I got her voicemail after ranting to a machine my local store called and said a dress is being rushed and would be there in one week. I finally got my dress with the extra length but now I needed shoes. I searched everywhere but ended up back at David's Bridal for the shoes I wanted. I searched the store and found no one to help me so I left and unable to find any other shoes on such short notice I went back now they did not have my size and could not order any in time so finally someone found a pair in the back they were dirty and the name in the bottom of the shoe was smeared and disappearing but I had to have them at least for pictures so I asked if I could have a % off and of course they said no but did clean the shoes. Thinking I was finally finished with Daivids Bridal I had gotten my dress dirty at my bridal portraits and needed it clean. So I have taken up there where they say it is gonna take a few months because they are so far behind and I still have more pictures to take so if they can the cleaning lady says she will try to put a rush on it and now I can not get anyone on the phone and when I do they just leave me on hold. So bottom line do not use David's Bridal.

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  • Ci
    Cindi Schneider Mar 22, 2008

    I recently purchased a wedding dress and four bridesmaids dresses on March 17th, 2008. Our store clerk was wonderful (Morgan Miller), however we were to recieve two fifty dollar gift cards on March 17th as a gift for shopping in your store in Bowling Green, Kentucky and the manager said that the computer showed we had already recieved them. My daughter and I do not have these cards and the manager was testy with us both when I repeatedly told her we did not have them. She kept saying that since the computer showed we had them that we must be lying. I am very disappointed with this turn of events because up until this point I was totaly satisfied with everyting about your store.

    Cindi Schneider

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  • Sh
    shannon May 04, 2008

    I spent over 1200.00 for my wedding dress in Davids Bridal in Wayne, NJ. I went back the following day at 7:25 the doors were open and I asked the m anager for a swatch of my brides maid dresses. He was rude and said we are closed and would not help me. I know it seems small but I paid a lot of money in that store and it would of only took them 30 seconds to grab a swatch for me. Good customer service is hard to find especially at Davids Bridal.

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  • Di
    Disappointed Bride Aug 11, 2008

    BRIDES BEWARE - I would NOT recommend David's Bridal in Wayne, NJ. The service was horrible. The staff acts annoyed when you ask a question or need further assistance. I went with my future sister-in-law because her 2 daughters are going to be Flower girls in the wedding. We saw a dress we liked but they didn’t have her size. We asked if they could call the Paramus store to see if they had the size. Well, needless to say, the girl helping us wrote down the item # of the dress & told us to call ourselves. That was just the experience with my flower girls; let’s not even get into my dress hunt at David’s Bridal. Let’s just say they limited me to 5 dresses to try on. Then, the cashier messed up my transaction & my mom, sister & I had to wait over an hour for them to fix it. Then when my mom wanted a drink of water because the store was so hot, they said no. That was it for me, be nasty to me but don’t even go near my mom with that attitude. I have a few more stories but I think just hearing these would make someone think twice about going there. I went there to save money but wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. Pay the extra few dollars and go where the service is better. You will want to remember this experience and if the experience is bad, you'll want to forget it like I do. I have my 2nd fitting at the end of the month & dread walking into that store.

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  • Wo
    Wontshop there Apr 27, 2011

    I was there today too in the Eugene Oregon Store, the service was horrible. I will spend the gas and effort to travel to Portland, and I will not shop at David's Bridal. Where was management, no greeting, no one offered to help. That is too bad because there was a dress I actually considered buying.

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  • Ha
    Happy Groom Mom Sep 02, 2015

    I am the mother of the groom.My experience was not bad at all.Yes you have to make and appointment for which I did to try on dresses.Did not order from the store though.Waited and found a beautiful dress on line and I was shocked to see that the dress came quick.Ordered on a Monday and it came on a Thursday! was so impressed! Not only that but the dress fits perfectly.No alterations needed.Just have to have it pressed because it did come very wrinkled.My son's wedding is November 1st.I ordered the dress in July.Me being a plus size lady was tough to get a dress in a style and color of the wedding, but I lucked out.The only complaint I had was that I had to ask for help in trying on dresses but other than that, I was very pleased with the experience.I did not want to wait till the last minute to get a dress for the wedding.Was giving myself plenty of time for alterations if needed.If I were to get alterations it would definitely not be at David's Bridal.It would be elsewhere.I'm looking to get another dress from them for a special occasion in the future.

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Horrible experience at David's Bridal!

It was my worst shopping experience in years, while this was supposed to be one of the most important things in my life: finding my wedding dress. I went to the David's Bridal store in Bakersfield, CA, after work. I walked in and stood there for 2 minutes until someone approached me. The employee was not friendly or helpful at all. Without any greeting, she had an attitude like “what are you doing here?” She barely talked to me although I tried to express my need in a friendly manner. She threw me a catalog, asked me to fill out a form, and had another girl help me. That girl was more friendly with a smile one her face, but she was impatient to listen to my description of dresses that I would consider. She only heard the first criteria and ignored the rest. Of course, she could not be very helpful to find me “the dress.” She found me 3 dresses that were very similar, while I’d like more variety to choose. She took me and the 3 dresses to the fitting room, asked me to try on, and said she would come back and check on me soon. The dresses did not fit and took me a while to try on each of them. There was not any mirror in the fitting room so I had to walk out of the room to see what it’s like in the mirror. I spent 20 minutes trying on, coming in and out of the fitting room, but she was never back. During that time, I really needed help, but where was my help? When the dresses didn’t fit, I really didn’t feel comfortable walking all over the store to find that girl with my bra showing. I was extremely frustrated w/ their service so I finally changed and left. When I left the store, no one even approached and asked me how I was doing or if I found anything I liked. Since I entered the fitting room, the girl or any other kind of help just seemed to disappear, and I was left alone. For the whole time, I felt like I was not welcome there.

How did that happen? I kept wondering after I got home. I have been very disturbed. The employees seemed pretty friendly and helpful to other customers. They only had an attitude to ME, so it must be something about me, not their general personality or service. Was it because I didn’t make an appointment and just walked in? I don’t think that it could justify their bad service and attitude. They could have had told me that they were occupied by scheduled customers at that time, explained to me professionally, and helped me schedule an appointment, as any decent business would handle it. There was no need to give an attitude. If that wasn’t the reason, what is? Because I went there alone? Why would it be an issue as long as I have money to spend? I dressed better than many customers at the store, so I’m sure that they treated me like that not because they thought I could not afford their stuff. I understand big women sometimes are discriminated, but I am a size 4 so it is not a problem. Plus, people who know me always say that I am the kind of customer that every business (especially fashion) would love to have. Then the only thing I could think of was my ethnicity. I am Asian, and I was the only Asian at the store. I am not sure how much experience they had in serving Asians. Anyway, racism, which is the last thing I’d like to believe, was the only believable guess I could come up with after ruling out many other possibilities. I will never recommend this store to any of my friends, and I will make sure that my experience is known by people. (By the way, I wanted to file a complaint to David’s Bridal’s head quarter because I assumed a successful business like them must care about this kind of issue and would try to improve it. However, my attempt was unsuccessful.)

  • Cl
    CL506 Feb 26, 2008

    To: Girlinshowbiz...

    Wow! Way to pull the race card. Is there a different way that we as employees at David's Bridal are supposed to service Asian people? I don't care what color/ethnicity you are, if I am busy with one or two brides I will not drop everything just because you walked in the door being Asian. Can you really be that self-centered? It is people like you that can't let segregation rest.

    Also, are you completely helpless when you are in the store? Can you not ask questions? We are not there to answer your every beck and call. You need to remember that we have to deal with a lot of negative people, and when you think that you are the only one in the store at that very moment, that is when we hate our jobs.

    Oh, and another thing...knock off the "I'm a Princess" attitude because we are sick of it. You are no more special than the bride before you or that will come after you. You want to know why we are irritated employees? It is because we don't get paid enough to put up with the crap that you and other negative people bring into the store. You want a good experience then have a good attitude and knock off the racial stuff. No one cares that you are Asian and getting married, they just care that you are getting married. Plus, if you want to feel like a "princess" then go to another store where the gowns don't start at $99.

    Good luck with your wedding, I hope that your groom is prepared!

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  • Mi
    michelle caffrey Apr 20, 2008

    I apologize for your experience. I apologize even more for the embarassing behavior of a fellow David's Bridal employee. We do see about 30 Brides a week, but every bride should recieve the same attention. You should attempt to contact Heidi Miller. I'm all the way out on the East Coast in Yonkers, NY, but if you want to contact me at (914)562-7370, my name is my Michelle, and I would be happy to help you resolve your situation.

    0 Votes
  • Ma
    Maria Sep 26, 2008

    Wow...this is terrible- of the girl that left the first comment! I used to work at a david's bridal. Although I do not think it was because of race, it was bad customer service. But to the first comment- maybe you should NOT be working there anymore- I started getting a negative attitude and realized it was time to leave because it wasn't the brides fault it was management and MICRO management by corporate. Obviously first comment girl doesn't commission because of her negative attitude, otherwise you would get paid well! You shouldn't say "WE" for David's Bridal as a whole. It really sucks that David's has such a bad reputation, I do believe they just don't worry so much about the quality of the consultants, but there ARE a few good ones at every store and really it just isn't possible to have all "awesome" employees in any retail situation.

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  • No
    None Apr 24, 2009

    Glad to hear there are people who work at David's Bridal who actually do believe in CUSTOMER SERVICE, unlike the person who left the fisrt comment! Talk about negativity...maybe the customers wouldn't be so negative if there were more people who were positive, and actually made an effort to provide some CUSTOMER SERVICE! Somebody needs to go to training on people skills because obviously, she has NONE!

    BTW, if you hate your job so much because you feel don't get paid enough to put up with other people's crap, then you are definitely in the wrong line of work. You get paid to do a job! If you don't like it, no one has you handcuffed to the store, so make a decision and get out...cut the "I don't get paid enough to deal with other people's crap" crying!

    0 Votes

Wrong size!

My entire wedding day could have been ruined! I went to Davids Bridal last May to pick out my dress. I actually had a pretty good time doing so. I found the perfect dress, and best of all, it FIT perfect too! I was so excited that i did not need to spend extra money on alterations. The only problem with the dress is that there was a black string under the fabric , but my consultant said that she was taking the dress back to the seamstress to remove it. She came out in about 5 mins, and said it was removed. The dress was bagged up and i sent it home with my maid of honor. (I live with my finance, so i didn't want it at my house.) It is now Jan 2008. I was visiting my maid of honor, and she asked if i wanted to see my dress. I said sure, so then i tried it on. I COULDN'T EVEN GET IT ZIPPED!!! There was NO way i gained that much weight in 8 months! I looked at the ticket, thinking... they couldn't have! But i was devastated to see that i had a completely different size then i tried on! What if it was my wedding day!!! Ok, so mistakes happen, i realize that, but instead of getting that little piece of string out of the dress, they just gave me a different dress, WITHOUT TELLING ME!!! AND GRABBED THE WRONG SIZE! We called immediately, but they said the manager was to busy for us, took our #, and said they would call the next day. But guess what? NO CALL. So the day after that i put in a call, and finally got through. The lady (who stated that she traveled for corporate) made me feel like it was my fault by saying, "well maam, the size in on your receipt". WHY WOULD I THINK TO LOOK AT THE SIZE ON THE RECEIPT WHEN I THOUGHT I WAS BUYING THE DRESS I HAD ON MY BODY!!! Not to mention, this store is a hike for me (2hrs). With gas costing 3.15 a gallon, it is gonna cost me another $30-$40 just to go pick it up. This is ridiculous. They should have offered to compensate for that. I wanted to complain to corporate, but they said there isn't a phone #. OK.What happened to customer service? They made a mistake, but pretty much blamed me for it. If i hadn't already had my brides maid gowns made to match, i would have demanded a refund. I have already told everyone i know about the lack of service i got from these people. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS STORE TO MY WORST ENEMY.

  • Br
    Bridal Diva Apr 15, 2008

    So why didn't you check the garment out before you left the store. Mix ups do happen. I am sure that it was not done on purpose. There are alot of wedding gowns in the stores as well as in the Alterations room. And yes, it could have happened.

    You should have inspected to make sure that the thread was gone and checked the size on the tag to make sure.

    Don't blame them for your incompetence and yes you could have gained that much weight in 8 months. Seen it happen.

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  • Kr
    KRISTEN SLOVER May 14, 2008

    i lost wieght not gained! i just had a c-section the lady didnt want to tie the dress 4 me!

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  • Ja
    Jaclyn Jacobs Jun 11, 2008

    So what did you do! I'm dealing with the same sort of problem. They ordered the wrong style of dress for me, and being in the wedding party everyone else has the right dress. when i called the store the manager basically said it was my fault, and could not offer me any sort of compensation for THERE mistake. I am so upset, and appaled at what they think they can get away with that im not only calling there customer service number (which prob. wont help) and getting a lawyer. I am so disgusted

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  • Ev
    evelyn Diaz Sep 21, 2008

    I went to Davids Bridal in Torrance California looking for formal dress for my daughters 15 party I couldnt even get some help I asked for dress with sleeves look over there nobody came to help when I asked I guess I was the wrong ethnicity don"t they know we have money to spend...

    0 Votes

Uncalled for rudeness!

I was informed this week by my husband that we were attending the Navy Ball in less than a month, and I would need a formal ball gown. After exhausting several other options, I called David's for an appointment, and to ensure I wasn't wasting my time, asked if they had any plus-sized dresses in stock. The woman actually replied, quite snottily (as if she were disappointed an overweight person would DARE to shop there) "Oh. I think we have a white one. And maybe a pink one." OK, whatever, I just need a dress ASAP. I showed up promptly at 3 for my appointment, and a woman found four or five dresses for me to try on. She was somewhat helpful, but after she left me in the dressing room, I *never* saw her again. I found one I liked, and wandered around the store looking for help. I saw one saleswoman, but I couldn't pry her away from the lovely young bride she was helping. I browsed and tried on the dresses again. I wandered around *in* the dress. Finally a woman asked me if I was doing ok, and I told her "no." She helped me find three jackets to try on, (only because the bride she was helping was in the dressing room right then) and when I gave up on that, she rang me up. I would have *much* rather shopped and bought online, but for some reason, David's doesn't do that. Suffice it to say, don't believe what they say about the "David's Difference" or whatever their slogan is. I wanted to write to a manager or customer service, but of course, there is no information on the website regarding comments or complaints.

  • Tk
    TK Apr 20, 2008

    David's Bridal employees are very rude. They gave me an estimate for $45 for alterations and when we went in for the fitting I was handed a bill for $115. The dress only cost $60 and when I was contemplating on purchasing it I specifically asked about how much the alterations would be. Since they said around $45 I bought the dress. When they handed me the bill for $115, their attitude was basically "if you don't like it, we can take the pins out and you can go somewhere else and have it altered". Givng the time constraints, I did pay up but I can tell you I will never purchase anything there again and I will let everyone I know not to go there. the store is in Albany, New York. I left three messages at their corporate headquarters and finally just wrote a letter to the CEO which I do not anticipate an answer. Very rude, very unhelpful and just out for the money.

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  • Jd
    J Diaz Aug 04, 2008

    my fiance purchased a wedding dress from David's Bridal back in June. We left it there for final alterations with a pick up date of Aug 1st. At 10:30 am, the day she was supposed to pick up her dress, someone from David's bridal called and said that the alterations would not be done because they weren't paid for. Noone told my fiance at the time that she had to pay for the alterations prior to this time. So they had the dress for 4 weeks and did nothing. With our destination wedding loomin, we had to have the dress ready in order to send it UPS to our wedding coordinator in Puerto Rico, when we arrived at the store later that day, the person she spoke to on the phone called my fiance a liar, in front of the store manager, meanwhile this same person had taken the credit card information over the phone. My fiance was angry, hurt etc. Then the dress was not altered properl. The seamstress was totally rude when questioned why the hem was crooked. The store manager tells her that alterations are not her department. It was a mess, not to mention there were 6 other brides there with similar problems. With our wedding looming in a few days, we had to stay there over 5 hours to make sure the dress was completely properly altered. The people at David's BRidal in LIC were rude, nasty and had no compassion or consideration towards my fiance. They forget that this is the most important day in our lives.

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Rude service!

I went to David's Bridal about a week ago. This was my first time in the store and probably my last. I...

Poor service!

We bought our dresses early so as not to have that last minute oh no happen... it was so bad. To start with they altered one of the 3 bridesmaids dresses. There was a twist in the ribbing but we were told it would be fixed with the alteration. The alterations were more than the dresses... the bustle that we discussed was not the bustle they did. After 2 fittings they decided that they couldn't fix the bridesmaids dress so they had to change her style and color so that she didn't even match the other two girls. It came in a week before the wedding-it was horrible!!! It was smaller cut across the bust then the size smaller they had her try before ordering this one. The gal's didn't care what they were putting her in for a church wedding by anymeans. My daughter finally told them if I walk into the church with that my Dad is gonna shoot me-the response was he'll get over it... Luckily I got a refund on the dress-unheard of I know. I had a friend who called the manager and threatened to come in the store in 20 minutes screaming. Told her she knew the store was crowded and if I didn't have a refund in 5 minutes she'd be in the store in 20 minutes. I wish I could say the bad ended there-NOT!!! Before our bride made it from the dressing room to the church the hook and eye at the top of the zipper broke. At the reception the beads started popping off and before the first dance the bustle that we paid so much to have done broke!!! I read a comment earlier about the heaviness of the materials-they are right they are very heavy-but a professional would recommend a dress that didn't have to be bustled because of the weight!!! The price was cheaper than most places-but the price of stress is high. My bridesmaid (actually maid of honor) that ended up with no dress the week before the wedding was fortunate enough to find a dress at JCPenney normally 200.00 on sale for 19.99!!! She hated the dress,but at 19.99 toss it when the wedding is over. I warn everyone to be ware of David's Bridal and the Men's Warehouse...

  • Pe
    peter corgan May 26, 2008

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    further over the phone with you or should I go somewhere else?


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    P.S - Can you tell me specifically who to ask for when I call
    and what is their position with the company?

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  • Re
    Rebecca Aug 28, 2008

    I originally went to Davids Bridal for a fitting, because I was ordering on of their online dresses. I noticed that the girl who was doing my measurements did them completely the wrong way. I went elsewhere, and got the correct measurements. If I had followed the sizes she had given me I would have ended up with a dress 2 sizes too big!!!
    I recieved the dress, and the dress was wonderful, I love it, however it was too large around the bust. It is a strapless dress, style BR1000.
    I went in for my alterations appointment, I figured as long as I didn't get the same girl that measured me it couldn't be that bad, right?
    Reyna, the alterations manager, was the person who was supposed to do alterations on my dress. I put it on, and explained that the bust was too big and needed to be taken in, and she repeatedly argued with me that I didn't want it taken in, what I wanted was a bra with more lift.
    She said "I see you, you keep pulling the dress up there." to which I explained "Yes, because it is too big and keep falling down!"
    She had me try on another bra, and still said that what I wanted was lift, and told me she would take the dress in because it wouldn't give me the lift I wanted!!!
    I left, and took my dress to Bridals by Carol in Northampton - and the wonderful lady there had me try it on, and right away knew what I was tlaking about. She walked in and said "Oh, all you need is for the bust to be taken in 2 inches." AND she was by far cheaper than Davids Bridal!
    Skip Davids Bridal, they are just too much of a headache!

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  • Sa
    Sabrina Nov 10, 2008

    Honey, I full agree with you on david's bridal. I went in several times to look at dresses for the same reason ya'll did. I didn't want to freak out at the last minute. Trying on dresses was great. I was so excited. This was my second marriage and I didn't get to do this the first time. Also my daughter was going to be in the wedding also. So I didn't just deal with one davids bridal but 2 stores in 2 different states.
    I ended up getting the dress that I tried on cause it would take to long to get a new one in. I found snags in the dress and I agreed to get it cause they told me they could get them all out. My first fitting was ok. It was when I went back in to try it on. The snags were worse then when I picked it out. It wasn't Hemmed the right length. It was to tight and I had not gained a pound, and there were stains all over it. They weren't there when I left it with them. The only reason I can say that is my mother made it a point to look it all over cause I wasn't ordering one. It also looked like someone had slept in it. They couldn't get those out. I watched!!
    At the reception my before I even got into the room. When they were putting up the bustle, the button that hold's it up came off. They had to safety pin my dress that I had already gone through a nightmare with. Paid out the butt for to get just right and the nightmare just wouldn't stop. So then I had a hole in my dress also. Small it might be but still a hole.
    I don't think anyone has ever yelled so loud in the store at these people. I saw some people that had walked in to the yelling stop and listen then walk back out. I get ya'll and know body should have to go through this for the biggest day of your life.

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  • Ma
    M&M's YAY! Jan 23, 2009

    Davids Bridal was awful. My maid of honor and I went in to try on bridal and bridesmaid dresses for both of us, because she is engaged too. They were rude and uncaring, because neither of us is getting married immediately. Both of our weddings are over a year away, and they scoldingly told us that whatever we saw today would not be available for us when we needed them. Neither of us wanted to order a dress, we were both looking for IDEAS. Every time we saw something, we were reminded it wouldn't be available. The other lady that was there, I felt so sorry for her!! She was a bridesmaid in another wedding, and she was pregnant, and all the sales lady could tell her was that she might be able to fix the dress to make her look nice. Walking out, both me and my sister left our catalogs on the table, and ran into the door, because we just couldnt get out fast enough. Apparently, the other ladies wouldn't be back either, they looked MAD when they left.

    Alfred Angelo was the greatest so far. I'm sure some people have different experiences with different companies, but it seems to me, that we all had the same from David's Bridal.

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  • Mr
    Mr_E May 15, 2009

    Does not even deserve a star. Think twice before going to any David's Bridal. My fiancé and I looked at a David's Bridal and she found a dress she really liked, but also had a favorite elsewhere. She decided to go with the one at DB because she liked it more AND the extra incentives they throw in. We saved money off of tux's and bridesmaid's dresses by going through DB. BIG MISTAKE! You get what you pay for. Once you give them your money they quit caring. Their customer service is terrible. My fiancé has had to go up there 3 times to fix their mistakes. Every question she had for them: how to bustle, alterations, etc. they treated her like crap with their response. The first associate could not speak a word of English. This made it impossible to show her mom and bridesmaids the proper way to bustle her dress. The manager there is worthless. Each time my fiancé went to get help because the associates were not helpful she ignored her comments and acted like she was invisible. My fiancé requested a specific associate and was promised that associate for the time period of her final fitting. Instead she got a different lady with a short fuse and snippy attitude. She again talked to the manager and received no help. Three times she went up there and three times she almost left in tears. Her dress still needs minor alterations, but my fiancé decided to leave it as is whether than repeating her nightmare experiences again. She does not even want to wear her dress now because the negative experiences she has dealt with through DB. Is it too much to ask that brides receive the attention deserved to them during their dress fitting? Instead all brides are treated like bridezillas regardless of their situation and appointments. Once David's Bridal receives their money, they DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE SERVICE THEY PROVIDE. Use extreme caution when dealing with any David's Bridal. It may be a deal, but it’s not worth the headache.

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  • An
    Anonymous May 20, 2009

    She could have taken it to another alterations person, not at DB. People have had bad experiences with alterations, but that just means to take your alterations needs somewhere else.

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  • Wh
    WHAT?!?! Jun 19, 2009

    I am a last minute "fill in" bridesmaid and time is of the essence! I contacted the SugarLand location to see what sizes they had avalable and they suggested I call Friendswood because the computer showed the size/color available. I have the package FedEx'd to me last minute. I got the dress and it is too big. I contacted the closest location (SugarLand) to me to run in and exchange for WHATEVER they had that fit. I explained that the wedding is tomorrow, I am headed out of town, and I need to run in and get an exchange... NOT A REFUND. The girl on the phone stated that her manager would not be in until 2 pm and there is no one there to make ANY SOUND CALLS until 2! The girl also stated that she could not do any exchanges because she "would get yelled at"! When I asked the girl to put me on hold and contact her manager via mobile phone, she put me on hold for over 25 minutes! I hung up, called back and they said I would have to call back after 2 pm. When I asked again for immediate contact of the manager via mobile, she said that the manager does not have a mobile phone! ? WHAT?? So needless to say, I am headed out of town for a wedding I am to be in and I am unable to wear my dress ($135) because it is too large and NO ONE AT DAVID'S BRIDAL is willing to help me out! I will definitely keep posting this because I am soooo upset! BRIDES/BRIDE MAIDS TO BE... PLEASE CHOOSE A BRIDAL COMPANY WHO HAS THE PROFESSIONALISM AND CAPABILITY TO STEP IN AND PROBLEM SOLVE WHEN SITUATIONS OCCUR!

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  • Ne
    nelsonclassic Oct 16, 2009

    I had a bad experience with David's Bridal Services, when my sister is going to marry.She wanted a
    Themed we ordered her dress around six months before according to the theme, that was beach theme, and two months before when we went to the shop to take a trial of her dress..they scolded us by saying that we have our wedding after 2 months so they will give the dress before three weeks of a wedding date.We requested a lot because we don't have any option left, but they extended it to 4 weeks but not before that, and when they gave her dress, it was a different pattern what she ordered, they said they will charge extra for the changing pattern of her dress, and after that they gave dress before a week of a wedding.That was really a bad bad experience.So we warned all our relatives and friends never go to David Services.

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  • Sw
    sweetyd99 Mar 06, 2011

    I am really confused with David's for three reason's 1st was they told me my dress would be back in 16 weeks well tne dress came back in 3 weeks, they also told me my bridesmaid dresses will be back 6-8 weeks well as they purchase the dresses they are being told 15-16 weeks also. Please make your minds up. My dress came back in 3 weeks and noone rom Davids called to let me know my dress was back they told one of my bridesmaids and I felt like they should have called me like they said when I purchased my dress. And my last thing was I had to pay 10.00 for a david's bag to carry my dress out of the store and I fell like they could have given that to me and all other brides a complimentary bag to hid the dress david's needs to do better.

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  • Pi
    piere Oct 30, 2015

    Why ifni buying a dress for a bridal store and people with dirty hands touching this brital dress that dress is going to be in my body and all and plus this people come with food trying to touch the dresses this is disgusting will never get my dresss there

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Poor customer service in Beaverton Oregon

David's Bridal was all happy to sell their dress to us. It was all downhill from that point on after spending close to 1000.oo dollars at their store. We were to receive a phone call when dress arrived. Since it was a designer dress, we anticipated a somewhat wait. After not hearing from them for some time, we called and they told us it had been in for at least a month and a half. They checked their records and told us they called us "one time", and we had not answered. Wow. We have a business, and our line is linked to our home as well. We are by our phones 98 percent of the time. Daughter called to make alterations appointment. Girl on phone laughed and giggled whole time, and then stated no appointments were available for time before wedding. We are truly disappointed in their non caring, non professional attitudes, and we will be spreading the word so other people do not have to go through this horrible and dissattisfying experience. They are highly overrated.

  • Ca
    cassie Feb 02, 2008

    i have a complaint , i arrive at your maple grove minnesota location and wanted to just browes in the store with my husband and son and not once were we offer help , offer support . we got the cold shoulder ,and the staff carried on private conversations and ditn act like we matter at all and at that point my husband said he will not spend a dime in this store, i thought it was a random experince.
    today one of my bride maids arrive and wanted to get her dress , had all my info . she said no one approach her for at least 20 mins and when they did offer help it was cold and rude and treated her as if she wasnt worth the time .they said they couldnt find my info and had all sort of excuses . she said she will not return to this location either.this is suppose to be the best time of my life and so far this store has made it a nightmare with some what racism and unprofessional service . something has to be done about this . this store has lost the 10 women of my bridal party business and i am willing to take my business else where .
    i think i deserve some sort of respect as a customer regardless what color i am and also how i look when i arrive at you store .

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  • Ch
    Cheryl Apr 28, 2008

    I wish i had seen all of this before i went to David's Bridal. I also went to the Beaverton Oregon store and am disappointed.

    I think calling there people "Consultants" is rediculous. All they do is carry the dresses to the dressing room. And, put jewelery, veils and shoes on you to try to get you to buy them. They just want your money and their commision.

    I bought my dress in August of 2007. My Matron of Honor went with me each time i went to try on dresses, and she did more for me than any of the sales girls. I also bought a necklace.

    When i got the necklace home, what looked off white and gold in the store was now very silver and cheap looking. I argued with them until they let me trade it for another necklace. I almost grabbed another one of the same style thinking the color was right. Luckily i checked it by the window light and realized it was not. Their lighting is screwed up. When i picked out a necklace that was $5-10 less, they almost told me they could not refund the difference. But, i finally got them to credit the difference.

    Thankfully i bought my shoes elsewhere (Emporio's in the Clackamas Town Center-they have one in Wash. Square also).

    3 months before the wedding, i went to another bridal shop to get an estimate on the alterations (Dillon's on TV Hwy and 185th). They have to take in almost 3/4" on each side. I had lost 6-8 pounds (yippee!). I realized that i could save some money on alterations and a lot of stress about the bead work, if i went to David's and traded it for one size smaller.

    The manager at the Beaverton David's Bridal told me she just couldn't do that. She made an appointment for me with the alterations lady. So i drove out there, thinking i could try on the 12. NO! She jsut wanted to tell me how they could alter the dress. Her estimate was over $100 more than the other bridal store, and they wouldn't do the minor style change (can't risk the integrety of the dress). She also told me that to go down one dress size, i would have to lose 35 pounds.

    Let's think about that. If i weighed 150 pounds and lost 35...i would be 115 lbs. So i would go from a 14 to a 12 only... Wow. If i want to be a size 10, i would have to lose 70 pounds and i would weight a whole 80 pounds. At which point i would weight less than most wedding dresses.

    I gave up on David's.

    The week before i went for my fitting, i called the Clackamas store to get the District managers phone number. THe manager at that store (Laura) tried to work with me. Unfortunately I had only 2-3 days left before my fitting, and a month before my wedding...and they did not have my dress in stock. If i ordered it, i would have to wait, and i would be crazy wreck waiting.

    So, stay away from David's Bridal (esp. the BEaverton store).

    Try Dillon's for bridesmaids (David's doesn't have any for less than $120 anyway).
    Try emporio's or on 82nd avenue next to Mr Formals there is a dress shop.

    But stay away from the Chain stores like David;s. To them, you are a one time customer, not a repeat customer. This is also why they tell you you can save 15% or 10% on your accessories and bridesmaid dresses if you buy them the same day as your dress. They know they suck and you won't come back.

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  • Gi
    ginger Nov 09, 2008

    The store in Chattanooga, Tn has the same problem's as listed above. Poor customer service, belittling and shallow sales associates to say the least.
    As a wedding planner I sent a bride there because of her very very tight budget. Not only that but she's a larger bride in need of a special size dress. From the day she walked in they treated her like she was dirt under their feet. She was humiliated, and tossed around like she was nothing. She allowed them to abuse her because she found the dress of her dreams there and could think of nothing more...but that dress. She tried on their sample was a size too small, so they ordered a dress 2 sizes up to be safe and allow for alterations. When the dress came in it was smaller on her, than the in-store dress at the first fitting and she had lost 15lbs since the original try on. She was devastated instead of trying to get to the root of the problem, the clerk, and the seamtress just belittled her more.
    She finally broke down on me yesterday during our November update meeting and cried her eyes out...I was crying with her before it was all over with.
    I will personally be visiting this store to speak with the manager and the district manager.

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  • St
    statinghowitis Sep 13, 2010

    I have a complaint about customers, period. I understand some customer service areas really aren't that great, and I don't know about David's Bridal customer service but I just want to throw out there that customer's need to be responsible on their part too and not have exaggerating expectations of being serviced immediately when some service quite frankly takes time. As a representative who works at a call center and deals with ridiculous people daily, call after call, quite frankly I'm growing more and more disappointed with our society and how materiastic and inhumane its become.

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  • Ar
    arletta Nov 05, 2011

    I have a complaint about the customer service at the Beaverton Oregon Davids Bridal. I called wanting to know how late they stay open because I also have 5 bridesmaids that need dresses for my wedding that's 8months away and the first thing the person on the other end says "oh well we are under staffed today and you need to make an appointment and how many girls are you bringing into the store." first of all they would have been just looking and maybe trying on a few, but not buying just yet., so what difference did that make I explained to her every time that I call you people you whine and complain about how much work you have and how understaffed you are!!! I don't care!!! David's Bridal will not be getting my bridesmaids business. I also posted this on their face book site as well.

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Most horrible experience with David's Bridal

Today I just had the most horrible experience with David's Bridal. Today was my 3rd visit to DB in the...

Wedding crashers

Sold a wedding dress and did the alterations. The dress does NOT look like it was supposed to. It is now so tight that my son's fiancee cannot breath and it is forcing what little skin she has out. She is by no means fat as the dress is below a size zero now. Also, the bra that "Norma" sold her now shows and she had the nerve to state that she saw it showing before the alterations but sold it to her anyway. They offered no resolution and have ruined her wedding. In my opinion, I would NEVER EVER advise anyone to use David's Bridal!!

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    Desiree greer May 26, 2011

    Im really sorry that you had a bad experience at david's bridal, I went to a davids bridal in philadelphia, Pa and had the best experience. The associates were very helpful and they helped me pick out the perfect dress for my wedding next year in 2012.I think you are living in the wrong area or you have found the wrong Davids bridal store. I was reading other peoples comments and they all share the same problem you did with service. I have never experienced that kind of service at my davids bridal. I went 3 different times and all 3 times I received the same kind of treatment greeted with a smile, a hand shake and was wished good luck on my wedding day. The lady Anneesha was very helpful to me.I hope you dont give up on Davids Bridal just find another store in your area were you are going to get that A+ service like I did good luck next time around for that special event, sometimes we have to travel some distances to get what we are looking for.

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