Dairy Queenservice

I attached my receipt for you to view. This Dairy Queen is the only one in town, yet only has one cook in the back and is mostly busy. Today I went at 1:29pm (few customers were there), I ordered in the drive thru speaker, paid at the driveup window and was asked to park in the front. I asked the clerk not to forget about me because the last time I was made to wait in the front, I had to get off and get the food after waiting so long. Well, it happened again. I sat there in my car waiting for my food that never came. I waited unti 1:45 pm. and decided to get off and go into the restaurant. When I approached the counter, my meal had not even been close to being made. I still had to wait there at the counter while it was being made.

I finally received my order and went back to my work where I shared my experiences with my co-workers. This establishment could be run a lot better if they at least had two cooks. I have visited several other Dairy Queens and they are much more efficient when completing their orders in a timely manner. Someone from corporate should come in and dine as a customer to observe these experiences.

Inconvenienced customer, yet again.

Dairy Queen

Oct 01, 2019

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