Dairy Queenmint oreo blizzard

S Aug 12, 2018

On Friday 8/10/18 I placed an order at the drive up. . While paying at the window I received a call from my daughter asking for a mint oreo blizzard. I ordered a small & watched it being made. Why I didn't say something at the time I do not know. The employee dropped the lid of the mint syrup into the ice cream as well as a large amount of green syrup. My daughter tried to eat it but it was just to nasty. I worked over time etc--& could not get back until 8/12. I explained the situation to the employee at the counter who got her manager. I explained it to the manager who said she could make me a mini because some had been eaten. My daughter of course had eaten some. She wanted a blizzard & was trying to eat it. It is not about the ice cream it is about customer service which was terrible. I will never ever go to that Dairy Queen again.

  • Updated by Suevicswanie · Aug 12, 2018

    This was at the Dairy Queen on 72nd and Hosmer (Tacoma Place)

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