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not acceptable

My nephew entered the store (in his underware) after being seen by the ER here, he was given a coupon for a free ice cream. The cashier was very rude and refused to him. I do understand the policy...I really do. However that does not excuse the way the cashier treated him. After they left my wife decided to go right back in and redeem the coupon. When she when in the cashier was going off (to the customers that were still in there!) that she wouldn't server him and she didn't care who he was. My wife redeemed the coupon and complained to the shift supervisor about it. However my wife dosn't seem to think she took is seriously. I do understand why she refused service...but not how. A 3 year old walks in with burns on his arms, I'm not gonna be rude about it. I may ask them to wait outside and I'll bring it to them...but I'm not gonna refuse service and then turn around and try to rally the customers to my side after they leave. It's cold...mean and just plain inhuman. This happened on 8/23/2010 between 8:00pm and 8:30pm. Theres nothing like making an wounded child cry...

false advertising

I'm attaching a photo of the salad I was given this week and the salad featured in DQ's advertising. See for yourself.

Dairy Queen Grilled Chicken Salad
3 comments Sleepy Eye Food

I love dq ice cream but they have gotten so expensive I won't go back

I was astounded at the prices at my local Dairy Queen in Eagan, MN. We ordered supper for 2 people (sandwich, burger, fries, 1 med. ice coffee, 1 med. blizzard) and it was $22! That is as much as going out to a sit-down dinner! Or a year ago it was. The "medium" size blizzard comes in a cup 4 1/2 inches tall. I thought it was the mini-size but was told that was the medium. What cheapskates! I know restaurants and fast food places have to pay more for food just like we all do and they are jacking up the prices or cutting down the quantity but $4.50 (about) for a little bitty ice cream? Give me a break! I don't think the medium size used to be this size. I love DQ ice cream but they have gotten so expensive I won't go back.

  • 58
    583586 Nov 22, 2010

    ever hear that song "you cant always get what you want"??

    -3 Votes
  • Mo
    modernsunshine Jul 07, 2012

    Lmfao. People do that all the time. Mediums are 16oz. Minis are 7. If you seriously look at a medium size blizzard and think it's a mini... you are fat.

    -8 Votes
  • Co
    Cost Consequence Sep 21, 2014

    I just came from the DQ in Navarre MN and they wanted to up-charge on a small sundae that usually runs 2.49 by 1.50 by switching out the hot fudge for cookie pieces. They said the tiny sundae would have been over $4.00 with tax, I said no thank you and drove off. I love their ice cream too but that's just ridiculous when I can buy a whole gallon of ice cream at the grocery store for that price. Or a candy bar doesn't even cost that and still the pieces you get on the top of a small sundae are not nearly equivalent to what's in a bar. To the reviewer who thinks cost consequence people must be fat, I say you're ignorant.

    7 Votes
  • Tr
    Travis31415 Mar 23, 2018

    Personally, I like going to Dairy Queen. However, I can't justify the outrageous cost when I can go to a real restaurant for the same price. Really, a blizzard is close to $5. I can buy a half gallon of premium ice cream for that. The markup is ridiculous.

    6 Votes
  • Tr
    troublenuttin Aug 08, 2018

    Yes we can get a sit down dinner for that.

    0 Votes

poor product poor service

Where has the customer service gone? What ever happened to the customer is always right? I wish I knew but...

food is low quality + orders are wrong.

We went in on 04/10/2010 at Register 1 at 12:02 PM. Last week we ordered food and got the wrong order to go...

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staff hide in the back, laughing and goofing off while people are lined up to order

I eat at store number #4264 this store is located in Pulaski Va. at exit 101, off of interstate 81. The place was dirty and the staff hide in the back laughing and goofing off while people was lined up to order. I ordered a chicken basket and the gravey was just warmed milk. My wifes cheeseburger was burt. This is the worst place I have eat in for a really long time.

nothing, but problems

I had the same problem with Dairy Queen in Minocqua WI, As the Wausau WI one, They RAN OUT of Kit-Kat Blizzard so I got M&M Blizzard. I will not be going to this Dairy Queen if they don't fix that Probolem.

  • I0
    i'm me Feb 16, 2010

    well...sometimes when something is in such high demand it tends to run out. but that's with anything i don't think you shoud stop going there solely because of that

    0 Votes
  • Sh
    sherrell1122 Aug 31, 2010

    WE in texas dont even have kitkat anymore...its discontinued

    0 Votes
  • Sh
    sherrell1122 Aug 31, 2010

    im not sure where your town is but come to Cisco DQ and we will make your order quick and right...we are down I-20 towards abilene. Dont stop going to DQ because of one sorry store.We care and we will prove it

    0 Votes
  • gesserfan Dec 12, 2010

    you do realize the concept of items running out right? plus, M&M blizzards are my fave!

    0 Votes

slow service in a long line

We tried again going to this dairy queen after trying it a few weeks ago. Again we waited in line for over 30...

dilly bars

i bought dilly bars for all the neighborhood children from the store on 96th ave. and king george highway in surrey b.c. canada and every one out of the 2 boxes fell off the stix .they were not made propery and what a disappointement for the kids!!!

  • Yi
    yippe Jun 30, 2009


    suggestion -copy/paste yr comment on this site as well -

    its canadas best consumer comments site

    hope this is helpful

    0 Votes

mushroom swiss burger

6/26/09 Ordered a Mushroom Swiss burger Solo. They did ask me, did I want "extra mushrooms?", I said, I want...

Aberdeen Food

human tooth in food

My son was eating a chicken strip and found a human tooth that had a filling in it . Called them back told the manager she said no one there had lost a tooth today . I asked for my money back she said sure until I told I her I would't give her the tooth and she said no tooth no refund .

  • timduncan86 Jul 14, 2009

    well why would you want to keep it? I mean, if you want to keep it as evidence then that's fine, but why ask for a refund then?

    1 Votes

no hand washing before preparing food

Today may 27 2009 At the DQ (Dairy Queen) in Perth Ontario, Canada. My guests and I had the unpleasant...

got sick from undercooked food

I spent and entire day in the bathroom throwing up yesterday after I even sent my food back the 1st time for being under cooked. They got the order wrong to begin with and kept trying to give me an ice cream cone instead ot the oniion rings I ordered. The fries still came out undercooked and I spent the day at work running to bathroom as I am today but just because what ever I got from this food is working it's way through my system. I have vowed never to go into a dairy queen again... Now I know why the one in apollo beach, FL closed..

bad management & service

What terrible service and image of the great dairy queen and our town is stuck with it.. our other towns within a hour away have great dq's... and service. beaver dam's dq however is terrible.. short hours.. when waiting in line — oh it is 9:pm we are closing sorry..
Or the other nite at 8:30pm — oh sorry we ran out of ice cream. — drove everyone away.. drive up closed often and just very bad representation of the dq's anywhere & we are stuck with it... oh drive 40 minutes to fond du lac and have great little place and personal as well... open until 10:pm + if we are waiting in line - that goes for sun prairie too...
mary jane f. beaver dam, wi

  • Fa
    Farrell and Becky Cross Aug 04, 2009

    On Aug 4, 2009 I went to our local Dairy Queen store in ROLLA, MO to purchase an ice cake for a birthday. When I got home I served the cake to three other people and we all noticed that the cake tasted funny. I have bought several ice cream cakes before and they have always been delicious. This one just tasted like something I have never tasted before. I then called the store and spoke with the owner MARGO CREMER. I nicely explained to her the taste of the cake, she then preceeded to tell me, "Honey, Ill be the judge of that." I am 46 years old and work in the customer service field and was shocked that the owner and your representive of a DQ was so rude and spoke so childish. I then went to the store with my reiciept and the cake. She then walked passed me and preceded to come back and snatch the cake out of my hands. Took the cake onto the counter in front of several customers and became very upset and told me there was nothing wrong with that cake and it was fine, after she took a very small sample from the side of cake. Margo Cremer was excessively loud, rude, and very uprofessional. Dairy Queen in ROLLA, MO just lost alot of customers due to her poor profeesionalism as a business owner.

    Farrell and Becky Cross
    (573) 201-9000...please feel free to call with any questions or concerns

    1 Votes


Went to store on the eastside and ordered the midnight truffle blizzard when i picked up my order it was vanilla with few choclate pieces so i told them i had went to a different one about a week ago and it was made the way the advertisment shows well they told me this is the way they make it ;i said well that's not what i ordered and asked for a refund;i was then told they could not give me a refund because it wasn't their mistake it was mine ;why should i tell them how to make their orders they should know

  • Ll
    LLocke57 Jun 28, 2009

    I take my 2 grandchildren every Sunday after church to Dairy Queen for Sundaes. I have for about 6 months now. Today we did the usual, only this time about half way thru a sundae my grandaughter took a bite and ended up with a dead beetle in the middle of her ice cream. I went in to speak to a manager. One of the crew members took the sundae to the back. She returned and said it must have flown in thru a window in my car. First off my windows were up and second the beetle was dead soaked in ice cream. We only had the sundaes a few mins. it was less then half eaten. They did offer a refund or new sundae! A new sundae knowing that their ice cream had a dead bug in it! What ever happen to hygene? Instead of getting upset I am posting this... I will not eat there again as much as I love their food! Cross City Florida hwy 19...

    0 Votes

bad attitude

Dairy Queen located at 2019 Pepperell Parkway in Opelika, Alabama 36801 I have gone to this particular Dairy Queen approximately 7 or eight times. Every time I have been in there the people who take orders do not smile and they behave as if they would rather be anywhere than there working a job. I have gone through the drive through on three occasions when there was no one eating inside the restaurant and absolutely no cars in the drive through lane yet the person on the intercom would immediately say "hold please" and not get back to me for a few minutes. I have talked with many other people where I work who all say they have the same problem at that Dairy Queen and that the people who work there are snotty and rude.

I had out of state company on December 19, 2004 and they all wanted to get come ice cream in the evening. We went to Dairy Queen. Two of us wanted a Hot Fudge Sundae with bananas and the waitress said they don't have that. I asked if they had any bananas and they did. The waitress said they can't put bananas on Hot Fudge Sundaes because the owner-manager won't let them. I told her I would gladly pay for the banana that went on it and she still said she couldn't make them that way. I asked her if she would sell me a banana so I could put it on there myself and she said she couldn't do that. The two of us who wanted the Hot Fudge Sundae with bananas ordered a banana split with all hot fudge on them even though it was more than we wanted to eat. Then the waitress said they were out of nuts and whipped cream but they charged the same price as if the toppings were on there. The waitress was very rude during the whole encounter.

I know that all Dairy Queen's are not run in this manner because my Son and Daughter-in-law said the Dairy Queen in Auburn, Indiana would make them a certain sundae that they didn't have up there, but that they used to get here in Opelika, AL. She said they asked how it was made and even what price they charged so that they could make it for them.

This Dairy Queen is a disgrace to this area, who is trying to promote good will and growth.

assistant manager talking

I recently quit my job as manager for very personal reasons and i am now getting phone calls about the new...

rudeness of establishment

The following a copy of the letter I have forwarded to dairy queen's Corporate Office as well as the...

poor customer service/incomplete preparation of food ordered

On 3/8/09 I visited the DQ on Airline Dr in Bossier City LA with my daughter and 3 grandchildren. There were...

sex at work

Why is it that alot of people are getting fired from smith dairy queens in texas, but when it comes to complaining about two employees (one is a shift leader!) having sex in the restrooms, behind the dumpster in the storage building, wherever.. no one really listens?? I have to say I work there, and i'm sick of this situation and so is everyone else that works there, it all happens after we're closed, well 99% of the time it happens then, you can call corp. office til youre blue in the face, I need to sit and write out what goes on and send it so it's up in their face! where can an email be sent???

~sick of the bull-s*[email protected]

  • Ha
    Harry_butkrak Mar 22, 2009

    Sometimes when Im sad I scrape my balls with a cheese grater until they are red and chaffed. Then I rub salt and gas on them. It burns so bad I soon forget about my other problems.

    0 Votes
  • Ma
    magicman Apr 28, 2009

    Are you a little jealous that maybe you are not getting any of the sexual action going on after the place closes up ?

    0 Votes
  • Cr
    crazyconsumer Aug 22, 2009

    Are they Hiring??

    0 Votes
  • Ja
    Jaimem73 May 28, 2017

    Which Dairy Queen?

    0 Votes

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