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Complaints & Reviews

Resolved poor customer service/incomplete preparation of food ordered

On 3/8/09 I visited the DQ on Airline Dr in Bossier City LA with my daughter and 3 grandchildren. There were...

Resolved sex at work

Why is it that alot of people are getting fired from smith dairy queens in texas, but when it comes to complaining about two employees (one is a shift leader!) having sex in the restrooms, behind the dumpster in the storage building, wherever.. no one really listens?? I have to say I work there, and i'm sick of this situation and so is everyone else that works there, it all happens after we're closed, well 99% of the time it happens then, you can call corp. office til youre blue in the face, I need to sit and write out what goes on and send it so it's up in their face! where can an email be sent???

~sick of the bull-s*[email protected]

  • Ha
    Harry_butkrak Mar 22, 2009

    Sometimes when Im sad I scrape my balls with a cheese grater until they are red and chaffed. Then I rub salt and gas on them. It burns so bad I soon forget about my other problems.

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  • Ma
    magicman Apr 28, 2009

    Are you a little jealous that maybe you are not getting any of the sexual action going on after the place closes up ?

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  • Cr
    crazyconsumer Aug 22, 2009

    Are they Hiring??

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  • Ja
    Jaimem73 May 28, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Which Dairy Queen?

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Resolved metal in ice cream

I purchased a blizzard for my son and once we got home, he bit into something very hard. There was a peice of metal off of the shelving inside his icecream. Luckily he was not hurt, but this could have been a deadly mistake. How can an employee be so careless. After returning to the store with the metal, I was refunded my money. Wow. My son could have choked or been severly injured and the manager gave me my three dollars back. How thoughtful of him.
PLEASE BEWARE. Someone may choke next time. I will never return to any Dairy Queen again.

  • Po
    pocket monster Mar 11, 2011

    Anything could get metal in it. The blizzards are mixed with metal machines. Yes, it could have been dangerous but it's not anyone's fault...

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Resolved blames customer for their mistakes

I called in to order a cheesecake blizzard cake for a birthday. Thinking everything was good we cut into it and it's their nasty basic chocolate cake. I called them to see what happened and to get it fixed and they consistently sd that I didn't specify I wanted the cheesecake cake. When I called I told the 1st person on the phone that I wanted to order a cheesecake cake then I guess they gave the phone to someone else to complete my order. I don't know how I was supposed to know this. So because of there laziness and lack of communication they just ordered me what they wanted me to eat. So I have this cake that we don't want. I called the manager and she kept blaming me for it saying I should of specified, which I did, what cake and it's my fault. The only way they will give me a refund is if I have the whole cake to bring back. I told her I do have a child and she expected after happy birthday to eat a piece of her daddys cake so she ate a piece, but the rest of it is there. She sd she wouldn't give me a refund since it's been cut even once, I guess they just resell the old cakes that people brought back, and how was I supposed to know I have the wrong cake w/out cutting into it. The "owner" kept argueing w/ me like a child, going huhhhhhh and blaming me for the whole situation. She obviously don't care about her business and her customers. This is the 1st time I bought a DQ cake and the last. Probably even the last time I eat at any location. Myself working in customer service I couldn't believe how she was treating me. It's like she wants her business to go down and if I was Dairy Queen I would NOT let her be an example of my business.

  • Om
    omgitzpenguin Mar 14, 2009

    My god. As I have said many times, each DQ is individually owned/operated. They can do whatever they want as far as customer service goes. Why would you not ever eat at any DQ because of this. Dont blame all of them because of what this one does.

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  • Kn
    knreeves Sep 27, 2009

    This is absolutely horrible!! I can't believe she wouldn't give you a refund! But please, don't blame all DQ stores. The store I work at would have fixed it. That has actually happened before and it was fixed. So give DQ in general another chance.

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closed during business hours for time longer than stated on note.

It was 7:55 pm Tuesday evening 11/11/08. Sign on door stating "Will be back in 10 minutes." I waited for 15...

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rude employees and wrong orders

Almost every time my husband and I visit this establishment, we get rude employees and the wrong order. Most...

not hiring under age people

i have a cousin living with me amd she recentlly went to apply at dairy queen and the new manager(i know she new because the old one just left ) told my cousin that she was not going to hire anyone under 18. that not legal then as my cousin was walking out she saw that ther were some children cleaning the dining area now ill say they are about 9, 10 yrs old and they called her mom that just bad managment

bad service/bad food quality

I stop at this Dairy Queen at the Antioch Hickory Hollow Mall I had just finish watching a movie and wa...

ice cream not frozen

I have been going to dairy queen for years, ever since a kid, i just had my birthday and bought and ice cream...

3 comments Brockville Airlines

problem with manager

Hi, my name is tammy and my sister and i went to dairy queen in cortland, ohio and there was a something in my icecream and very nasty, when you think about it, so we call the store and the only thing they said was bring it back to the store. And wanted me to bring it back. Then the store manger, there called my sister back and said that she lied to them about it after a couple hours like give me a break please. I will never go back to that store because that dont even care about what was in my food. And the manger was making my sister very mad and disrespectlful to her and i got really mad then and, the fact they did not fix the problem and very rude. And he tried to say there was no way because of a camera there. So i would like you to email me back please.

rude manager/employees

A friend and I went through the drive through of dairy queen in wilmar, mn. After waiting for about five minutes, we finally were attended to. First, I ordered a plain cheesecake blizzard the employee was confused and asked if I had ordered a banana cheesecake blizard. I replied, no plain cheesecake. She then replied, is that all. I then said no and ordered another plain cheesecake blizard with brownie. We pulled up to the window, paid-the total was $6.83. She was obviously still confused as she came back to the window a second time. We explained to her that by plain we meant no strawberries! Five minutes later, a different employee came to the window with our blizzards. One strawberry cheeseake and one strawberry with brownie. I looked over to my friend and before I said a word, she acknowledged that she had made the wrong blizards. We watched them discuss the situation as she returned to the group of four other employees. We waited another five minutes and a older man came to the window, we assumed he was the manager. Before asking us what happened, he accused us of being confused and confusing his workers. He did not hear our order and treated like small children. He told us to take the strawberry blizards and leave. He would not give us a refund. After arguing with him for five mintues, I was so upset I just drove away. At this point it was not the icecream I was upset about-it was the service!!! We pulled into the parking lot to discuss what should be done. We decided to return to the drive through and ask to be treated as normal customers and just reorder. We were told to wait one moment. The man we had preveiously encountered stormed out of the back door to approach us at our car. He told us to drive up to the window so there would be no confussion about "strawberries, cheesecake, bananas, or brownies". We told him we would like to be treated like anyother costumer and we would like to reorder. He replied in a rude manor "well thanks for the business". We drove up to the window again to pay for the same order-we paid $7.28! A different price than the first time! We are submitting this not because of the wrong order but because of how digusted we were with how we were treated!

  • Bi
    bigsmellyman Sep 03, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Only lazy people use the drive thru.

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  • Mo
    morghan3 Nov 13, 2009

    I work at a dairy queen. You shouldn't have been treated like that. It's no big deal if the order was wrong, we just throw the wrong one out and make a new one, blizzards are really easy to make. The customer always comes first.

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raw hamburger

Today i stopped at dairyqueen restaurant at the willowbrook mall location. It took about 15 minutes to get our meal and on the second bite of my ultimate burger i noticed that the meat was badly undercooked. I returned the burger and asked for a refund. They reluctantly refunded my money with a simple "sorry". They didn't bother to offer me another product to replace the under cooked one. I returned to my seat to finish my pop and fries when the couple sitting near us also noticed their burger was under cooked. This is a dangerous practice for a restaurant to continue doing especially with ground beef. I tried to find a contact number on dairy queen's web site but had no success finding one. What do they have to hide?

mold on chili dog buns

I ordered two chili cheese dogs to go, as I was taking my second bite I could taste somthing different. Upon examination I found mold on the bun of both. If the chili had covered all of said mold who knows. I took the food back to store and they returned my money and laughed. No apology was offered... only embarassment. I have been frequenting DQs for thirty years. Sorry to say, that will be the last time. I will not fail in my attempt to explain to all who will listen what great food and service I recieved on the aforementioned day. The next time someone is in this type of situation I reccomend that the money is returned and a heartfelt apology is given forthwith. Along with that a coupon of extra may stop that customer from moving forward as I fully intend. The Everett health department is my next stop as wellas the better business bureau.

tv commercial

I want to know why, when you advertise something on TV, why the Dairy Queens do not adhere to the ad.

We went to our local Dairy Queen to purchase two of the Peanut Buster Parfaits that you are advertising on TV. When we got there, we were told by the "kids" working there that the manager did not want to go along with the ad.

I think when a company advertises something then all of it's franchises should adhere to the advertisement. This is not the first time this has happened at this Dairy Queen.

Needless to say, we left without buying anything. Besides, where was the manager?????? Nothing but young kids in there.
Perhaps that is why service is sometimes very slow.

I hope that this problem can be corrected because we do like Dairy Queen products.

Thank you.

  • Cu
    Customer Aug 18, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It's difficult sometimes for every store to keep up with advertisements on TV... franchise owners have the option of adhering to certain promotions, and they do what they think is best for their store. It's unfortunate that you didn't get the product you wanted, but it would be unrealistic [and a poor business practice] to expect every store to be able to keep up with every nation-wide promotion.

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  • Om
    omgitzpenguin Mar 14, 2009

    Notice the "At participating DQ restaurants" part please.

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  • Kn
    knreeves Sep 27, 2009

    Ads always say participating restaurants only. Maybe you should call and confirm next time...

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rude customer service

Took my two children to Dairy Queen this afternoon. I had no choice but to use my debit card since I had no...

food poisoning

Well to put it frankly I will never ever go to Dairy Queen again! I went out to lunch with my fiancee and our...

6 comments Moncton Food

poor service and rude employees

Today: 1 July 2008, about 3:30 PM I pulled into the drive through and the female on the other end ask me to wait a moment. I timed my wait as I had a similar problem on my last visit to the Edinboro Dairy Queen. I waited five minutes and then pulled up to the window and in a rude tone the girl ask me what I needed and I asked I would like to place an order. She told me I did not register on the head set. So, I ask her who ask me to wait a moment. Then with a smirk on her face she said I am sorry. I told her sorry does not cut it and you are not sorry as the expression on your face gives you away. I ask her what is wrong with I apologize. About that time an older female came over an ask what the problem was and I told her the same story. She was more frustrating than the young girl as she keep saying I AM SORRY even after I said something about I apologize!!! I received and paid for my order and started to drive away and thought better. I parked and went in side and ask the older female what the manger's name was and she said, I am the manager and the only manager. I ask for the owners name and she said I can not tell you. Then I ask for the owners phone number and she said I can not give out that information. So, I ask for an address of the owner that I may contact him and she gave me the name of a corporation in Imperial, PA. I left a very disgruntled customer and swore never to return to that Dairy Queen!!!

On my previous visit I waited at the drive through until the person behind me started blowing their horn. I moved to the window and knocked on it to attract some ones attention. When the girl come over she told me the person with the head set was talking on the phone. I ask why she did not give the head set to another person. NO answer!!!

Solution: give your managers management training and/or PR training!!! With all the students out of work this summer it seems as if you could find better help!!!

  • Ma
    Martha Shireman Aug 28, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I went to the Dairy Queen in Cameron MO today and purchased a small chocolate malt in the drive through. I had an appointment to get my truck serviced and I didn't taste the malt until I was at the service center. It was sour. When I finished I took the malt back to DQ. I was told by the manager it was not sour. One of the other workers checked the ice cream machines and said one of them was sour. The manager asked if I wanted another malt and I said I did not want another sour one. She said "I am not stupid so don't treat me like I am stupid". I told her not to act like that and I wouldn't treat her like she was. After more lip from her I told her to just give me my money back. She told me to never come there again.

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unsanitary cond. and poor service

I went to the pelican rapids DQ tonight ordered a banana split, one small cone, one choc dipped cone the girl made the split another worker was sweeping floors picking up garbage he came back behind counter wiping face she asked him to make the choc cone he did and not once did he wash his hands. I refused the cone explaining why. I got a look of disgust. This DQ is an embarrassment to your organization. I guess from now on it will have to be mcdonalds.

  • Za
    Zachary Narcross Aug 03, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was with my family on August 3, 2008 and ordered hot-fudge sundaes. We were dissapointed with the amount of fudge on the sundae. We didn't lodge a complaint at the time due to the amount of customers in line at the time.

    The biggest complaint, however, was the condition of the bathroom...dirty and smelly. We do not expect this from Dairy Queen as it has always used high standards.

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  • Hy
    Hydra Jan 10, 2009

    I work at a Dairy Queen in a different location. Most people on here I see complain that the employees don't wear gloves, to set that straight, we are not required to wear them nor are we provided with them and who would bring their own from home everyday? Now I understand that it is the guy who was making your treat's responsibility to wash his hands, but he was obviously busy and should have declined making it or washed his hands first. Often at my place of employment, a manager will ask us to make a burger or other food item seeing us handle unsanitary things. I see it this way, if we had to wash our hands at the times we are SUPPOSED to, we would never get work done. Being paid next to minimum wage, we have quite a few duties to fulfill at our job and we must make food and get our other stuff done in a quick and efficient manner or be fired. We cannot wash our hands everytime we scratch our chin (like we're supposed to) we cannot wash our hands after using the phone to take an order, these things all take up a lot of time and we simply cannot run to the back room and wash them before and after everything we do.

    1 Votes
  • Sw
    sweet t Mar 16, 2009

    My DQ employees always wash thier hands no matter what.I am very strict on handwashing.If you cannot wash your hands when you are supposed to, then you should be put on dish duty at minimum wage with a severe cut in hours.I hope you never fix my food!!!

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Resolved metal inside blizzard

I took my young son to Dairy Queen to buy him a blizzard. After getting the ice cream, we returned home. My...

poor service and bad attitude f+

Where has customer service gone? Evidently not to this DQ! One several occasions I have had snotty service, just dripping in bad attitude. This DQ used a pencil and paper to take your order, then transfers the order (while you are waiting at the window) to the register to finally give you the total, the employees are not friendly, they do not smile, even the managers huff and puff- they even charge for pickles! It is not uncommon to sit in the drive thru for 20+ minutes with four cars a head of you. They will not give you an actual receipt, an itemized one, and unless you can actually do math you never know if you have been over charged. However low our geographic education levels may be, there is not reason to screw over the customer. I have been over charged for two kids meals, and fought with over getting the deserts now instead of later ( DUH wasting gas) with the new certificates on the bags. What's more... they ring things up to charge the maximum to the customer for their order. I have encountered this several times, the breakfast platter. The breakfast platter comes with meat, 2 eggs, bread, and hashbrown. You may substitute the hashbrown for gravy. Now the hash browns here are $.99 and the side of gravy is $.69, so it is totally logical to order the platter with the hashbrown and add the gravy- it is cheaper that way. However I have been told by the employees that they can not ring it up that way that they must charge it the more expensive way! They were told this by management and think nothing of it. Aren't you supposed to do things with in guidelines to accommodate the customer- that is my $.30 they are taking, it may not be much, but everytime?! I ordered cheese on the eggs and did I get a nice slice of amercian cheese for my $.60? NO! I got a sparse sprinkle of shredded cheddar, YUCK! I have encountered this problem not only in this region, but even in Lexington! Maybe it is a franchise or corporate problem, because it is wide spread, the service and attitude really stinks and the quality of the food is starting to slip. It is pretty sad when you are on your way to work, and your child says that they are hungry and you have to say, "Welfare you really hungry or can you wait until lunch because I don't want to have to drive to the other side of town to get decent food because Dairy Queens is bad?" I want my children to learn to not settle! What are we telling them by feeding them food from a place that treats us badly, over charges us and doesn't not provide the customer with even a smile. I am not just paying for a convenient food experience I am paying for a pleasant experience... technically I have bought that smile!

Sad thing is, I have worked at DQ. I know how it is supposed to be. And that DQ in Berea, KY is the best I have been in- has every well rounded customer satisfaction ratio and a good drive through time.(I mean, are McDonalds and Wendy's the only ones that care about that any more?!) I work in a professional customer service setting now as an insurance agent, but I have worked my way through many years of fast food and upper restaurant service. I know what is expected, and I do expect it! Things happen, people have bad days, but a smile and an apology go a long way and those things are free!