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Tuesday, 5/10/22 around 6:40pm I went to pick up my Blood Pressure and Heart Failure medication. The bald (Blonde) african american Tech with what appears to be feathers on her eyes informed my 80 yr Old Father who has been a customer of CVS for over 25 yrs that they could not refill My heart failure medication Entresto until the 24th because my insurance doesn't cover it. My 80 yr old father concerned about his daughter (I) with an 18% functioning heart said, "She will die if she stops her medication". The pharmacy tech responded, "Oh Well, that's not my problem" with such a nasty,insensitive, rude, dismissive tone. As I sat in the back of the car with my 5 month old baby and my 8 yr old, I could not believe how rude and dismissive she was. She continued to be rude speaking over my Father and laughing responding once again with a rude attitude "ANYWAYS". Who speaks like that? What happened to listening and assisting a customer? What happened to getting help if you can not handle or in a bad mood to help with a situation? I can only imagine how she speaks to other customers. Being in the customer service industry and running my own business our job is to assist and engage with customers helping them find solutions not speaking to customers like they are beneath or trash. The pharmacy tech continue to laugh with her co workers and jump around while on speaker like hyenas. Not one care in the world did her or this location have. No sense of compassion or consideration for customers who are ill needing their medication. Mocking the situation while continuing to laugh. This went on for about 15 mins until the pharmacist finally explained why I couldnt receive a refill. If this information was given when we spoke to the Tech we would of had better understanding. I was offended especially for my father who was just asking a question. I can only imagine how many others were treated poorly, dismissed when in need of their medications. Not to mention, customers already have a hard time dealing with their sickness, trying to obtain the correct medication and to be treated like you dont care that to need this medication to survive days, months or maybe even yrs is very insulting and insensitive. The stress that this tech caused could of made my heart fail at any given moment. Then, What? Im Sorry? If you can not assist the public then you shouldnt work with the public. This is the reason why so many people DO NOT go to that location and I finally understand why. My family and I been customers for many yrs and after this experience we take out business elsewhere and make sure to the associates, businesses as well. This location should screen their employees to make sure they actually qualify for a customer engaging position not just hire to fill a position. The lack of behavior, ethics, customer/patient care im sure has been misrepresented by the pharmacy tech. This uncooth technican should be reprimanded and removed immediately from engaging with customers until she receives proper training how to provide customer service. Shame on her supervisor for allowing this kind of behavior! I will be contacting the BBB as well because how We were treated was a disgrace!

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May 15, 2022 12:34 pm

The "technician" attitude is EXACTLY why she was hired.

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