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I have been a customer for over a year. Same prescriptions filled. Yet at the Port Saint Lucie Pharmacy on US1 and Lyngate I have had terrible customer service.

I am in Congestive Heart Failure. Many time I go to leave a script I'm told the doctor did not write the script correctly.

Today I dropped off a script. The female pharmacist Valerie came to the window, again declining the script. She was rude and stated "I need to call the doctor to see if he knows you are on and named one script they have filled for a year from the same doctor.

Then I not understanding her rudeness why. She said there was a new law. So I asked can you call now as the office is closing. Still baffled by the confusion. The pharmacist stated she didn't have time and walked away.

I called my doctors office reached the nurse and explained the latest rejection by CVS. While in the drive thru. While I had the nurse on the phone a pharmacy tech came to the window and stated,

"If you don't leave we will call the authorities." My heart raced and my doctors nurse who heard this said drive away I will call. And she said find a new pharmacy.

I was shaking at the threat of the police being called. As I drove around CVS I noted a police car in the parking lot.

I called to speak to a store manager. She assured me she would call back yet never did.

The only call I received was from my doctors nurse stating the script was ready. And to find a new pharmacy.

I am 55 in Congestive heart failure have used this pharmacy for the same meds for over a year.

I am still shaken by the tech stating if I didn't leave she would call police. And did call police.

As a patient in Congestive Heart Failure I expect my pharmacy to be considerate not threatening.

I called corporate

They just took information

A pharmacist knows what medications you are on and for what reason.

Professionalism is severely lacking as well as caring about the client's they serve.

I told the corporate headquarters I didn't understand and the pharmacist said it was a new rule. So when the pharmacist declined to call my doctor I did in the drive thru.

To be threatened that if I didn't leave they would call. The police unprofessional and uncaring.

God forbid if I was with dementia. And didn't understand. Cvs would call police?

Cvs in Port Saint Lucie on USI and Lyngate

Valerie is the pharmacist

Still shaken up from this

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    More information for the complaint below.

    The pharmacist name is Tricia Trueblood

    She is the Pharmacist at CVS from complaint below

    She is the pharmacist who would not fill a script, until she talked to my doctor, then as I sat in the drive thru talking to my doctors nurse about what the pharmacist stated, confused. She told a pharmacist Tech yo tell me if I didn't leave drive thru she would call the authorities. As my doctors nurse heard.

    And she did call police

    If you have any serious health problems

    Tricia Trueblood at CVS pharmacy in port Saint Lucie is not where you should trust your health to


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    Jen 34997 Nov 26, 2019

    Tricia Wurster Trueblood has a history of rude service. There are complaints going back 5-6 years when she was at PSL Target and then changed to CVS.

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