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non collection of old appliance

On Tuesday 12th of this Month, myself and the wife purchased a Bosch washing machine in Currys/PC World. We spent an extra €60 on a a new clothes iron too, because the sales rep (David) was really good at his job and couldn't have been more helpful. We wanted to take the washing machine home that day, because we had the Zafira on hand. We almost decided to buy elsewhere, because they didn't have the stock on location, but the sales guy was very good to deal with and was very knowledgeable about the various machines, so we purchased the machine and arranged for a Thursday delivery.

KnowHow (the delivery company i think is owned by Currys) called my wife on Wednesday, on a blocked number and said delivery would be on the Thursday between 3pm & 6pm. My wife said that wouldn't suit, because she would be out with the kids after 3pm and to arrange for the Friday instead. The girl was to call back to confirm this and while she did try to call back (we think), the number was blocked and my wife missed the call and could not phone back. I had arranged to be home for 3pm anyway, so it was OK for them to deliver between 3 & 6.

The old washing machine was installed under the stairs behind a closed, full length door. I had disconnected the washing machine that morning and for safety reasons, decided not to take the door off the hinges until I got home at 3pm when the kids would be out with my wife. The door needed to be taken off the hinges to get the washing machine out, because the control knob would have been in the way. In hind-sight however, the delivery could have just ripped the control knob off the machine, but that's a different argument. My wife phoned me at 2:31pm to tell me that the delivery was taking place. I started to make my way home from the office a little early (I work locally). At 2:44pm my wife called again to say that the delivery guys could not get the old washing machine out from under the stairs (something I knew already, because the door had to be unhinged) and that we could call them later to pick it up when the machine was out. I told her I was just around the corner and could take the door off the hinges in a minute, but the delivery guys were leaving. I arrived home at 2:45pm as the lads were getting getting into their truck.

The new machine was in the kitchen, with the transport bolts still in place (not an issue, but they were to be removed when delivered). To remove the old machine, I took the door off the hinges (a 2 minute job) and pulled the machine out into the hallway. I manouvered the new machine into place, removed the transport bolts and hooked it up. Works just fine. That's where the real messing began.

My wife called the number given (a UK number) to arrange for collection of the old machine. This was at about 4pm on the Thursday. She got through to the number after a few attempts and was given an Irish number to call. She tried calling several times on Friday, Saturday and Today, but got no answer. We tried to find the number for the Airside, Swords store and could only find a central 1890 number. My wife called and got through to some girl and explained the situation. The girl suggested she leave the washing machine out on the driveway for someone to collect (she was referring to travellers), which my wife got a bit annoyed about, because the girl was basically saying that she didn't want to deal with it. The girl said that she would put my wife through to a guy that could arrange collection. 20 minutes of being on hold later, my wife is speaking to some Asian guy with an attitude and a tone I could hear from upstairs. I took the phone, because I am calm and spoke to Adeel (wrong spelling perhaps). I explained to him that the delivery was a day early and that the delivery guys had said to call and they would come to collect the old machine, no problem. Adeel said that the machine was not ready for collection and that we could have refused delivery, so they did not have to collect the old machine. I asked him finally, "are you refusing to collect the machine?". He said "yes". I informed him that I would be making a formal complaint and I fully intend to. This is customer service at its worst. The customer accommodates the delivery a whole day early and the company then refuse to collect the old machine. Adeel also tried to make out that the machine was not disconnected, but it was, because I had personally disconnected it that morning. It's 2 hoses and a plug for Gods sake, not exactly rocket science.

So, Currys; are you going to come on here and tell me that the customer is wrong? That we did not meet the criteria for collection of the old appliance? I just want to say here that we will never step foot in your store again, but wanted to give the opportunity to fix this error.

The delivery reference number is [protected] and it was a Bosch washing machine. That's all you should need. I will report back here all correspondence, positive, or negative. In the mean time, we have had a washing machine in our hallway, partially blocking access since Thursday afternoon. I will not leave it outside for travellers to do the job you are supposed to do. I am disgusted by this awfil treatment to customers who spent hundreds of euros in one of your stores. The dishwasher is next on the list, but we won't be going to Currys for that.

washing machine

Bought a washing machine from Curry's, the machine works but makes the washing smell as if it has sat in...

Milton Keynes Washing Machines

repair to washing machine

We reported a fault to our Ariston Washer/Dryer to Currys Coverplan Engineering department on Friday 17the February 2012. An engineer came out to us on Tuesday of thee following week. He said theat as multiple parts needed replacing, he would order them online now and theey would be in on Friday and he would repair theem theat day. I received a phone call on Friday saying yes, thee parts have arrived and as we cannot do thee repair thee same day, we would schedule it in for thee following Tuesday. Tuesday morning, we receive a text message saying theat "thee engineer would be theere between 11-13pm. Half an hour later, we receive a phone call to say theat thee parts weren't in!!! So we telephoned theem to ask what was going on as theey had already stated theat thee parts were in fact in but, as usual, we are hitting our head against a brick wall. So I requested to speak to a Manager who said "I will try to sort theis out, and I will telephone you back". After 3 hours, withe no call back, I telephoned theem again to find out what was going on, as before, I again hit a brick wall, eventheough I had stated theat I had taken a day off work (witheout pay) to honour thee engineers appointment. The total lack of interest was apparent. They said, theey would have to re-schedule thee appointment for thee NEXT Monday, considering I had already stated theat no-one would be home, theey were still adamant theat THIS was thee only time theat theey could do thee repair. Again, it looks like I am forced to take anotheer day off work (witheout pay). I theen telephoned Currys complaints department and told theem my problem of doing my washing (thee nearest launderette is 20 miles away) and was told more or less to make alternative arrangements myself. Again, hitting my head against a brick wall. In-between all of theis, I must have made at least 4 or 5 phone calls to thee repair department - I have been cut off - put on hold for a long while - passed from pillow to post only to have no resolution. I would never, ever recommend theat anyone has a coverplan withe Currys. I have paid enough money towards theis coverplan to have bought 1 and a half BRAND NEW Washing Machines! all theey are interested in is quoting theeir mantra of "21 days to repair it" - No theought for thee customers needs - so work it out - is it really worthe it???

wrong washer sent out

i ordered a washer that was in the sale there was 200pound off i sat all day it wasnt deliverd on the friday i phoned the warehouse they said they had none in stock to go back to currys the shop said they were in stock they deliverd the washer it was only when the advert came on tv i realised the washer that came was only 1400 spin speed i ordered 1600 spin speed when we went to the shop they said we were lying and they wont do anything

dodgy warranty

I recently purchased a Servis fridge freezer from Currys in Luton Inside the door of the fridge is a shelf unit which holds the milk and juice bottles etc. After a few months use, the bottom of the plastic shelf unit cracked and broke, making it impossible to use, especially after the bottom fell out!.

I took the shelf unit back to the store, only to be told that the shelf unit is not covered by the warranty! I had to buy a new shelf unit, which cost £50 can you believe? £50 for a piece of moulded plastic is a ridiculous price, as it probably cost just pennies to manufacture.

I don't understand how a part within a fridge freezer that is covered by warranty, is not covered by the warranty, and replaced when it breaks due to either poor design or manufacture?

The staff at the store implied that the part broke due to wear and tear. I got upset with them insinuating that I had broken the shlf unit, so I wrote to their head office. I sent the letter recorded delivery but never got the courtesy of a reply never mind a refund for the money I spent.

I won't be using this company again or buying Servis appliance.

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How annoyed am I with Currys.

I bought a printer from them about 6 months ago, an epson dx3850 (which is an all in one, very good)

BUT yesterday the printer broke, the printer refuses to take up paper, eg the loading mechanism is broke.

So I drove to my currys store where I bought the printer totally expecting them just to replace it under the guarantee. BUT no apparently now we have to phone epson.

I phone epson and explained they agreed it was indeed faulty. So, I have to post it back to them or goto the local repair centre where they will try to repair it. The local repair centre isn't so local it is about a 15 mile round trip, not that far but I would need to print out a map to find it, but no wait, my printer is broken.

So I now have no printer, and I have work to do. A few years ago it would have been a simple case of the retailer sorting it out and then sending it off to the manufacturer. But now because I didn't pay the extra "service care" costs I have to deal with the problem my self. Basically currys refused to do anything about it. Not sure if that is toally legal as the retailer must sort out problems if the goods are not fit for purpose, clearly a printer breaking within 6 months does mean it was not fit for purpose.

So, instead of the currys simply replacing it, I have to make a long phone call an 0870 number (which costs 8p per minute) to get epson to sort it. The epson chap was quite helpful but he refused to call me back and said the call wasn't costing me money as it was national rate. I pointed out that national rate doesn't exist anymore and infact the call was costing me a lot more than normal and why couldn't they have a normal geographical number. Eg why should they make money out of me for their fault.

Epson said that currys could take it back at their discression. So, I called currys back and they refused.

So now basically I have to travel 15 miles, or wait for prepaid post pack and goto the post office, in my time at my expense. Why should I have to contact the manufacturer and make arrangments for a repair surely the shop should do that. Other retailers I have used in the past would simply replace the printer for me, why should I do their job? I also now have to buy a new printer anyway as I've got work to print out today.

What happened to good customer service where the retailer doesn't just take your money and forget about you unless you pay them extra for a service agreement extra guarantee and placement policy which is really the level of service (appart from extra time period) that I would expect from the retailer anyway.

Basically Currys want to take your money and forget about you. I even tried to get the name and number of the area manager, they refused to give it to me. Simply saying call the 0870 national customer service number (at my expense again). I won't be buying anything at Currys ever again. In future I may as well just use internet online ordering since if it breaks I'll end up having to post it somewhere anyway so what is the point in ever going to a shop?

company damaged my car during emissions check and would not pay for repairs

I took my 4-year old BMW 328xi for emissions inspection to Curry's Auto Service of Arlington one day after a major regular maintenance service at the dealer. When I got in the car after the inspection, service indicators lit up my dash showing that the 4x4 drive, dynamic traction control and antilock brake systems had failed!. Dealer said the transverse case actuator motor had been damaged and was likely a $1500 or more job to fix!. Took it back to Curry's for them to repair as their manager indicated that they should have the right to make it right:.

I had to pay for a loaner, then call them to ask about my car!. They said they agreed with the dealer on the problem and that they needed to order a part from the dealer/. The kicker was they wanted me to pay for the repair! What nerve to damage my car while it's in your care, then ask me to pay you to repair that major damage|.

Curry's advertises itself as female-friendly because they have wifi and gourmet coffee in the waiting room". I'll take Field and Stream and greasy seats for an honest mechanic any day.

  • Un
    Uncle Bo Jul 22, 2011

    It sounds like you are a little confused. The Transverse Case Actuator Motor could not be damaged during an emissions inspection. You should not blame the repair shop. If you had all of that work done at the dealer, chances are that they knocked something during the repair.

    Hope this helps.

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I will never shop at curry's again

I Bought a gas cooker in September 2009 from CURRY'S The grill had to be repaired for the same fault twice in the first year under warranty. Now 18 months later the same fault has occurred again but it is six months out of warranty and CURRY'S refuse to repair it. Customer service were extremely rude when I said I felt this was wrong as this was an ongoing fault and were totally disinterested.
At the same time I bought this cooker my son bought a laptop and paid £199 for an extended warranty until 2012. The letters on the keyboard began wearing off within months and when I spoke to a CURRY'S representative in the store in Cambridge I was told that this was fair wear and tear and not included in the warranty. Have you ever tried to get through to your local CURRY'S? It is not possible. It is a nightmare trying to get through on the phone each department puts you on hold and I am sure their customer service representatives are given nastiness lessons and probably poked with pins as they sit on the phone to make them irritable, rude and cruel to us their customers. I will never shop at CURRY'S again. I would advise anyone to look at the list of COMPLAINTS posted on the internet about CURRY'S before they shop there. You WILL be treated with respect at CURRY'S when you walk into their shop to empty your pockets into their tills but after that BUYER BEWARE!!!

currys... buyer beware

Bought a gas cooker from CURRYS in September 2009 and the grill had to be repaired twice in the first year for the same fault. Cooker is now 18 months old and exactly the same fault has occurred again but CURRY'S say as the warranty has expired they will not repair it. I was told to get an engineer to inspect the cooker at my own expense and send the report to CURRY'S to see if they would consider a repair, I am disabled, on a low income and can not afford to do this. When I disagreed with this because it was an ongoing fault their customer service rep told me I was not listening and refused to give me head office address saying she was their representative and they would back her up. At the same time I bought the cooker my son bought a laptop and paid £199 for an extended warranty until 2012. The letters on the keyboard started wearing off within months and some are now completely missing. The customer advisor at Currys has told me that this is classed as fair wear and tear and not covered by the warranty. I will never shop at CURRY'S again. The only time you are shown any kind of respect from them is when you are giving them your cash. Before you buy at CURRY'S take a look at the complaints logged on the internet. CURRY'S customer service is disgusting and rude and uncaring. BUYER BEWARE

  • Re
    realwolf Apr 28, 2010

    I was doubled charged by currys in blackpool on my bank card and after ring the company over 23 times have still not had this matter resolved. still no repayment.

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  • Eb
    e boswell May 10, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    everthing we have purchased from currys/washing mashine lasted 15 months had to buy a new one /tumble dryer 17 months/fridge freezer 9 months had to get engineer out lost all our food approx £70 got £30 compensation why is it everything we get from currys breaks down after warranty runs out

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  • Re
    Reg237649870 Feb 05, 2014

    This seems to be a script the complaints dept follows because we had exactly the same thing regarding a TV we bought. We were told we weren't listening, etc, as above. We were even told the there was nothing wrong with the picture by someone sitting hundreds of miles away in a call centre while we were actually in front of the TV. In addition, the guy was rude and obnoxious. Yep, keep clear of Currys.

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installation fee fraud

Bought washing machine plus installation service which includes,
• Check that existing electrical and plumbing connections are safe and appropriate to be used for the new appliance
• Disconnect the existing appliance
• Unbox and check the new product
• Remove transit bolts
• Connect to existing plumbing and electrical sockets plus level the appliance
• Test the appliance to make sure there are no leaks
• Take away your old appliance for recycling if requested
• Ensure you are happy with the installation
When deilvered all packaging removed and "installed" but refused to test run as not his job so i tried & wouldnt drained been trying to get resolved since refused refund within 7days as "used" as not in original condition but if currys website says they take packaging off and get it working for you how can it be in original condition? Was told they charge for the installation but not always possible to do so due to the drivers no engineer came out even when "booked" team leaders etc said have no idea refuse to take calls and hang up.
Theyre actually breaking trading laws by falsely advertising not just to the UK but EU as well, absloute terrible customer service to this day i still have not received receipt as it was a purchase over and not in-store, I would expect this beheaviour from an unoffcial plumber but not a multi million Superstore like Currys!

If youve had similar situation complain and file a case they are breaking the law, trading stantards were contacted on my behalf by consumers direct!

tv repair

Bought a tv 8 months ago, with a 12 month guarantee only to find out when it went faulty, that the repair man will want to take it away for 28 days and you are not given a temp replacement, you are just left with no TV, rude on the phone to the extent that i felt i was being unreasonable.
Why dont they give you a replacement, or at least try and repair it at home, taking it away for 28 days as a first option is really poor.
Why call the person coming out a repair man, shouldnt it be, look at and removal man
Honestly these companies, as soon as they have your money, its a nightmare, do they not think of future sells and the customer


hi my mother purchased a tv for me for xmas last yr when she purchased it she was told that if she got...

faulty laptop

I purchased an Advent laptop from Currys Cardiff in February last year, and some weeks later it developed start up problems which gave difficulty in getting into the computer. Sometimes the computer would work for some time with no problems, and would start again with no warning. The computer would go into the start up repair mode but it always came back with the message that it could not repair. I complained to Currys and they collected the computer for repair. When it came back it worked for a little while but it started to devleop the same problem. I then contacted Currys again who took me through a programme over the phone which worked for a while. In all seven phone calls were made and a further return to Currys in November - all efforts to repair came to nothing. I wrote to Currys in January this year requesting a repalcement . Someone rang me to say that my request was being refused, but that I could submit an engineers report at my own expence which they would consider. I asked for all this be put in writing to me, but this was refused. All letters to head office went unanswered. The engineers report confirmed everything I was complaining about. At this stage I asked Trading Standards for help, and they were excellent. They took over the complaint which still required me to send the computer back to Currys for their own engineer to examine. After much haggling with Trading Standards Currys gave me a replacement computer together with my engineers £40 fee. I can not say anything positve about Currys complaints proceedure. They will put every obstical in the way, hoping you will go away. Without Trading Standards I would not have stood a chance

  • Su
    sue_len_2000 Aug 03, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I ordered a £429.99 PACKARD BELL EasyNote TJ65-BT-041 Refurbished Laptop off the internet on the 20/07/10 and it came on 22/07/10 I thought brillant service, problem was it wouldnt boot up, phoned the tech guys and they said take it to a PC world shop for the tech guys to have a look at it. so took it there on 23/07/10 they had it till 24/07/10 but said its faulty nothing we can do you will have to send it back to currys online. Phoned currys and they said it would be picked it up on 26/07/10, and they would sent a replacement out which may get on the 27/07/10if not the 28/07/10 so we thought oh ok not to bad. they Phoned on the 28/07/10 to say they dint have a replacement and argued No-one would have told me they would send a replacement as we dont have a one to send. and if we wanted to order another computer we would have to buy one as they could not exchange the laptop for a different one and it would take upto 14 days for a refund!!! as my daughter is going abroad tomorrow(04/08/10) and needs the laptop we had to order the next one as we didnt have time to wait for the refund so we ordered a PACKARD BELL EasyNote LJ67-DM-028 Refurbished Laptop at £529.99 and it arrived on the 03/08/10 GREAT!!! we thought till we turned it on and half the picture is missing and the other half is grey and fuzzy, phoned the tech guys and they said nah its faulty send it back i ask myself is this a joke so my daughter will now have to buy a laptop either on the way to heathrow in the morning or at heathrow one thing i am sure of it wont be from currys PC World or dixons as they are all the same company which at the moment has £959.98 of my money and i dont have a working laptop and i will have to lose another day off work so they can pick this load of [censor] up

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faulty goods

Buyer Beware...I have just had the most frustrating experience ever. Currys of Blackpool Industrial Estate...


in june 2006 brought a tv with 5 tr gaurentee (21 days or we replace)!!
On December 2009 I contacted your customer service department as part of my whatever happens guarantee. On 23rd December your delivery team arrived to collect my faulty T.V.

The delivery men ruined my carpets as they had grease/oil on their shoes, my living room has to be kept closed so that my 18 month daughter does not eat/spread the oil. We contacted your customer service team with this problem and after sending evidence have heard nothing from them unless WE ring.

28 days had passed and still no TV. Finally I got fed up and on 20th January contacted you at 15:30 was told by Paul from team 4 that the T.V. will be delivered tomorrow 21st. On Friday 22nd I contacted currys again and talked to Rosie who said the T.V will be delivered in 2/3 days but when I pressed her further for a delivery order/time it became apparent that No-one Knew Where my T.V was, she rang around then finally told me she will ring me back when knows something definite.

Fed Up I went to my local store for answers where I met the Manager who said if the situation cannot be resolved I will be given voucher as it’s over 21 days as part of the service agreement. I was passed onto Sue a customer service adviser who spent a 1 and 15 minutes ringing numerous places and numbers still with no success. Was advised to return on Saturday where they will try and help

On Saturday spend another 1 hour and ten minutes with another customer advisor who rang over a dozen numbers trying to locate this TV. Finally a team manager Robert suggested I ring your Tech Guys on Monday where I ask them to write Off my TV if the cant find it so that they may send an e-mail to send some vouchers to store. I also filed a second complaint about a lost T.V.

The service states One number one call. Yet I now have over ½ a dozen numbers and half a dozen different order no./ref no./ etc.

I work in a busy hospital and am on-call even on my lunch break hence don’t have time to run around hence I spent £349 pounds on a 5 yr guarantee to take the hassle out if anything happens. Unfortunately the “whatever happens guarantee” is proving to me that it’s not worth the paper it’s wrote on. The service states 21 days yet I’ve been without a TV for over 40 days.

and no site of resoluton.

  • Th
    Thompson.K Feb 17, 2010

    Yet another terrible experience at my local Curry's store Feb 2010:

    After repeatedly visiting the local Curry's store in Hereford being refused an exchange or refund after my laptop had been repaired FOUR times already in under SEVEN months, and a re-installation of the O.S twice, i have decided to name and shame with very good reason. The level of customer service was awful, rude, and intimidating whilst we also found out that the store manager at the time lied on multiple occasions whilst changing his story a few times too. That's a different story though! The general experience was just awful. Indeed i was told by the tech/repair guys that i was well in my rights to an exchange and/or a refund but was refused and throbbed off three times by the very rude manager. The manager seemed to be more concerned with his other customers who were obviously interested in spending rather than asking questions! Anyway...to cut a long story short, we think that this store in particular should undergo a customer service lesson.

    To date the issue is still pending. http://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/toshiba-satellite-l450d-04127252-pdt.html

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no recognition of uk sale of goods act

I bought a laptop from the UK high street electrical store Currys 20 months ago, and it worked fine until the...

very bad service

I went to buy a TV, once i had choosen the product I wanted to buy I was informed that the only one left was a display model, as there was no discount offered I asked if it was available at another store, the staff checked and found that the Weybridge branch had 5 in stock I paid in full and was reassured that the product would be put by for me to collect on an agreed date and time.

Went to collect my TV as arranged only to be told that it wasnt in stock after all, I asked the staff to check their computor system and it still showed that they had 5 in stock, however these were display models. I did not feel the staff even try to keep my custom I was not offered any discount to go towards another product, not even one of the display models were offered to me.

I went back to the store were I had paid and arranged my collection hoping for some kind of resalution to no avail. Although I did get a full refund, again I did not feel customers are valued.

I complained by email stating that I felt that I should be compenstated for my travel costs, time and inconvienience. Today two days later I recieved a phone call from customer sevices who offered me £15 to cover the cost of the fuel I used. I am still a very un-happy x Currys customer.

  • Ni
    ninja2 Jan 24, 2010

    You have every right to be unhappy clearly the sales person should have range the branch and checked that the item was available. However i think that it is good that they contacted you back and offered you £15 as most companies would probably would not have.

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poor service

Due to receive order for 4 netbooks tomorrow. Having paid for the items and checked my Currys account which stated items dispatched I received a phonecall at 10am informing me that 2 items were out of stock. This is such poor customer service and when I informed them of my disappointment they offered me refurbished goods at a higher price. Never again will I shop at Currys.

  • Ca
    car49 Jan 06, 2010

    Went into currys to buy an i pod touch just before christmas, was told it came with a free £15 i tunes voucher was taken to seating area to pay, then had the i tunes voucher revoked before paying as apparently it was no longer on offer which none the staff seemed to know about, so i abandoned the purchase went home and rang their complaints department and logged a complaint, was told that id get a call back on the subject rang them a week later as i hadnt recieved one, was told at that point that the matter was in hand and that i would definetly get a call back, again 2 weeks on no call back, so once again i ring them only to be told the guy dealing with it had gone home for the day (surprise surprise) and that the man on the end of the phone would email him, to my surprise 20 minutes later i get a phone from the man that had gone home who was dealing with my complaint in the first place, telling me that they were not prepared to do anything, all i can say is after giving curry's my trade for years i wont be doing it again in a hurry and advise anyone being offered anything free by the company not to hold their breath because it may get revoked at any given time lol .

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  • Th
    Thompson.K Feb 17, 2010

    Yet another terrible experience at my local Curry's store Feb 2010 Hereford UK:

    After repeatedly visiting the local Curry's store in Hereford being refused an exchange or refund after my laptop had been repaired FOUR times already in under SEVEN months, and a re-installation of the O.S twice, i have decided to name and shame with very good reason. The level of customer service was very bad indeed, rude, and intimidating whilst we also found out that the store manager at the time lied on multiple occasions whilst changing his story a few times too. That's a different story though! Even when i wrote to the head office im still waiting 4 days later to recieve a response!!! The general experience was just awful and will spread the word never to shop their again. Indeed i was told by two seperate tech/repair guys that i was well in my rights to an exchange and/or a refund after the trouble we experienced with this laptop in particular, but was refused and throbbed off three times by the very rude local Curry's store manager (Ant). The manager seemed to be more concerned with his other customers who were obviously interested in spending rather than asking questions! If id of asked any other customer of my situation im sure they would of agreed with me. I can say that the younger more approachable members of staff were very polite and friendly who did genuinely want to help out but couldnt. To date i'm still awaiting an answer!

    Anyway...to cut a long story short, we think that this store in particular should meet a higher level of customer service. Avoid Curry's!!!

    To date the issue is still pending. http://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/toshiba-satellite-l450d-04127252-pdt.html

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  • Tr
    traceygray May 30, 2010

    i agree ive had nothing but trouble when dealing with currys

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  • Su
    sue_len_2000 Aug 03, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    what ever you do dont touch currys refurbihed laptops ordered 1 returned it ordered another as they dont exchange unless its the same item it takes 14 days for refund so they have at the moment £959.98 and i have nothing beat that!!!

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  • Ag
    Agarner Nov 30, 2015

    Reserved computer monitor online for collection fromwednesbury store. (Allegedly available within minutes!) Went to collect 2 hours later, kept waiting for 40 minutes then told didn't have any. Queried why it was in stock on line told they had probably had one stolen! Need to sort out stock control. Could not offer similar item. Do they not want the custom?

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  • El
    elrickdavid Apr 07, 2016

    I have just spent over 40 min on the phone trying to sort out a problem your people caused most of that time was on hold and I was put through to three different people before it was sorted customers should not be given the run around when your at fault

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scam charges

My partner recently purchase a side by side/american style fridge freezer from currys - cost over £500. Firstly he was charged £50 delivery although enquiries gave a delivery charge of free to purchases over £199. Then to top it off the delivery men said they would have to take the doors off to fir it in - "no problem" he said - "ah but it'll cost you £30 up front" which he paid as they refused to complete delivery if he did not. When a phone call was made to currys they confirmed this IS NOT PART OF DELIVERY CONDITONS and would investigate a refund was given - if this happens to you question it and tell them you will ring the store to check this is not the first person i know in northampton this has happeneed to. BEWARE OF CURRYS DELIVERY MEN IF YOU FELL INTIMIDATED ASK THEM FOR A RECEIPT AS PROOF!!!

  • Jo
    johnfb Feb 21, 2012
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    my mother in law who is 91 blind and disabled bought a fridge-freezer and asked for it to converted to a left hand opening for which she paid £15.It was delivered on time but the men could not convert it as the left hand hinge was not included.Got in touch with currys who got in touch with hoover and were told the part was not in stock and they would have to order one and it could take 7 days.My wife phoned hoover and they said they would put one in the post but never arrived.Went into store and staff phoned hoover who said they would send part but never arrived Week later store rang and said it would still be 7 to14 days brfore part could be sent.The fridge is in the only place it can be but this makes it dangerous for her to use

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total nightmare

Had a total nightmare arranging for my fridge freezer to be delivered. Arranged a delivery date in store but this was delayed by telephone afterwards. I then took a day off work but no-one showed up!! I was so annoyed as i would have to take another day off work - considering they only deliver between 8am and 6pm - and cannot even tell you when in that time it wil be expect morning or evening!!

  • Ni
    ninja2 Jan 24, 2010

    Currys can deliver between 7 am - 10 am, 10am -1pm, 1pm - 4pm, and 4pm - 7pm. This service was available when you posted your comment but it was obviously not offered to you at the time if purchase.

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