Maplin Complaints & Reviews

Maplin / washing machine repair

Aug 01, 2018

Washing machine purchased in December broke down in June. Still under warranty and someone came out at the end of June and advised needed new part which would take a week to arrive. On the 11th July someone came out and it turns out the wrong part was ordered and they would order the...

Maplin / caravan wash brush n23hw

Oct 31, 2017

I purchased the brush on 23/10/17 as part of £18.47 I had spent on goods at the store The first time I attempted to use it to clean the windows of my Motorhome I placed hot water in a bucket with a small amount of detergent. On immersing the brush the hairs immediately shrank and deformed into...

Maplin / Refused to refund my money

Jul 25, 2016

I have ordered a memory card from and everything was fine but one day it stopped working and I was not able to get access to my files. I contacted customer service and asked for a refund. They asked me to bring the card to their office first. So I went to their office and...

Maplin / Terrible Costumer Service and unreasonable accusation

Dec 19, 2013

The worst ever Maplin shop at Greenwich Shopping Park. Charlton. SE7 7SR. Went today that shop, I always like to see what is going in electronic stuff and first thing I saw wireless 2 tb hard drive, WOW, I never head of that and I took a picture to check the later on-line ...And the guy...

Maplins / Incorrect Mains Adapter

Jun 25, 2013

In April 2013, I noticed that the wires on the supplied mains adapter for my Peavey mixer were becoming frayed as they were fairly thin and and I didn't want to be left without power at a gig in case they became detached. So I went to Maplin and asked an assistant for advice in buying...

Maplin Electronics Ltd/computer Speaker System / Poor service


Simply don't shop in this store. I bought some speakers for my computer, couldn't make them work, so took them back to the shop. The range was poor and I didn't want to trade them for a different set (I'd chosen the cheapest as I only wanted to use them for the radio at...

Maplin Electronics / Ripped off


Bought a fujifilm 2gb xd picture card from maplin store for£49.99. I discovered that the exact same card was only £22.99 in comet stores.I e mailed customer services and was informed that that was their selling price and they would not reimburse me. I feel disgusted with the over inflated price and being ripped off.

Maplin Electronics Ltd. / Long refund runaround


Purchased a 'Netbook' that wouldn't work on the net (Paid via Paypal direct Debit). Brought it back in person to their store Feb 4th because it couldn't do what promised and was promised a rapid refund (apparently unable to issue refunds in the store just RMA/RTX...