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Currys reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Oct 12, 2006. The latest review Customer services - broken product was posted on Apr 23, 2021. The latest complaint non collection of old appliance was resolved on Mar 19, 2013. Currys has an average consumer rating of 2 stars from 55 reviews. Currys has resolved 14 complaints.

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Currys Complaints & Reviews

Apr 23, 2021

Currys Pc World — Customer services - broken product

I purchased a Macbook Air 7th June 2019 from your Curry's PC World store in Watford. On the 20th March 2020...


I left several pieces of equipment for repair at the Currys Wimbledon store which was closed during the 2020 lockdown. I am told by the manager of Currys New Malden (where the equipment was reported to have been sent) tells me that my equipment cannot be located and advised me to write to corporate headquarters in Sheffield which I did in October 2020 and to which I have no reply. When I telephone [protected], the person answering my call listens to the reason for my call and forwards me to a phone which rings without answer until the call is disconnected. This is fraud and theft.

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    CurrysMacBook Pro

    This is the letter I sent to Curry's on 10th February 2021. Thank you.

    Good evening Team,

    I wish to make a complaint about the service I have received from Team Know How.

    In October 2020 my husband and I purchased a MacBook Pro 13" 512GB55D from the Curry's store in Stirling, Scotland. The serial number of the MacBook is C02DCAHEML7L. It was purchased using my husbands credit card.

    The MacBook was for our 18 year old daughter who is studying Business at College. As my daughter's studies do not involve any hands on practical classes she has worked entirely from home via remote learning virtual classes since October to date. As such the MacBook has never left our home.

    In January of this year when the MacBook was 3 months old my daughter was using it in the living room whilst sitting next to me on the sofa. She touched the screen using her index finger to adjust the angle of the screen and the screen went black. Despite several attempts to re-start the MacBook using various YouTube instructions it was clear that the MacBook was broken in some way.

    I must state for the record that at at no point was the MacBook misused, dropped or in any way shape or form treated badly. My daughter has always looked after the laptop. We believe that the product was faulty from the point of manufacture with a weakness in the screen.

    I contacted Team Know How in the 2nd week of January to ask for an engineer to look at the MacBook to determine the problem with the screen and have it fixed.

    On 12th January Team Know How picked up the device from our home and took it to the engineer to be inspected. The Ref number for this inspection is 239539.

    A few days later I received a text from Team Know How to advise that the MacBook would be returned unrepaired with a letter explaining why it was not repaired.

    On 19th January 2020 the MacBook was indeed returned to myself. NO LETTER accompanied the product. I called Team Know How the following day to ask where the letter was. I spoke to David and Sean and was advised that the letter would be sent out again.

    On 26th January I called Team Know How again to advise that no letter had been received via the post by us and asked if I could receive an email copy. I was advised that an email was not possible, but no explanation was offered. I asked for the letter to be sent to me once again. I was advised that this would be actioned.

    On 3rd February 2020 I called Team Know How once again and spoke to Shaun, and was advised that the letter would be sent out again. I asked if I could make a complaint and was advised of this email address.

    It is now 10th February and I still have not received a letter.

    I am, as you can imagine, extremely frustrated that my daughter has now been without the essential use of her MacBook for college for over a month with no resolution to this issue in sight.

    The letter explaining what is wrong with the product and the reason why it has not been repaired by Team Know How has been requested FOUR TIMES NOW. Without this letter I cannot proceed with having the MacBook fixed.

    I will be disputing the engineers findings, via this email, via Apple and via my husbands credit card company, as I do not believe that this product has been fit for purpose and have been advised by telephone that the issue with the screen is OUTWITH warranty. This product cost my husband and I over £1600 and we will not rest until this issue is resolved in our favour.

    I will be reporting the awful customer service that I have received via social media and other routes if I do not receive satisfaction to this complaint as a MATTER OF URGENCY. You will no doubt have service standards to adhere to in response to this complaint. I expect an acknowledgement of my complaint by return and a written response within 5 working days WITH A COPY OF THE LETTER IN QUESTION INCLUDED.

    I have contacted the Citizens Advice Bureau during this time for advice and was advised that poor customer service is a common problem with Curry's. As such please rest assured, I will never be a customer of Curry's from herein. I am so disappointed that I am having such a battle over this situation. Team Know How can not prove that the MacBook was damaged by us. Indeed it was not. Please respond urgently to this email.

    Many thanks for your response in advance.

    Yours faithfully
    Shona Young

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      CurrysCustomer Service

      Regarding a refund due for which I have been waiting several weeks. Re the above. I have spent 4 hours on the phone trying to get satisfaction on this, not to mention several hours on webchat.
      Basically Currys are keeping my £349.99 and no doubt getting interest on it while I await a refund from you. I have a dispute raised with paypal re this not to mention another amount of £549.99 which they were supposed to cancel but which has been sitting as pending on my paypal account.

      Due to the immense stress and inconvenience this has caused me I would expect compensation. This is not to mention the sheer frustration from getting told they would send a link to my phone to do a webchat and then cutting me off.

      This has been my worst experience ever with a company.

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        CurrysGrundig Fridge Freezer


        I hope you are well,

        I am very upset with Currys at the moment and please don't use COVID as an excuse, this is far from the level of service that anyone would ask for.

        I have honestly spent more than 10 hours dealing with this query and I have been patient with all staff members, but this is honestly not acceptable anymore.

        Staff have said they would schedule call backs with the managers etc but I have received nothing it is now the 27th of January…

        My first problem, I have 100+ orders with currys and I am unable to access my order screen, how is that I have no orders? It makes no sense (see screenshot below).

        Secondly - I purchased 2x fridge freezers from you with the ref: CUR [protected], Currys did NOT deliver this product due to the van being too big to fit down the road. I had told them this before and they re-scheduled the delivery but again no fridge freezers were delivered. On the system they had said they delivered it when they didn't, its actually ridiculous, its basically stealing our products. I was charged £599.98 and was supposed to ask Currys why my product didn't arrive, no communication no help.

        I then called and discussed with a staff member called Anne who was literally the only helpful person in the team. She advised to re-order the fridge freezers, but the price had gone up to £799.98, she had promised she would return the difference between £799.98 and £599.98 because it is not our fault that the delivery was not made. She said she made notes on the system and she had spoken to the manager and agreed we would get the refund. We purchased this amount of £799.98 on the 21 December 2020, I can only see this from our bank statement I would give you the order number however - (Again I cannot see my orders see my first issue above!!!).

        We then made the order and we received a £599.98 Credit from currys but they should be giving us the £799.98 back NOT the £599.98 back.

        I have tried MULTIPLE times to get this sorted, but no one wants to help or it cannot be sorted so I have to now lodge a complaint.

        I have so many care agreements with you Currys and I expect a LITTLE bit of customer service, no one wants to take responsibility and I as the customer am losing out, wasting my time and the stress/frustration it has caused, I can't explain it to you, I've had mental breakdowns over this.

        Please call me as soon as possible [protected]

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          Jan 04, 2021

          Currys — Logiklcd8w188 product 233481

          To whom it may concern, I am contacting you as I bought a dryer online from Currys PC world in April. That...

          CurrysRochdale store

          I ordered Tower T12033RG stand mixer on 16/11/2020 online and received my confirmation telling me that it would be ready for collection on 23/11/2020, it also told me I would receive an email notifying me it was in store to collect.
          No email or notification came.
          On Friday 27th November I received an email asking me to provide feedback for my recent purchase, as I have not purchased anything else from Currys I assumed this must have been for the food mixer (which I had not received and had not been notified about).
          I called to the store on Saturday 28th November to query the order and was left waiting for approximately 40 minutes, during the wait I queried the delay with 2 members of staff only to be told that they did not have the product in store for collection and they did not know when it would be, the money has been taken from my account, but I have no indication as to when I will receive my product.

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            Policy No: [protected] OR BHQJ42PE
            Purchase Date: 25/10/2017
            Receipt No:010107

            Where do I begin???
            I have been purchasing products and support plans @ Currys, Derry, N. Ireland for the past 10 years or so.
            I live in the Republic Of Ireland so my UK Policy has my roi address registered to it every time which is common practice in this store.
            I have a UK policy not a roi policy!!!
            The problems begin when I try to book a repair.
            Every time it takes days of several phone calls before I come across someone with the "knowhow" to book in a repair for me.
            This has become extremely frustrating!!!
            Can I ask someone to please book my oven in for repair as it needs the seal replaced asap!!!
            Please contact me via email preferably.

            Email: [protected]@hotmail.com

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              Oct 16, 2020

              Currys — Logik - l814wm16 washing machine - white product code 151808

              My complain; I bought Logik Washing Machine on 17/08/2018. It started making a loud noise in July 2020 and I...

              CurrysCustomer services

              I recently bought a new cooker online from Curry's. I expected a receipt by email which never arrived. I did get txt messages from their delivery team giving me an order number and delivery date. I contacted their customer services to try and get a receipt only to find I couldn't email or phone them. I had to chat to an advisor online.
              I told him my problem, gave him all my details that I used online to buy the cooker and the order number I was sent only to be told that unless I had a CUR order number he couldn't help me.
              I explained the CUR number would be on the receipt that I was never sent.
              He refused to help me so i'm stuck without a receipt. I know and he knows that the info I gave him was enough for him to locate my order and send a receipt. He just didn't want to. I have spent thousands at Curry's over the years but it will be a cold day in Satan's home town before I shop there again.

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                Jul 09, 2020

                Currys — Know how back up insurance on appliance

                Dear Customer Services, Below is the full history of email correspondence with Currys since the original...


                Currys arranged delivery by Royal Mail, for relatively small goods, worth just over £150 total. The Royal Mail service was one that did not require a signature to complete the delivery. The posting operative deposited the package according to their paperwork into our refuse bin (!!) despite their being many other options for delivery (cleaner recycling bins, a covered wood store, a covered area beneath lounge window, both next door neighbours were at home...). I am bewildered that this happened and in two minds as to the reality, but basically believe this should be a signed for service anyway given the size-value of the items being delivered. Currys have I understand taken this up with Royal Mail, and I await my paid for goods...


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                  Aug 27, 2019

                  Currys — a logic double oven

                  I bought a LOGig build in under double from curry's on-line shopping department, it kept on braking down, I...

                  Aug 24, 2019

                  Currys — Logik washing machine

                  I purchased the machine I june and have bee away for three and a half weeks hence the delay I purchased a...

                  Currysreserving an item

                  Why message me to say item ready for collection when none in store? To add insult to injury had cut the plug off my clock radio for them to recyle!!! No wonder we shop online.. Won't bother going into their currys ever again. No apology just long faces when I pointed out I had wasted my time and effort. A salesman even suggested I could drive to another store about 10 miles away??? What a joke!

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                    May 21, 2019

                    Currys — logik washing machine li814w15

                    I bought this washing machine in store on 18/04/18 and delivered to my new house. I put a wash on and the...

                    May 18, 2019

                    Currys — ki290840 tefal kettle

                    I purchased a tefal & toaster set not a budget set the kettle alone was £90 after 6 months the kettle started...

                    Currys — cooker cock-up

                    My heart sunk when my wife told me she'd ordered a new range cooker from this shambles of a company. I wa...

                    Currys — integrated fridge freezer

                    after being sold a fridge freezer in store, it was booked in for installation the following Sunday, on...

                    West Yorkshire

                    Currys — always out of stock

                    I wonder if they have something in stock. No matter when and no matter what I order, it's always out of...

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