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Complaints & Reviews

no product delivered. €1086 debited from my account

I ordered a canon EOS 800 from pixmania on Nov 16th 2017 and paid €1086 which was debited from my account. I was given a two day delivery time. This was four weeks ago. Despite...

They're scam

I want to warn everyone that the company PixMania is scam and they take money from people without permission. I recently found out that they charged my account for $10 and it was unauthorized withdrawal. Of course, no one returned money to me as well as they didn’t reply to my emails and messages. I wonder if there are people, who had the same thing. Maybe you can advise me how to stop these withdrawals. Please post your ideas and comments. Thanks.

non delivery of goods

I ordered a new 46in tv and soundbar from
I specifically went with them for the 24-48hr delivery. It is now the 6th working day since we ordered.
I have emailed them 3 times to no reply whatsoever.
I have called 7 times chasing it up, to again sit listening to be told "an operator will be with you in 3mins 43secs to then be cut off 4 times.
Eventually i got through and spoke to a young lady who told me that the item was not dispatched due to a problem with the payment? not all the money was received.
I called my credit card company who stated the payment went through in full on the day ordered.
I called back to pixmania (a man this time) who told me that he couldnt understand why i was told that, and that full payment was received and that he said that there is a delay of SOMEKIND? in their warehouse? Well if you dont know, who does?
I just want my tv, my wife is 9 months pregnant and we are decorating the main room and all the items i ordered from elsewhere has all been delivered.
This is the worst customer service i have dealt with. I dont know when i or if i will get my new tv and whats worse is that nor does pixmania by the sound of it.
How can the company you buy from not know when or even where your items are?

V unhappy customer

Pixmania France$5000 loss

Pixmania France used my credit card without my knowledge. They charged me two times. I don’t know what plan they had but they really thought that I will not notice $5000 loss? I contacted BBB and police. I hope I will get every penny back.

  • Me
    Mediator Pixmania Oct 12, 2012

    I have just read your review.
    We do not accept orders from outside Europe, this will be a fraudulent transaction that has not been requested by Pixmania.
    Please contact me directly via email on [email protected] and I will help you locate this transaction asap.
    We recommend you contact your credit card company immedialty.
    Best regards,
    Mediator Pixmania

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A comedy of ... neglect and utter discontent...

I posted this review on Trustpilot on 16 May 2012:

"Rather than wasting my time on this company, again, I thought I'd use the complaint letter I wrote to them - adjusted so it reads as a review rather than a letter. This is a complete, honest and non-slanderous commentary on this company and why (especially if you live in the UK) you should avoid them at all costs.

I was left totally dissatisfied with the service. You will no doubt grasp of the deep feelings I have, evident by the time and effort spent on the below...

It is best to outline the many problems based on issue even though there is a chronology involved.

1) The time it took to receive goods did not warrant a delivery charge of £36.25 (ex. VAT)

My order was placed on 30th March at 06:11. At the time the dishwasher was out of stock, but scheduled to be back in stock on 7th April. Due to their Terms & Conditions I accepted this and was happy to wait. 7th April came and went with no contact from Pixmania, which I would have appreciated. Instead I had to find out by logging online that the date had been changed to “within 28 days”. On the 8th April I sent an e-mail to customer services asking for an update. Other than an automated reply I received no contact until 12th April, which was a framed ‘ready-made’ e-mail with no personal correspondence, stating the dishwasher to be in stock on Saturday 21st April. On their website the dishwasher was recorded as IN STOCK on Saturday 21st April but was not dispatched until the 25th, and this was only after I made a phone call to their customer services on the 24th. In my opinion, this particular issue was satisfactorily resolved with a partial refund of the delivery charge (£29.90). I very much wanted this to be the end of the matter, but as you can see from the below, Pixmania chose to continue to provide me with sub-standard service.

2) The lack of personal correspondence and feeling of ‘neglect’ from Pixmania's customer service

In addition to the above problems highlighted in issue #1 above, the treatment of me from their customer services left me feeling neglected and maltreated. On 16th April I received a ‘ready-made’ e-mail asking to sign a “SWORN STATEMENT” that I had not received delivery. Pixmania had not sent the dishwasher at this point and the wording of this request was cold and made me feel like I was at fault.

Secondly, I was referred to as “Mme” (9th April, 15th April) and “Ms” (16th April) only to finally be referred to as “Mr” for the first time on 2nd May. All other correspondence has been headed with “Dear Customer”. This clearly shows that Pixmania are not in-touch with their customers and continue to insist on using automated systems.

The two examples above are not the only problems I can attribute to this particular issue, as you will read below.

3) Failure by Pixmania to meet simple requests: personal and direct contact by Mr James Felix

On 16th April at 18:11 I sent an e-mail to Pixmania's customer services to the attention of Mr James Felix, their UK customer services director. On this e-mail I kindly asked for direct contact details for Mr Felix. I received the customary automated reply that my e-mail was received and that it “been forwarded to the relevant department”. I received no further contact from customer services or indeed Mr Felix himself.

On 24th April at 16:42 I called Pixmania's customer services on an 0844 number and spoke to an operator. I requested to be put through to Mr Felix but the operator said that she could not grant this request. In a test of Pixmania's “100% customer satisfaction” goal, I asked for Mr Felix to contact me directly on my mobile so I could discuss the issues directly with him. I told the operator that if I am not available, Mr Felix was to leave me an answer phone message with a geographical number to call him back on. I never received a phone call from Mr Felix.

In an e-mail of official compliant sent to Pixmania's customer services sent on 28th April at 12:50, I requested Mr Felix or a person in a position of authority to contact me on my mobile. I gave a deadline of Wednesday 2nd May for this to occur. No phone call was received.

The only correspondences I have received from Mr Felix have been ‘ready-made’ e-mails that have no personal tone to them what so ever. There is no indication in these e-mails that he has properly read (or even received) any of my requests. I actually wonder if this Mr Felix actually exists...

4) Failure by Pixmania to meet simple requests: Saturday delivery

At the time of the aforementioned phone call on 24th April at 16:42, the dishwasher had been labelled as ‘IN STOCK’ on Pixmania's website but it had not yet been dispatched according to the ‘My Account’ section. Since a previous (automated) e-mail stated that the dishwasher will be sent as soon as it was in stock, I requested delivery on the upcoming Saturday (28th) as I am unavailable during the week-day. The operator said she will put this request through for me. The following day I received an automated e-mail that my delivery was scheduled for THURSDAY (26th).

On Wednesday 2nd May I received another automated e-mail stating my replacement dishwasher (see issue #8) was scheduled for delivery on THURSDAY (3rd). Why on earth would Pixmania schedule another delivery for a Thursday when I have contacted them multiple times regarding deliveries?

5) Compensation for time and money spent contacting Pixmania and KNOWHOW (their delivery partner) costumer services

The aforementioned phone call on 24th April at 16:42 in total lasted 17 minutes. I asked the operator that I wished to be compensated for the cost of this phone call (£1.736 on my tariff). I did not receive this compensation at the first time of asking. I ended up making further calls to charged numbers which I added to my compensation claim.

6) Failure by Pixmania to meet simple requests: the supply of a UK postal address

In my e-mail of official compliant sent to Pixmania's customer services on 28th April at 12:50, I requested to be given the postal address to their UK head office so I can post an official complaint. This request was also set to the deadline of Wednesday 2nd May. No such address was ever received.

7) Compensation for money lost due to waiting for failed delivery

When Pixmania set up the first delivery on Thursday 26th April (despite my request for a Saturday delivery), the KNOWHOW website stated that delivery would take place between 15:25 and 19:25. I was forced to leave my place of work early in order to return home for 15:25. My wife and I have yoga classes on Thursday evenings at 19:30 which are paid upfront. As 19:25 approached with no delivery it became apparent that my wife and I would not be able to attend our class as I had to wait for delivery. At 19:51 I called KNOWHOW and the operator informed me that the driver had got in to work late that morning and that delivery may be as late as 21:00 leaving me very angry and frustrated. I am usually in bed by 9pm since I get up early to commute to work. Since Pixmania initially failed to schedule my delivery for Saturday as requested, they effectively cost me money as my yoga teacher is an independent and is unable to refund or waive any fees for missed classes. So this was also added to my compensation claim.

8) Delivery of damaged goods

When the dishwasher finally arrived on the morning of Saturday 28th April, I was immediately alerted by the KNOWHOW driver that the dishwasher was damaged. Knowing my rights I accepted the dishwasher but asked the driver to note this damage on his PDA with a view for a replacement to be sent to me at a later date at my convenience. This issue was the trigger for my official e-mail of complaint sent to Pixmania on 28th April at 12:50 (the ‘straw that broke the camel’s back’ – if you will). The e-mail contained pictures of the damage.

On 2nd May at 10:39 I received what could be described as the closest I came to a personalised e-mail, acknowledging the declaration of damaged goods. However even this e-mail was worded, in my opinion, in a cold manner (see issue #10). I was refunded the rest of the delivery charge (£13.60) via yet another ‘ready-made’ un-personalised e-mail signed by Mr Felix. The refund was acceptable, but the issue remains unresolved as other outstanding issues means I am currently withholding delivery of the replacement dishwasher.

9) No delivery of 3rd item on order paid for (Neocal Anti-Limescale Device)

On my order placed on 30th March was a purchase for a “Neocal Anti-Limescale Device”. I never received this item and was later told that it was discontinued! I was eventually offered a refund for the item.

10) Being made to feel like I am treated with contempt

All of the above issues have made me feel like I have been treated with contempt. However there are further incidences which have solidified this feeling:

a) Pixmania felt the need to remind me, twice, via ‘ready-made’ e-mails that they had already given me a partial refund of £29.90 (2nd May 10:20 and 10:39). Why did they feel the need to remind me of this refund?

b) The wording of the only ‘personalised’ e-mail received was cold: e.g. “you are required to notify the manufacturer strictly within 48 hours after delivery”. This sounds like Pixmania are placing onus and responsibility on the customer for issues that they have created.

In my complaint letter, I gave a final ultimatum, giving Pixmania the chance to avoid court action. The requests were simple:

1) To be compensated so I could cover costs (e.g. phone calls) and loss of money experienced. I game them a breakdown of my costs on a spreadsheet. I asked for this compensation to not to be in the form of vouchers of any kind.

2) I asked to receive a written letter of apology from someone in a position of authority – Mr James Felix himself would have been nice. I will not accept a generic or ‘ready-made’ letter. It must be posted to my address.

3) I asked for them to send me the “Neocal Anti-Limescale Device” that I have paid for on a date that I am available to receive delivery.

I sent a copy of the letter to the KNOWHOW team in Hemel Hempstead (they were brilliant in supporting me and I had no doubt that Pixmania caused them as much frustration as they had me). Copies were also sent to the UK European Consumer Centre (ECC) Trading Standards Institute and BBC Watchdog.

Funnily enough, Pixmania did not take long to respond... by e-mail, from their head office in France. Here was the result on the above requests:

1) Pixmania's mediation department 'accepted' my claim for compensation - this was to be transferred to my bank via BACS. But, in a shamed attempt to keep my custom, I was also credited with £20 in my "Pix Piggy" account - i.e. a voucher! I declined this, and instead asked for it to be given to a charity of my choice. Pixmania declined this and stated: "Concerning your decision to decline our further offer to credit your PIX PIGGY account for £20, our mediation department has asked me to confirm that unfortunately we cannot credit a third party as requested. This credit is still available.". Make of this statement what you will...

2) The letter was pitiful... In fact, it was the e-mail of apology sent to me from head office printed out. At least they took the time to put it in an envelope... And, you guessed it, it wasn't from the phantom James Felix.

3) As already mentioned - I was sold a discontinued item, but I did get the money back for it.

In conclusion: On their website and e-mails footers, it states: “Our goal: 100% customer satisfaction !”. Well Pixmania, you have totally and utterly failed with me. And... I will not be shopping with you again. Not giving that £20 'Pix Piggy' credit to a charity basically sums you right up... Cheap prices? You get what you pay for..."

  • Sd
    SDInc Aug 12, 2013

    This company pixmaniafr outright steals money from credit card phishing. I have contacted Interpol and detectives are currently ready to do a raid and convict them.

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No refund / no reply

I have complained on this board now and written 4 times to Pixmania and had no refund or reply to my emails. I bought the Panasonic HDC-SD900 High Definition Camcorder from Pixmania on the understanding that I could claim £50 cashback that was advertised on their web page as a Panasonic cashback deal and this is why I bought the camcorder from Pixmania. I filled in the cashback form and sent it to Panasonic who wrote back saying that it was not eligible as it is not UK stock and that I have to deal with Pixmania directly to claim the cashback. I wrote to : [protected], and [protected] with all the details and scans of all the paperwork. Neither have replied to me and it would be good to know what to do next. It is outrageous that Pixmania get away this and it seems like a scam to me.


I bought the Panasonic HDC-SD900 High Definition Camcorder from Pixmania on the understanding that I could claim £50 cashback that was advertised on their web page as a... — Wrong order and no refund

Last Sunday (22/01/2012) I did buy a intern Hard Disk at PIXMANIA.COM. In the same moment I detected that I made a mistake about the size of the disk. I ordered a 500Gb disk...

Non delivery but money taken

I ordered a Panasonic SD90 camcorder from Pixmania on the 15.01.12. They said delivery would be 2-3 working days. A week later nothing had arrived but the payment had been taken out of my account! I call and emailed and was told it would be sorted out in 24hrs or less. I heard nothing back. I called back 24hrs later and was told that the item had been sold to someone else as it was second hand and there was only one. 1) I thought I was buying a new item. Nowhere on my invoice or computer did it say I was buying a second hand item! 2) they took full payment from my bank account for the item even though they had sold it to someone else. A week on and I'm still trying to get a refund! D NOT USE THIS COMPANY! THEY ARE A SCAM!!!

  • Pi
    PixmaniaUK Jan 24, 2012

    Thank you for your review.
    Often on our site we sell what is known as our “Good as New” products.
    They are products in perfect working order which have been returned for satisfaction guarantee or that are reconditioned.
    I am sorry that you have missed this great deal at the validation stage, as they are “one off” products with huge discounted prices.
    Please send your order number to me on [email protected] so that I may review your file and ensure your refund is done immediately.
    Kind regards,
    Pixmania Mediator

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Breach of Contract

Moral and commercial ethics of Atilla The Hun

I ordered a Tomtom Sat Nav from Pixmania on 31 May 2011 and immediately paid £234.89 by Visa. They sent an email advising despatch with a link to carrier DHL. On 8th June, DHL showed the parcel had been delivered on 6th (impossible - we were away). The signatory data was a funny DHL code which I was subsequently told (by DHL) meant that the parcel had been sent by Pixmania and delivered to their depot – not my address!

I phoned Pixmnia to report non-delivery and I was told bluntly that I had to sign a sworn statement for non-delivery and send them copy of my ID. They would not even start investigating until they had this. While all this was going they increased the price of the item.

Some 30 emails and revenue–earning phone calls later, Pixmania finally emailed on 20 June to say the parcel had been lost. I asked for a replacement but they refunded my payment 3 days later saying, “our partner warehouse cannot afford to reship”. I told them they were in breach of contract and they should supply the item I ordered at the price agreed but they flatly refused even when I told them I will report them to the Office of Fair Trading. In the end I ordered elsewhere and it cost me £35 extra.

This underhand and dishonest attitude is utterly disgraceful. They had my money for nearly three weeks, would not lift a finger to respond when I told them what DHL had said and then they tried to screw me on the price.

I am reporting them to the OFT but one thing is sure: they will never, ever take one penny from me, or my family or and hopefully anybody who reads this report. /Nikon D7000Nikon D7000 faulty lens

Ordered last week a D7000 with 18-105 lens from
Received yesterday the parcel (with ups in 2 days). The parcel was the same size of the camera box with no bubble bags, jiffy or padded bag to protect the box.
Other issues:
1.I ordered on the .ie website, IRELAND, English language. The paper manual was in FRENCH language
2.The charger plug was European and not UK-irish
The worst of all was and issue with the Nikkor lenses. When autofocus was working, I could hear a noisy sound, totally different from the sound of a normal AF lenses. I tried with another lenses, same model given me by a friend, no noisy sound at all. Therefore I paid 1300 Euro.
After complaining, I fortunately received the return number and a courier at their expenses collected today the parcel. I still to receive my money but I will hope everything will sort out.

Pixmania.nlPaid for an unconfirmed order

So there I was sitting with my laptop during Easter 2011. Ready to be tricked by the Pixmania boobytrapped order process. I found the digital camera I wanted to buy on, the Dutch Pixmania webstore. I selected the camera and then things started going downhill from there!

First two expensive insurance and warranty products were automatically added to my basket after selecting my camera. This added roughly 12% to my order valua an I couldn't remove it from my basket. I figured I must have done something wrong. So I hit the back button to start over. Then I ended up with 2 cameras and 2 "additional services" in my basket. Luckily I found the barely visible 'remove' option in pale light grey. I managed to delete the expensive and unwanted upsell services and continued the 5 step ordering process.

Next came the payment. I selected bank transfer and was expecting an IDEAL wire transfer. I was told to make a manual bank transfer instead. The landing page showed the order number and payment number. So I fired up my banking application and wired over the money. I returned to to review my order only to find out that no orders were registered on my account! So I transfered over €495 based on an order confirmation number that didn't exist. I felt scammed.

The next day their customer service lady told me I hadn't fully completed the order process and forgot to confirm my order. Her reaction: "You've problably forgot to confirm your order after the payment like most people do that call with these issues". So, it's a known design flaw in their order funnel and Pixmania doesn't seem to care to improve this. In stead they tell you you're stupid and don't know how to work their site. In the mean time she made the rather vague promiss that once the monay is received they would confirm the order themselves and ship the camera. I was told I would get e-mail notifications of every step in the process. This was yesterday but I haven't heard anything back. I did see the money being debited from my account but it's unclear who received it and when (if) my camera will be delivered.

I'm a confident online shopper and have purchased loads of products online throughout the past years. The pixmania webstore and operations are definitely the worst online shopping experience I've ever had. Fingers crossed I will ever receive my camera or a refund...

Pixmania SpainUseless company

Pixmania my A..e, Totally useless company. I ordered online 1000 euros worth of DSLR Camera. I paid for a courier 48 hr delivery 20 euros, 48 hrs later they ask me for verification of who I am, I sent driving licence, Passport and last electric bill...they are still asking me for different forms, I have asked them to cancel and I will buy locally, albeit at a higher price, totally useless.

Non receipt of item

On 15/12/2017 I ordered a DJ Hercules MP3 mixer for my son for Christmas. On checking the website, it stated the article was dispatched on 16/12/2017, delivery mode DHL Global...

Worst customer service ever

Don't be fooled into ordering consumer electronics from Pixmania; they may be £1 or £5 cheaper, but you'll pay for it in the end. I ordered a portable hard...


Would like to complain regarding the poor Customer Service and After Sales I’ve received from Pixmania. Firstly I called LG to explain and test that my DVD player wa... business practice

I would never use pixmania again, they are fraudulent in how they conduct business

I ordered from this company, they took money from my bank for products they didnt have in stock, I cancelled and requested a refund, and they then dispatched the order anyway days after my cancellation, used it as an excuse not to refund me.

I refused delivery, they have records that it passed through DHL depots across the UK on the way back to them, and it went mysteriously missing near their warehouse, but they say I cant have my money back until theyc an locate their goods. Their call centre is appauling and unhelpful, and no one else wants to know or help, or cares at all, and the worst thing is, they are holding onto £231 of my cash.

Order cancelled - full refund not given

Ordered 3 separate TV's for work - all showing as being in stock, none of them were in stock.

Company took my money even though they were not in stock, and even after I reported to them that this wasn't right - shouldn't advertise stock that is in stock that is not in stock, it still shows on their web page as being in stock, and had to wait 10 days before I got my money back, in the meantime, I ordered another tv - only to find out that this too was out of stock - same story as before. Then I gave them one last try - and ordered a tv that i was assured over the phone was in stock, only to find it wasn't - so i asked them to cancel the order -they said they had cancelled the order and in 10 days I would receive full refund - I didn't - I received partial refund - am £60 short - have rung several times, and the people you get through to say they can only pass a message on to finance, they can't talk to finance, they can't give me a number or email to contact finance on, the same goes for trying to speak for someone in management - they won't put you through to anyone - when you ask then who is going to take responsibility for this - they say it's not their fault - they just work there - I have spent hours on the phone to them - probably paid £50 in phone call costs, and still haven't got anywhere. I am totally not impressed.

  • Ba
    Baz Jun 26, 2009

    I have basically the same problem, I ordered a panasonic hdc-sd20 HD camcorder for a total price of £315, the site said it was in stock so i placed the order, still not received it 13 days later. I called them 4 days ago and asked if they had stock, the sales advisor checked and said yes 30 odd items in stock, then I gave them my order number then she said that my order is still not in stock in a currys warehouse. I said i didnt order from currys and can you give me the camera from the pixmania warehouse, they said they couldnt unless i paid £426 which is the price on the website, i said no i`ll wait, she said ok i will send you an email within 24-48 hours to let me know when it will be in stock. 4 days passed and still no email, i contacted them today and they gave me the same answer NO STOCK, I asked to be put through to a supervisor and was told no as the supervisor would still not be able to help. so i asked for a head office contact information, but was told they didnt have any, so i said cancel the order and was told thay i would get my refund on monday (today is friday) i dont think they should have taken 1 penny out of my account until its being shipped. I just hope that on monday the money has been returned to my account or ill be Pi**ed off.



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pixmania.frtook my money

hi, on the 31/12/08 i tried twice to order a photographic lens with a value of 800.00€.the 2 times it said my transaction was declined.i then realised it had something to do with my credit card company.
after i sorted it i decided to order somewhere else.on the folowing sunday, after geting the lens from the other website, i checked my visa account .i was in total shock, i was debited of 800€, by PIXMANIA!!! also by the other website.
the same day i got a email asking to contact them to check the delivery adress for one of the order .
i tried to contact them on the monday and was told the order was in progress and could not be cancel. to cancel i had to wait until the item arrives to return it straight away to start a refund procedure.(whatever that is)
so, how come since the transaction was declined, they can still acess ur credit card details and do whatever they want with youre money.of course after 2weeks, no lense arrived, i have contacted them many times without sucess.what they dont seem to understand, that money is mine and they had no right to take it from me.i have a feeling it will take a long time to get it back but i need to get it back soon.

Bad service

I bought a wireless pc card november 30th. No sign of the thing not being in stock. The confirmation e-mail said the card would be sent to me within 2 or 3 days. From then on... silence... December 5th I called Pixmania (0, 25 eurocents per minute). They told me the card wasn't available anymore and that the manufacturer of the card could not deliver until december 19th. I asked them how it's possible I could order a card that wasn't there anymore. "It's possible that the moment you ordered someone bought the last item just seconds before you", they told me. And why didn't they just send me an e-mail telling me so? "We don't do that" they simply replied.
December 19th passed and guess what... still no sign. I called again today. Now the story was: "The manufacturer just told us he cannot deliver the card at all". But they would give me a refund. Like hell they will!! I asked again (what can you do) why I didn't receive an e-mail telling me this. Well, I knew the story... And I asked: "What if I hadn't called? Would you have given me a refund anyway?"
They bluntly told me that they wouldn't have done so, not until I would have contacted them myself.
I'm so pissed right now! I should be getting my money back within 10 workingdays ("We're in France, you see". No I DON'T!) I sure hope I don't have to go over to France in order to get it!!
All I can say to anyone is: NEVER buy anything from these french swindlers!

  • Pi
    Pixmania Apr 28, 2009

    Thank you for your review.

    We apologise for the inconvenience regarding your order.

    Pixmania website is updated regularly. When the product is out of stock we offer a replacement for the product. If you accept the replacement we are able to process the order and arrange delivery or we will cancel and refund the order.

    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Best regards,

    Pixmania Team.

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Shady company

I have been utterly appalled by the service pixmania has given me. The screen of my product stops working so I send it back to them TWO MONTHS LATER they email me to say that it is going 10 cost me £125 to fix my product which was under warranty. Not only that but they will not give me back my product without me having to pay up, which I want to try and repair myself because obviously the warranty isn't worth squat. Don't deal with these people under any circumstances, I would rather slit my own throat than deal with these, "people, " again.

  • Ke
    kevin Jun 11, 2008

    Al purchasers beware:
    below is a direct transcript of my engagemetn with Pixmainia - which came recommended - but absolutely not in my opinion - see below for your own view. They were a joke outfit, and I am the loser, as I still dont have my product.

    Quotes :

    further to my previous email, I wish to inform you that I have been trying to re-send the documents (sensitive personal data) this morning for the past hour, but there is no reply from your fax machine. I cant understand how you can conduct your business in this way. Please respond to my email and offer me reassurance that my transaction has been processed.
    Kevin Malone

    kevin malone to m.derby

    show details Jun 10 (1 day ago) [pixmaniascan.jpg]


    further to my previous emails. attached is the document I sent you yesterday, and tried to send you today by fax (without success today). You now have no excuse not to process this order without any further delays or incompetence.
    Kevin Malone

    On Mon, Jun 9, 2008 at 9:18 AM, [email protected] <[email protected]> wrote:
    - Show quoted text -


    accueilpixdvd-jeux-videopixphoto-camescopepixinformatiquepixtelephonie-pd a-gpspiximage-sonpixaccessoires-consommablespixelectro-menagerpixenfants-jouetspix

    Dear Mr. malone,

    Thank you for placing an order with PIXmania.

    You purchased your item by Credit Card on

    In order to validate the details you entered on our site, please send us a copy of the documents below, stating your order number CCL084846768, to [email protected] or by fax to + 33 1 45 01 36 69:

    * A copy of your passport or driving licence
    * A utility bill matching your delivery address (gas, electricity or landline telephone bill. Please note that mobile telephone bills will not be accepted).

    These documents are required for payment security purposes and are essential to approve your order.

    We cannot proceed with your order without this information.

    We hope to be able to process your order soon. Thank you for your understanding.

    Best Regards,

    James Felix
    Customer Service Director

    To request any further information, please contact our Customer Care
    Service on page:

    PIXmania is part of the Fotovista group.

    Im sorry to say your sales service has been absolutely shambolic. This product better be shiipped right away, and better reach me by tomorrow at the latest. Im bitterly disappointed in the treatment Ive recieved from you.
    Kevin Malone
    - Show quoted text -

    On Wed, Jun 11, 2008 at 6:41 AM, Mark Derby <[email protected]> wrote:

    Dear Sir,

    Still don't have the fax maybe if you sen dit by e-mail using jpeg or pdf it'll be easier.Thanks

    De : kevin malone [mailto:[email protected]]
    Envoyé : lundi 9 juin 2008 15:21
    À : [email protected]
    Objet : Re: Order No. CCL084846768

    please confirm that this has been dispatched.
    Kevin Malone

    On Mon, Jun 9, 2008 at 9:18 AM, [email protected] <[email protected]> wrote:


    accueilpixdvd-jeux-videopixphoto-camescopepixinformatiquepixtelephonie-pd a-gpspiximage-sonpixaccessoires-consommablespixelectro-menagerpixenfants-jouetspix


    Dear Mr. malone,

    Thank you for placing an order with PIXmania.

    You purchased your item by Credit Card on

    In order to validate the details you entered on our site, please send us a copy of the documents below, stating your order number CCL084846768, to [email protected] or by fax to + 33 1 45 01 36 69:

    * A copy of your passport or driving licence
    * A utility bill matching your delivery address (gas, electricity or landline telephone bill. Please note that mobile telephone bills will not be accepted).

    These documents are required for payment security purposes and are essential to approve your order.

    We cannot proceed with your order without this information.

    We hope to be able to process your order soon. Thank you for your understanding.

    Best Regards,

    James Felix
    Customer Service Director


    To request any further information, please contact our Customer Care
    Service on page:

    PIXmania is part of the Fotovista group.




    Mark Derby
    Dear Sir, I received your documents thankyou, your order will be validated as...

    7:43 AM (15 hours ago)
    kevin malone to Mark

    show details 12:19 PM (11 hours ago)


    can you please tell me why my order has not yet been validated and shipped. this is totally unsatisfactory. I am going away on 2 weeks holidays on friday, and I need the delivery in advance of this trip. Please let there be no further delays, and please give me an explanation for what is going on with your service.

    - Show quoted text -

    On Mon, Jun 9, 2008 at 9:18 AM, [email protected] <[email protected]> wrote:
    - Show quoted text -


    accueilpixdvd-jeux-videopixphoto-camescopepixinformatiquepixtelephonie-pd a-gpspiximage-sonpixaccessoires-consommablespixelectro-menagerpixenfants-jouetspix

    Dear Mr. malone,

    Thank you for placing an order with PIXmania.

    You purchased your item by Credit Card on

    In order to validate the details you entered on our site, please send us a copy of the documents below, stating your order number CCL084846768, to [email protected] or by fax to + 33 1 45 01 36 69:

    * A copy of your passport or driving licence
    * A utility bill matching your delivery address (gas, electricity or landline telephone bill. Please note that mobile telephone bills will not be accepted).

    These documents are required for payment security purposes and are essential to approve your order.

    We cannot proceed with your order without this information.

    We hope to be able to process your order soon. Thank you for your understanding.

    Best Regards,

    James Felix
    Customer Service Director

    To request any further information, please contact our Customer Care
    Service on page:

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process and refunds

Non existant customer service, try emailing their North Europe Supervisor for action thats might help address issues - s.[protected]
Drag thier feet ref refunds, items slow to be sent out - told available when they are not for weeks. AVOID trading with them, wish I had do somehomework before placing an order with them. Will be getting my bank involved. USLESS COMPANY.
Based in France but distribute in UK, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED - 19/04/08

  • Ne
    nevelshute Aug 06, 2009

    They sent me a paper cutter that was broken before they sent it. I rejected it and it was returned by the post office.

    They have refunded the item, but stolen approximately 10euros in costs!

    I tried getting my money back from PayPal, but they only protect you if you don't get the goods! So therefore, if you order a 300Euro printer and it comes in peices and you are refunded 3euros, PayPal, say the transation is OK with them I would guess from my experience! Good con!

    They don't pack equipment, They are farcical.

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Appalling after-sales service!

Do not buy anything from this firm if it could possibly go wrong. If you needs a refund, you'll have to provide your bank details INSECURELY. I think this email from them will sum up their disregard for customer security:

Thank you for your e-mail.

We understand that you may be a bit apprehensive about sending sensitive information, so it is OK for you to censor things like account numbers, license numbers, balances, etc from the document.
The security team is a totally different department to customer care, whose major concern is to only protect customers from any fraudulent transactions.

In order to process your reimbursement we will need your bank details. Please send us via e-mail the following details:

Bank name
Account #
Branch Code
Sort Code
Swift code
IBAN number

As soon as we have these details we will be able to credit you. Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards.
Team Pixmania


The worst online company

Pixmania is by far the worst online company I have ever dealt with. I sent a faulty MP3 player back a month ago, and have just received an email to say they are sending it to a...

Pixmania - www.pixmania.comStay clear of Pixmania!

I just want to warn people to stay clear of Pixmania if they want to avoid the nightmare of spending days in the house waiting for delivery, and spending hours on premium rate telephone lines trying to get through to Pixmania's customer service desk. And finally, be prepared to waste lots of time sending emails that are only answered by a standard reply, and not one that addresses the issues that you have brought up with this company.

For those who do go ahead with purchasing from Pixmania, please be aware that there's very little chance that you'll receive the goods in 2-3 days or even 7 days. I'm still waiting after 24 days, and it looks as though I'll have to wait another 14 days. And this is for a 3620.00 item (home cinema system) that was in stock, in fact at the time of purchase they stated that there was 4 of these (home cinema) items in stock. And if you're like me and stupid enough to make a purchase from Pixmania, please be aware of the add-ons that they try to fob off on you, the Zen thing and loyalty card, don't go for it!

Also be prepared for Pixmania telling you that the goods are in the hands of Parcel-Force, and being told that Parcel-Force has lost the goods. It really is all lies, because, I was able to check Pixmania's claims with Parcel Force, and after they had checked, they phoned me back to inform me that they had not received anything on or near the date that Pixmania claimed it was shipped. So be warned, unless you have plenty of time and immense patience to wait for the goods, it's well worth paying a little extra to deal with someone else, I certainly will be doing that in future. My fingers have been well and truly burned by this mob!

  • Pa
    Paul Mayall Oct 24, 2007

    I will not go into a great story on Pixmania accept to say Stay Away or Pay: I paid for a camera via credit card in July 2007, the delivery was 1 day late, however the big problem arose when I opened the box to find no camera, I have since contacted Pixmania and the delivery service DHL on many occassions just to be fobbed off. So now it would seem that after my ordeal I have lost 400 euros. So please again protect your money and stay away from this terrible company.

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  • Ma
    maz555 Jan 28, 2010

    Do not trade with this company. They are appalling. I do not know how they are in business. I do not know how they get away with it. I am looking into ways to report them. There must be some kind of law about these THIEVES> Because that is what they are.

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  • Ad
    adamsebastian Feb 16, 2011

    Had bought phone, arrived after few weeks (not days) broken so had to return it back on my expense, after two months they sent me back the same unit was working only for a week then dead again. Now after seven months still no phone, no money in addition have to seek legal advice. Stay away!!! pure cheaters, read t&C to find out.

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  • They are completely useless. Clearly operating a drop ship so after a week & no product I find out I could have gone direct to Currys & bought over the counter. Avoid like the plague

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  • Ka
    Karl2011 Apr 15, 2011











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  • Ka
    Karl2011 Apr 15, 2011

    ps i used payplal, what can i do? and why do samsung and more link to them to buy things!!!

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