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BatteriesPlusDid not have the right battery

I went to purchase three L1131 batteries. They sold me L1130 batteries and I went home to try them. They did not work, so I took them back with my product that uses them. They said that the L1130's. are the same as L1131's. I told them I had L1131's in them and they worked when I first got the item. Apparently, they did not have L1131 batteries and had no idea about them. I was disappointed, that this store does not have them. For a battery store, they should have any battery that one needs. Thanks.

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    Sep 13, 2020

    BatteriesPlus — Terrible telephone customer service

    Called once today at around 2:50pm. Telephone to the store (Monroeville, PA) answered and said I had to hold...

    Jun 08, 2020

    Batteries Plus — Refund on core

    I purchased a motorcycle battery last year but did not have the old core with me at the time. I was told I...

    May 28, 2020

    BatteriesPlus — Bait and switch buy duracell motorcycle battery online switch at pick-up

    Batteries+Bulbs #997 18541 Hawthorne Blvd. Torrance, CA 90504 [protected] Rick...

    Apr 23, 2020

    BatteriesPlus — Battery

    I bought a 6v battery in a few months went bad returned it and was replaced it t o went dead all this in just...

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    Jan 21, 2020

    BatteriesPlus — Went in to get battery replaced for my business phone and they broke it then gave me back the wrong color phone after their repairs.

    I first went to Batteries Plus on Jonestown Road in Harrisburg PA on Jan. 11th. They did not have my battery...

    Dec 23, 2019

    Batteries Plus Bulbs #443 — pho10000 6pk 3v 123 photo lithium nucr123-6pk $23.31

    On 10/31/19 I purchased batteries. One in stock one ordered to my house. Battery did not arrive at my house...

    Dec 14, 2019

    BatteriesPlus — Customer service

    On 12/13/19 I purchased a Duracell battery for my 2000 Cevrolet Silverado. Following the salesman'...

    Nov 24, 2019

    BatteriesPlus — duracell motorcycle battery and staff

    Bought Duracell motorcycle battery approx 4 months ago new with battery tender from Battery plus. Battery...


    I bought a x2 battery from the store at 2953 cobb parkway nw kennesaw ga in 2014, i changed it under warranty in 2018, the battery went bad again. I understand that it reverts to the original purchase date. When i went in for the 2nd warranty they couldnt find me in the system, i waited and went back and then they found me but im 2 months outside of warrenty. I gave them the bad battery because they were going to exchange it, when the new battery was suspose to be here they wouldn't warranty it and they sont have my old battery to give back to me, if they would have did their job the first time it would havee been covered but amazingly they couldnt find my info until after the warranty

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      Oct 23, 2019

      BatteriesPlus — unethical behavior by manager at time 10: 40 am (dated 10-23-2019)

      10-23-2019 I went to fix the GalaxyS6 charger port which is not working after being repaired on 08-01-19 at...

      BatteriesPlussolar battery 4 pack

      Brought old battery into store. 2 young men looked at it and said they had a 4 pack of same battery. They said it would be better than battery I brought in as new batteries had longer burn time. I paid and left. Checked new batteries and found out instead of the 3.2 volt battery I brought in they have me 1.2 volt instead. THIS IS WHY I BROUGHT THE OLD BATTERY IN SO THEY COULD MATCH IT UP. Not only did they NOT MATCH it up they sold me four batteries that were wrong AND DID NOT LET ME KNOW THEY SUBSTITUTED A MUCH LESS VOLTAGE BATTERY. I LET them know this was a large solar globe. I also LET them know this was my first visit and lives an hour away from them. When I asked for my old battery back after paying for the new ones they had to dig in the trash to give me back my old one. They never asked me first of I wanted it back b5 throwing it away. I caught problem and called the store an hour after purchasing and was told by associate to try it at home and see if the 1.2 volt battery would work. Charges it up for 24 hours then turned on light and NOTHING!!. Now I am stuck with these useless solar batteries and I am not driving 2 hours round trip to bring these back. I don't go to college station but maybe once every couple of months. I think yall should send me the correct 400mAg 3.2 volt, li-ion 14500 to my p.o box 85, Bedias, Texas 77831. T Haarmeyer as soon as possible so I may enjoy my gift solar globe. I am really disappointed as this was my first visit to your store A ND BECAUSE I BROUGHT THE OLD BATTERY WITH ME TO MAKE SURE THERE WAS NO MIXUP ON NEW BATTERY!

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        • Updated by t. haarmeyer · Oct 16, 2019

          Do not post my complaint on your site as personal info is on it that I do not want published. You did not state to me when filling out form that you were going to publish it on the internet. Send message to my email confirming this!!!;(

        Sep 27, 2019

        BatteriesPlus — batteries

        The batteries plus location in my area are buying batteries as scrap under the table, when calling the...

        Jul 30, 2019

        BatteriesPlus, BP #217, Hampton, Virginia — I am complaining about the service and the product.

        I carried the battery back to the store. It was dead. I was informed that the battery had expired. I was told...

        Jun 21, 2019

        Batteries Plus — poor management and return policy (lars is his name)

        Terrible manager Lars and his employee Chris. Bought a $90 6v truck battery to see if the engine in a...

        BatteriesPlusunethical behavior, lack of professionalism, poor customer service

        On 6/19/2019 I returned motorcycle battery CYLA12ABSXTA to BatteriesPlus Bulbs to Store# 468 and was serviced by Travis. I originally purchased a battery over a year ago and it eventually it died, so I returned it to the store and received a new one. The new on I received was not the correct type, so the store swapped it out for the correct one. Within days, the replacement battery would not keep a charge. I scheduled an appointment with a motorcycle mechanic who checked the charging system and wiring of my motorcycle. His testing confirmed that there was not any issues with the motorcycle and that the battery was completely dead and not holding a charge. I immediately took the battery back to Store# 468 where I had the unpleasant visit with Travis. Travis stated that he needed to charge my battery and test it before replacing it. He stated that it would take most of the day, in which I was not happy about, but I left the battery with him so he could proceed with testing. Travis contacted me about 6 1/2 hours later (approximately 4:18pm CST) and stated that the battery would not keep a charge and he will replace it, however, if the same problem occurred, he would no longer honor the warranty. I asked him if the battery came with a warranty and he said yes, I then asked him then why would the warranty not be honored? He could not answer, I then said that the battery not keeping a charge is not my fault and I am not purposely making it not charge, if anything, it is an inconvenience because I cannot ride my motorcycle, have to keep coming to his store, and paid for my bike to be checked out to find that there isn't anything wrong with my bike. I told him I was headed back to the store and I would like to see the warranty policy that states why my warranty will no longer be honored. When I arrived to the store, Travis had the new battery ready along with my receipt. On the receipt, he typed " Instructed customer that we would not be able to warranty this battery any longer if new battery comes in under the same conditions "low voltage". I asked him where in the warranty policy does it limits the amount of times a warranty can be honored, or why my warranty should not be honored? Travis flipped over the receipt and pointed to the warranty policy and said that I fall under the section of "Owner abuse or neglect". I asked him what proof or evidence he had to make that determination as the battery was never returned with and scrapes, dents, or broken parts. Travis did not have a response. I am trying to resolve this at the lowest level possible, however, I am willing to escalate if necessary. The poor customer service, false accusations of me abusing or neglecting the battery, and personal choice to not honor my warranty although the battery comes with a warranty is absolutely unacceptable. I would like to receive a phone call or email in a timely manner (5-7 business days) to address this issue and determine BatteriesPlus Bulbs course of action to resolve this issue. Again, I hope we can resolve this issue, but if I do not receive a response within 7 business days, I will have to assume that BatteriesPlus Bulbs have no interest in resolving the matter and further escalation will be needed. My contact number is 832.883.5038 and my email address is: [protected]@yahoo.com.

        unethical behavior, lack of professionalism, poor customer service
        unethical behavior, lack of professionalism, poor customer service

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          Jun 19, 2019

          Batteries Plus — poor service

          I purchased 4 - 6 volt batteries from them in january. Today is june 19 and 2 of them are not holding power...

          BatteriesPlussamsung galaxy s6 edge battery replacement

          I was a walk-in customer at the Garland, TX (#408) on 6/8/19. I came in for a battery replacement on my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. I had previously booked a 2pm appointment on 5/23/19 via their website for the same service but called and canceled that appointment. At that time, the website prompted me for information which I provided. That information is shown below.

          1. Name
          2. Email Address
          3. Phone Number

          When I entered the store on 6/8, I requested the same battery replacement service on the S6 Edge. The employee pulled up my information based on my name and continued the intake process without speaking with me. At no point did he ask me if the phone was previously repaired by a 3rd party or if it was refurbished; however, my Device Information intake paperwork was entered as I had answered "No". I am the original owner of the phone so it was not refurbished. I'm sure if you request John Staples (manager/owner) to review the security footage for 5:15pm on 6/8, he would see that his employee never asked me anything about the phone as the only discussion we had ended once he found my information in the system.

          I received a phone call from John Staples on 6/10 around 11:15am. I explained on the phone what had occurred. He asked me to bring the phone in to discuss the issue in person and see if there was anything that could be done to repair it. We agreed to meet at 7pm, I arrived at 6:45pm and was immediately told by the owner John that because my phone was a Sprint phone currently activated with T-Mobile service that the phone was unstable. At no point was I asked during the intake process any questions that would've led me to believe my phones previous network or repair history could cause anything to go wrong with a battery replacement. If I had known that was going to cause an issue and make the phone inoperable I never would've changed the battery (the OEM battery worked fine but didn't hold a charge for more than 18 hours). John was very accusing and told me that I had to have answered the questions if the information was entered into the computer. He told me that if they had my name, phone number and email that his technician must have spoken to me and asked me the questions on the Device Information section. This is completely false; my information pulled up based on what I had entered into their website. During the course of our conversation John never stated that he asked his employee or did any investigation to confirm if his employee had actually followed protocol during intake of the phone. I explained to him that I had originally made an appointment online which is how his employee got the information (listed above). He continued to state that his employee must have asked me or else it wouldn't have been in the system.

          During the battery replacement something went wrong and now the phone will not remain on; it continues to restart, overheats and doesnt hold a charge. When I was initially given the phone back on 6/8 around 6:45pm I noticed the issue almost immediately because the phone shut off and restarted while I waited in line (video footage should show this as well). At that point the employees stated that the phone must have been doing that when it was brought in and that it didn't have a mobile signal before it was worked on. Again if the video footage is reviewed it will show the intake technician entered information into the phone (I know this because whatever was done caused it to make an audible beeping noise) which means it was functional and was able to stay on. The technicians said that the battery might be faulty and said he would replace the battery again and I returned to the store to pick up the phone on 6/9 at 11am. I was given the phone and shown that it stopped turning off and restarting. I signed the paperwork and headed to Tmobile to have them explain why I was no longer getting a mobile signal (I thought it might have been the SIM card was damaged). While at T-Mobile the phone got very hot and started turned off again. I called the Garland store and I requested my original battery back. I then went to another Batteries Plus location in Plano, Texas on to request them to put my original OEM battery back inside because I didn't trust the workmanship of the Garland location. The technician at the Plano, TX location stated that it's possible that the previous technician had "fried the motherboard" inadvertantly which could be causing some of the issues I was experiencing. I want to state that the customer service I received in Plano was very pleasant. I explained to them what happened and they reinstalled the OEM battery free of charge.

          I've received nothing but accusatory questions at the Garland location from the staff to the store owner from the moment I stated that the phone was having issues.

          I was having the battery replaced to send the phone with my 11 year old son who is taking a trip to Indiana for the summer. I have proof of purchase within the last 30 days of T-Mobile (3-month pre-paid cellular service), Cellular Zone receipt (screen replacement) and Amazon case purchase. None of that would have been necessary for a phone that was inoperable. I also can show the mobile service use history from T-Mobile showing that the phone was 100% operable and in-service on their network prior to me entering the Garland store location on 6/8.

          I would hope the attitudes and customer service of the employees and manager at the Garland location doesn't reflect the values of Batteries Plus. I asked John Staples who he reports to so that I could reach out to them and he answered that "he doesnt report to anyone because he owns the store". I understand that Batteries Plus is a franchise with independent owner/operators but each store is still a reflection of your corporation as a whole and the way I was treated was deplorable.

          If there are issues with people falsifying intake information or employees answering on the customers behalf, customers should be asked to initial next to their answers on the printed form. I would've immediately noticed that the "Repair Previously Attempted by 3rd Party" selection stated "No". I had the screen replaced on 5/22/19.

          I have received a full refund but will ultimately lose money because I will be purchasing another phone to send my son for use this summer as that need didn't go away with the damage that my phone incurred.

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            BatteriesPlusduracell ultra warranty not honored.

            I purchased a Duracell Ultra Platinum AGM in 2018, the battery drained after cold winter night, Battery Plus charged the battery and informed the battery was okay. The next cold winter night the battery drained again. The Battery Plus - Temecula, wouldn't honor the 4-year warranty and indicated it was a car problem. So I brought the car to the location: Alternator, Starter, and electrical system all checked out okay. Took the vehicle to local manufacturer service dealer - car checked out okay. Battery Plus - Temecula refused to honor warranty - this is a breach of contract to take an action that violated the battery manufacturer warranty and store policy. I'm reaching out to Battery Plus initially to refund the cost of the battery; however, further actions are likely.

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              May 09, 2019

              BatteriesPlus — repair cost of google pixel 2

              Batteries plus website allows for scheduling an appointment for phone repairs. The website, for my model...

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