BatteriesPlus Complaints & Reviews

BatteriesPlus / batteries

Sep 27, 2019

The batteries plus location in my area are buying batteries as scrap under the table, when calling the location and asking if they buy batteries they confirm they are by saying "Yes we buy them they are $8.00 a piece but only if we have the money in our drawer, so please call ahead and...

BatteriesPlus, BP #217, Hampton, Virginia / I am complaining about the service and the product.

Jul 30, 2019

I carried the battery back to the store. It was dead. I was informed that the battery had expired. I was told there was no information in the system showing I purchased the battery from the store. Nothing was shown about my purchased. I was told when I purchased the battery, if my receipt wa...

Batteries Plus / poor management and return policy (lars is his name)

Jun 21, 2019

Terrible manager Lars and his employee Chris. Bought a $90 6v truck battery to see if the engine in a recently purchased old 1950 Chevy Truck would turn over. Only takes a few minutes to know. A 6v battery is rare and not something I would have sitting in my garage. I told the employee...

BatteriesPlus / unethical behavior, lack of professionalism, poor customer service

Jun 19, 2019

BatteriesPlusOn 6/19/2019 I returned motorcycle battery CYLA12ABSXTA to BatteriesPlus Bulbs to Store# 468 and was serviced by Travis. I originally purchased a battery over a year ago and it eventually it died, so I returned it to the store and received a new one. The new on I received was not the...

Batteries Plus / poor service

Jun 19, 2019

I purchased 4 - 6 volt batteries from them in january. Today is june 19 and 2 of them are not holding power. I brought them back to the store to have them replaced as they were covered for 1 year. They refused to replace them saying they were not holding enough power. They said they would...

BatteriesPlus / samsung galaxy s6 edge battery replacement

Jun 10, 2019

I was a walk-in customer at the Garland, TX (#408) on 6/8/19. I came in for a battery replacement on my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. I had previously booked a 2pm appointment on 5/23/19 via their website for the same service but called and canceled that appointment. At that time, the website...

BatteriesPlus / duracell ultra warranty not honored.

May 30, 2019

I purchased a Duracell Ultra Platinum AGM in 2018, the battery drained after cold winter night, Battery Plus charged the battery and informed the battery was okay. The next cold winter night the battery drained again. The Battery Plus - Temecula, wouldn't honor the 4-year warranty and...

BatteriesPlus / repair cost of google pixel 2

May 09, 2019

Batteries plus website allows for scheduling an appointment for phone repairs. The website, for my model phone, offered between a pixel and pixel xl. My phone is a pixel2 so I selected pixel. I was given a cost of $129 and with the coupon would get an additional $10 off. I then called the...

BatteriesPlus / misleading sale online

Feb 09, 2019

[protected] [protected] Order Number: EC0022504828. Buy the Duracell Ultra High Capacity Battery for Acer Aspire 5415 "COM 12594" ONLINE. . I went to the store in Hatillo Puerto Rico to pick up the bartery the store manager gave me a basic brand battery in a old packaging, to claim...

Batteries Plus / truck battery

Jan 31, 2019

I bought the best, highest cca battery they sell on 01/04/17 on 01/31/19 will not charge full they took it out of the truck and charged it and it would not fully charge but they would not warranty it! So i'm let with a junk battery last battery they will every sell me, I went straight to oriellys and bought a new one, do not buy from battiers plus!!!

BatteriesPlus / batteries not received

Jan 23, 2019

I did not receive the product I ordered but was charged for it. I ordered 2, Ni-MH SC3600mAh(8) 3.6V, with 3 green wrapped batteries with a black and red wire coming out of the side top, back in October. The charge hit my credit card for $48.51, on 10-30-2018, but I have never received the...

BatteriesPlus / battery for iphone 5, to store# 058, sebring florida order# 0a3012507

Dec 19, 2018

Brought iPhone to store, told them battery only lasted one day. they replaced battery As I was leaving store I noticed that the charge was the same ( 12%-15%) when I brought it in originally. When back in store, they could not explain why. Went home, charged the phone that night, battery only...

BatteriesPlus / Galaxy S6 cell phone damage

Nov 02, 2018

I had a battery replaced on my Galaxy S6 on September 15 at your store on Greenfield and Highway 100. A few weeks after replacement, battery was not holding a charge for more than a few hours. One day, the battery charging icon appeared on the screen but it was not charging. I took it back...

Batteries Plus Bulbs / ipad repair

Oct 29, 2018

Batteries Plus BulbsTook IPad in for battery replacement. That didn't work so they had to send to corporate. Came back with multiple cracks and chips in the screen. Was told it was unrepairable, duh. How can they hand me a devise back looking like this when it was fine when they received it? Also, why did I...

BatteriesPlus / complaint about not having battery for my cell phone

Oct 26, 2018

I talked to a person on Friday October 19th about a battery replacement for my cell phone, this store is in Kingsport TN, they said there was a battery for it in Johnson City TN, and said it would be in there store first of week, I said that was fine that I was flying out for business on...

Batteries Plus Bulbs / iphone 6 screen

Oct 19, 2018

Batteries Plus Bulbsi set up an appointment with Fairview Heights's bulbs plus batteries and had my phone fixed almost 3 weeks ago on the 29th of september. it is now oct 19th and while i was texting some friends my screen went black and now i can't see anything but a light on the side of my screen. i can...

BatteriesPlus / duracell suv battery

Oct 02, 2018

I purchased my battery from one of your local stores in Tallahassee, FL, now closed, 23 months ago. On Sept 27, 2018, it suddenly quit charging, of course I was out of town in Orlando, FL. I attempted to exchange the battery, only to run into your company bad return policy. At the time I...

BatteriesPlus / duracell battery for my lg10 cell phone

Sep 26, 2018

I purchased a battery for my LG10 cell phone last year from Batteries Plus. I was told at the time of purchase that it had a lifetime warranty. I began to have problems with my phone holding a charge, or the battery would show fully charged and then drain very quickly. I always keep my...

BatteriesPlus / battery purchased for samsung galaxy 7 cell phone

Sep 04, 2018

My sister was visiting me here in Glendale AZ in April 30, 2018and she needed a new Battery for her phone and we purchased it here at the Bell Rd store. Her cell phone stopped working and the battery was dead. She took it to the Samsung repair center and they replaced the battery and her...

BatteriesPlus / store manager

Sep 03, 2018

Terrible attitude treats employees like crap walked in on him down talking his employed threatening to fire them if they didn't get there [censored] together when they seemed to be doing there job trying to help out the customers that came into the store. He's very pushy with lots of...

BatteriesPlus / poor customer service - paid $49.04 for a cell phone battery

Aug 24, 2018

Purchased a cell phone battery for $49.04 a few months ago - battery died. Sales person said it was under warranty but could not find my phone number in their computer for warranty replacement. So, I reluctantly purchased another battery. I think I paid cash for the original battery...

BatteriesPlus / iphone screen customer service

Jul 15, 2018

On July 13 I went into one of your listings trying to get a screen for my iPhone 7 like always do. And a manger told me they do not sell the screens. I told him I have bought a screen before and had a recite to prove it. He still refused and then told me to leave or he was going to call...

BatteriesPlus / lifetime battery warranty

Jun 19, 2018

My cellphone battery will not hold a charge even if the phone is never used. I attempted to have it replaced under the lifetime warranty you offer. I was told the battery would have to be tested overnight. If I wanted a functioning phone I would have to buy a new battery. If you eventually...

BatteriesPlus / cell phone repair - iphone 7

Jun 14, 2018

They broke my phone and Apple told me it was irreparable. I took my phone in to replace the screen, and I let them know that I was was skeptical of an aftermarket screen as I have had one before that didn't work properly. They assured me that if I wasn't 100% happy, I would get a full...

BatteriesPlus / car battery

Jun 09, 2018

I bought a battery from Battery Plus that you're a Southlake Texas location about 14 months ago and the very next day the car still wouldn't start so I was told that I need an alternator I put two Alternators on the car after spending a thousand more dollars I found out the battery that...

BatteriesPlus / battery for my i-phone

May 24, 2018

My I-phone died suddenly yesterday and so I stopped by the Batteries and bulbs location on 5636 North Tarrant Pkwy Suite 106 in Ft Worth Texas 76244 on May 23rd at 7:00pm. I told the gentleman my phone had died and so he got me a new battery for it and said it would cost $69.99. I said ok...

BatteriesPlus / car battery

May 18, 2018

BatteriesPlusPurchased battery on 8/23/2017 Since December I've been having issues with it and two days ago I finally took it to the store. The battery was dead in two weeks since running car. Store clerk indicated that warranty will not be warranted since battery arrived dead! This battery cost 272.10 (OPT...

BatteriesPlus / lying / fraud

May 10, 2018

Richard E. White Thursday, May 10, 2018 Batteries Plus LLC. 1325 Walnut Ridge Dr. Hartland, WI 53029 Dear Sir or Madam: I had a cell phone battery go bad and when I purchased it I was told it had a lifetime warranty and after 10 months it went bad. I returned it in order for them to...

BatteriesPlus / iphone se screen replacement

May 10, 2018

They broke my phone and refused to take responsibility!! Do not take your phone here to be fixed. They use cheap parts and staff is extremely lacking in knowledge. I did a better job replacing the screen on my iphone 6 all by myself than they did with my iphone se. Now I wish I had just...

BatteriesPlus / fix an iphone screen

May 01, 2018

Hello. I am referencing your Woburn, MA location (173A Cambridge Rd). The date of the incident was 4/30/18. I was told by the front sales associate that providing my Iphone passcode was mandatory or they would not accept the phone for screen repair. He explained that they could be held...

BatteriesPlus / harassment

Mar 13, 2018

Stephanie Ament who is an employee at Batteries Plus and bulbs distribution/warehouse at glendale site in milwaukee WI has been harrassing some of the employees on 3rd shift which she works. As a victim I have seen her send nufity pictures some of the employees and also does sexual...

BatteriesPlus / cell phone battery replacement damage, terrible customer service.

Feb 21, 2018

My local store on 20th avenue in Oshkosh Wisconsin permanently damaged my cell phone trying to replace the battery. They ordered a new one and when it arrived they told me to go to my verizon carrier to activate, verizon said I was sent a locked phone, went back to get another replacement...

BatteriesPlus / iphone repair

Feb 18, 2018

I was at the Baldwin Missouri location store 270 been there three times and they still can't seem to fix my device they charged me $175.00 and said they can fix it I had it there on 2/6 and had to take it back this past Friday the man said it was fixed and it will not give me any more...

BatteriesPlus / battery replacement of galaxy s7

Jan 26, 2018

1-26-18 Very unsatisfied! Galaxy S7 battery replacement. Called ahead and was told it would take 30-45 min. Once I got there, I was informed it would be at least an hour. I was warned that there may be discoloration due to the process of removing the glass to change out the battery. I...

BatteriesPlus / sales clerk / manager

Nov 25, 2017

On November 25th we went into your Layton Utah location to purchase batteries. The sales clerk was more concerned about his back room then giving us any help. Then he went on about Black Friday. We were the only customer in the store. A little help would have been nice. He also took our...

BatteriesPlus / battery warranty

Nov 08, 2017

Pleasant praire wi store employee bob walked in today 11/08/2017 with a battery from my tractor to be checked for warranty set the battery on the shelf and the phone rang bob got on the phone and told me to wait 5 minutes then he said I have to charge the battery to see if it is bad I said...

BatteriesPlus / iphone repair in fairfax

Oct 07, 2017

Did a screen replacement myself on my iphone however I didn’t do it properly so I came here to fix it. The only issues I had were with the wifi and a slightly pixelated screen. The technician said they most likely can’t fix the wifi issue but let’s try a new screen. Before I gave the go...

Batteries Plus #453 / battery replacement ticket #[protected]

Oct 01, 2017

I bought a battery for my 2014 Harley Davidson motorcycle sometime in March, 2017 with a 2 year warranty. Road it a few times as I have two bikes. Today I went to start it (10-1-17) and it was dead. Wouldn't take a charge so I took it back. They gave me a new one but told me my warranty...

BatteriesPlus / unethical manager behavior

Sep 14, 2017

Hello I am trying to submit an anonymous complaint about the manager of Batteries + Bulbs here in Elk Grove, California. The incident took place on the Laguna Boulevard location. Apparently, the manager at that location accepted a big bag of pot as a form of payment for services. I am...

BatteriesPlus / motorcycle battery

Aug 11, 2017

I purchased a battery for my motorcycle in April of 2017 for a long distance trip to California and back. On July 1, 2017 I started on my vacation trip and made it 30 outside of Las Vegas when my bike quit running. I was stranded in the desert with temps above 110 degrees. I removed the...