Crunch Fitnessmanager janine not disclosing correct information about upper tier membership.

T Aug 06, 2018

I joined Crunch fitness in Midland Park NJ while it's new facility was still under construction. When I sat with the manager Janine, I told her I was primarily interested in joining for the classes such as pilates, yoga, strength training etc. I told her I was currently practicing reformer pilates and asked how many reformers they would have in a class. She said they are usually small group classes ( 4-6 reformers) and that if i joined the upper tier membership for $59/month I would have access to the gym and classes. They opened in March 2018 and I was dealing with an illness in the family for that past 4 months and never had the chance to go to the gym for the classes. Now I am finally able to take the time to go, and she is telling me that the reformer classes are NOT INCLUDED in the upper tier membership and I will have to pay extra. I told her she NEVER specifically told me this and she is now denying the fact that she didn't disclose this to me even though I SPECIFICALLY asked about REFORMER PILATES and that was what I was currenly practicing. She is saying I misunderstood her. She refused to give me a credit for the 3 months I was unable to attend the gym. I think this is EXTREMELY POOR business practice from a manager and she just tried to get me to join without telling me of extra costs in the area of my interest. I think I should be refunded the cost of the upper tier membership and then I will consider changing to the lower tier membership and paying extra for the classes. Please help me resolve this issue. The managers should be more forthcoming with membership information when trying to get people to join.

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