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1:16 am EDT
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
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Marianne Wells Yoga School - Yoga Teacher Training

MOST HORRIFIC EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE. THIS IS FALSE ADVERTISING. It has taken me 3 years to write this review as I'm still scared by the experience.

Getting price out of the way. Charging $4000 dollars for this training where the accommodation is approximately $20 a night is the first shocker.

Marianne and Ron are the most horrific teachers I've ever encountered. I'm not even sure Ron is a qualified Yoga Teacher and is ‘teaching' anatomy fraudulently. They spend the whole time speaking about their family and the death of their son. Offloading their problems to anybody that will listen.

Ron is a perverted human being that is sexually inappropriate with women on the training and in turn when Marianne sees this she is vicious to the women he pays attention to. They have belittled people on the training and think it's great to constantly point out and humiliate students on their insecurities.

Let's get to the actual training? What training. It's a book that you have to pay for. And you go through it in 15 days. You then read the sutras together as part of your philosophy and seem fixated on any sexual aspect

They have ‘chanting' circles to Hindu hymns yet tell people to move to the rhythm like they're in a club and not informing anyone around the religious aspect. They referred to Hindu Gods as cartoon characters and figments of people's imagination

They didn't teach you how to teach a class, sequence a class or anything like that

What it was was you paying to listen to Marianne speak about her learnings and her bad mouthing as many people along the way.

The fact they made 3 of their TAs cry on regular basis sums it up

They're keen to increase popularity so only include people with larger Instagram followings to get involved with their photo ops.

Oh and they stand you in line and tell you what dosha they think you are which is them ranking yoj from skinniest to largest 🤢

Most horrific experience of my life. Waste of money and instead spent $3000 to do another training to actually learn


Desired outcome: Disqualified from teaching

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

1 comment
Jul 29, 2021 2:01 am EDT

Dear Marianne

Commenting with a 5 star review is alarming as a previous ‘student’ from your 2017 batch where the whole group felt disheartened by their experience and not one member of the group felt they had come away with an amazing experience I’m alarmed by your response. From my group - because one do the girls was also a dancer and posted what you felt was an inappropriate photo on Instagram you threw her out of our Facebook group! Discrimination at its finest. As one of two Indian people in my cohort. You advised people to listen to religious Hindu hymns and move as they felt. You had white girls twerking to my religious songs when I questioned you on this that you hadn’t informed anyone it was religious music you advised me it was a me problem not a you problem to inform anybody. You lined people up in dependent on their body type (tall, skinny - you ‘determined their aryuvedic dosha’ you are not a qualified aryuvedic doctor’ and that is now how doshas are determined it’s an extensive sit down with a doctor and not every tall blonde skinny girl is a pita it works on Indian science where tall blonde skinny people don’t exist. Ron was rude at best and demeaning, sexist, arrogant at worst. You both made your TAs cry over the two week period, on top of a number of your cohort. You only wanted your students with the most Instagram followers in pictures and claimed you taught ‘really real’ yoga. You spoke a lot about your personal family trauma and put that on students coming to get their 200 hr qualification. We were not their to be your therapists. You did not provide a safe environment for people. At best you stole money from people for accommodation that cost less than a quarter if booked separately. Your training manual was also paid for separately. And we provided you with free therapy for you and Ron to abuse us and offload your trauma.

It’s come to many of our attention that you keep in touch with people that you think are doing well on Instagram and even asked ‘people of colour’ to join you on a photo shoot in Bali to ensure you had diversity. You didn’t offer to pay for their flights or anything like that. Do not use our skin colour to profit. You are using yogas name in vein. Shame on you. You and Ron are not qualified to teach YTTs and I urgently suggest you seek professional help so that you do not cause harm to anymore young girls and do not gaslight people with your 5* forced reviews like the comment above. Please sit in meditation and reflect on the damage caused over the past number of years. You go out of your way to bad mouth yoga girl she had to do her YTT again as did I and many many others.

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1:49 pm EDT
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
Marianne Wells Yoga School has left an official reply on this complaint.
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I knew going into this experience that it was school and not vacation. I expected the experience to be challenging and slightly ridged, (time management, homework projects etc.) but I never expected it to be the way it REALLY was. I am writing this review to prepare people for what they are signing up for. I read reviews and was mislead. I would have never...

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