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Good afternoon, I am terribly upset at my experience at crunch fitness. The gym's address is 3854 belt line...

crunch fitness

I was told I owed over $100 worth of fees when I was previously told I was going to be billed automatically from my bank account. If i'm billed automatically from my account and it isn't charging me they should have let me know as it was happening, not five months later when I have a heap of late fees and dues when I was under the impression that they were paid off. I'm a student and it's a lot easier for me to pay $20 a month rather than over $100 right now. I can't afford this and I don't know how i'm going to pay for it when I have college bills coming up that are priority.

membership/customer support

Called this morning as I am traveling abroad to cancel my membership. I called stratford ct to speak to a manager about cancellation. I was explained the policy and I asked if there was any way I could cancel via telephone. I was met with passive aggressive comments such as "I should have cancelled before I left" and "i'm out of luck". Super dissapointing to be treated like that. I've been a member for a few years now and at the very least I feel like I should be met with polite courtesy. There has been a bunch of gyms in my area sprouted up in the past few years and I stood by crunch and got family members to join. I will have 2 days back in the states which i'll be sure to cancel my memebership. Im just really disappointed in crunch and have no means of expressing myself beyond social media (which I don't do) I understand I can write a letter but was hoping for an exception and at the very least some courtesy when I call the gym and talk to a manger.

employee, class policy

Michelle needs to be trained on customer service and on how to teach classes. Her 1-2 steps are not zumba...

personal training charge

Hi my name is linda... And back in the beginning of the year.. I signed a contract with personal trainer...

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at the reception, parkland, fl

06.11.17 crunch facility at the parkland, fl 33067
I went yesterday (sunday afternoon) to register my daughter to join the gym and this girl very rude her name is cary. She told us that in order to join the gym my daughter must be with a parent, mean while there's two girls under 15 years old exercising by them self with no parents around. The gym was almost empty and those girls are friends of my daughters. I ask why those girls can be there and my daughter same age don't!! She answer to me that is not my problem and she do what ever she want!!!
I though crunch has on policy I don't understand why employees do what ever they want and are so disrespectful with new clients.
Very disappointed of this facility.

bad customer service

Date of incident: 5/20/2017 (9:00 pm - 9:30 pm) Location: 9720 winter gardens blvd, lakeside, ca 92040 My...


Been a member at crunch the hub for about three months now. Today, december 26th, 2016 the gym aside from opening very late, there is also no one to help me with my bill at the front desk. I ask where is the manager, and why is no one able to help me and their response is that one: they don't know. And two: there is no manager available. At this point, I am very frustrated. The gym was supposed to open @8am, around 8:15am not only is it closed still, but like I said, there is also no one to help me whatsoever. It seems as if those who are there - I think they are the trainers - don't even know what is going on. I feel sorry for them. Cancelling my membership as soon as a membership advisor or the so called manager walks in.

membership cancellation policy

Members need to beware of the little nasty tricks that crunch gym in sarasota has for canceling a membership...

increasing rate every year

I have been a member (member id is s231149) since gold gym in years back. At that time I had paid the registration fee, and monthly rate was $19.99. That rate should be life time and should be honored by crunch for previous gym contract. But, since crunch took over, they are increasing rate every year, and now my rate is over $ the beginning, it was $2-$4. I don't know how high they want to increase for. The reasons for rate increase were the addition of over $4mm in new, state of the art equipment and facility upgrades throughout their gyms and the addition of over brand new locations throughout the united states. For me, I usually go one location at san mateo crunch in california and nothing to do with me. This year they increased $6.50 again. I don't like that idea for increasing every year, that's why I set the rate at that time with gold gym. I want to adjust my rate for set.

gym membership

In october, I cancelled my gym membership with crunch since I was moving to an area where the nearest crunch was not convenient at all. At the same time, there was fraud on my card and I was sent a replacement. To my surprise, I get an email in december, saying there was an error with my billing information. I thought it was a wrongfully sent email, and ignored it. I log into my bank account this morning, and they have debited a total of $78.90. For what?!?! I'm not sure. I have emailed and called and left messages and am awaiting a reply still. I want answers!

pulling money from my atm, and i'not a member

Crunchh fitness was pulling $271.00 for the last six months, and i' not a member.
My doughtes sing in last year for 3 months with a trainer but she already paid almost $900.00.
That was the amount she suppost to pay.
I called in and told me why I diden't check my account month to month?
Is someyhing that they shuld not care,
When I called today I was told that my dugther shuld sine a paper to cancel the contrac.
She went today, and she was told by the supervisor that the perso who she sine the contrac is in vacayoon, and she have to wait for
Him untill he come back.
And I need to pay this month or they will send her to callection
Evelia solorzano


I was a faithful member of this gym for over a year, even began paying for the personal training session...

billing harassment

I canceled my membership in january 2014 and crunch kept billing me. After weeks of trying to get a hold of...

continued to charge for season ticket

I bought season ticket from the company crunch fitness gym. But because of family problem, I needed to cancel...

poor management

I had signed up for 3 months in the summer (june-aug) as I was leaving the country at the end of august. I made it very clear that I was leaving in the end of august and was told "that's fine". after getting billed twice in june (5 days apart) I spoke to someone in the gym, and was assured that it was advance payment for my last month, which again I mentioned would be august. I was told "remind us near the beginning of august".

August 3rd comes around and I notice a charge to my account. this made a total of 4 payments in 3 months. I visisted the gym and was told to email someone about the issue. after an email on august 4th, I got a reply on the 5th telling me that I had to tell them about my cancellation "before the 3rd of august because that's when we do our billing". I politely asked for a refund saying that I payed for august the first month, and would not be in the country in september making the payment a complete waste of my money. she told me that there is nothing she can do and I should contact the billing.

I contacted the billing about 4 different occasions, each time being put on hold for at least 30 minutes only to speak to someone with poor english skills. being an immigrant myself I could sympathize for having to learn english and so it didn't bother me too much. what really pissed me off is that they gave me attitude for their ridiculous mistake and refused to refund me claiming that I should have been told about billing being done on the 3rd of each month.

First off why the hell am I getting charged 28 days in advance. second why the hell is this "3rd of the month" so divine that they can't possibly override it and refund me my money that they clearly owe me? instead of an apology and an attempt to help me (the customer) resolve my issue, I was given attitude and basically told to go away.

Now I sit here searching the internet for other peoples past experiences with this corrupt management trying to see what my best option is, and I figure I should write this in case it can help others better watch their accounts, as crunch fitness will take your money and hope that you dont notice. if you do notice, theyll do their best to give you the run around to the point that you give up and say screw it take the damn $45. i'm a student and I do not have the luxury of handing out $45 to every person who pushes me around a little, and so I refuse to let them win.

gym or pick pockets

My wife registered at the crunch fitness center near her work place when we lived in chicago. about 3 months ago when we were in the process of moving to maryland she tried to cancel her gym membership, that was when our problems started. she was informed by the gym that she needed to have proof that she was moving from the chicago before she can cancel her contract. the gym also required a 30 days notification with a utility bill which was the only proof they would take. well; what that means is that if I moved to leave with a family member because I could not afford to rent a place yet I would still need to pay my gym membership even though I would not be using the gym. moreover the requirement of a 30 day notice with a utility bill means that in the best of circumstance one will have to pay for 2 mths after physically leaving the gym location.

Well we have been in md since october and only rented a place so crunch is still charging my wife for a service that is not rended. I believe strongly that this is nopt business at all but robbery. I suggest that they gym re-examine their policies.

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    Janice Schulz Dec 15, 2007
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    Verified customer

    I signed up for a 2 year contract with CRUNCH FITNESS. Within the contract from CRUNCH FITNESS it states that my renewal rate after the 2 years was $510. My membership expired in November and CRUNCH REFUSED to honor the contracts renewal rate. I told Crunch it was breach of contract and illegal to not offer me the fee on the contract. They said that Crunch is no longer part of Bally's and that the agreement I had was written by Bally's, even though it clearly states CRUNCH FITNESS on the contract and therefor they will not honor it. They want a deposit and $79/ month. This is BAD business. The Chicago Crunch will probably go under just like the LA Crunch did if they continue to operate like this... Plus there parking rates have gone up significantly. If I went 4days/ week for 1 year my parking would cost me $832, if I didn't go over the 2 hour maximum.

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    1234customer Sep 20, 2018
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    Verified customer

    I was told on the phone that my membership has been canceled but I was still being charged for past 9 months plus next year annual fee. Now they are refusing to refund me the amount they have charged me this far. They have teenagers running the place who are not fully trained in guiding customers.

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steal people's money

Crunch fitness 144 west 38th street New york, ne 10018 us I was a member of crunch fitne...