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I have a Credit One credit card and I am very glad it has a very low balance and I will be paying them off and cutting it up. I believe this is a company owned by a bank in India. Talking to them on the phone makes me very uncomfortable as their arrogance leads me to believe they are scamming people. I have yet to speak to someone that does not have and accent. I made a payment online on June 22 and today is the 24 and there is not even a pending payment noted. I do have a reference number but with the way they do business I doubt that will matter. I plan on reporting this company to my state banking and finance government as well as the Security Fraud dept.


  • Co
    Complainant91923 Dec 11, 2018

    the company is unprofessional they accuse u of fraud even though it did not happen they are profiling people do not care at all the company blocks your log in info period and will not restore it and makes excuses why they wont unlock the account log in this is the most unprofessional company I have ever seen

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  • Gu
    GustavoGP Jan 05, 2019

    I'm out of US and can't access the app and the website to make a payment.

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  • Ma
    mandy G Mar 04, 2019

    they claim the account is closed and was closed almost a year ago. However they are letting the account sit and still collect late fees and interest instead of actually closing out the card. this is against the law.

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  • Longwood Mar 12, 2019

    I am late on my credit card payment. The bank started robo calling me around the first part of feburary 2019. These calls were around 9 per day, sometimes in the late night/early morning. I ha had to change my phone number on march 1st 2019. I started savingthe calls on feb.15, I have screenshots of them attachment

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  • El
    Elena Green Jul 06, 2019

    Annual fees...

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  • Sa
    Sandra I Jul 07, 2019

    This company opened an account in my name that I had no knowledge about, now this information is on my credit!! I have sent them several letters, an identity theft report, and a police report, NOTHING has been done!! why is this acceptable, as an american consumer I should not be held liable to financial damages resulting from identity theft.

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  • Tl
    tlc68 Nov 09, 2019

    Can never make a payment due to site being down. Call and on hold forever. This is their way of making u forget to keep calling back so they can charge late fees.

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  • Sh
    ShelleyD719 Dec 29, 2019

    Can't get on website. All it does is spin and then says timed out. I have been trying for days to check my account and payment information. I am getting frustrated with it

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