Credit One Bankfraudulent credit purchases


I have NEVER had a credit card from this company... i have NEVER applied for credit with this company and have recently been made aware of this company transferring balances from other credit cards I've NEVER had or EVER applied for.


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    Cara Cush Mar 17, 2008

    I have had the dis pleasure of dealing with this credit card company that does NOT try to work with you for anything!!! They said I charged a card I received in the mail back in april of last year well over 700 dollars when the credit limit was only 200 dollars! And may I remind you I did not charge more then half of the charges---I had called and reported it stolen -they said dont worry about it we will handle it-WELL GUESS WHAT THEY DIDNT HANDLE IT !!! And they still are doing nothing about it! It is really starting to piss me off--- I have never received a bill for this amount but yet it is on my credit report! I am still trying find out if they even intend on doing anything about it...or if they are expecting me to pay for charges i didnt do?!!! And on top of it--- I had the fraud protection plan!I thought that is suppose to work if you have it and the card gets stolen and used!

    I wish somone would help me figure this ### out!!! So it comes off my credit report!!!

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