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Complaints & Reviews

marketing calls

I have been getting regular calls from country club inspite of me telling them very cleary and now a days rudely that i am not at all interested in their membership schemes at all. I have received atleast 20 - 25 calls in the last 1 n half month n its getting really frustating now a days. Initially i would calmy reject the offer but now a days i have no option but to abuse them and be my rudest best. i Would like to get the contact details of the higher authority as i wanna escalate this matter now. If someone has the mail id of the VP please email it to me at [protected]


can't afford it and won't be let out of contract within hours of signing

went for a tour of facility as the tour progressed so did the high pressure sales tactics before i could...


This company sells by telling customers they will cut their handicap in half, you have a free trip a year, a...

free gifts, land and membership

the country club of india ltd is a biggest fraud in the country their marketing people called me during 2007 and they give a special offer to credit card holders( like those of scb, icici, etc.) and told that:
they give me a membership worth rs 250000 and above for just rs 150000 and at interest free instalments and
a free plot of 2400 sq.ft. at kanakamma chatiram mango grove,
a free holiday pack for two at goa for 3 nights and
4 days with air fare and 7 days free holidays of 7 days per year for life and free access to all clubs and resorts of country club all of the world at free of cost
i beleived in their sugar coated words and fell into the pit. after a few days i got my credit cards especially icici and scb debited with excessive amounts every month and receipts for those sums from the country club as maintenance charges, upgradation charges, etc. i complained the customer care but i got a very cold response 'we will call you at the earliest'. the marketing people who approached us for membership also gave no response. after a long battle they said that the excess debits are due to technical problems and those amounts could not be reversed at any cost and they assured me that they will give me one morwe plot at country club(1200sqft) as the consideration for amount debited. then only they showed who they are. they again debited my card account with amount around 40000rs in a single day as upgradation charges of membership from to prmium and as aresult i had to block all my card accounts of whose numbers i gave to them. i could not able to talk to a higher official till date and later in 2008 they called that they feel sorry for the act and they said that they give me extra plot of 1200sq.ft. i thretened them that i will go consumer cour and file a suite against them they immediately gave me an appointment to come to their office and they said they will register for 2 plots then and other two plots later and they gave me the allotment letters in feb 2008 (bull ###! i became a member in 2007 and got the allotment letters in 2008 that too only for two plots) i went along with my wife and sister and filled in the forms for registeration in their names[ those cheats saqid that their registeration procedure is different clients cannot go and get the plot directly registered] till this date i got no call from those scoundrels and it is oct 2008 now. i am not able to call the authorities as the customer care officers dont transfer my call to the authorities and if i go directly they say that i cannot meet them without any prior appointment which should be got by calling the customer care. whenever i tried to avail the free holiday trip to goa they say they have no vacency at country club resorts at goa and when i tried to avail the free holidays of 7days per year they say that i cannot avail when ever i wish and said that they will send brouchere for various packages that can be availed and the period in which those can be availed, but i have never received even a single brouchere. i dont know how such anti social people still live in the society. i am dam sure that many banks have tie up with those people some of them being ICICI, SCB, etc. leaking the personal information to others from where the leakage starts.[may be politicians and star personalities have a hand in this deal as all the projects are being hosted by them (as i am not sure about this i dont want to get into sensitive issues)]
i have lost around rs 250000 till date and now i am sure that they are truely cheats and i lost my money. i want you all who see this complaint forward to all you know just as a matter of saving your hard earned money. once you pay you cannot get even a single penny back. arise, awake and stay away from these frauds.

  • Su
    Sureshcsk0 Mar 09, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Ya you are right i want to know about this issue can you plz tell me the you phone number. My phone number is 9840675759

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cheats people by false promises

High alert country club of india ltd (ccil).

Country vacations

This is to alert you about the fraud and cheating activities of the country club of india ltd (ccil), bangalore from the following address:

Managing director
The country club of india lts. (ccil)
273, 1st main, defence colony
Hal, 2nd stage
Bangalore 560038

1) we are flooded with complaints that this company sends its staff to consumer’s homes and lure them with country club membership against huge membership fee. they promise life membership and 1089 sq. feet of land free at coconut grove.

2) the coconut grove is actually situated more than 100 kms away and without any infrastructure but this company claims it is only few kms away.

3) the company swipes the credit cards of the consumers in their homes and later fills in higher amounts and deducts the money to the maximum credit limits.

4) the company also upgrades the memberships to cool card without the consumer's knowledge and then deducts the money from your account.

5) this nasty game of cheating is being played in partner ship with banks who divulge your sensitive information to this company.

6) there are hundreds of complaints. following are the consumers who have been cheated lately:

Mr. subroto ghosh of bangalore (tel: 080-[protected])
Mr. b. v. mohan of bangalore (cell: [protected])
Mr. harsh vardhan of bangalore (tel. no. 080-[protected] / [protected])
Mr. pranav kumar singh of bangalore (cell: [protected])
Mr. b. venkatesh of bangalore (tel. no. 080-[protected])
Mr. vivek butyani of bangalore (tel. no. [protected])
Mr. arun of bangalore (tel.: [protected])
Mr. vivek of bangalore (tel.: [protected])
Mr. ravi of bangalore (tel.: [protected])
Mr. somanath hawargi (cell.: [protected])
Mr. rajendra singh (cell.: [protected] / [protected])
Mr. rami of hyderabad (cell.:[protected])
Mr. jerry mathew elias kovoor of bangalore (cell: [protected])
Mr. mohan krishna eday of bangalore (cell: [protected])
Mr. raj shankar guha (cell: [protected])
Mr. nazeer ahmed (cell: [protected])
Mr. vijayanand reddy (cell: [protected])
Mr. balaji (cell: [protected] / [protected])
Mr. rakesh pandey
Mr. vinay orpe (cell: [protected])
Mr. rajeev bhaskar
Mr. rajarshi (cell: [protected])
Mr. yash kulshreshtha of uk (+44 [protected])
Mr. t p ranjith (cell: [protected])
Mr. t. k. suresh (cell: [protected])
Mr. chennarao marvatu (chennarao. [protected]
Mr. prasad i. r.
Mr. ramu k. c.

7) bangalore police is aware of this issue as icrpc has informed the commissioner of police at bangalore. seems that police is also hand in glove with this company.

8) if you have been cheated by country club then please register an fir against the managing director of the company and see that they do not approach any more consumers.

9) file your experiences at and

10) spread the message through consumer groups and blogs. use the power of internet! look, how icrpc collected above consumers into a group!

The country club if india ltd (ccil) is now advertising heavily in the times of india, tv channels and cheating consumers in mumbai, pune, delhi, calcutta and dubai.

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unprofessional service

I paid for the basic membership (rs 30, 000) in countryclub in feb'07 using my credit card. the following were the details given to me by the country club executive (I hope he was from country club).

1. the entire fees would be paid by standard chartered at zero percent interest rate and I need to pay back in emi to stadard charged bank.
2. the membership card would be processed in 7 days hence I have to provide the family members photos asap.
3. the admin charges would be waived off for this membership for lifetime.

I was not ready for the surprises that were waiting for me ahead.

1. instead of emi, 10000 rupees was billed in my credit card bill as the first installment (which is 30%)
2. the executive never turned up to collect the photos till date. so I do not have a membership card till date
3. shameless executives keep calling me to collect the administration fees despite their executive's commitment given to me during the deal. they say that they are not responsible for the commitments made by sales executives.
4. when I ask for the membership card, they ask me mail it to them but for admin charges, they keep asking me as to when they can send their executives.

I have become wise enough (after losing 30k) to reject any of their promotion calls where they talk about giving free sites, bull # etc...

One of the company that has hopeless service, irresponsible, shameless and never willing to act on feedbacks - country club...

cheating the member on false promises

I took Cool CG membership 30 months back (December 2005)just because they promised a 1089 sq. ft. site/plot in Coconut Groove, Tumkur. I pais membership fee of Rs. 99, 000/- & site registration charges of Rs. 10, 000/- with a promise from them that the registration will happen within 3 months (before March 2006). I'm not a party guy to utilize the membership & haven't utilized their facilities till now. The registration has not happened till date & every time I call them they keep on giving false promise. I recently found out that the registration in Tumkur has been stopped long time back by the government as it is a revenue land & proper conversion is required to be sold to the members & hence we will not get the site/plot.

Country Club has cheated me. Now based on this I have approached them for refund for which they say that it is non refundable & I cannot do anything about that now. I have lost Rs.1, 09, 000/- 30 months back to the fraud Country Club.

I neither got the site/plot nor I'm enjoying the facilities & I paid rs. 1, 09, 000/- juts to get nothing in return.

cheating by company

Dear friend

be cautious if you want to become country club member, it is nothing but well organising syndicate to extort your money. the don’t fulfill their promise. it is scam be aware of it systematic fraud on the people. (I am the member of the club)

(a). allotment of land.

The promise of allotment of land at various places, please note that those land is not in their name, therefore they cannot allot the land to you, however they are making promises about the same and demand money for registration and stamp duty. however if you ask them the break up of stamp duty and registration also document to executed they give you threat of terminating and canceling your so called free gift. please note that you are charged for that because for membership charges increases with the proportion of promised allotment of land and no other benefit is given

(b). the no rules and regulation is supplied to the members

no rules and regulation are supplied to the members so you are not aware what are the rules. if you call customers service they inform you that you come true sales representative you sales representative inform you contact customer service. howeverr they inform they don’t have any rules and regulation its just arbitrary.

(c) use of franchises/affiliates:-

you are lured in to membership by informing franchises/affiliates. you don’t get any help in their alleged franchise/affiliates, in fact some of the franchisee/affiliates donot even acknowledges the county club. please note that at the time of membership you are informed if you show the membership card you can use affiliates/frachises. but after taking the membership you are informed you have to take letter from them. you cannot use of so called of frachises

(d) pay for all events

You are informed that as a member you will be entitled to enjoy all events free but once you join the club for all events like 31st december or valentine day are charged but when you complaint about the same sales representative gives you complimentary pass like a favour, now the will give it to you, but in future you will be given.

(e) availment of the 6night/7days package

if you contact for availment of 6night/7days their customer service will direct you to sale representative, when you contact sales representative he will say its responsibility of the customer service in the end you will not get any so called 6 nigh/7 days package for 5 years they just avoid it on one pretext or other.

(f) financial cost

Please note the cost of finance to your investment if you say taken a membership of rs 3, 00, 000/- as per the membership you will only get only 6night/7 day and that you have use it at a stretch. please ask yourself are you going to stay at one place for full 6nights, the answer is no instead you will prefer to be at atleast 2 different place 3day each but you can do that here. for rs 3, 00, 000/ what you get is only total 30nights that means you pay rs 10, 000/- per night for that amount you will be able to even avail five star hotel. hotel leela, banglore a five star hotel of refute charges rs 9, 000/- on weekend that’s very exhorbitant cost. instead if you deposit that amount even in fixed deposit you will get approximately rs30, 000/- per year as return with which you will have freedom of choice to enjoy in any of the place and hotel anywhere and need not stick to the country club and you can do it life long and not for only 5 years.

(f) please note that I am filing criminal complaint for cheating and misrepresentation against the mr rajeev reddy managing director, mr subbha rao and also other directors and also against sales representative mr vijay talreja and also in the consumer court. if you require any detail of it please you can contact me at [protected]. or at [protected]

(g) instead I will suggest you consider sterling holiday or pan club or mahindra club, they do not promise you sky and give what they promise.

(h). there are many complaint pending against the said company you can see it on the net.

Forward this to as many people as possible to save their money and make them aware about the fraud of country club.

rogue company

Country club is a rogue company run by Rajeev reddy, Siddharth reddy.They are into cheating people of the money by promising plots in nondecript locations like kolad.The papers of land are false and the customer nvere owns land anytime nor can he sell it.All those who have complaints can contact there custoemr care executive, rakesh Kumar-[protected].He is responsible for selling and after sales sales service in india

vacations/club membership

Dear sir,

following is the description of the incident that I have gone through with a company called “country vacations, a division of country club (i) ltd.

On 30/3/08, I got a call from a girl named "kishori". she told that there has been a lucky draw which has happened and I am one of the lucky people who will be receiving a dinner set, a week accommodation. to receive the gift, I and wife had to visit their office.
So, I and wife went to visit their office for receiving the gift. when we visited that place they told me that they will give a small presentation so we agreed to it. at the presentation they (sweta, mr. asif and mr. hemant) told us about lots of offers for holiday resorts. there were several plans. at that instance, the offer was looking good, so, we confirmed for their 30 years plan worth rs. 2, 05, 000 (they reduced it from 2.5 lakhs, in fact, people has been offered for rs. 1.25 lakhs also.) which included a land of 2000 sq ft at kolad. I was not ready for this offer.
at the same time, I was told about emi scheme from icici credit card for 24 months. as I was not sure they convinced me by saying that you can sign the slip and you will receive confirmation call from icici bank and our head office and I will have option to revert back. so, I signed the credit slip for emi for total amount of rs 99, 000.
When we reached home, I got 2 sms from bank about deduction of 50, 000 and 49000 respectively. this was supposed to be paid in 24 equal installements without any intrest and processing changes.
But when I checked my online account statement (it was reflected after 2 days of transaction), it showed me the deduction of rs16, 666.66 and rs16, 333.34 respectively as advance emi. I spoke to my bank also. they told me that the merchant has deducted 8 installments as one emi and rest amount will be deducted monthly as two emi of rs 2083.33 and rs 2041.67 respectively.
So, I got alert and analyzed the situation. I opened my laptop and searched for the company’s review. there were so many customers suffering throughout india. I got shocked that the company is fooling so many customers and I became one of them.
Now, I started to go through the agreement paper. I found out that there are several things which were not told and not legal as far as consumer rights are concerned. we felt cheated by them. following are the points on which the company has failed and created fraud:
1. they have conspired against innocent people like me by offering free gifts and calling them to office to mind wash and sell their illegal product.

2. one rule says that “the agreement is not cancellable.” it is not legal to have an agreement which can not be cancelled. the customer has every right to resist and boycott any person, goods or services in the event of conflict with consumer’s interest”.

3. when I wanted to talked to my parents before making decision they tried to stop me by giving different types of arguments like
A. we have explained 2-3 hours of the product and they will not understand (in fact, they would have understood the wrong motive.)
B. you purchase the offer and after 18months, I (mr. asif, manager) will purchase the plot itself in 1 lakh.
C. this is the best offer we are giving and it is only for today. if you find any better offer we will offer you the same.

4. this offer was only for off season. they hide this information very cleverly.

5. the money was supposed to be deducted only after confirmation from me by icici bank and merchant’s head office. but they deducted it with in ½ an hour.

6. they told me about the emi scheme and monthly installment but 33 thousand has been billed immediately. this is a case of fraud relating to the financial transaction.

7. all the agreement points are one sided only. there is no rule which gives any option to customer to revert if service is not found good or customer can ask for his rights.

On 31/3/08,
I reached to company’s office and told that I am not willing to go for it. I gave all the above told reasons as well as my personal reasons to convince them. but they refused to cancel or refund my amount.
I returned all the gifts they had given. the branch office promised me to talk with senior managers and let back to me with in a week. but nothing has happened till now. whenever I try to call them they are just refusing to talk.

They told only 2 options are left with me:
1. if I do not pay the rest of the amount, they will return only 20 % that too after few months.
2. I will have to find someone (friend or relative) who is willing to take that package and they can transfer the package in their name. and I will get my money back. it clearly meant that they want me to fool others like they have done it with me. I am not a cheater who will recommend this to anybody in this world.

It is not legal in democratic india for the companies to create a legal document which can not be cancelled. does not it break right of freedom of a human being?

I would like the company to return the money as soon as possible. else I will have no option but I will have to look out for some other alternatives like consumer court, media, police, etc...

I am having sleepless nights and stressful days since the day I visited this company. as a citizen of this country, I would like to bring this wrong act into the notice of all indians. please do not get into the trap of this illegal act.

I have been chasing them but those company professionals are not at all responding to my calls. I have sent multiple mails to their branch and corporate office but there has been no reply from them. at this juncture, I am feeling helpless.

This is also to raise the concerned authorities to take action and stop such kind of companies to deceive people like me. they not only hide information, misguide but also doing crime which is going unnoticed.

  • Am
    Ambikeswari Jan 13, 2020
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We are also cheated by them.

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country club membership card/plot allotment

Its been three years since we took (5 of us) country Club membership and till date some has not even received the country club membership card and not able to visit the club with out the membership card. The Plot offered along with membership is big 6.

You call the GM of the company he its just ringing tone noe one care to pick up the call.

When we personally went to the office one of the representive ran away hearing we are there to ask the staus and other always show to the one who is not available there.

We ahve paid 99K and some of us paid the 10K for the plot which is still in papaers for some for some it is dream.

Fight is ON...

vibration in hi4wd when accelerated!

Ihave a 2006 Dodge Ram 1500 4X4 Quad cab. I have had this truck back to the dealer many many times for numerous problems such as;s Speed sensor,Brake rotor vibration, Cruise control, ABS Air bag recall, Seat belt recall, Front drive shaft {for vibration} Front wheel bearings, Transmission valve body, Re-program computer @ update soft ware, Replace front seat cover, Re-finish hood @cab of truck {paint peeling}, Change fluid in transfer case {for vibration} Replaced shift motor in transfer case, replaced complete transfer case assembly {for vibration} all of this happened and the last repair date 1/29 08 with 7,616 miles. Guess what The vibration is still there!! Since that time I have been asked to bring it back for a factory rep. to drive it, he did not know what the problem was , so a Chrysler Engineer Trent Davenport drove the truck and told me that this was not the first one that he had driven with this problem. He said that he would put me on an "VIP list" so if Chrysler ever figured out what the problem was that " I would be the first to know" Since that time I have had the truck back twice to get a seat back release ratchet replaced. Guess what ; still not fixed parts wrong and the correct one on back order!!! Seems to me that they had no problem taking the money when I got the truck, but now I guess customer satisfaction is no longer important !! My advice as a ripped off, ticked off, put off and soon to be "Former" customer of Chrysler Corp. And Country Club Chrysler-Dodge of Route 19 South Clarksburg WV 26302 " BUYER BEWARE "

  • Is
    ISIDRO RENDON SID Apr 06, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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Resolved stay away from country club sod and irrigation

I spent $11,347 with this company to do a complete landscape design and irrigation with St. Augustine grass in the front yard and Bahia in the back with 98 viburnum bushes surrounding the perimeter of the back yard and seminole chips, a palm and 15 sheiflera in the front yard.


1. They did not spray the yard after they pulled up the old grass. I told them I was concerned about weeds and Bermuda grass growing through the new sod, but Ed Stein, the designer and project manager, assured me this wouldn't be a problem.

2. The Seminole Chip rock sample was orange. When the two tons arrived at my house, it was pink. I was told it would change color after being exposed to the elements.

3. The Bahia sod was laid very loose with 1 in gaps in some areas. I was told it would grow together in a short time.


1. After three months of $300+ water bills, I called Country Club Sod and Irrigation and asked them to please take a look at the irrigation system and make sure there wasn't a broken line or something causing the water bill to be so high. They told me the irrigation specialist would contact me. After a week of several calls pleading with them to send someone out and no response, I fixed the problem myself. They did not install the irrigation valves correctly which led to my meter being fooled into thinking I had my water on full blast 24/7. I tried to resolve this for three more weeks, but no one would return my calls. I estimate this mistake of theirs cost me about $500.

2. Just as I suspected, weeds began to grow in the areas between the Bahia sod and it never evened out. Bermuda grass also began to show up in the St. Augustine grass in the front yard. This is clearly a result of not spraying and killing everything during the tear-out phase. I estimate this has cost me more than $250 in specialty lawn care from Dr. Jack's over and above the several hundred dollars I spend with them for maintenance.


1. The rock is still a dark red and not even close to orange.

2. I began to get a hole in my front yard and side yard. After further inspection via digging a larger hole, I noticed the lid of my main septic tank had been moved leaving a 1" gap for dirt to fall in. Further, the secondary holding tank lid was broken. The most frustrating part of this is that I personally exposed the tanks to show them where they were located and to not drive their tractor on them. Further, I asked them to please check the tanks before laying the sod to make sure nothing was broken or moved. I was assured they did and now I find out 8 months later that they didn't.

This has cost me another $500.

Once again, I called and was told by one of the new owners that they weren't responsible for the damage their company did to my septic system 8 months ago. I was also told that they would possibly be inclined to help me to get repeat business, but since I did my entire yard, they can't expect any repeat business, so, they didn't see why they would want to help me.

During the conversation, the new owner displayed an attitude of arrogance, combativeness, and downright poor customer service.

Her suggested resolution was that I spend more money with them at "cost" for them to fix the damage they caused.

I told them that was unacceptable and I asked them to please send someone out to access the damage and to offer me a better resolution. After a week, I still haven't heard from them.



Mail sent -
Subject-Kindest Final request
To - [protected]

Kindly take this as my final resort for solutions towards my loses incurred in getting into any kind of relationship with Country Club.
I signed my membership in 2007 July/Aug sometime. I was promised a great service, facilities, benefits and regular updates.
I paid using my Credit Card-ICICI.
Timeliness is one thing I was very particular about while signing up and stated clearly that do not commit any time if it is even difficult, give me last time and deliver and I am happy.
I was promised lots of things with 7 to 10 days deadline.
I received my Card/s after 20 days and since then NOTHING AT ALL.
I was leaving for Germany in Sep’07 and hence after 10 times request an executive was sent from Amrutha Estates to collect my Rs. 10,000 cheque so that I can atleast get my piece of land, which again was promised to be done within 7 days and the original Bill/receipt within 2 days.
I kept calling the executive/Customer Care/Amrutha Estates, (AE-Vidya-[protected], AE-Devendra-[protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], CClub-[protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], CC-Ishak-[protected], CC-Suresh-[protected], CC-Executive-Karthik-[protected]-[protected])everybody from Germany but was always promised it would be done within next 2 days.
I was back in December ’07 and again contacted all and the same promises but no action.
Finaly one day on continues calls/requests I was informed by Priya/Vasukhi at Amrutha Estates that my cheque had bounced for which I told them to send the bounced cheque back and I would hand over the new cheque immediately. I would need to check with my Bank as to why the bounce as Rs.10,000 not being in my account is not possible. There anyways is never a call from CC/AE for anything and on my calls, 6 times an appointment was made that the executive would meet me and never that happened and finally Vasukhi again tells me that she has still not got the bounced cheque so could not send the executive and absolutely no coutisy/responsibility to call me up to inform that. Then she informed within 2 days she would collect the cheze and fix time again. I have been calling since then but no response. Now it is again almost 45 days and still no action.
Now, on front of my membership I just have a card that’s all, I do not know what all I am entitled to towards this membership which I can avail, events, news, offers, etc. Was planning to come to my Club for Christmas/New Year with my wife I kep calling all to give me some details in writing so that accordingly I can sit with my wife and finalize but no details at all.
There are lots more, on calling up the executive they say what Country Club we do not work there. Every 15 days the same mobile numbers says out of service, the Executives/CC people all talk VERY VERY Rudely, etc etc etc, the list of my Mental/Economical Distress caused by Country club can go on and on.
Respected Sir?madam, kindly think if the same would have happened with you at some place what would have been your situation/Action/Steps and revert.
Seriously telling, I have lost all my Trust and liking of the big name - Country Club.
I as gentleman look forward for a gentleman’s damage control/action.
Will all Respect and expectations.
Thanks & Regards,
Rajiv Dalmia
Mobile - [protected]

did not return the 49000 in equity they owed us

The board of Woodfield did a lot of hanky pank stuff to keep us from getting the money which we
legally were owed for our full membership which we resigned in 2000. After 7 years of a stressful lawsuit we just gave up. I know for a fact that dozens of other people fell victim to the shenanigans of this club . I think some sort of government supervision should b e set up for so called non-profit clubs. I would like to hear from others with similar problems and maybe 60minutes or a local institution could do a story to warn new retirees who are anxious to invest their hard earned cash in the sporty social life in florida.

false promises.

The country club has started selling their fraud products in Pune city. They are luring the customers with false promises and gifts. They are asking for signs to run the credit card transactions without your knowledge. They will take the credit card numbers for "checking the credit limit" to see whether you are "eligible" for the offer. Then they apply pressure selling tactics to get the application filled. Once you fall in their trap, you are not even answered over phone.

Beware of this fraud company!!!

legal case against country club

The representative have cheated. They promised to get the details of the supercool member. taken the authorization of the card. Promised that the card will not be charged before the benefits are agreed. However, cheated by charging the credit card.

Send more than 5 letters to the person incharge. Called 20 times. but not response.

APPEAL : i understand many people have been cheated the same way. Pl send me the mails and we all can collectively file the legal case against Country Club.

Resolved country club fraud

This is to alert you about the fraud and cheating activities of the Country Club from the following address:

Managing Director
The Country Club
273, 1st Main, Defence Colony
HAL, 2nd Stage
Bangalore 560038

1) This company sends its staff to consumer’s homes to lure them with country club membership against huge membership fee. They promise life membership and 1089 sq. feet of land free at Coconut Grove.
2) The Coconut grove that they state is at 50 Kms, but actually it was found to be more than 100 Kms away and without any infrastructure when the consumers visited the place.
3) The company swipes the credit cards of the consumers in their homes and later fills in higher amounts and deducts the money to the maximum credit limits.
4) There are hundreds of complaints. Following are the consumers who have been cheated in one month:

Mr. Subroto Ghosh of Bangalore (Tel: 080-[protected])
Mr. B. V. Mohan of Bangalore (Cell: [protected])
Mr. Harsh Vardhan of Bangalore (Tel. No. 080-[protected] / [protected])
Mr. Pranav Kumar Singh of Bangalore (Cell: [protected])
Mr. B. Venkatesh of Bangalore (Tel. No. 080-[protected])
Mr. Vivek Butyani of Bangalore (Tel. No. [protected])
Mr. Arun of Bangalore (Tel.: [protected])
Mr. Vivek of Bangalore (Tel.: [protected])
Mr. Ravi of Bangalore (Tel.: [protected])
Mr. Somanath Hawargi (Cell.: [protected])
Mr. Rajendra Singh (Cell.: [protected] / [protected])
Mr. Rami of Hyderabad (Cell.:[protected])

For complaints against Country Club, send mail to [protected]


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Country Club Hospitality & Holidays's response · Oct 13, 2014

    Country Club is happy to inform that Mr Zachariah problem was solved amicably and he has no more issues with County Club. for any further assistance please contact us on 043140714 or send us your query to [email protected]

  • Country Club Hospitality & Holidays's response · Oct 19, 2014

    Country club is happy to inform that the issues with Mr Sunil Zachariah have been resolved amicably and Mr Sunil Zachariah has no more issues with Country Club. We thank Mr Sunil Zachariah for his co-operation and will be happy welcome him back to the Country Club anytime in the Future.
    The Customer care Team
    Country Club

improper response against membership

This is a complaint against irreponsive, cheating country club -chennai. The following is one of the written letter to country club executive, preethi. Her mail id is [protected], [protected] on jul'24, 2007. But no response sofar from anybody including stupid-ravi prasad-countryclub chennai branch manager. "as a distinguished customer, i am starting my conversation. This Pathatic incidence happened on may 27th. One of your executive "mr.Venkatesh" from chennai called on may 27th and informed that there's. An offer from country club which is "a membership with plot" they Named it as "mr. Cool". They have informed that the plot i.e., "mango grove" falls in the State of "tamilnadu". I agreed and asked your executive to contact next day. Next day, i have signed your contract and gave all my credit card details. Till the point of time he has not informed that this falls under "a.p". Your people collected all the financial information through my credit Card from me and at last i was informed that this falls under "a.p" through irresponsible "mr. Venkatesh's team leader". I have declined. That proposal and asked to cancel my membership by sending e-mails and courier. But there is no response even after ten days. At last i have meet your chennai's v.p "mr.raviprasad" about this. But he never ever bothers about the customer's satisfaction instead concentrating on his target.

I am so disappointing about your response. At last i have understood that there is no single responsible person to handle a customer's issue, mainly focussing to suck other's blood. I have cleared all my transaction and payments on 5th july 2007. But still i haven't got any "welcome kit" from your people. No body ever turned up for any concern. I have called your country club chennai's people nearly 22 times, no body ever turned up. Whenever i call your people disconnecting the call. I spoke to marketing exe. Venkatesh team leader, customer service exe.mary, rohini, sonia and v.p ravi prasad. I am cleared that i will not stick as a customer ever as your country club member. I have sent several mails, courier, directly walk-in to chennai's office. The only reason i was forced to stay as your customer, since you have my money. I feel you have cheated a customer by giving wrong information for promoting your business. I will be happier person if you cancel my subscription and dispute all my charges.

I am sure no body will turn for this letter too, since i have asked my money back and your's look like a government office. I have explained everything to my family lawyer. I am waiting for a week, if i didn't Get any reply; you have to face the consequences. But remember, if there is any chance to meet your customers, i will not forgot to mention how you have cheated me.

This is for public awareness to not to join membership in "country club".

fraudulent method of making members

Both me and my brother were fooled into becoming members by giving exclusive commitments and privileges. We have now filed a complaint as stated below.

The letter stand as follows:

When my brother Anand M Shah spoke to Mr. Ali at the Customer Care, Country Club Vacations, he was told that they were helpless in this matter, 'cause we do not have a proof in writing that we were given commitments by you employee Sadhu Santosh (I guess he is a Line Manager) to enjoy the privileges as written in the enclosed letter.

Do you think we are fools that from the same family both my brother and me have taken membership by paying an upfront payment of Rs. 30,000/- to Country Vacations. Firstly my brother became a member on 23rd April' 07 and then when he mentioned about these exclusive benefits, I spoke to Sadhu Santosh in his presence and was convinced to become a member as per the exclusive commitments and privileges enclosed in the letter. At the said time in your hotel - Amrutha Castle, believing that this could be a joke, we again and again asked him the same and Sadhu Santosh was firm in his commitments.

Are you not aware of such fraudulent employees like "Sadhu Santosh" who commit such kind of privileges & statements to make members for your club. It wouldn't take much time to publish his open book with the newspapers along with his photograph if he does not revert back to us by next week.

Mr. Ali asked my brother to speak to his manager Mr. Rakesh Kumar Singh and see what can happen. We are not here to see what can happen, we became members to enjoy the privileges committed by your employee Sadhu Santosh.

At this point I expect Mr. Rakesh Kumar Singh to arrange a meeting between your sales personnel "Sadhu Santosh", himself and my brother "Anand Shah" and me "Samir Shah". If this does not happen, kindly reimburse our amount that we have paid to become members of the club and close the chapter.

With regards to Sandhu Santosh, if he does not get back to us, this mail would go to various parties including your Managing Director / Chairman Mr. Rajeev Reddy and the concerned board members. This exposure would just not be by emails, we would send registered letters across to ensure that anyone and everyone would know what kind of FRAUD is implemented openly to make members for your club.

If you do not revert back to me at the earliest, I wouldn't mind spending another Rs. 30,000/- to expose this kind of fraud across various segments of the Market and Advertisers with photographs. This would also go to Newspapers like Deccan Chronicle and Times of India.

In my worst dreams I would have never expected a listed company in Stock Market, like Country Club / Country Vacations would employ such fraudulent people to promote memberships by means of absolute false commitments.