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T Oct 28, 2018
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I dropped off my vehicle for a tire repair. My drivers side rear tire was flat and had a nail in it, needing repair. Christopher looked at tire and said it's repairable and should take about 2 hours to fix. I dropped off vehicle at 12:14pm. I go down street to a restaurant to wait the two hours for my tire repair to finish. I was told I would be contacted when car is ready for pickup. I don't get a call and around 4:00 pm I call and ask about my vehicle and when it'll be ready. I am informed that they pulled out the nail and there is no need for repair. I communicated that when I went to car this morning the rear drivers side tire was flat and that I think they are overlooking the repair and if they can look at it again. In addition I informed the person I did not get a call from them and he responds saying he tried calling me an hour earlier but I would answer. I asked if he left a voicemail and he said no he did not leave a voicemail. I checked my call log and there was no missed call from anyone, let alone Costco tire center. No voicemails either. I get a callback informing me that they indeed found a new nail and it was deeper in the tire and unrepairable. They did not mention anything about it being in another tire so I imagined that they were talking about the one tire I came in for repair. They inform me that I get a refund because they cannot fix tire. I arrive at the Costco tire center and first try to negotiate a new tire which they tell me they cannot negotiate anything. He says if I want they can install my spare if I have one. I say okay and inform them I just have to empty out my trunk to get the spare. I pull my car up to the front of garage but I don't pull into garage. I get out and an employee pulls my vehicle into the garage. He starts to take off the tire on the passenger side and I inform him it's actually the drivers side tire. He then says it's been a long day. He goes to drivers side and starts to take off the front drivers side tire and I inform him that it was the rear tire that was flat not the front. He responds saying the tires were rotated and that he is not going to rotate them again. I look at my rear tire and inform him that the tire weren't rotated and I know that for sure because the Goodyear tires were on the back when I dropped off vehicle for repair and they are still on back now. He again insisted that they did a tire rotation and at this point I start to think I'm being lied to and insulted because I know with 100% no doubt in my mind that the Goodyear tires were on back not front and that's the whole reason I asked for tires to be rotated to begin with when I dropped off vehicle. Xavier responds with "I am trying to be nice, so let's keep it that way". I let him know that I'm positive beyond doubt that the tires weren't rotated because the Goodyear's were on back when I dropped car off and they are still on back so there is no way they were rotated. He then starts to get condescending and confrontational in a very passive aggressive way. He keeps saying how he has had a long day and how he told me over the phone that I had two tires with nails in them. I was never told over the phone about two tires having nails in them. His remarks were very passive aggressive and I could see he was very frustrated. I tried to lever with him by saying, sir I work long hard days too and I have a wife and children so I get it. He responds by saying, " I didn't ask you about that". I tried to calmly talk to this person Xavier but he was clearly irritated with me. He called a supervisor as I heard him asking for one over the phone. I was not yelling at this man, or creating any kind of scene. I was simply questioning why I was being told tired were rotated when in fact they weren't. In addition I was questioning why the front tire was having spare put on when I came in for rear drivers side tire to be repaired. He tells me I can put my stuff in the car and essentially ignored everything I was asking of him. Super terrible customer service with zero professionalism and no communication skills at all. They shut the bay doors and I am sitting out from taking notes so I can file a complaint. I see the manager Dave and say "excuse me sir". He defensively says yea what's up! I ask if he is manager and he says yes. Before I can even explain myself he says well my guy told my you were rude and you've been drinking and had bad behavior. I responded calmly but firmly by asking who I can speak with that is a manager and how I can escalate this complaint. He ignores that request and asked what I'm bothered about. I asked him again for a name of number of how I can escalate the situation to a superior and he again ignores me asking what the problem is and telling me he is the manager and he will be the one to speak with. I start to explain to him the issue and he responds with telling me they rotated my tires and I'm all upset and having bad behavior and that I've been drinking and his guy had to call him. I informed him that I had been waiting since 1 pm or before that and I was told my tire repair wouldn't be an issue. I told him how my tires weren't rotated and I was being lied to and he responds that I wasn't being lied to. I told him I am being lied to because I have pictures of my car and I know for a fact the Goodyear tires are still on the back where they were when I dropped of vehicle. In addition I was talking calmly but in a concerned manner to Xavier but I did not raise my voice, did not use any profanity and did not act the way he was describing. In addition I called him out on trying to call me out on the fact I had been drinking. I've been waiting at a restaurant for 5 hours because they couldn't call me or notify me. Further more I intentionally brought my car here but had I know this was going to happen I wouldn't skipped Costco and taken car to a different tire shop and gotten a cheap tire. Now I have my spare on which I didn't want that's why I came to Costco and in addition it's on the front when it was the rear tire that went flat. The rear Goodyear tire went flat, not the front different named tire. We go back and fourth for a little while and after he sees how serious I am he starts to maybe understand that I wasn't being belligerent are unreasonable with him employee Xavier and that just maybe Xavier lacked the people skills to deal with me.
After this awful situation, being humiliated by a front line employee and then a supervisor I won't be returning to this Costco and possibly any Costco. The fact that they felt comfortable enough to call me out and say well you were rude and you've been drinking is beyond unprofessional. The truth is I had two beers at the restaurant. I've been there since 1pm and now it's past 6pm. That doesn't constitute for being drunk and trying to humiliate because you smelled alcohol is just plain wrong. How about they answer the questions about my car I am asking and do the right thing instead of dodge responsibility. Dave did inform me that the tires weren't rotated because the best tires stay on the back. I was never informed of that, I was told the tires were rotated. There is no way around it, they lied to me. You can twist it however you want but a lie is a lie. They should have been honest and said the tires weren't rotated because the best ones go on back and they were already on the back. Instead they lied, so I am guessing maybe some sort of miscommunication between the employees and maybe Xavier that they truly were rotated because he didn't do the work. Either way he was completely unprofessional in his dealing with me and the fact that he calls a supervisor and tries to turn it on my blaming me for drinking, insinuating I'm drunk or something just lost you a customer. If I could have forcated this treatment I would have saved myself the hassle and gone to a small tire shop. The last thing I want to say is the rear Goodyear is the one that went flat. That's not the tire that was switched out for the spare. I'm going to be extremely disappointed if I wake up and my rear tire is flat but the tire sitting in my back seat is still full of air. That will again prove my point that the tore that really needed changing was neglected and causing me extra time when I'm on my way to work. This may all seem like a big nothing to Costco however you have a serious integrity issue on your hands. You've got employees doing their job wrong, humiliating customers the. Calling supervisors and not taking responsibility for anything. Acting as if they didn't do or say anything to escalate a situation that could of easily been de escalated by simply explaining that the tires were rotated because the best ones are on the back. Furthermore when he says we told you there were two tires with nails in them and I respond that I was never informed of two tires having nails, he should of believed me and at that point explained that sorry for the misunderstanding but I have two tires with nails in them. None of this was explained and when I tried to inquire I was insulted because I had a beer or two while waiting for 5 hours to get a tire repair. So unprofessional, mean and nasty that I'm willing to take the time out of my Sunday evening to write this email. I'm not intoxicated, I wasn't acting belligerent, I did not yell, raise my voice, name call or act in anyway that could cause this reaction. I want to speak with a general manager over the phone so I can provide my side and give full details. If I am not allowed to share my experience then I most certainly will not be returning to Costco and I just paid to renewed my membership last month but I'm willing to not shop here any longer after the hassle I was put through. There was definitely lies and mistakes made on the employees part and I would appreciate some sort of responsibility and accountability from Costco. Thank you for taking the time to read my email.
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