Costco Wholesalerude, unprofessional treatment

U Aug 02, 2019

Date of incident: 8-2-2019. Time: 12:12. OP#: 58 Name: Dave LA. The cashier was so busy discussing personal matters with the person assisting him that I felt invisible. When I told the assistant he could put my purchase in a box, he responded sarcastically: "Oh, can I?" They returned to their discussion, including their experiences in the "break room." I stopped at the desk on the way out to mention the lack of service to a young woman, who looked at my receipt and said she'd take care of it. When I went to leave the store, the person at the door looked at my receipt and said I had not been charged for all the items in my cart. Three items had not been rung up. I returned, voicing some concern about the waste of time. The young man who rang up the missing items took his time to discuss the problem with other people, even though I told him I was in a hurry and resented the imposition on my time. He repeatedly called me "Dear, " until I told him not to refer to me that way. I am a 66-year-old woman who expects better service and more respectful treatment. This person's name was OP #811, Wes.

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