Costco Wholesale Corporationcostco concierge service case # 978-0569

M Aug 07, 2018

I bought a Dell XPS 13 Laptop in Oct 2016 and it came with the 2 year Costco warranty in addition to which I bought an extended warranty through Square Deal.

Executive Summary: 2 phone calls in two days for a total of 2 hours and 15 minutes should discourage anyone from buying any electronics and/or warranty from Costco.

The blow by blow follows if you're inclined:

Don't ever bother doing that and here's why. This past June my space bar and right mouse touch pad stopped responding as it should.

8/6/2018: I went on line to Square Deal to report the issue and after inputting all my data they requested I wound up being referred to the Concierge Service.

8/6/2018: I called Costco Concierge Service and spoke to Megan (badge # 4607086)...she, it turns out, is not really a PC tech person but a recently hired customer service rep who I came to understand was following a script of previously loaded questions...we went through a whole bunch of gyrations to fix the problem, including upgrading drivers for keyboard, uninstalling and reinstalling drivers for keyboard (and touch pad)...when that failed she asked if she could put me on hold while she "troubleshoots" the problem...obviously either asking someone else, or searching her database for next step...then she had me log into the Dell support page and we ran a diagnostic support ...and it determined my laptop was properly updated and found no problems...then we tried an external blue tooth keyboard...which worked fine but am unsure why we did that...then we powered down and she asked me to hold the power button for 1 full minute...that did nothing to solve the problem...then we checked my Windows update and all was fine there...finally she suggested she transfer me to a "log me in" technician which she did.

That person was Marisol (badge # 4212196)...after a brief recap she suggested two options: restore my computer settings or "reset" the computer to it's original state...meaning wiping my hard drive and losing all applications, data files and I opted for the restore...that took 40 minutes and Marisol promised to call me back to see if it was working...All in my phone time was 1 hour and 48 minutes...

8/6/2018: Missed Marisol's call unfortunately but the message she left was, well you judge: "...unable to get you we will be closing the case...if you need additional help please call..." What? Closing the case without even hearing that the solution DID NOT work?

8/7/2018: Called back and spoke to Tracy (badge# 3797501)...after she took some time to read the case notes she concluded that we'd need to "reset" the computer. I always back up my data but the idea of resetting it to the "original condition" did not square with me as the computer came loaded with MS Office 2010...when I asked her how I would reinstall MS Office she replied with confidence that I would only need my product key...really?

Where would I find that? After 10 minutes she finally got that I had no installation disc, no disc drive, no paperwork, nothing which would show my product key...she then put me through to Microsoft agent name Sanjo who had been told I was looking for MS Office 365 product I'm losing my patience...we discuss the resetting and how I could get me product key (after clearing up the misunderstanding) and she wants to know my Office account name...

I never had one I we're stymied so I ask her to level me up to a supervisor...she stalls and mumbles something incoherent and my frustration reaches a boiling point. The idea of wiping my computer clean when clearly this problem is not software related is downright CRAZY...why would I do that? So the frustration of a space bar and touch pad not working is less than the frustration that these people would have me endure if I allowed my computer to be wiped clean.

I promise to God I will never buy another laptop or electronic device from Costco again...

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