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K Nov 01, 2019

I have spent hours on the phone with Costco Concierge in the last week trying to get my laptop fixed under warranty. I first had a problem over a year ago, but it was so infrequent, I ignored it. However, the computer started crashing every 15 minutes or so, so I finally had to call in.
It seems like the reps want to do as little work as possible and make it inconvenient as possible to resolve problems. The warranty policy itself is vague and says it extends the manufacturer's policy, but that is false.
I performed the factory reset the concierge asked me to, that they assured me would fix the problem. When it didn't work, they asked me to buy recovery software to try another fix. First of all, that's what the warranty is for, so I don't have to pay extra money to fix it. Second, I was told by the manufacturer that the problem was hardware and that wouldn't fix it. Costco is supposed to extend the manufacturer's warranty, and the manufacturer in that case would have had me send in the laptop. Further, the manufacturer told me and another Costco manager that the problem is hardware-related and that manager, M, stated he would put in a request to have my laptop fixed since it was hardware and another factory reset from usb wouldn't fix that. This was after I spent 3+ hours that day getting the run around between the manufacturer and Costco.
When I called the next morning, the Costco agent told me Asus had said it was a hardware problem again. That's 3 Asus agents that diagnosed a hardware problem. Well. Then when I call back, these geniuses B and E, instead of honoring what the manager the night before me told me about being able to send my laptop in to be fixed, decided to relaunch their own investigation. I really don't know why they took it upon themselves to redo this when I had spent hours on the phone the previous night going through the whole problem with multiple people multiple times. Why make it so difficult for customers to get help with their products? Was it really necessary to waste over half my day?
So I spent another 3 hours on the phone between Costco and Asus. The Asus agent, K, was very kind and helped me reset the bios to see if that would help. It was shockingly pleasant to have someone actually understand that not having a working laptop affects everything I do and is extremely inconvenient, without me even having to say it, and not have me do useless, costly steps that wouldn't work. Again, I was told me it was a hardware issue and I could send in the laptop to have it fixed and they'd take care of it all since I had already did a big factory reset and they empathized with how much time I'd already spent trying to fix it. Except I couldn't because my warranty was no longer with them but with Costco. I was tempted to just pay the $60 to send it in to them and not deal with Costco concierge again.

In conclusion, thank you, Costco Concierge, for wasting hours of my already scarce time and making it exceptionally difficult and frustrating to get assistance with my computer. Future warranties will be through the manufacturer who actually cares a little bit about customer convenience.

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