Consumers Energytree take down

The beginning of July a storm came through on Oakpark Dr. that took down the power lines and half of a tree on our property. When consumer energy came the whole block was without power and they proceded to fix the problem. The supervisor of that crew had said that the tree was a danger issue and that they would be out in the next couple of days to take down the remaining part of then tree. The tree that was effected totaled 1 car and severe damage to the other.. the crew came out again but we were. Told that they did not have the right equipment. When I called them after July 21, I was told that it was turned over to the forestry department. I called and spoke to a lady in that dept. and she said that she would come out to look at it. She did and I received a call from her saying that it was a danger and that she would send a crew out to cut the tree. She did send a crew out but nothing was done. When I called again she said that someone else was handling it but she would not give me his name or phone number. I have 4 grandchildren that come to our cottage all summer long and play on the property and I see a danger to their lives plus the other children in the neighbor hood. The electric lines are right in the tree and could be dangerous. I just want you to know that my grandkids and their safety mean a lot to me and I would like for someonne to come out and look at it.

Frank Cusumano
Account #[protected]

Oct 08, 2019

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