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This is kind of a long and drawn out ordeal… In October of 2007, I opened an account with Conn's. I paid every month on time and even added items to my account sometime after. On May 12, 2008, I purchased a 73" Mitsubishi Television. The sales rep's name was Billy. I was told, upon signing the contract, that the new monthly payment for my Conn's account was going to be 176.00 for 3 years and that I was able to skip Mays payment, since I added a new item.

When I went in to make my first payment I was asked which account I would like to pay on. I was confused and asked what they were talking about. The cashier I was talking to called corporate and when she got off the phone she said they just hadn't closed out the old account yet (when you add an item, they add your new item to the remaining balance and create a new account, closing the old one). I made my 176.00 payment and left.

About a month later, (in July), I started receiving phone calls and letters in the mails saying I was past due on my original account. Since it was about the same time my “new" account was due, I decided to talk to someone about it when I went in to pay July's bill. It turned out, instead of closing my old account (which was 92.78 a month) and combining my old account with a new one, they left my old account open AND created a new account for 178.00 a month, which meant my old account was past due for two months.

I was informed by one of their employees (the same cashier I talked to before) that it was against Conn's policy to allow a customer to have more than one account open. I talked to the Store Manager and he told me that, despite the mistake, I was responsible for both accounts, which would total about 270 a month. I told him I could not afford that and if I had known, I wouldn't have purchased the TV in the first place.

He said that I could do a voluntary repossession, which would go against my credit. I was ticked because had Billy (the salesman who made the mistake) combined the accounts like he was supposed to, he would have been able to tell me my new payment would be about 270 dollars a month and I would not have purchased the TV.

I walked out and decided to contact Conn's Corporate Office regarding the matter. I talked to a lady named Lilly and her supervisor Iris in San Antonio. They said 178.00 is what I was supposed to pay for everything, that they didn't close out the old account, but that they did combine the prices of the old account with the new account.

I talked to the Store Manager again and he said that Corporate didn't know what they were talking about. I went back and forth with these people for a month. THEN, I ended up getting in contact with someone from Corporate in Beaumont (their main headquarters)… They told me basically what the manager had told me. They confirmed that no one was suppose to have more than one account and apologized for their employee's mistake. However, since I signed the contracted, I had to pay the two separate accounts.

I asked them if I could pay the 176 dollars that Billy originally told me I would be paying, and just extend the contract for a longer period of time. They said that no one was allowed to go past three years on their account. I told them I couldn't afford to pay what they were asking and that they should work with me since their employee screwed up. I talked to so many different people who gave me the run around.

One person I talked to in Beaumont told me I could combine the two accounts and refinance it, another person told me I couldn't refinance because I hadn't had the accounts long enough and now another person is telling me I can. It seems like the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing.

They admitted to their screw up and say they want to work with me, but they can't help me the way I can afford it. It is now November and I get calls every day, all day long, from Conn's. Two of their employees (one male and one female), not only call me from an 800 number, but they also call me from a personal cell phone number, and when I don't answer they call 5 or 6 times in a row, sometime even after 9pm.

When I do answer or call back to try to settle things, they tell me the same old stories, which gets me irate. When I tell them I can't afford to pay what they are asking they get really rude and when asked for their names they won't tell me. I finally told the male, to take me to court. He said, “We don't have to take you to court we can come repo all your stuff." At this time, I was so ticked that I told him “good luck finding where I live, since I moved".

He said that it didn't matter because they had my social and could call my family and friends. He asked me if I could borrow money from my parents and I told him it was not their responsibility to pay my bills. He said, sarcastically, “want me to call them?" They have since called my family and started harassing them. My parents' names are not even a reference on the contract. The way I see it, Conn's Corporate is like a parent to their employees as a parent is to their child or children.

When their employees screw up, they are responsible. Instead, I have to pay for their employees' mistake by having Conn's go against my credit whether they repo it or not, because I can't afford to pay. Basically they are allowing their employees to commit fraud and do whatever they want to get a sale. I just don't see the fairness in it all. They should omit one of the N's from their name, because they are con artists.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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May 31, 2021 11:06 am EDT
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I notice that the 25.4 cubic foot refrigerator I was going to buy is on sale for Memorial Day for only $1600.

May 31, 2021 11:07 am EDT
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Replying to comment of TimLT

It was 1299.

Jan 31, 2020 2:54 pm EST

Do not buy from these people. I purchased a sectional sofa july. 2017 for $2, 680.70. I started making payments august 2017 in the amount of $125.95, this morning I got my coupon book since day 1 with this and have feb. 20, mar. 20, april, 20 and may 2020. I paid $260.00 (for feb. 2020 and march 2020), rounded it off to $260.00. after paying my bills I decided to call conns's and see about paying my balance in full and wanted to know if I did would I save on interest. the lady I spoke with said my balance was $1, 137.09. I said ma'am there is a hugh mistake, she kept putting me on hold then she came back on and said she was transferring me to billing. the billing dept. I spoke with anna employee number 94788, phillipines, started looking my account up and said my balance was $1, 137.09, I explained to her I had my contract and my bank statement with my coupon book and simple I had been paying$125.95 and today I paid $260.00, (a few dollars over making 2 payments) and I was close to paying my account off and wanted to see if I did pay it in full will it save me some interest. this woman went back and forth she was confused. I told her I would go into the office and find out what is going on. the manager at conns said I owed $1, 137.09, the two payments hadn't shown up I said ok here is my contract, my bank statement and I had 4 payments left I paid 2 online the $260.00 and I owe april 2020 and may 2020, and over the phone I am being told a whole different amount so this is why I came in. I ask them could they pull my contract. this ordeal has been a nightmare, they did not want to accknowledge anything of the truth, finally another manager came out and tried telling me things that were so confusing he did not understand finally they admitted they made a mistake on the contract and the payment and month's were different. they had a different contract adding extra months to my account. I sat there and figured up that I put $180.00 down and had paid 32 months at $125.95 was $4, 030.40- (please note when I paid the $260.00 this morning for feb. and march I rounded it to $260.00) so a credit in the amount of $8.10 would be deducted from april 2020 payment. so, oweing $117.85 for april 2020 and final payment in may 2020 for $125.95 would be a balance of $243.80 — which is a total of $4, 538.70, for a sofa you can buy for $1700.00 at funiture stores world wide, but I was building my credit up, is what they told me and I am realizing now they had added months to a contract had I not caught this I would have paid an additional $633.28 in a contract they altered.. they said it was a mistake. people, these ppl are stealing and scamming from good people. I am a victim of what they were doing I thank god I caught this and did not have to pay an extra $633.28, had I not caught the mistake I would be paying a total of $, 5171.99 — that is a whole lot of money for a sectional you can buy everyday of the week for $1700.00 in a high bracket I have went around pricing the exact sectional for $888.00. I do understand if you finance a sofa of course your going to pay interest. these ppl are selling cheap stuff for very expensive prices then adding a very high interest rate then in my case and I am sure I am not the only one they added months too... look at the figures people. the fair trade comissioner needs to take a look at these people's business practices.. I have learned a very expensive lesson. I will never step foot in a conns again. this has also made me very aware of when I am doing business to check out the companies reviews..

Nov 29, 2019 10:31 pm EST

There is a web sight you can voice your concern when being cheated by a company . To many people let the thieves just get away with stealing their money. I was looking around for some help on an issue I had with conns after my washer caught fire . I was paying payments on the washer . Samsung ( after turning them into the FTC consumer protection bureau ) decided to purchase the washer from conns and give them a check to replace my washer with a new one . Needless to say conns charged me for the new washer and combined with what was owed in the old washer as well . I will be turning them in as well . They basic got paid a couple time for each washer . They have helped with other issues as well . I had no idea
Until I looked into information when I needed help.
This is the link. Don’t let people steal your hard earned money . Hope this helps kl

Jul 25, 2019 5:48 pm EDT

I’ve been dealing with a similar situation for over 3 years with Conn’s and they still haven’t corrected their error on my credit report. To make a long story short I decided to cancel my account 2 days after the purchase but wanted to buy 2 lamps outright. Instead of refunding me my money minus the amount of the lamps they refunded it all. When they realized they made an error instead of just calling me to come in and pay for the lamps one of the employees reopened the account and I started getting collections calls a few months later and I was soooo confused 😐 Idk how to proceed at this point so I’m just waiting for it to eventually disappear off my credit score.

May 01, 2016 5:00 pm EDT

Conns is a fraud the salesman Stanley George never told me about all the insurance charges they add thousand dollars worth of merchandise with the insurance @ f[nance charges I would be paying 1300 hundred dollars for a total of of 2300 dollars did not need the insurance plan on paying off early will never buy anything from Conns beware buyers Conns is just like these rental places see why they do not check credit

Apr 14, 2011 9:29 pm EDT

Just think about, what is the name of the company? That's right "Conns" because that's what they are. I paid for a damn microwave and I got sh***y service. The manager of the store said that "Westinghouse" is the same thing as "Frigidaire", it's not not even close. The manager at the Lewisville TX store said he explained everything to me before I paid for it but all he said was "Westinghouse is the same thing as Frigidaire", what a load of crap. To make things worse, the mangager was not even the person that helped me out. They also didn't explain their return policy but he said that they did explain everything to me before the purchase. Take my advice, go anywhere but Conn's to purchase all your appliances and electronics. This a$$**** of a manager didn’t even know how to calculate 15% of $60, how in the H*LL did he become a manager in the first place. No one at the store knows anything about anything.

Nov 30, 2010 2:33 pm EST
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Thanks for posting this I will make sure not to buy more than one item under their financing term due to all the crap they put you though, it sounds as if you delt with Billy Peterson he use to work at Ultimate Electronics and got FIRED for taking money from customers and also was a snake. I worked with him and he is a con artist and likes to screw up thing for a lot of folks.

Nov 23, 2010 2:23 pm EST

HAHA! Can't have more than one account open at a time?! I have people come in and make payments that have 8 open.

Jan 22, 2009 12:05 pm EST

They are lieing to you. I have had up to four open accounts with Conn's at one time.


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