Con Edison / Consolidated Edison Company of New Yorkestimated bill for almost a year debited in autopay over 1700 dollars with no solid explanation

I have my bill on auto pay and have been paying my gas and electric regularly with no issue, throughout the years I have seen estimated bills here and there. When I called about my bill being over 1700 and debited from my account I was told that I should have been looking at my bills and noticed they were estimated for almost a year. I asked why my bill was estimated and they said its because my new meter was installed and was not working correctly and needed to be properly programmed. So Estimated bill means no one could come out to properly program my meter for almost a year. Why? they have no idea. No notes in the system for this. I explained there is no way for me to prepare myself for this type of bill nor does it make sense that based on the calculations it averages to almost 170 dollars extra a month on top of what I was already paying. I was then told "well you had a pretty old meter and those are not accurate so that's probably why". I asked have you done a survey in the area with all the meter changes and noticed a hike in charges? I got "most likely they are also experiencing it." I have spoken to a con ed rep with customer service as well as corporate and a supervisor at corporate. All I got as an explanation was that my bill was estimated, look at my bill and meters are being changed out and not enough people to service. So I pay a service fee to con edison each month and pay my bills regulary and they are allowed to improperly service me and charge me when they play catch up and not provide me with any factual reason as to why my bill is as high as it is. This is what major corporations call customer service and value of consumers. We have a big problem on our hands! To all people who have these issues DO NOT TAKE A REPLY AS AN ANSWER SOME PEOPLE CLEARLY CONFUSE THE TWO. IF ITS NOT FACTUAL AND DOESN'T MAKE SENSE GET TO THE ROOT! CON EDISON YOU NEED TO DO BETTER! There are people who are retired or on low incomes, disability etc and god knows how mush things just keep hiking in price, you cannot just charge people when you clearly see a fluctuation this high in a bill.

Oct 04, 2019

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