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gradual charges

When I first moved to this 3 bedroom apartment was in September 29th, summer was just ended. It's me, my wife and two children that live here. I had only one window AC located in the living room that I was using regularly to cool the whole place. Con Edison came in, read the meter and they initiated my first bill for $ 107. I thought It was phenomenon.
My monthly bills were as follows: October $98.00, November $96.00. Toward the end of November a company named Just Energy showed up to my door and talked me into an energy saving plan. They said that they will supply my electricity at better rate and also make sure that Cons do not charge me more than they should. Great I thought so I signed up. December bill came $129.00, January $ 135.00. Now the one that makes me boasted is this February bill for $182. I do not where this is going but if this is continue, we the people must take some action on a federal level if the State of New York can not help.

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    PUNTIK Feb 06, 2014
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    Verified customer

    thing is going on here in Astoria! Since I disconnected my fridge in four months my bill went not down but up 180 % ! !

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con edison customer service

I've dealt with some extremely unhelpful low-level employees in the past. I've worked previously for a federal govt agency, I'm a veteran customer of Verizon, and I've read Catch-22 a bunch of times -- so I know how absurd these interactions can get. But NOTHING comes close to the mix of gross incompetence and outright abuse I've endured at the hands of Con Edison. One of their customer service representatives in particular (who identifies himself only as "Mr. Acevedo") should be fired or perhaps shot.

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    RenderedSpeechless Dec 30, 2010

    @psuguy: It's a joke, ###.

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    RenderedSpeechless Dec 30, 2010

    Also, please never (even implicitly) accuse me of reading The Da Vinci Code, ever again.

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  • Gg
    ggoodwin Jun 24, 2011

    it's quite simple actually. call in your own reading if you do not want to wait. you dont even make sense with your complaint. con edison does not charge you a no entry fee if they dont get access one month to read your meter. ?

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  • Gg
    ggoodwin Jun 24, 2011

    for some reason this posted here ? im not sure how to delete this comment on the wrong issue

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unfair practices

I lived in a six story building and ConEd has more than 70 meters in the basement. Recently, I sent the payment and they received the payment on Moday, May 10, the same day, they decided to remove the meter. Contacted them, they advised that they received the payment and they will send a tech out to connect the meter. The next day, Tuesday, there was still no light, I contacted them and they advised that the tech came in, but could not get accessed into the basement. There is a leaving super in the building and normally the techs will go into the super's apartment and chatting with him and his kids. I don't really understand this and today is Thursday, I'm still without light in my apartment.

deposit & harassment

I have a business account with coned and I am enrolled in direct payment plan. Payments are never late. Coned every month mails out harassing letters that they are shutting my service off. It has become a quite alarming knowing any day I can come in to work and our electric would be turn off for no reason. I called coned to inquire and tell them to cease from threatening and harassing me. I filed a small claims suit for $3500 for harassment and to get the deposit they basically extorted out of me back.

I received this months bill and there is a extra $65 adjustment with no explanation for it. I called coned to find out what the charge was for and I was told because they had to print and mail the disconnect notice for fees I never owed them. I asked the representative how can I get a letter explaining that he put me on hold and never came back. Coned I borderline criminals and and people are basiclly forced to utilize them. Even if you choose another company you still have to be under coned mighty criminal thumb.

  • Ty
    TYT Jun 15, 2010

    ConEdison is just like Bandit backed by the USA government.

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  • Ty
    TYT Jun 15, 2010

    they charge and charge, nobody is stopping them, what a [email protected]@????

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  • Dj
    djd76 Sep 05, 2010

    how about the 30% price increase they passed in a few months ago. that is enough to cover inflation increases for the next 10-15 years... this despite the fact that we are in a deflationary environment. it is an absolute joke and there needs to be something done about it.

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  • Gg
    ggoodwin Jun 24, 2011

    conedison doesnt charge you to print and mail a disconnect notice...i would double check on that. that makes no sense

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  • Ya
    Y Amadeo Jun 09, 2015

    Con edison has a policy to charge a deposit for customers who make a late payment. So if you make one late payment they tack on this deposit and refuse to remove it from your account. I don't care how careful you are sometimes life gets in the way and Con Ed doesn't care because the goal for them is to get that deposit added on to your account. The deposit amount is completely unreasonable and is usually triple the amount of your bill. I asked what was ConEd doing with the money and they said they hold it in a bank account to accrue interest. Huh? So you are stressing families that live check to check and barely make ends meet for them to pay this deposit so you [ConEd] could put the deposit in a bank to accrue interest? How do I, the consumer know if the pennies you are supposedly "crediting" back to my account is actually what my funds accrued? I mean think about it. If they are doing this to thousands of families that probably adds up to millions of dollars that are sitting in bank account "accruing interest". Seems like Con Ed found a way to generate millions in supplementary income in addition to already monopolizing electricity and gas in NY. While middle income families get screwed again!

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deposit requirement

I was hurt at work back in July 2009 and as a result fell behind on my rent and bills. My job which initially...

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incompetent company

I can say as an executive of my own company that you can try but you can't always please everyone as a company. Now, having said that, Edison doesn't eve try to provide customer service. They just tell their employees to say, "Sorry, there is nothing I can do." My favorite part is that you have to go through a process to speak to a supervisor. They actually refuse to let you speak to someone of authority.

My issue was that I moved into a 3, 000 per month condo. We were told we had till the end of the month to switch power into our name. Well, Edison came and shut off our power. The reason: previous tenant had not paid their bill in months. We let them know, we were in fact NEW tenants and gave them our info. They said the earliest they can have our power on is 72 hours. Yikes! We begged but no budging. We struggled through 3 days and on the day they promised I called midday to follow up. Yes, they said, someone will be out by 5pm. At 6pm, no had come to turn our power on. We called and they said they have an after hours team, to wait until late. No one came. We called again, they said, "No one is going to come, you are under investigation. You will need to prove you are new tenants. We had to fax our rental agreement, and ID. They said in response that they have the right o let us know the findings of their investigation in 72 hours. We "begged" to please turn on lights and they said they cannot. 72 hours came and went and they did not let us know and did not answer the direct line their gave us. We called yet again and they said they didn't have information. Mind you, I have been without power for 8 days by then including the weekend. My husband even offered to pay the previous tenants 300+ bill just to get our lights back on. They refused. They finally responded to our calls and said that they found that we are in fact new tenants but under the circumstances they require a 200 dollar deposit. For what? They would not tell us. So we called the next day, the only opportunity I had to call was at 5pm. After 35 minutes on hold and being transfered 3 times, they tell me I cannot pay by phone and I need to walk in cash. What?! So, now, 10 days later, I will be walking into a LIQUOR store which is their nearest payment center and pay 200 dollars for a deposit because Edison is in fact the most awful business I have ever been forced to pay my money to. I will write every single person at that company head if I have to, given the impact on me and my business of not being able to get take a decent shower, work in my home office, cook food, on and on. I've lost time and money because of their incompetence and I don't believe I have ever been this upset by a companies blatant disregard.

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    treehugger74 Mar 20, 2012
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    Verified customer

    ConEd actually called me to say that THEY made an error and got our meter mixed up with our neighbor's (we live in an small apartment building). They are now saying that we are required to pay for the back bills for ConEd's error! I have paid the bill that they have sent to me every single month, on time. Do I have any recourse? I cannot believe that they want me to pay over $2000 for their admitted mistake.

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bad experience

I had been receiving estimated bills for my gas and electric for a year. after moving and closing my account i get a notice that i have over payed. no mention of when to expect a refund. calls to their customer center get no human answer. you suck con ed. happy to take my money but no where to be found if you have to give it back.

overcharged by con ed??

I live in a one bedroom apt. and my average Con Ed bill in the non summer (non A/C months) is around $60, and in the summer it's generally higher, around $110 (of note, I do not always use my air conditioner either, but rather use fans). I've always thought that it was abnormally high, considering my boyfriend lives in a house with two other people and their collective bill each month is $60. Granted, I do work from home a couple days a week so I have two computers running and possibly the TV. I think Con Ed is ripping me off. How could I use that much electricity/gas? One other person posted on this board and mentioned their delivery charges were 3/4 of their bill. This month for example, my supply charges are $18.62, while my delivery charges are $36.43! What the hell is going on here??

I have never contacted Con Ed., because I thought it was normal to have a utility bill be high because it's NYC, but now, after reading other peoples' complaints and talking to friends I think this is a serious issue that needs to be investigated.
Has the Atty General ever looked into this? I wonder...

  • Rg
    R Genao Apr 01, 2010

    I live in an apartment in NYC with my family. I was encourage to use an outside vender for my electricity service. I just received my bill for using Hudson Energy Services, I was amazed only $87.49. I continued reading the rest of the pages to see what was my total. Since I'm on level billing the charges are fixed, $269.00 per month. I then noticed I missed a page, page 2. Con ed is charging me about 11 cents per KWH an additional $90 more for delivery fee, what kind of monopoly is this. Now they plan on raising the charges 21% more in the coming months.
    We need to involve our local politicians to look into this thievery, Corporate America is the new Mafia of America. Con ed is taking food out of the mouth of our children. I'm paying close to $4000 per year on electricity only, this is not included with the gas bill. Bloomberg, Cuomo where are you when we need you or do we need to have a six figure job for you to do something about this. I love New York, but New York does not love me.

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  • Qu
    Queens Girl Oct 01, 2010

    I just moved into a one bedroom apt. I have no tv yet, I only have the computer running a few hours a day and the fan and sometimes when it gets very hot I put the ac on. My bill with con ed is $266!!!. FOR WHAT < I HAVE NO IDEA!!! My parents live in a 5 bedroom house and have like 4 ac's running all the time and their bill was $300!!..I don't know what to do.

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crazy bill

October 25, 2009 To Whom It May Concern: I received a bill from Con Edison stating that I owe them...

repair of sidewalk

con Edso destroyed my sidewalk While making some repairs to the street lamp. They filled the hole and covered it blacktop. Now the blacktop is sinking and there is a new hole forming. I have been issued a volation for am unsafe sidewalk.

identity theft

I was contacted by a bill collector in July 2008 regarding an outstanding bill from NYC's Con Edison. I...

scam charges

I am a resident of Washington Heights for the past 38 years. I weathered thru 2 and 1/2 blackouts up here. My con edison bill as well as all my neighbors and friends was EXTREMELY high this month. My Bill has never ever been 87 dollars...My average in the Summer has been 60-70. This is preposterous, and since it is not only my bill. I would like to request that Con Edison be investigated to make sure they are not overcharging customers in certain reimburse those 100, 000 people in queens...we have a suspicion that this may be happeneing. Ive called con edison to complain, they were patronizing and told me to have a nice day.

  • Em
    emma rodriguez Aug 22, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    A big corporation swallowing -up the little guy!
    It is the right turn to take, and the right move !
    "Customers" to complain about co. ed. 's unfair business practice like
    1) "high estimates" of energy/ electrifcity and gas
    2) " scams" to overcharge customers ' of acertain age group and in some areas in order to cover their ' other responsibilities" like the settlement with the workers after the strike;
    3) others
    But what is good " about complaining" if nobody seems to pay any attention to our complains.
    Is there anybody "out -there" to help?
    i am in a similar situation with Con.Ed. for the last year ( since april of / 11. when i received a bill for $1, 269.86 for 32 days of usage).
    I complained about it.
    They apologized, and claimed that the bill was an estimate becaus they could n't have acess to the premises to do an actual reading.( textual words from Ms. Irrizarry, " a " Maribel" and others I have contacted about through these past months of hellish despair, anguish and suffering.
    But they have continued with the same practice for a year and three months now.
    It is like a game they are playing - they estimate with higher numbers, then i complained; the they adjusted it and so on and so on.
    Interesting to note that from the estimated $368. 87 it went down to $ 85.85 in the actual bill.
    There is not use to go on with the details .
    This month they came with another high estimate (the same story ) but they did not estimated on the amount of the adjusted last four bills, but ' it was an estimate based on the on year past overetimated bills.
    They sent me an outrageous bill which i did not pay it waiting for the actual reading( which coldn't be done because of the strike).
    i live in one small bedroom apartment- and do not use that much energy ( much less the gas)
    Now i am stuck with a bill with a ridiculous high amount of money ( the estimated bill) plus the "late payment charges".
    which the worker said i must pay it like everyone else.
    Isn't this an abusive behavior, an harrassment from their part, or what?.
    If they estimate why don't they go by the last three bills of corrected bills ; and furthermore, from where they get such an
    exorbitant amount of usage ?
    I rent this small apartment.
    i am 65 years old, and I merely survive on a very low- fixed imcome.
    Needless to say that the whole Con.Ed situation is causing me a heart condition, and it is also worsening my highblood prssure and other health conditions I have with unnessesary provocation of the anguish, anxiety and the feling of powrlessness which is unbearable every time I receive one of their bills.

    And as you say " they are very patronizing when you go to complain, and often they themselves seem not to understand the data numbers they have on their computer screen?
    For God 's sake...what's going on?
    "God" knows how many other "people" are been subjected to the overcharging practice by the company.!!!
    Can anybody help?
    A big corporation swallowing -up the small individual!!!

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  • Em
    emma rodriguez Aug 22, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They should stop their harassment, abusive practice of overcharging the customrs;
    these are often the " common individuals' or handicapped or the elderly or pople who can't stand by themselves to fight injustice.
    Where is the "fair justice" and fair treatment in our democratic society?

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billing error

I Just turned 18 years old just inthe end of may... what i don't understand is how i just recieved a letter stating i could get helpp with a bill over $1000.00, i never had a bill in my life and never received this so called bill.. so how is it possible for me to have a bill over 1000 and just turned 18. any one know how can i fight this?

  • Sh
    Shannon36535 Oct 14, 2009

    If someone has used your social security number you could have a bill.

    get the address to where the bill is related. as for information such as what they have that shows who set up that account and any info you need to file a fraud report.

    also you need a copy of your credit report.

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  • Hu
    hudsonparsons Oct 27, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been trying to recover from an identity theft due to Con Edison's practice of allowing anyone with your name and SS# to open an account in your name. After a year I am still trying to work through the process with Con Edison. The first collection company that Con Edison sold the "debt" to took all of the information (police report, affidavit, identification information) and told me that the matter was closed. Six months later a 2nd collection company, Portfolio Recovery Associates, contact me on the same "bad debt" that I thought was resolved. I found out that someone resold the "debt" to them in the spring of this year. The folks at Portfolio Recovery Associates are professional and I was able to resolve the matter in 2 months with the same paperwork that I used with VanRu.

    But that is not enough for Con Edison. They are requesting the following:
    1) W2 form and payroll stub
    2) Tax Returns - for the period in review
    3) A copy of your lease or deed - for the period in review
    4) A letter from your employer - providing your length of service and confirming your address of residence.
    5) Telephone, cable, credit card bill, and bank statement - each confirming your address of residence

    Wow. All of this personal information in the hands of a company that allows anyone to open an account with just a valid name that matches a valid SS#. Just another case where the BIG monopoly does whatever they want to rather then take responsibility for their lack of proper procedures in order to open an new account. We need help from the politicians who are suppose to protect us from these types of abuses...

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conspiracy & fraud

Consumer Beware Of Outages To Your Computers Con Edison Company CON EDISON COMPANY COMPLAINTS (CLASS...

new york state meter testing

On September 11, 2009 I spoke with Spark Energy with regards to having Con Edison come out to test my meter.I...


I am so disgusted with Con edison. They are trying to turn off my service because they say for non payment...

unfair billing practices

Con Edision is back-charging me from over 2 years on heating gas charges the did notice until 2/26/09.

situation: In 7/06, My Lanlord changed the connection for my heat so that she would not incur the gas charge. Since then my gas charg increasd from $15 to $50. On 2/28, i received a letter from Con Ed stating that after careful review of my acct, my balance has been adjusted. When I went online to check the status of my acct, It read that I owe $918. When Icalled Con Edison to Discuss the matter, the Supervisor, Mr. Soto, stated that I should have noticed that they [ Con Ed] was charging me for cooking gas instead of heating gas. How would I kow that? There's nothing listed on the statement that states the difference. Also, I have let their Techs in to check the meter and not once was this pointed out. I have submitted complaints to the Public Service Commision and Better Business Bureau-I await their reponse. Obviously, the account Manager was not on his/her job and therfore they want me to pay for this. I will fight this if not resolved until the day I die. This is ridiculous!

billing disputes

I live above a store in a commercial neighborhood, for some reason when I called in to connect my service con edison said that they have no record of any apt in above the store.After much calling finally I got my electricity turned on. M y first bill was $277.00, which was in November of 2007 and I thought to myself it was kind of high seeing that I was not settled in completely yet because I was still going back to my mom apt most of the month. Low and behold my second bill was $500, following that the bill was $788 and I couldnt understand this seeing that i work ten hours a day therefor am not home for at least 12 hours a day, I lived alone, my stove is electricity but I dont cook and I could not figure out home one person(myself) can use so much electricity. I called con edison numerous times and still I did not receive any answers. They said they read the meter and its correct, they asked me about my appliances which is not too much and still they justified the billing.I continue to receive high bills. There was a particular month that I went away for two week out of the month and my bill was still $200, is that possible? Now am really tired of this monopoly company thats in New York and the govt is not doing anything to help. Today I received a bill for $958 and I am adamant about paying this bill. I will let my story be heard by everyone. This is ridiculous now.

  • Bu
    bua222 Jan 20, 2010

    damn this monopoly company

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  • Da
    Dayraj Singh Feb 12, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi my name is dayraj singh @ 88-12 197th street apt 1 s. I did not receive my bill yet, how do you expect me to pay?

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unauthorized billing

My mom was charged by Accent Energy for supplying her electricity, but when I contacted the company regarding cancelling her account, they admitted that the name and the address on the account was not my mom's. They keep admitting that my mom's name is not on the account, so why is she still being billed at her address?

meter reading appt

Why is it in 2009, Con Edison is unable to give you a timeframe on when they intend to have a technician at...