Zaxbysold cold food

I have been to this store many times and for the last 6 months I have avoided going there because of old cold fries.
I have complained to the manager and of course he said he would talk to his cooks but my wife talked me into going again this week saying give them one more chance.
This time I got the scrapings from the bottom of the pan with all the hard and burnt pieces. Plus they were cold! I went to the counter and when I got someone to talk I asked if I could have some fresh hot fries. The young lady looked at me wih that deer in the head lights look and repeated "Fresh hot fries?" I said yes and went back to my seat and waited.
Its not to much to ask to be seved fresh hot food for the price they charge.

I for one will not spend another dime with this company.

Mar 20, 2015

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