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I had a really bad experience at the Zara store at the Topanga Mall in Canoga Park 91303. I purchased a dress in September to wear for a wedding in October. When I tried on the dress at the store it fit me perfectly and I was saving it for the wedding event so I did not try it on again until a week before the event. When I put the dress on and tried to pull the zipper up, the zipper head gave way and the I could not close the zip back up. This was just the second time I was trying on this dress. I took it back to the store and the sales associate refused to take it back. I asked to speak to a manager who was equally rude and refused to take it back on the grounds that I was bringing it back past 30 days. I was not asking for my money back, just an exchange for something else because I was stuck with a dress that was clearly faulty or damaged and couldnt wear it. I was shocked at how the manager treated us at the store and determined to take my complaint to corporate. I was even more shocked to find this company does not even have a phone number or person to reach to speak about the complaint. You have to email them through their INDITEX website and even though I sent several emails I am yet to recieve a response. Just terrible. I used to love shopping at Zara but I cannot even bare to look at their store now.

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  • Ro
      9th of Feb, 2012

    I'd like to recommend Peridress to you if you want to purchase dress on line. I purchased my wedding dress from them. Their professional and promptly response as well as their quick and in time delivery. I also can't help to say thanks for tailoring such a fantastic wedding dress for me!Everybody at my wedding ceremony chorus so gorgeous it was and so really beautiful I am in it! Perfect fit I feel! It isn’t the first satisfied shopping experience of mine with Peridress. Thank you, Peridress.

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  • Ro
      9th of Feb, 2012

    Yes. I also want to recommend Peridress to you. I also have had my wedding dresss from Peridress. I received my dress 45 days after the order date. My package was solid in hand and in very good condition with dresses included. When I was put it on to look in the mirror, I was a very beautiful girl myself to be a bride in future. I love it! My service advisor recommended me to use the gentle cleaner to do cleaning for the dress. I did it according to her words. Then a perfect dress I found I purchased!
    Huge thanks to Peridress and their experienced staff. I was in great expectation of my wedding coming near. Also I am in great expectation of another chance of dress purchasing!

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  • Be
      11th of Feb, 2012

    I also have a ggod experience from Peridress. I have an wedding dress of luxury style from Peridress! I just want to say thanks for making such a fantastic wedding dress!! Everyone at the wedding thought it was gorgeous and that I looked really beautiful! It was the perfect fit too! I also want to thank for such a good customer service, they are the best!! Thank you, Peridress.

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  • Li
      17th of May, 2012

    I had the same type of experience from buying a jacket on their website. The item was way undersized (I wear a 12 and I couldn't begin to get my arms in the sleeves and I am not overweight..5'7"). So, I rather than return it, I decided to save it for MOthers Day and give it to my mom. She is 5'3" and a size 8. The jacket was way too tight on her! So, I read the return info and was shocked to see that they have a 30 day return policy. Who ever heard of that?! So, I call the 800# only to be told that they would not take it back (even though it was defective). Spread the word...they are unscrupulous.

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  • To
      2nd of Nov, 2012

    I have had terrible customer service at a Zara here in the UK. I wanted to return/exchange an item that I had (shouldn't have) bought from Zara. Because I work 7 days a week I was unable to return the item within the 30 day refund period. Completely ignoring and brushing aside my extenuating circumstances, they point-blank refused to return the items or for that matter an exchange.

    The staff (especially the store manager and the menswear manager) (Rebecca) became very defensive and dismissive, abrupt and otherwise unwilling to engage in a conversation. Despite myself being a regular customer, there was no flexibility or empathy on their part or any attempt to resolve the issue by showing goodwill.

    They stated that the primary reason for not allowing me to exchange or return the items was that they had changed seasons and thus they would be unable to re-sell the items. Previously the staff were more than happy to help and assist me when SELLING things to me - but apparently customer service and their friendly attitudes go completely out of the window as soon as they are not able to make money from you i.e. you are returning something.

    Welcome to Zara Clothing. They are happy to take your money but if you ever have a problem or an issue, expect terrible customer service. Expect them to be defensive and dismissive, abrupt and otherwise unwilling to engage in a conversation. Expect a LACK of flexibility or empathy on their part or any attempt to resolve the issue by showing goodwill. But of-course, they will be more then happy to sell you some more things and take your money!

    They have now lost yet another customer and future revenue all for their desire to save £9 (by not returning the item) due to their greed and their rigid and inflexible customer service. Very clever business strategy!

    I will be shpping elsewhere from now on. there are plenty of alternatives: H & M, FCUK, GAP, Levi's, John Lewis, Debenhams, Next, BANK etc. Explore the options!

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  • Be
      19th of Jan, 2013

    I just had a terrible experience at the ZARA at the Mapleview Mall in Burlington Ontario when I took back a shirt my husband received for Christmas. It was too big. I was one day past the 30 days, but an exchange would have been fine with us. The sales person looked immediately apologetic and said the exchange would only be worth the price of the item that was now half off. I had the receipt and said that this was a bad policy. We should at least get an exchange worth the price paid (31 days ago). He called the manager over who roboticly handed us a pamphlet with an email address to send a complaint to. To this my husband left the store in anger. I stayed behind in order to buy a dress for my daughter with the measly remainder. When I brought it to the counter they told me I had to either match the price exactly or above. To this I got even madder as I wasn't giving ZARA another cent. The manager had to be called over again. When I loudly expressed that this was a terrible policy the manager said it was "interesting" that I would behave like this especially since I'm a mom (I had my daughter with me). Not sure what that was supposed to mean. I tried to tell her that it's infuriating that when one has no real means to complain people can get angry. I'm also not a sucker who just let's injustices pass without speaking up. I also told her I had worked in customer service before and my complaining wasn't personal. Still, it's important to at least listen to customers. To me it seemed like she had listened to this complaint many times and was giving me no sympathy. (Another woman in the line-up told me she had had the same problem when she tried to return something.) I told her ZARA could keep the three bucks for the difference in price and she made this exception before storming off. It appeared that she had the power to make exceptions and chose to give this one, but not for my initial request - an exchange for the full amount. Honestly, I felt bad for her, but she didn't exactly smooth things over for us or looked willing to try. I have shopped at ZARA since it came to Toronto (about 15 years ago), but now I will never give them another cent and I will tell everyone who will listen that they have the worst exchange policy I have ever come across.

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