YouTubeyoutube demonetization or artverting limitation of my videos

C Nov 17, 2017

I am an Italian journalist in Ireland, editor of, an online magazine for the Italian Community in Ireland.
I am also the creator of some 415 videos which are first posted in youtube and subsequently used in the said website. Lately I have been pestered by your monitors/controllers who have disqualified some of the latest videos I have produced, for monetization or limited them as not suitable for most advertisers.
I have kept proving them wrong with regard to the " supposed" copyright infrinchments, in that the tunes used for my video have been taken from the royalty free set of tunes inbuilt in the video edit program I use (Magix). As for the ground of not being suitable for most advertisers, I have pointed out that "all" the videos they find in my channel (italvideonews2) are above board journalistic coverage of events interviews etc.. which I compile for the inclusion in my Italian online magazine and certainly they do not contain bad language, have no sexual content and do not instigate violence.
As an example you may check these two videos: or
I would ask those who check videos to do their homework first before embarking on verdicts of this kind.
C. La Malfa

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