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Despite the many times Ive reported the advertisements for thw Mafia City mobile game. If anyone uploaded videos like the ones used for the advert, thwy would be flagged and lose their channels instantly. The adverta use sexual imagery, sexual voilence, promote torture, and degrade women in nearly every different advertisment for the game. Many of the adverts show barely dressed women and men tied up with gags in their mouth and ask if you want to release, kill, and or torture the person. The women in these ads appear to be beaten and the men are so. etimes minorities. This is beyond offensive.

Youtube has closed, cancelled, demonetized many partner channels for far, far less than what is shown in the advertisements for this game. I guess its ok to break youtube guidelines if youre paying them. Youtube needs to take action and remove these insanely offensive advertisements immediately. Reporting these ads is not enough. Opting out is not enough. They will be removed and I will not stop until they do. YouTube's hypocrisy will not continue. Youtube will not be a platform that supports or promotes racism, bigotry, sexual violence, torture, kidnapping, or murder. Everyone of those things are included in the advertisements for Mafia City.

Feb 13, 2018
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  • Ed
      Feb 14, 2018

    I found this advert deeply disturbing, why is such misogyny allowed?

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  • Bb
      Nov 23, 2018

    Mafia City ad Parody

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