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skip button on ads

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I think there should be skip button on every ad you play before a video especially if the ad is over thirty seconds long. If I see an ad I think is interesting, I will sit there and watch it, but if it has nothing to do with my interests then I should be able to skip it. I think youtube watchers should able to skip ads that don't pertain to what they like. I'm not saying tho get rid of ads all together because I know that how y'all make money and I have sat their and watched that I like and genuinely catch my attention. Adding a skip to every video would allow y'all's viewer to pick and choose what ads they want to watch. I know y'all have Youtube Red which allows to you to not have ads but I am a college kid who needs to use that ten dollars to eat. I loves y'alls content and watch youtube everyday, I will continue to do so but I wish that I could just skip those pesky ads.

my video was blocked for copyright infringement

I love to sing and I wanted to share my singing with the world. So I decided to make a channel on YouTube. I uploaded some covers and even songs that were written by me. But one day, when I wanted to upload a new video I saw that most of my videos were blocked. I received a notification that they were blocked for copyright infringement. What? How is that even possible? I was just taking videos of myself singing! I never wanted to make money or something, I had less than 100 subscribers. That is not fair!

video rentals

Youtube had me sign an agreement to take 30% of video rental fees, and I would get the rest. Youtube is manipulating how many times they are rented, keeping it all, and trying to steal all of the revenue from my rentals. I cannot fathom this and this is my 2nd attempt at the complaint. It's so ridiculous to steal from the people that have channels.

With all of the money Youtube is making, why do this? It's so ridiculous and they have taken what would be a good thing, and made it a nightmare all out of greed? Not sure why.

I want to get this fixed and be paid in full for all of the rentals since I started this, and they were the ones that offered it to me and I have been renting them a bunch.

I have taken screen shots of the comments on twitter thanking me for the video information, and for when they have been rented. I have stopped making them because Youtube is stealing the money and I am about to get a lawyer or ask to start a class action law suit becuase they must be doing this to everyone.

You need to pay me for the rentals since I started, and all you have showing up are 5 rentals out of 79 videos over 3 months, and all of them have been rented an abudance of times, this is insane and such a tragic thing to do to a person.

I can't even fathom anything thinking I am that stupid that what I have done I would not have a handle on. And I have read that Youtube retaliates, and tries to harm the channel if you speak up, And that's even worse, but I want to be paid and make this grow, however, we are not partners if you are stealing, and taking it all.

Please fix this and put the money into my account and pay me for the 3 months of rentals.

video rentals

  • Na
    Natasha78d Mar 21, 2016

    Youtube should not be saying they will take 30% when they are taking 100% of the revenue for video rentals and not paying the person that makes them. This is ridiculous, and a sad way to do business. No one can be a partner if they take it all, and no one is going to make more videos if they are not getting paid. Youtube, fix this,

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video streaming

I have 65mbps service from Charter and your videos load slow as hell. In 2016, I expect loading speeds to be faster than my first time having s**. It frustrates me that I can download a song in one second but a two minute YouTube video lags the entire way through. YouTube is a cornerstone in user content and I have been a fan since since your service first started. Please take this complaint as some motivation to provide your users with the quality content you once provided. I am more than disappointed in what YouTube has become.

  • Ng
    Ng Jesslyn Mar 17, 2016

    Its really really annoying when im watching videos and suddenly pop out the advertisement. I really really prefer youtube from last few years. I really dont know what the function of keep poping out advertisements. I used youtube to listen to music when im studying or doing homework, but when im far away from the computer, then i should go back the computer and skip the advertisement. Its really annoying. I really hope u all can improve this. The advertisement no need keep showing the same and repeated few times. No function.

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nobody is allowed to see video playback on certain sites, but you still allow facebook and their users to pirate videos?

Certain videos that have Vevo and UMG content cannot be viewed as of today, February 2, 2016 on the Rainy Mood website. However, yesterday I was able to view these same videos on this same website. It is very disappointing that they cannot be viewed, and it would be convenient if Rainy Mood can use these videos. It would be helpful if you can define your reasons of disconnecting this site from the rest of the sites able to view these videos.
In addition to this, it is imperative that you negotiate with Facebook on how they and their users are stealing YouTubers' profits because, if you think about it, should you really focus your attentions on getting rid of video playback on sites virtually harmless to YouTubers' salaries rather than Mark Zuckerburg's creation of an organization of pirates? If so, I can see why many people are having to buy contracts to upload to YouTube--to reimburse you and the YouTubers for the money they are losing to Facebook and pirates.
Please consider resolving these issues or else I will go to Vimeo--as so many other protesters have already done.

being charged with copyright theft

Rewceived notice I was no longer able to use You tube because I took credit for writing a song I had nothing to do with. The complaint is totally false and I have no idea where it came from. Why was there no investigation? Yahoo put me in a position of being guilty without any review of the complaint which is false. All you had to do was look at the record label. My name is on the label as composer of the song. At the time recording was made I was playing in a band called the Lazy Eggs. We were managed by a producer named Bob Schwartz. Co-producer was Robin Seymour, a radio dic-jockey out of Windsor, Canada. So here I sit having to live with false statements that got me booted off of You Tube. This is not fair and Yahoo ought to feel the shame of what they have done which is protect a liar.

advertising before clips

My 6 year old daughter enjoys watching Sylvanian Families videos on You Tube which she doing this morning, as I was getting packed lunches ready for school. The 'Payl Pal' Christmas advert was shown before the selected Sylvanian's clip, which clearly intimates that Santa is not real, as 2 young boys watch mum and dad buy Christmas gifts on-line. I could clearly see little cogs turning in my little girls head!!! Pay Pal have already reviewed this advert and agreed that it should not be shown on TV until after 9pm. Why are the same rules not being applied for other media? I think the magic of Christmas disappeared a little for my 6 year old this morning, as she is clearly now questioning the reality of Santa Claus. Please ensure this advert is only screen at an appropriate time, to avoid further children's christmas being ruined. A very disappointed and sad parent Kind regards Ros Clarke


I use YouTube every day to play music, and I've resigned myself to the fact that there is now an obnoxious amount of ads before, after and during videos. However, recently it's ONLY been Subway ads - basically two variations of the same ad - meaning I have to listen to the SAME ad every minute or so, which equals about 40-50 times daily. WTF?

criteria for removing videos and the reviewers

A number of my Videos have been removed under the UMBRELLA grounds that they all violated the Community Guidelines – or contained inappropriate content – which is UNSPECIFIC [which guideline (?)] and VAGUE. All “Strikes” have been appealed on the basis of UNJUST CAUSES. One CASE in POINT is that of a Video entitled “Learn Japanese FAST and EASY.” What in the name of REASON can possibly be inappropriate about learning Japanese? None has been acknowledged, let alone determined. The Help Centre has failed to respond to my Enquiry Tickets. As a result, two of my Accounts have been disabled. I invite the Youtube Community to explain themselves, and confirm that the so-called ‘piss-artist’ elements amongst them do not subject people to ‘With-hunts’ whimsically. It is UNREASONABLE and UNFAIR to destroy a Video -- the production of which has cost time, nervous energy and money -- for no logical reason.

ads too loud!

I'll be listening to music on a playlist, and suddenly an ad will pop up. Sometimes at the start of a song, sometimes even in the middle. And every single time my ears are subjected to a very loud version of the latest music hits! It's like they pick the loudest part of a song and amplify it 10 times! I'll be listening to music at a loud setting, partially because my headphones are quiet, and partially because the music I was intending to listen to isn't that loud, but then the ad is so much louder I have to pull my headphones off or quickly pause the ad. I don't mind watching them, sometimes I even like it because you make them relatively short and about music I may possibly be somewhat interested in, but I don't enjoy the prospect of buying hearing aids when I'm 30!!! Even if I don't have my headphones in, and I'm just watching a vid in my room, the sudden sound of an ad popping up is enough to give someone a heart attack, especially at this volume!

  • Ro
    Rolf Kristian Dec 16, 2016

    youtube is suiciding, this biz is untoleabl. adblock the #### outa it. #### U YuTub!!!

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signing in issues

Every time I either try to change my channel art, post a comment, or even send feedback; it says I have to...

comments format changes

Google has [censored]d Youtube once again, the new format forces users to join Google+, this is just a dishonest extension strategy for a failed product. You can't reply to comments unless you are joined to google+, there is no thumbs up anymore(unless you are a part of google+), and i do miss the top comments as they gave me a giggle occasionally.
Google... making Youtube ### since 2006.

  • Ka
    Kate1947 Feb 22, 2014

    Irishladd is correct!
    We can no longer make comments about a video on You Tube unless we join Google Plus... Also, he is right they keep changing things, at least once a week they change something, the latest is the screen format... I used to comment now and then but ALAS, no more... I will not join Google+ just to type a comment once in a while...
    But HEY!!! What do we expect from the Government operated Google... Look how well the Government operated Obamacare has worked and how crippling it has been to people, financially and their health ... I guess when I think about people dying because of a government operated program and website like Obamacare, I guess You tube problems from the pitiful government owned Google is a minor topic no matter how maddening... SMILE, EVEN IF IT HURTS!

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name and google+ harassment

I wish to officially file a formal complaint about a 'behavior' from Youtube(Google), and for as much people as possible to do the same, so they can ''understand''.

The harassment coming from the repeated and continual attempt from their service to push and force upon me(and other Users) the use of a ''Name'' for all service deserved by Google.
Which harassment now scaled up to a forced and obligatory subscription to the Google+ service which I refuse and will never use.
Harassment also coming from an partial interruption of my use of Youtube, every time I attempt to use the 'comment' function, which then seek to force me to select a ''Name'' and subscribe me to Google+.

  • Nova25 Jul 02, 2013

    I wish to officially file a formal complaint about a 'behavior' from Youtube(Google), and for as much people as possible to do the same, so they can ''understand''.

    The harassment coming from the repeated and continual attempt from their service to push and force upon me(and other Users) the use of a ''Name'' for all service deserved by Google.
    Which harassment now scaled up to a forced and obligatory subscription to the Google+ service which I refuse and will never use.
    Harassment also coming from an partial interruption of my use of Youtube, every time I attempt to use the 'comment' function, which then seek to force me to select a ''Name'' and subscribe me to Google+.

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  • Ta
    taneltaneltanel Sep 28, 2013

    Same here. What is wrong with them!? ###. It is VERY annoying. I'm trying to watch a video on youtube and the name change thing shows up, so i refresh the page and kit comes up again and again. And always comes up when i want to post a comment under the video. So what can be done, they shouldn't force it on anybody!

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  • Di
    Dispaly Name Nov 27, 2013

    This user has been inappropriate to a number of individuals. He has called people ugly, autistic, stupid, and more. On top of that, he continues to tell people to "kill themselves". YouTube should not allow this to continue. There should be severe repercussions. This could be enough to push someone over the edge. If you do not take action, someone could commit suicide as a result of cyber bullying. I expect you will do the right thing. Keep me updated, please. Thank you.


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what the [censor] are you doing?

You keep making changes to your site. I have been using youtube since I was 12. You keep making changes that are [censor]. What the [censor] are you doing. It was good before now it sucks [censor].

junk mail using youtube's name

I received a email that says:

"you tube administration has sent you a direct message: your video has been approved"

But when I opened the email, I found a canadian pharmacy advertisement selling viagra, cialis, etc.

I consider this to be a joke or someone playing a stupid game to see how many people will actually open up that email. I don't
Appreciate it and find it to be offensive.

The email line that says "from" just happens to have a address on it that reads:

Billy. [protected]@hst. Mizone. Ru (I have no idea who billy taylor is!)

Hope you can put a stop to this activity!

Thanks, kay


The New Youtube is no longer the nice Free place to post your amateur video! New YouTube is now a Paid Channel and if you are one of the less fortunate then you are kicked out and blocked from the Membership! They want your name your phone your credit cards and your money and it is No Longer the Original YouTube! it is a SCAM Money Hungry Google Store! I Quit and I can't go back because they blocked me because I told them to their face what they are! A Big SCam Channel! that now is giving all of your personal info to the government! Just like Facebook does! Anyways I hope someone creates a new place like the OLD YouTube used to be! Thanks! I hope everyone VIRALLY QUITS NEW GOOGLE YOUTUBE! New YouTube is a Bad Place nowRegards, an Ex-YouTube Member

illegal account hacking

A USA Government funded organization called 'MBoned' (established 1992) have been now illegally hacking me & thousands of others for years (yes I have the proof) - I exposed them to by phone, & within a very short time after Avaaz investigated MBoned, they were under a heavy hacking attack which lasted for 44 hours non-stop. I demonstrated them attacking me with a video & then uploaded it to You-tube. MBoned were behind both SOPA & ACTA (both of which have been thrown out of the high courts). You-Tube are now either removing positive comments made on my video's, or they like Face-Book are allowing MBoned to get directly to my You-Tube account. Not only this but You-tube are denying me access to reply to others comments on my uploaded video's. I'm going to expose their entire corrupt connections with each other once and for all. I've notified David Cameron (which is a Joke) which I've done for official reasons. These organizations must be stopped & put to trail.

  • Brenda* Jul 15, 2012

    Schitz O'Phrenia has a new book " How To Make 101 Different Crazy Cool Hats From Tinfoil", with step by step instructions and illustrations by Para Noia.

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  • Brenda* Apr 02, 2013

    Robo squirrel's seeping through the cracks in craniums in search of nuts. Looks like he's found one.

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  • Re
    RegularsOfMy3cents Apr 02, 2013

    Yes he has. That would be Brenda.

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poor maintenance

Over the course of six years, YouTube has become worse and worse. They constantly change their pages so that it's harder for users to navigate. Also, for the past few months, there are several videos that will not load. Some videos may load for a few seconds and then trick the user into thinking it's fully loaded, but it will stop at a certain point and will not load anymore. Many people have complained about this yet the people that keep YouTube running refuse to do anything about it. They are not doing their jobs properly.

flaming comments

There is too many hurtful comments given to me on You Tube that needs to be addressed, most froma guy I know only as Sexual Strat...He'd been threatening me that he's going to Complain about me, when HE'S the one making rude and flameing comments! I tried to reason with him but nothing is working, nor can I find any way to complain to Google or You Tube! Can anyone here help me get through to You Tube and stop this abuse by this individual?

unauthorized credit card charge

I just noticed a charge for $2.05 on my debit card. I did not authorize this charge and will contacting my bank to have charge removed. Please be aware, this is a scam! charge shows as: CHKCARDGOOGLE *YouTubeGOOGLE CHCAUS