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I have been trying to watch a 19 minute video on American politics and in the first 4 minutes I have had 4 advertisements totaling nearly the same length. This has become the norm with youtube in the last 2 months and it is getting beyond a joke.
I know you receive revenue from the advertisers but I would like you to know as well as the advertisers that I will NEVER purchase anything from your advertisers due to the relentless onslaught of adverts youtube place on uploaded videos.
I have already informed Tui ne Thompson that I will never go on one of their holidays because of the none stop advertising.
Ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous.

Nov 16, 2017
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  • Po
      Nov 16, 2017

    As a private business one of their ultimate goals is to increase profits and advertisements bring in revenue. I can relate in terms of how irritating it is, but it is their right to determine the quantity and frequency of ads. Honestly one of the most effective forms of feedback you can provide would be to stop watching YouTube videos.

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