Yahoo.comyour biased and hateful reporting on president trump all the time

M Dec 28, 2018 Review updated:

It is too, too much obvious and non-stop biased reporting against President Trump!Can he do anything right? You pick on every little detail and magnify it out of proportions. You pick on his wife. his sons, and everything you can exploit for political reasons. Are you a propaganda machine for his adversaries or a reporting agency for the facts.

You should be investigated and there should be laws for fair reporting.
Whatever happened to the truth without extreme bias?


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      Jan 03, 2019

    I am distrusted with Yahoo trying to influence politics in the UK.
    Your one sided reporting on brexit is unworthy of such a large company.
    You should be investigated and found not to be above the law and fined heavily.
    Shut down even.

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