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Given the fact that yahoo mail has a "cancel" button on the right upper side of the "compose" email form, and this button can easily be touched or clicked on inadvertently, why is there not a "second-chance" function associated with this "cancel" button, which would allow the user to back out of the cancellation to avoid losing all of the work they had composed up to that point??? It's absolutely ridiculous that yahoo has never added such a function to abort an accidental cancellation command. This has happened to me many times on both my laptop and my smartphone, and i'm certain it has happened to countless other people as well.
We are all human and make mistakes, but making this type of mistake while using yahoo mail should not be met with such an unforgiving result!!! Please get with the times, yahoo, and correct this costly and frustrating flaw in your email program design!!! Many of your users will be most grateful to finally have this "pitfall" eliminated! I thank you, and many others will thank you for your immediate action on this matter!

  • Updated by Rob Lindley, Nov 13, 2017

    Well, you obviously haven't used Yahoo Mail, otherwise you wouldn't have made such a comment! Do you really think I would invest my time complaining about this if this wasn't a legitimate problem??? I invite you to open a Yahoo email account, because it's quite apparent that you don't have one yet. From the Inbox, tap or click on "Compose", then start entering any amount of text in the body of the email form. Now tap or click on "Cancel". You will now see a different will have a message that reads: "Message Canceled...Your message has not been sent." Whatever text you entered prior to that will now be gone. There is NO confirmation offered beforehand which would allow you to stop this action! I'm not blaming anyone for MY "human error"...but since "human error" WILL eventually occur with ALL OF US, the negative effects of it, e.g. lost time and productivity, MUST be considered and averted by building safeguards into a program. If a program designer really cares about the user's experience, this is an absolute necessity!

Nov 13, 2017
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  • 9w
      13th of Nov, 2017
    0 Votes

    human error isn't a excuse to complain I not seen this feature you mention on any other ( Hotmail etc..)
    usually it ask if you want to cancel or delete ( confirm you in fact do)

  • 9w
      13th of Nov, 2017
    0 Votes

    actually I have used yahoo email for 17 years so I do know what i'm talking about
    personally I think your making an issue out of nothing by the way does your phone have this option? didn't think so

  • Ro
      13th of Nov, 2017
    0 Votes

    @9wood This dialogue ends here...instead of empathizing with the challenges of others and trying to be helpful or supportive, your forte seems to arrogance and mean-spirited criticism...please don't bother to reply any further...I won't waste any more of more of my time reading anything you have to say.

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