Yahoo!yahoo email lagging, crashing, slow, and ad riddled

The link Yahoo sent me when I complained only tells me how to hide some of the ads. Hiding the ads dos not stop them from loading; i.e., the processes that are causing lag to my computer from all those 3rd parties loading up are still the problem. I watch the "waiting for..." messages in the lower left corner of my computer screen while I wait for each letter I am typing to show on the screen, or while I wait for refresh, or while I wait to open a new email, or...
It is awful.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Bellingham, WA I do not have these issues with other email service providers. Only Yahoo. They are bogging down their whole service and I am not the only one that complains! It is one thing for ads to appear on the side bars...I can ignore them. But when they take priority over every function I am trying to do in Yahoo, maybe it is time to consider migrating to a more user friendly service. Yahoo must fix this or they will be witnessing a mass exodus of users that have been with them for decades. Me included. This last merger of their was a disaster.

Jan 27, 2017

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