Yahoo!website shaming posted

Recently, after being aware of some of my personal information had been posted by my friend through personal email, which the contact personal contacts, recent private text messages and non-public information that only had between Jennifer and myself has been posted or provided without my consent to do.
In addition to located limited information surrounding the matter, which a deceptive owner of the email, which is directed to being responsible for the public to violate all of my civil rights as well as, resulting into violence acts towards and placing my life into unsafe position.
In addition to the email address that has found jennifer.[protected]
but the Name or Owner Jerry Nuzar, which I did not authorize or given any consent to use my personal information in chat groups, research, study or any registration sign up with yahoo or its third party and/or partners to use for any other information that requires consent or to authorizes for use.
In closing this will be consider as estoppel demand notice before any other legal actions are taken. Which the recent settled case Barnes Vs Yahoo has the same related to my current situation!

Dec 11, 2018

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