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On Wed. Feb 24, 2016 I received a call from Yahoo regarding my prior complaints; both were posted on this site as well as hard copies sent USPS to the companies. He said I could not receive a refund of the $89.97 charges because my information had already been put online January 1, 2016. I said that when I was online he could erase information with a click of a button; why couldn't they? The caller said I have the account for 3 months and that there was no way to cancel. He did suggest that I go online to check my listing with Aabaco by logging in, going to Services tab and then navigating through their Dashboard. Perhaps there was a way to enhance what was online, at no cost, to take advantage of as much as possible since it could not be canceled.

I did as suggested the next day only to find NO SERVICES EXISTED FOR ME! No Web Hosting; No Merchant Solution; No Domain; No Business Email; No Local Listing. Upon calling [protected] (the number given to me on Wednesday to call if I encountered additional difficulties) I was told by their representative, Abi, that all services had been CANCELED AS OF JANUARY 29, 2016!

This is contrary to what Aman told me ON January 29th. Aman said he could not cancel the listing for 3 months and a refund could not be processed.
Well, it certainly didn't take 3 months
to delete me from Yahoo Services;

The practices of Yahoo and Aabaco are dishonest and meant to steal from clients.

In talking with Abi he said I was off all sites and could not be reinstated without additional costs even though I was forced to pay $89.97 and refused a refund. Also, when I went online to check my account information - on the account I was not using and now could not use - the phone number listed was not my office number and the alternate number shown was a number that does not exist: 555-5555! Abi asked for security codes. Not only did I never create any security questions or codes, the security questions Abi asked were not "answered correctly". He asked in which hospital I was born and my answer was wrong! He was asked for the phone number on file; again, my answer was wrong. I was able to access my account to see the phone number on file and to reset the security questions/answers. I was able to access my Account Profile to do this. I found that the phone number listed was actually my PRIVATE cell phone number which is a number never used at my office.

My belief is that when I called to initially complain I used my cell phone and someone from Yahoo or Aabaco copies the number from their caller id and used it to fill out the account profile without my knowledge,

Again, I requested a refund of $89.97 for work I did not authorize, did not want and not being provided. Aabaco said I had to stay online for 3 months because I did not cancel before January of 2016. Yet when I go online to view my listing it has already been cancelled and is not able to be reinstated. I wonder: if I opened a new account if it could be easily reinstated?

I believe that the business practices of Yahoo and Aabaco are less that honest! Again, I would greatly appreciate a refund of $89.97. I feel there is a viciousness and contempt being directed at me by Aabaco and Yahoo.

Since dealing with these people I have been hacked both on my business and personal accounts. The telephone number the hackers used was my PRIVATE NUMBER no one knew except these companies. This causes me great concern.

I hope to receive a phone call.

Dr. James J. Sadleir

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