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Hi... I also had my xoom account disabled. I did nothing to violate their terms of service. I am trying to do something about it. I went to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in San Francisco, which is where xoom is located, and filed a complaint. I did this online.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in San Francisco, CA I am get a response from the BBB and thought if more of us did this, them at least we can get an answer and maybe our accounts enabled. If you didnt do anything to violate their terms of service, then I think it would be helpful if other did the same thing.

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  • Pa
      Jul 21, 2010

    I has my xoom account disabled too. I did nothing to violate their terms of service too. Customer service is nasty to me. Because I am deaf. They not understand. I got email from Xoom customer service. It stated:

    Dear Thomas,

    As stated in our previous communication, your Xoom account has been disabled for violations of the Xoom User Agreement. This decision cannot be appealed, and our customer service team is unable to discuss the matter with you. The decision is based on Xoom’s proprietary compliance and anti-fraud policies and procedures, which are mandated by the Bank Secrecy Act, the USA Patriot Act, and other applicable U.S. laws and regulations. Pursuant to the Xoom User Agreement, we have the right to modify or discontinue your use of the Xoom service at any time, and we are under no obligation to share the reasons for our decision with you. Accordingly, no additional information will be provided.

    Xoom Customer Service Team

    I emailed them that I did not thing wrong. I asked them please resolve this issue. They never reply to me anymore. that SUCK!

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  • Sa
      Jul 18, 2013

    I wan't to change and block my old xoom how can i do that?.

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