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XM radio / Fraud & cheating!

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I was offered a FREE home satellite radio for continuing my trial XM radio service that came FREE with the purchase of my new car in JANUARY 2007. The XM satellite radio in my car never worked properly and I had to contact XM several times because I never did get the FREE trial promised. In April when XM made the offer on the telephone (note: XM sales team contacted me) they said they would send out a free RADIO to my home and asked for my address. I still have no FREE radio. XM shut off my satellite radio in the car what little poor service I had as a free trial, then billed me for six months of service. I now receive nasty phone calls from CCA Collection Company of America.; Threats and on and on. I want to start a class action against these two companies FRAUD is fraud XM says because there is no SIGNED agreement they are not obligated to produce the radio promised and I am obligated to pay for service even though they did not provide it nor did I sign for it. FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD beware of this COMPANY they promise FREE stuff and give you nothing then call you on your cell phone and continually ask for money in order for them to stop. WE NEED TO PUT THIS COMPANY OUT OF THEIR MISERY and file a CLASS ACTION. Anyone interested please provide me your story and your e-mail address. I have a good legal team waiting.

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  • Kp
      6th of Oct, 2007
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    These complaints are just the tip. Think about all the people that were to busy or considered it a mistake or employees stupid! Not so. There are just too too many people saying the same thing! After making it clear, they refuse to return money they are NOT entitled.

    CLASS ACTION suggestion?

    My opinion is that it is not timely, effective nor adequately punitive. While wheels spin trying to orginize, you then are at the mercy of an attorney, his motivation, ability, and loyalty....that's if you find one. While the money machine continues and don't forget, next month there will be some VERY happy polititions. At the very least, out blabber mouthed leader has a perfect forum for his stories and diatribes absent of actual fact or substance. Don't the idea of listening to what is going to be and why when you have the better part of political intention free for you to observe for yourself. It is the intention you can be mollified with analogy that dance in your ear but the past remains just as you see it. Future performance best indicator is the past.

    XM radio financed salaries over a million and stayed alive over five years. Now the wimpering bankruptcy is flipping to an Opra, NFL, Emergency Notification, Polititions Wet Dream, already in virtually every car in American. If XM pushes the trillion gross while claiming massive losses to cancel it out, but is now magically poised for super star mega bucks, I want my two year subscription I paid in advance and as far as the equipment that I'm supposed to be so happy is "coming down"; "lowering prices", blah, blah....they can have it, I'll NEVER use it again.
    If YOU out there are smart, look how many people say the same won't give them your money either.
    Organize and boycott. Do not listen to this station. If you drive an auto that is providing this equipment, direct yourself to that company and let them know. Boycott XM Satellite and any partners whether CSPAN, Onstar, or contract renewing automaker who funds this company and supports them making hundreds of millions after robbing Americans a few hundred at a time. SICK!

    Tell anyone you speak to, write to, or exchange thoughts in any way.

    BOYCOTT XM and their corporation supporters!

  • Ke
      5th of Mar, 2008
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    I too would like to get into a class action suit against XM. I had service for about 14 months, I then cancelled my service in March 2007. They continued to charge my card. My wife called again in August 2007 and they told her they could not refund my money but would cancel the service. In February 2008 I received another bill from XM. By this time I have already changed banks and they weren't able to charge my account. They sent me a bill for $32 for the interupted service. I obviously called them and told them that I had already cancelled the service twice, but they showed no record. I have been over charged $134.12 by these thieving ### and I WANT MY MONEY BACK. I would love to stop these people and do what ever I can to stop them from the continuing defrauding of people.

  • Ca
      13th of Feb, 2009
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    I would like to take part in a class action lawsuit against them too. I paid for a 4 month service at which time I thought it would discontinue. I have now just received a collection notice from CCA Collection Company of America on behalf of XM radio for some auto-renewal I didn't know took place. I never authorized or knew they would auto renew. This is ### and now they have damaged my credit. please contact me at with any helpful information.

  • Ca
      13th of Apr, 2009
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    Today, i had the same problem. I stated my service back in 2007, the firt year i just want it to try xmradio. So, i give them my credit card number with the choice of me having the service for only one year, that year when by at 2008 they charge my card, i cold them and as them to please cancel my account. I when to my bank and they told me the same thing, "to change my credit card number". at the end of this year after i cancel my account on 2008, XMRADIO is calling me day after day. Im tired of this. I will never again have nothing to do with any company that have to do with satellites. I will also like to start a class action lawsuit.

  • Im
      16th of Feb, 2011
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    XM rep told me I could buy a radio that could plug in to the cigarette lighter in the car. I bought it, thru XM. Needless to say IT DIDN"T WORK! We even tried to have it installed by pro's! I called and explained and they said I could return it, so I did, and cancelled the service-I THOUGHT! They continued to bill me for a year. We have 2 other cars with the service and because of that I didn't catch it until this month. I paid a bill for service for 2 radios last month (1/2011) then received another bill for another radio this month, Feb, 2011. I was told of the continuing service, that it was finally cancelled and would receive a $50.00 refund! and a call from the billing dept. in 7-10 business days. This was all last week & today I received another bill for the cancelled radio! I called again and told yet a different tale of what would take place. After being put on hold for several minutes, I just told the lady what I plan to do - filing complaints, writing letters, etc., she then offered to let me speak to a supervisor - which I had asked to do in the very beginning of the call today. I said politely, thanks but no thanks, too late now. My patience is long gone. If a class action suit is offered, I'm in!!! Over $500.00 is a bit much to throw away for me - which is what is due to me in way of a refund, which I know I'll never see from them. That's too much of admission of guilt.

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